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Tac-out Your Hi-Point With LaserLyte’s TGL

image shows a Hi-Point pistol with a red laser attached

Lasers on a handgun can serve multiple functions. It may be used as a deterrent, by simply placing the red dot on an aggressor’s center mass. A laser may also instill confidence in the shooter and accuracy down range. Recently, the Shooter’s Log published an article about a man who was forced to defend his family and home from a bear in Alaska. The pistol was recently purchased and the compelling story received a significant amount of attention from our readers, so when we heard LaserLyte was shipping a new laser for the Hi-Point, we jumped on the opportunity to deliver the news.

image shows a Hi-Point pistol with a red laser attached
If it’s the piece ya got, then make it effective with LaserLyte’s TGL trigger guard red laser.

LaserLyte’s versatile Master Module fits into the Hi-Point’s housing seamlessly and matching the dust cover and trigger guard with a perfect fit. The LaserLyte TGL UTA-HAB kit fits the Hi-Point .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

Each TGL package includes two housings per model and will fit two guns for the price of just one laser. Simply use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the single screw to swap out laser housings. The laser swap can easily be made in under a minute. Initial installation takes less than five minutes and the laser does not require removal in order to change batteries. There is one set of housings that fit the .380 and 9mm, the second set of housings fit the .40 and .45 models.

LaserLyte UTA-HAB
Compatible Firearms Hi-Point .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP
Power Output 650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
Programmable Dual mode constant on and pulse, auto-off in 6 minutes
Batteries 3 x 392
Battery Life Actual usage: 5 hours constant on, 10 hours pulse mode
Weight .75 ounces / 0.0213kg
Material 55% glass-filled nylon and aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum
Length 1.52 inches / 3.86cm
Width .76 inches / 1.93cm
Height 1.70 inches / 4.32cm
MSRP $104.95 / Cheaper Than Dirt’s price? Click here

Do you own a Hi-Point? Share your interest in LaserLyte’s new Hi-Point laser in the comment section.


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Comments (13)

  1. Bill,
    I could be mistaken but I believe that Dale’s comment is directed at Bryan in response to Bryan’s “junk” comment.

    1. Brian sorry for misunderstanding. I have strong brand loyaltys. for a low price a lot of people can get into the sport.and then move up in price an style if they think they need to.

  2. I own a hi point 45 acp. cal. I have fired over 300 rounds tru this gun with only 2 miss feeds due to my own fault. The gun has good balance and good weight .i would tell my friends to buy this gun in a heart beat.for an inexspensive handgun it is not cheaply made.

  3. Bryan,
    Please elaborate on your “junk” comment. What specifically don’t you like about Hi-Points? I have never once had a problem with any of mine. I have never had a jam, failure to feed, or any other sort of malfunction, no matter what ammo I am using. Never once have I heard a “click” when I was expecting a bang. They are sturdy, almost indestructible, and highly reliable. They are not as pretty as some of my more expensive guns but that is not the factor by which I judge firearms. I would not carry one if I was not confident in it.

  4. I have read perhaps 3 or 4 articles in the last week about these amazing Hi-Point handguns. I want one bad now. I have to wait 45 days as I’m in a complicated escrow and need to keep every penny in my accounts that I can. I can’t wait!!

  5. I use a C-9 as my CCW so that in the unfortunate event that I am forced to use it to defend myself and have to surrender it to LE I have not handed them a much more expensive handgun that I may never see again. It is as reliable and trustworthy as my more expensive firearms and I do not feel as if I have compromised anything by carrying it. I keep a JCP .40 on my nightstand for the same reason. I will definitely be getting this laser for both.

  6. I am also glad there are more products coming out for HI-POINT pistols . I bought a C9 , because of the price . What i found was a great pistol great to shoot great all around gun , and when you consider the price it gets even better!! I own a high priced 1911 45 , and a famous compact 45 (xds) and i still love to shoot this gun. Hate it or not there is no denying that it is reliable 100% of the time and anyone saying it is not is either a gun snob, or they don’t know what they are talking about. I will purchase a laser for it as soon as possible. God bless America

  7. Glad to see products coming out for the HI-Point. I thought I’d never have one of these weapons. I was at my Brother-in -laws house, and he wanted me to shoot his 9mm hand gun. I didn’t even ask what type gun it was. We shot it several times a piece. I loved the way it shot. It was great! I got info on what we were shooting, and when I got home, I got on comp. and went straight to CTD to check out this weapon. I couldn’t believe the price of it. I thought, I don’t know if I want this or not! But I really liked the way it shot. So I Purchased one, in the 45 cal. that I have always liked. One of the best moves I ever made. It is heavy, witch I like, some say it’s not pretty, but looks as good as a $600.00 gun when U compare the price. I think It’s the best Kelp secret on the market. It shoots Great! Just like others, keep it clean. I intend to get another, and one of these lasers. HAPPY SHOOTING, & GOD BLESS AMERICA, & our TROOPS!!

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