Surviving the Match: What to Wear

By the time you read this post, I’ll be cruising at 35,000 feet in a Boeing 737, shaking my fist at the laws of physics and cackling like a maniac.

Well, mostly I’ll be watching The Expendables on my iPhone, but the other way sounds better.

In all seriousness, I’m headed off this week to the IDPA World Shoot in Florida, where I’ll be representing Cheaper than Dirt shooting Enhanced Service Pistol Division.

This is what the season is all about – all the training, all the practice, all the previous episodes of Down Zero TV were all for this match.

And as part of my “surviving the match” series, I’ve got a list of the clothing items that I’ll be wearing at the IDPA World Shoot.

Just like the post on Monday about what snivel gear to bring, this is all about enhancing your comfort at the match.

You want this gear

    • Pants: Woolrich Elite Pant.I’ve been wearing these the entire competition season, and they’re great.

      Loads of pockets, nice and breathable, in my opinion they’re the perfect trouser for IDPA.

      In case it gets really hot, I also have a pair of shorts from Woolrich.

    • Shoes: Shoes are actually really important for IDPA competition.It’s been raining in FL, so I’m going to have to deal with some muddy, slippery terrain.

      I wear Adidas Kanadia TR2 trail running shoes for IDPA competition, however I plan on switching up to the new Blackhawk Tanto Light Hiking Shoe.

  • Hat: This is important, but not so much in terms of brand but rather features.You want a hat with a velco back that doesn’t have the traditional “button” on top.

    For many shooters, that button interferes with hearing protection and can give you quite a headache.

    For $10, you can get a hat that does all the things you want, plus has nifty velcro spots on the front and back for sticking patches on.

I have some pretty strong feelings about shirts, but to be perfectly honest if you’re not wearing one of those “performance wicking” polos or something, the best bet is a simple 100% cotton t-shirt.

You can get them at Target or Wal-Mart for pretty cheap, and when they wear out they make excellent gun cleaning rags.

You can make through it a match in uncomfortable gear, but since there’s good gear out there, why would you? Get some quality stuff and make your next match go easier.

And if you’re looking to shoot the same match ammo as I do, hit this link to order some 124 grain BVAC JHP.

This is one of the best kept secrets out there in terms of quality defensive ammo.

This will shoot 2 inch groups all day long out of my XDM 5.25, and it’s my ammo of choice for any major action pistol match I’m going to.

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