Are You Buying Guns? Tell Us Why

News outlets across the country—even in areas many consider to be anti-gun—continue to carry stories about heavy local guns and ammo sales. It is undeniable that gun buyers are stocking up. But why, we wonder? Worries about Politics? Riots? Gun Bans? If you’re prepping guns and stuff, please leave a comment below telling us what’s driving your personal purchases. What you’re buying would be interesting to know, too, but we recognize everyone’s legitimate worries about OPSEC, so if you decline to post a list, everyone will understand.

— Cheaper Than Dirt Chronicle Staff

Yugoslavian AK-47
Gun and ammunition sales in many segments remain strong, apparently across the country. There’s particular interest in battle rifles like this Yugoslavian AK-47 and concealed-carry handguns.

UK Daily Mail (United Kingdom) June 9: Is it the threat of Doomsday, a zombie attack… or just new gun laws The unusual combination of 2012 apocalypse fears, popular killer-zombie shows and the potential re-election of President Obama has led to a nationwide spike in gun sales.

The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida) May 12: Several Polk County Gun Shops Report Sky-High Sales Gun sales historically increase when there is a possibility that a Democrat will be elected — or re-elected — president, according to local gun shop spokesmen, and the trend continues this election season. Several Polk County gun shops report that sales continue to be strong.

WPMT-TV (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), May 4: Gun Sales Surge in Central PA as Election Day Nears Gun sales are on the rise as fear connected to the upcoming presidential election, along with crime rise. Freedom Armory in Glen Rock, York County has seen a 25% increase in sales. The spike first became apparent in November, during the Republican presidential primary debates. “If [Pres. Obama] is elected again, there’s nothing to hold him back,” said Scott Morris of Freedom Armory. “He’s not trying to get re-elected again. So he can be as radical as he wants with no consequences. That’s the fear and that’s motivating people.” Arizona Daily Star (Tucson), March 27: AZ sees spike in gun sales Gun and ammunition sales in Arizona are surging as several factors, including the upcoming presidential election, combine to spur buyers on. It’s the second major spike in sales since President Obama was elected in November 2008. At that time, some types of ammunition ran out in Tucson and customers stocked up on high-powered rifles they suspected Obama would try to ban. While that panic purchasing subsided by late 2009, gun and ammo sales have continued at a brisk clip since and are rising again. “This is a surge within a surge,” said John Lott, an economist and author of “More Guns, Less Crime.” MetroWest Daily News (Massachusetts), April 1: “Got guns? Sales, permits shoot up in Mass.” “People in Massachusetts are getting their handgun permits and buying guns,” said Greg Malany, 58, owner of Gfa ArmsTec in Natick. “Sales are booming. We see days where gun sales are through the roof.” Malany also said local gun clubs have seen a jump in membership.

Do you think citizens should be stocking up on guns and ammunition? Share your answers with us in the comment section.

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  1. William, your post was right on the spot! We must be prepared both in spirit and in arms and ammunition; as is our right! But so is our right to vote; one election at a time we need to vote out the liberal menace. I always said nice guys don’t make good presidents, and certainly came true with Romney! I was hoping to see Gingrich run against Obama. Kewt would have eaten Obama and spit him out during the debates and made Benghazi the topic of the day! The GOP did not have their shit together! I hope Rubio or Ryan can grow some big stones in four years! Christie will no doubt change to the Democrate Party, he may as well he is one of them now!

  2. Captain Green, What you have stated certainly can come true. That is why we must continually keep control of at least one Congressional house. I’m sure that many who wish to cry “Out of my cold dead hands” would soil their linen if a weapon showdown were to happen. As sure as there will be patriots whose duty will be to bear arms against a tyrannical government. That is why it is our responsibility to use our vote as a weapon against fanatical liberal laws. Right now, it will be a cold day in hell before any of Obama’s gun control rantings will pass the House. But that could change in 2004, but I doubt it. Too many politicians who support gun control will never survive their next election; and they know it.

  3. Also, I have NO confidence in American voters who would elect a man so bad as Obama. Today, the inauguration, is one of the saddest days in the history of the USA. With evil and ignorant leaders like Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) our republic is toast! It’s just a matter a time now until it totally collapses. All the more reason to be armed when our morally and fiscally bankrupt country turns into chaos with no leadership.

