S&W Buys Battenfeld, Indicates Expansion into Hunting Category

Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation has announced it will acquire hunting-and-shooting-accessory maker Battenfeld Technologies, Inc., for $130.5 million in cash. The acquisition is expected to close in mid- to late December. Battenfeld Technologies is being acquired from Clearview Capital, a private equity firm based in Connecticut.

Smith & Wesson Logo James Debney, Smith & Wesson’s president and CEO, said, “Battenfeld Technologies provides us with a unique opportunity to acquire a thriving company that fits perfectly within our core firearm business. It also allows us to move more strongly into the hunting vertical [market] as well as establish a strong platform for growth in our existing firearm accessories business, which has been a small but highly profitable part of our company.” Battenfeld Technologies develops and sells shooting, reloading, gunsmithing, and gun-cleaning supplies under several brand names, including Caldwell Shooting Supplies, Wheeler Engineering, Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies, and Lockdown Vault Accessories. The company has also expanded by successfully acquiring small, specialty, hunting-related accessories companies, such as BOG-POD and GoldenRod.

Battenfeld Technologies was founded 22 years ago. It is based in a 145,000-square-foot facility in Columbia, Missouri.

Debney said in a company release, “Our intention is that eventually all existing Smith & Wesson, M&P, and Thompson/Center Arms accessories will be housed within this new division. As we continue to expand further into the hunting category, we expect that our accessories businesses will benefit from Battenfeld Technologies’ sourcing and distribution efficiencies and established expertise in new product development.” Jim Gianladis, who joined Battenfeld in 2007, will serve as the president of Battenfeld Technologies and will report directly to Debney. The Battenfeld Technologies management team and workforce, as well as its base of operations, will continue in Columbia, Missouri.

The purchase price for Battenfeld Technologies will be paid using existing cash balances and cash from a $100 million draw on Smith & Wesson’s existing line of credit, which has been expanded to $125 million as a result of the company’s partial exercise of the accordion feature on that line of credit.

Due to its anticipated timing, the transaction is expected to have nominal impact on Smith & Wesson’s operational and financial results for the fiscal 2015 third quarter ending January 31, 2015.

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  1. Smith has been a fine manufacturer of firearms for so long they are probably considered by many to be one of the anchors of the industry. They are my preference in a number of categories. I wish them all the best in this new venture!

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