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Surviving Hunting Season: Enjoying Your Time as a Hunting Widow

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It is that time again. For the next eight months, you had pretty much better call yourself “single,” because that is the way your living, right? If he is into football, as well, better take a picture of him because all bets are off! You could get frustrated and lonely during this time, but I dare you to take advantage of it and turn into “Me Time.” Take this opportunity to do all the things you have been putting off.

I want to start out by addressing the issue of accepting and being okay with hunting season. I read quite a few different blogs about women being very distressed at how often their mens were gone during hunting season. It seems like resentment builds fast. I have a few suggestions to cut this off at the pass.

First off, let us say you just started dating a hunter. Ask yourself; can I deal with this? I mean, really deal with this. If you tell him you’re cool, he expects you to be cool. Do not do a 180 in the middle of hunting season and start whining about how he is never around. I promise you; this will cause problems.

Second, have all his chores finished before he leaves for the lease. Make sure he accomplished his “honey-do” list before he disappears for the weekend. As far as daily chores go, if you do not mind doing the laundry than fine. If you do not like doing the laundry, establish that he washes all his camo.

Third, ask him to not take every single one of his vacation days for hunting. You will need some R&R together and/or with the kids on the “off-season.” This might sound hyper-organized, but mark everything on a communal calendar. Do not compromise on events you must attend together like weddings, showers, parties, kid’s games, etc. Make sure to mark your own important dates and events, as well. He should not go out to the lease these days. Further, do not cancel something on the calendar for a “last-minute hunt that just came up.” Again, this will build resentment on your part. Of course, I’m not suggesting you be a Nazi, I know plans do change, but try to stick with the calendar as much as possible, so everyone knows what is coming up, and there are not any excuses for missing special and important events.

Finally, and this is essential, do not forget to regularly (mark it on the communal calendar if you have to) plan bonding time. If together time only works on Monday or Wednesday night, then it should be that night. With such a busy schedule, and with your man gone almost every weekend for a good part of the year, you both and the kids (if there are any) will need this time together. Plan date night, game night, movie night; whatever. Just do something together.

Now on to the fun stuff. Yay! I believe that this is the perfect time to finish that project you have been thinking about, or started and never finished. Started the scrapbook, but didn’t even get half way through? This is the perfect opportunity to finish. I guarantee you will find a friend who scrapbooks too, so you guys can do it together. Never finished painting the house? Organizing your recipes? Started reading The Help, but just couldn’t find time to finish it? Do it now! Uninterrupted! Wonderful!

Saturday mornings make a perfect spa day. Take a bubble bath, give yourself a mani/pedi and a facemask, while drinking plenty of Mimosas. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about shaving for a few days. Bliss.

If you have friends in the same boat, take turns hosting potluck brunch. This is especially awesome if you all have kids. Chuck the kids outside to play ball and climb trees, while you guys sit and giggle and drink Mimosas.

If you can swing it, or if you are single, plan a girl’s weekend trip to somewhere fun. I am betting there are plenty of close-by places that are not too expensive for you girls to explore. And drink Mimosas.

Speaking of local places to explore, are there little, quirky places to explore out near the lease? You could always go with your man and shop at the local antique shops, or just sit at the cabin and… you guessed it, drink Mimosas.

Now here is a novel idea. Have you ever been out to the lease with your man? I know that it may be “a guy thing” and he tries to discourage you from going, but have you even ever expressed interest? This would be a good opportunity to try hunting for the first time. You might actually really like it. If you have kids at a legal age to hunt, send them out with the hubby. This has a few benefits; one, the kids get to bond with dad/boyfriend/stepdad, second, the kids learn how to hunt and shoot safely, third and certainly not least, you get the weekend all by yourself… glorious! If you know hunting isn’t your thing, you could work on coming up with new recipes and ways to cook his catch.

All joking aside… please do not drink away these eight months…. That’s bad. But seriously, change your attitude about it and hunting season can be just as satisfying for you as it is for your hunter. If you have always wanted to take a pottery class, learn to ride a horse, make your own jewelry, or join the roller derby…. Now’s your chance. Jump on it, girl! What are your plans? Let us know!

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  1. I think this is rediculous. Maybe for someone with out children and alot of girl friends. But for me, I have two YOUNG children. I can not sit around drinking all day, or any day for that matter. Secondly, if I’m busy watching OUR children while he does his hunting, WHEN do I have time for any of the stuff I want to do. I do resent my husbands hunting habit, every winter. I am a stay at home mother with two children and a chronic illness. I don’t have alot of friends where we live (I’m not from here), so, I’m stuck at the house all the time as it is. I anticipate every weekend, and evening when my husband gets home if not just for some help, but his company. Hunting season throws all of this out of whack! I have gone hunting with him a couple times, and well, it’s kinda boring. Sitting in the woods/stand/blind for hours on end waiting to see if something MIGHT come out… not for me. So… now what would you recommend???

  2. good article but 8months??? I need to move to your state. i hunt a lot but 8 weeks would be more like it. we only have about 3months of hunting seasons for everything combined here in vermont.

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