  4. for djhornsby: I do write to my Senators and Congressman at least every month. I am very active politically and actually served 7 years at the UN in New York as a volunteer lobbyist. I also lived in Germany for 4 years and found out how devastating the people’s ignorance was when Hitler first disarmed them and then began the annihilation of 12 million people. No one there thought something like that could ever happen, but it did. The Left’s agenda won’t come at us all at once. It will be a slow process of: 1) Background checks for all new gun owners, 2) Then background checks for present gun owners, 3) Then registration of all guns, 4) Then more restrictions on the type of guns they will allow us to have, 5) Then petition for voluntary compliance with the new laws, 6) Then strict enforcement of those who won’t comply, 7) Then mandatory turn-in, 8) Then door-to-door confiscation where they already know who has what guns! That’s the way they intend it and that’s the way they will do it… you watch. Therefore, I won’t comply with anything even at the beginning. No background check for me, no registration for me… and that’s where I meant the last action to be taken, they will be met with armed resistance. Just like my ancestors did. I won’t be disarmed… not ever! I might die trying to fight it… but we must take a strong stand against a tyrannical government. And with the Satanic Liberals having so much control today, our government is already becoming tyrannical right now.

  5. captain Green:

    You say what many are already thinking. If this thing goes the way it looks to be going Lord help those who are not prepared mentally and with the means to defend themselves.

    Guns aren’t the issue anymore freedom is the issue that politicians want to take from us. They have finally reached a point, and they jumped the gun so to speak, and now the people are prepairing. It won’t be pretty but then the first revolution wasn’t either. That one started not over taxes but the simple fact that powder and ball were taken, well they tried to take them, from the citizens. If one is ignorant of history many are bound and determined to repeat it.

    And so it goes and so we shall watch and so we will stand if called to.

  6. Captain Green, Your comments are that of a patriot, however, do you really believe there will be a door-to-door confication of peopel’s arms? Would they just assume that every home has them, and how long might a search of one’s house take? Mulitply that by millions of homes, aprartments and mobile homes and you have one redicules conclusion. If our guns are to be removed from us, it will be through liberal law makers who make owning a gun a illegal and then impose harsh penalties. We can’t fight that with bullets, but we can with our votes! One election at a time to defeat this liberal meance. Standing with a weapon may make for great ‘war stories’ but only fuels the fears and insanity of the liberal fools.Take your anger to pen and paper and write your politicians and tell them you will vote them out of office if they support gun bans. Work with Tea Party organizations to educate the people and help get them to the polls. Turn you passion of “if they come” to one of ‘they will never have the power to come’. Use your guns for hunting and pleasure shooting, but used your vote to kill the insane laws of liberals.

  7. I buy guns and ammo so I can defend myself against my tyrannical government. They will never disarm me… not ever! Someone comes to my door to confiscate my guns, they or I will die! And I am 100% serious!

  8. I see the problem here. I didn’t write about those subjects. That was comment made by the user name William, I am queendvrs. I am glad to have figured that one out.

  9. To Queendvrs>>>>>> I hold your passion for the eradication of abortion in this country. I believe every woman should and do have a choice, however; that choice needs to exercised prior to having unprotected sex! Once she chooses to have sex without protection, then, she and her co-heart are RESPONSIBLE, and ACCOUNTABLE for a living human being as any 15 year old boy with a condom in his back pocket will attest, life begins at CONCEPTION!

    What I answered to about gun control was your comment, “Also let us not forget the 444 school aged children that were murdered by gun useage in the murder capital of America – Chicago”

    Those children who died by gunfire were not killed by gun useage, but by a human being filled with evil, mental deficience, drugs or stupidity. If guns were not invented, they would have used other means. Just take a look at backward third world countries who uses new technology to create weapons of mass destruction yet continue to employ methods of torture in the most inhumane way. The cutting off a hand, or heads, stoning a person buried up to the waist, boiled on oil, beatings so severe the recipient dies tied to a post in the worst agony one can imagine. The weapon that kills is human, not guns, or knifes or cars or rocks, it is the evil of a human heart. The fools in Washington rush to ban guns because they are helpless to do anythng else. They removed the military draft and took the introduction of discipline for generataions of our youth. They ban just conscience ridden messeages as the Ten Commandments sent, they stop the public display of any religious images. They have allow God to be removed from public view, from American schools where 80% of this nation is Christian, and The Demcorate Party has removed God from their platform. A travasity when they received 70% of the Hispanic vote and 90% of Hispanics are Christian. Then the American people scratch their heads in shere confusion as to why we have so much violence committed by our youth! Nothing in inanimate can kill anything, it takes a human to put that inanimate object to the task. Yet our ‘leaders’ pretend to humor the Liberals who cry out for a solution, when they are the cause of the problem.

