Sweet Bleeding Zombies!

Resistance to the undead is a duty of every patriotic American. To facilitate that readiness, CTD offers a wide variety of bleeding zombie targets for realistic training. but beware, not every zombie looks nasty and decayed.

They show a certain degree of cunning and can sneak up on you. Here, an unsuspecting deputy poses with a glamorous zombie. He escaped being bitten only because she was still just semi-conscious from an overdose of reality TV. The same zombie got aggressive shortly thereafter and had to be put down…or, as the events developed, put up into her tree.

When handling such targets, be sure to stay at a safe distance. If your range frowns on big concussive explosions, consider other types of reactive targets to spice up your practice. They make great stocking-stuffers!

About the Author:

Oleg Volk

Oleg Volk is a creative director working mainly in firearms advertising. A great fan of America and the right to bear arms, he uses his photography to support the right of every individual to self-determination and independence. To that end, he is also a big fan of firearms.
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  1. Okay, I eel like everyone is going extreme on this. I am a proud Southern American from a small town in TN. I hunt, fish, and partake in all different manner of outdoor sports.

    That being said, I also play tabletop RPG games. The one we currently play is Zombie themed. All the groups I’ve played with have ranged in age from 18-50something.We all have been productive, relatively decent members of society, even military vets. None of us seriously believe in the crap we play, but it is a fun way for us to hang out and pass the time.

    The Zombie thing (for most) is just a hobby. Yes, there are people on BOTH sides of the fence that are extremists, however, ya’ll shouldn’t pass judgement on everyone for the actions of others.

    Just my opinion. I think the targets are pretty neat.


  2. I think most people on here have lost the real intent of making/having these types of targets to shoot at.Money is behind all efforts to make and sale a product.Money makes the world go around.If anyone is willing to pay for it,with any means they have in their hand.Then why not make something to/that will sale and people are more than willing to buy.Makes money sense to me.As a sane shooter,I shoot at range targets only,because of cost.The cheaper the target the better for my wallet.And because I shoot on a regular bases at my gun clubs range.Cost of everything behind a day of shooting is the deciding factor.Yes, I can go shoot at anything in the woods near my home,much cheaper than a day at any range.Again, money is/making the difference.

  3. Actually have fired at both paper depictions and live human targets and for damn more than 45 years have been a hunter and sportsman. By 15 years had hunted moose fox bear deer and trapped many smaller varmints. Earned right to speak freely because I am descended from Irish Bast… who landed here in 1600’s did my time in RVN and probably owned and fired more variety of weans than many here. My nic is part of American folklore but given out of respect by men who I led or supervised. Pull no punches but shooting sports has always had way too many officious bast…s within its ranks.
    DAMN NEAR EVERY shooting sport today came about by attempting to bring life to sport and action events now top. List.If my friend wanted to make video of his relatives product we need.I put my lifestyle as an honorable one led no better than thou approval.

  4. Now see you guys have it together,and this is what I like to read. Input from adults. I’m not sure what people like Hide Behind are hiding behind, but from here it looks like issues. You guys prove that you don’t have to make outlandish statements to stand out. And you know Bill, I’ve been pullin’ the trigger on something for 45 years, and never had the idea, or desire to shoot a human depiction of a target. But then, I’ve always been a hunter, and would always use a small bullseye target, or something as simple as a blank piece of paper with an initial shot near the center, just fot a focal point. Actually, in my mind, having the human taeget is right up there with having a bleeding one. Shooting someone isn’t a game, and shooting human shaped targets and bleeding ones doesn’t impress me. I hunted deer for the better part of thirty years, but never once did I ever use a deer shaped target. Never even thought about it, and I have killed many, many deer. Having the bleeding zombie target mindset does not make you a better shot, does not make you a man, and does not command respect from me.

  5. I Think that bleeding targets have gone far enough. It may all be fun and games but some things go overboard. What kind of perception do you want people to have of you? I don’t like my kids shooting silhouettes, let alone bleeding human like targets. The world is ugly enough without us making it worse. My family gets more fun out of real world skills like clay birds or Steel plates. Instant feedback and hours of fun.

  6. Standing up to the government to keep your guns after the fact is crap. I know the catchphrase “..from my cold, dead hand.” Really? Are you REALLY willing to shoot it out with the police that come to take your guns? Do you have a wife? Kids? Are you ready to die for some pieces of wood and iron and leave your family behind? So many of us are not that stupid even though it looks like we are on these threads. The time to fight the government is NOW!!! Before the laws are changed. We fight to keep our Constitutional rights instead of waiting for the gun grabbers to win. Do your part. Join the NRA. Write hand written letters (not the pre-printed form letters many pro-gun orginizations provide) to your Senators and Representatives. Respect the laws of this country and work to keep pro-gun representation in Washington. That is how the real fight must be fought. Good luck and God Bless the United States of America.


  8. Hell I live in a land of zombies.
    One time a while Back a whole bunch of them, 80% of 300 milliin plus, decided to go after some fresh meat. THe ones who couldn’t stagger over there stood everywhere waving flags made in China or Japan, bought plastic yellow ribbons and srickers for their cars. Cars and red neck zombie driven 4×4’s mounted flags and let the wind tear the hell out of them.
    And now the zombies are afraid that their guns will be taken away.Not to worry zombies just do as told and the monkeys in the suits are out looking for more fresh meat,Just hope and pray that someday the zombies don’t come knocking at your door.

  9. Oh boy, I can’t wait for the gun banners to get a wind of this. Gun owners have enough problems with anties trying to take our guns away–why not just help their cause by promoting targets that actually BLEED!!! With this kind of psychopathic mindset, as a gun owner I am inclined to join the Mayor Bloombergs of the world in trying to eliminate gun ownership–after all, who wants an idiot that gets kicks watching a target bleed fake blood owning a gun–would you want to live near someone like this? A gun is supposed to be a tool–you know–like a hammer or a circular saw. We train with guns to be proficient with our tools–and no other reason. I can’t wait for the NRA to start selling little bags of mewing kittens to set up on the target range–maybe those that love to see the sight of blood will get even greater thrills from blasting at kittens and watching the blood, guts and bone spray all over the place…some people have absolutely no common sense.

  10. Find no humor in the statements you’ve made here, Harry Twisted. In fact, it’s a little unclear, the intent of your statement anyway.

  11. Priorities? What kind of question is that? You’re playing with cartoon charicters, and take time out to lay down your controller, and ask what our priorities are? They have nothing to do with zombies. You’ll find that when you are grown up and talk about zombies, other adults won’t take you seriously. Are you for real, Son? Are you as for real as those zombies you play with? These threads are provided for responsible adults with common interests. Interests which include, but are not limited to guns, target shooting, handloading, hunting, home defense, and to a degree gunsmithing, all on a responsible, adult level. Don’t talk about sense of humor when addressing any of those interests on these threads. Aside from not being humorous, you stand to loose credibility, and respect of others who read your signature at the end of a post. Oh, I have a sense of humor, but

  12. The US is working to join the UN with their plans to take EVERYBODY’S guns, and you’re priority is to ‘play with zombies’??

  13. I’m with Bill. Society as we know it is in jeopardy. Play time is long over and adults need to act like GROWN UPS! We’ve seen way too many childish decisions made recently that will negatively influence everybody for a long time.

  14. What the Hell is a zombie? You kids should grow up.there are real things out there that will hurt you.

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