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The Bushnell Backtrack personal GPS is a simple to use, basic GPS system. With only two buttons, just about anyone of any age can learn to operate the Backtrack GPS. Marketed as a tool that gets you back to your starting location, the Bushnell Backtrack GPS means you will never get lost again. It has a built-in digital compass and a night view, back-lit LCD screen, so you can even use it at night.

It only has two buttons. The button on the left marks waypoints and turns on the nightlight. The right button is the unit’s on/off button, and will toggle between waypoints. It stores three waypoints so you can find your way back to the car, trail head, camp, deer stand, fishing spots, or where you have seen evidence of deer. The Backtrack GPS also works for sporting events, concerts, festivals, and fairs. Have you ever wondered around for an hour searching for your car after an event? Not fun! With the Bushnell Backtrack GPS, you will be on the right track back to your car in no time.

The Bushnell Backtrack GPS has an arrow that points you in the correct location and tells you how far away you are from your original spot.

The palm-sized unit is perfect for traveling; it always gets you back to your hotel once you have explored the city.

Many hikers, campers, and hunters have sworn by the Bushnell Backtrack. In fact, it won the 2009 Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Award for hunting product of the year. A bonus with hunters, hikers, campers, and others is that the Backtrack will work when your cell phone doesn’t! The Bushnell Backtrack is weather-resistant, uses two AAA batteries and easily fits in your pocket. It comes in a wide variety of colors, such as orange, camo, grey, black, green, and pink, so you will find one for every family member.

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