    So, if I offended you, I apologize. But I believe it is humans who need to be placed in the center for concern, not guns.

  10. I wrote gun control makes me scream, that guns keep my town’s crime down, that I was happy to see my teachers got the right to carry guns into the school and that I was buying my daughters teacher ammo, so where did I loose you?

  11. Maybe you didnt read that message right or maybe I didn’t get the message across. I love my guns and I do not blame them for shooting anybody! Guns don’t shoot people, people shoot people. As I have stated before, guns deserve a place of honor next to the Constitution itself.

  12. To William, Billy…..that is what the ‘people’ want! They voted for HIM, the Messiah who voted to kill a baby who lived through an botched abortion. That is what the majority wants. And there is no back alley abortion clinics anymore….hell no, they are main street businesses now….haven’t you heard 30 years ago, ABORTION IS LEGAL! They opened the door on the mental clinics and then you wonder why we have so much violence? That sicko who shot Congresswoman Gabby, he was kicked out of a ‘liberal’ school for being mentally unstable, although I don’t know how they could tell the difference from anyone else in liberal heaven. In their panty-waist, rose-colored glasses, dream they see this world like a Coke commercial. They should go in droves and embrace the terrorists in the Middle East, give Ahmadinejad a big hug and sing Cum-Bay-Ah with him. Why wouldn’t Chicago be in turmoil, it is Obama’s home, isn’t hell hot?

  13. Wyelebilly:

    Well sir you didn’t bring up one factoid. There is murder that happens every damned day and it is sanctioned and paid for by the government – abortion. Now lets have a real conversation about crazies and lost souls on that crowd. The biggest group doing harm to America today is the government through its sanctioned removal of responsibility through abortion. Do the deed no problem we will fix it in one of our legal back alley abortion clinics. Now I would like to see that discussion hit the front page.

    Also let us not forget the 444 school aged children that were murdered by gun useage in the murder capital of America – Chicago or as we like to call it down here Chicano..

  14. To Queendvrs>>> You are doing the same as the White House, blaming the fricken gun! If there were no guns would violence stop? Cain killed his brother Able with the jaw bone of an ass. Cain was the son of Adam; God’s first human creation, then Eve made from the rib of Adam. They born Cain and Able…….and the first family, literally is dysfunctional. You think it has gotten better in the past several thousand years? You cannot regulate crazy, you cannot control people who hear voices in their head, people who talk to pigs with red eyes. If they choose to kill they will find an instrument to do it with. So do we ban guns, then cars since so many die in vehicle accidents, how about alcohol, all drugs, we can take away siccors, glass bottles, rocks have killed many. And before long we will digress to the times of the first family. The one solution they did not mention was arm everyone! Equal the odds, and see how many wish to terrorize then. It is proven that where it is lawful for open and concealed carry crime is decressed big time. That speaks volumes!

  15. If anyone should be blamed for the Newtown shootings, it should be the irresponsibility of the shooter’s mother for not securing her firearms from her mentally unstable son. I don’t even have kids, but I keep my guns in a heavy duty safe and no one but me knows the combination so why on Earth did this woman not do the same, especially having a son with violent tendencies (something she expressed concern over with several of her neighbors)?

    I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but her irresponsibility makes other responsible gun owners look bad and just fuels the anti-gunners.

  16. The verdict is in and passed by 20 votes. Our teachers who have conceal and carry license will now be allowed to be armed at school. As quick as we pass laws around here i am pretty sure the gun safes are on the way. I think that instead of a mcdonalds gift card for her holiday gift this year i will be giving her a box of ammo.

