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Surprisingly Good Deals…

When I was surfiin’ around our site for cool stuff, I came across these surprisingly great deals! Check it out!

Barska 6-24×42 AO Varmint Riflescope and 18-36x50mm WP Blackhawk Spotting Scope Hunting Combo

Riflescope Spotting Scope Hunting Combo

This long-range shooting combo includes the 6-24x42mm Varmint riflescope and an 18-36x50mm Blackhawk spotting scope. The optics on the Varmint riflescope are clear and it will hold up to the recoil of a .223 Remington. It also has an adjustable objective for parallax correction. So go ahead and mount it on your AR-15 and blast away at those pesky varmints.

Wanna see your target clearly? The Blackhawk spotting scope lets you lock-in on your target and then clearly zoom in for details. The spotting scope includes a carrying case and a cleaning cloth.

The scope alone is worth $150.00 and the spotting scope on its own is $171.50. You get both from us for $89.36. So, for this price you have a helluva’ deal!

Taurus 738 TCP

Taurus 738 TCP
Taurus 738 TCP

If you need a pocket pistol, I highly recommend the Taurus 738 TCP. The 738 TCP is the lightest pistol that Taurus makes. It is thin and super compact, making it ideal for pocket carry. It is polymer-framed and chambered for .380 ACP. It has a 3.30-inch barrel with an overall length of 5.19 inches and weighs in at only 10.2 ounces.

There are plenty of little polymer pocket pistols to chose from, but the Taurus 738 stands out because its slick feature of a last-round bolt hold open. It is accurate with a light trigger pull. The serrations in the grip give you a good grasp and even though it’s real small, it’s still comfortable to hold and shoot.

The 738 TCP comes in a variety of finishes, too, including pink and weird safety yellow.

Click here to check out the different styles of the Taurus 738 TCP we carry, extra magazines, and holsters.

S&W Micro90 Compact Pistol Light

S&W Micro90 Compact Pistol Light
S&W Micro90 Compact Pistol Light

You don’t have to spend hundreds for a good quality, bright light. The S&W Micro90 is a compact pistol light that installs quickly and easily without tools, and withstands your pistol’s recoil. The 90 lumens is bright enough to blind anyone. Unlike bulkier lights, this one is pretty teeny, so you can stash your gun in the smallest of places.

The light features an ambidextrous switch for constant-on or momentary-on and runs continuously for two hours—just in case you really need it on for two hours, but that’s doubtful.

This is PowerTech, Inc’s first intro into the weapon-mounted light market and I say they done good.

Avid Gun Tool Plus Multi Tool with Flashlight

Avid Gun Tool Plus Multi Tool with Flashlight
Avid Gun Tool Plus Multi Tool with Flashlight

The Avid gun tool is not your ordinary multi tool. Specifically made for shooters and gunsmiths, it has 18 essential tools you need for your rifles and shotguns. All the tools fold up into the compact frame, so you can dump it into even the smallest range bag with ease. You won’t lose any of your small bits again! The super bonus is a flexible bore light!

  • Tools Included:
  • 420 SS Claw-point blade
  • Gun Pin Punch
  • Choke Wrench
  • Scope windage/elevation blade
  • Torx drive: T20; T15; T10
  • Allen Hex drive: 3/32″; 5/32″
  • Magnetic 3/16″ driver
  • Screwdrivers: 1/8″ flat; 3/16″ flat; Phillips 1 and 2
  • Magnetic bit storage block with access door
  • 5 extra hex drive bits
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