  17. President Obama appeared on national television speaking about more gun control. I believe this makes him a traitor to the United States of America. The founding fathers of this great country held guns in the highest regard. They understood the American people needed guns in order to secure this country from those who would do it harm from other countries, bad people and our own countries government. If i hear one more report of more gun control i am going to scream. The facts are that there is a gun for every citizen in this country. Gun control is the governments way of keeping the legeal American gun owners under their big thumb. This does not help the American people, these kind of gun control measures hurt the American people. I am going to say something that needs to be said and you may not like it. The latest school shooting was not gun controls fault. It was the schools fault and i hope someone sues the hell out of them. The school had a buzzer system at the door, all other doors opened from the inside, they buzzed in and allowed a man dressed in tactical gear and a bulletproof vest carrying weapons in full view even though they saw it in video monitor because they knew the subject. The guns he used were stolen from his own dead mothers home. It may not be easy for the public to accept this truth, but never the less it is the truth. Gun control could not help those families from loosing their children. We as parents send our children to school every week day for 8 hours a day. We want them to be educated, safe and taught how to be good citizens, but as we have all noticed this is no longer the case. I live in a good community and the day after this latest school shooting the first thing the school board did was pass a measure to install inside locks on all doors, a video system and a door buzzer. They ran evacuation drills, my daughters teacher read the offical evacuation instructions to the class. Then she spoke to the children as a parent. She told them that if someone came in shooting up the school, her instuctions, were to go out the window run across the grass to the church across the street. To not wait for her and that she would meet them there after she finished evacuating the room. I appreciated her her preforming her job, but i am more thankful for her personal thoughts about a gunman situation. My state legislature then immediatly started a bill to arm the teachers, and install gunsafes. Our leaders could not understand way everyone else should be armed, but not the schools.In my state we have conceal and carry and almost everyone i have met young and old, male and female own a personal firearm. Our crime is very low because even grandma is packing. I would feel more secure sending my childern to school knowing that not only are my kids being educated but are being well protected. Most kids around here have been shooting and hunting since they were 10 years old or younger. There was a case here at school were a kid took a gun to school, but it was for hobby day. No one had an intention of shooting anybody and to be fair to the kid nobody told him no guns. The office kept the gun at the office until his parent picked it up and the rest of the parents got a note sent home and the world went on. I wasnt worried about it because the kid was well trained in his gun. If we educate and train everyone young and old about gun safety then our country would be a safer place. I am pretty sure i have upset alot of people with my comments and i dont care. The truth hurts, but having your kids shot will hurt alot more. Teach your kids how to shoot guns, make sure you take them hunting so they can see the damage done by that gu . push for more guns allowed in public places because when only the bad guys are allowed carry them guns, bad things happen. I am going to add to my gun collection now before some idiot in a tie makes it harder to do so. Please be a good American and suppountry frcountry and kept it safe from all that would harm her. This great land of ours was founded on its patriots blood. Be thankful for every drop and do not allow it to have been spilled invain.

  18. To Queendvrs……You singa my song! I pray the young people of this country have the what it takes to keep this country free.

  19. “A million armed freemen, possessed of the means of war, can never be conquered” – Andrew Jackson
    “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority” – Benjamin Franklin
    “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty” – Thomas Jefferson
    “Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom” – John Adams
    “It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government” – Thomas Paine
    And is not that what we are speaking of here. My fellow countrymen do not allow the title of freemen to be taken from you so easily. People don’t use words like this anymore and it is a shame because the true meaning of these words mean everything. – Queendvrs

  20. Comment to Queendvrs >>>>>Should I go on? <<<<<<< Please do. What you wrote can never be said too many times, should never be lost in the fog of the past, should be passed down from father to son and should resound in the ear of this nation as long as this proud republic stands. The NRA crys "Out of our cold dead hands!" That is not a death wish of false bravado it is a concept of freedom and self preservation which has served this country well. We shall never give up our rights.

  21. “The free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government” – George Washington
    “Fire arms stand next in importance to the constitution itself. They are the American people’s teeth and keystone under independence” – George Washington
    “The constitutions of most of our states assert that all power is inherent in the people; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed” – Thomas Jefferson
    “A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country” – James Madison
    “Those that give up essential liberty to gain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, and shall find neither” – Benjamine Franklin
    “The very atmosphere of fire arms anywhere restrains evil interference, They deserve a place of honor with all that is good” – George Washington
    “All tyranny needs to gain a foot hold is for people of good conscience to remain silent” – Thomas Jefferson
    Should I go on? – Queendvrs

  22. Today is a day to stop and remember the sacrifices of many in then a little known spot in the Pacific called Pearl Harbor. That one indcident began the drive of our Greatest Generation; to which we owe many of our freedoms. Like those before them and those since who have kept our freedom safe. God Bless our Veterans , God Bless America.

  23. Reply to Walt Reeder>>>> i’m satisfied to show that I’ve an incredibly excellent uncanny feeling I came upon just what I needed.>>>>>
    How very jubulent a feelilng that must be. However; you have failed to list your qualities or dedegree to enter this presdigious arena. We are an exclusive club as you might imagine since it was so difficuolt to find our blogesphere. Gun ownership is of course the utmost concern. I can only assume you at the very least own a 22 sporting weapon? We of course would also require references from four reputable guns smiths of notable achievement. Ahem….we look forward to your next correspondence.

  24. To William: As long as we have a Black President, there will those who cry racist everytime someone disagrees with him. And it is usually the Black Racist who does the crying. I think slavery was wrong, but my people came to this world from Italy in the early 1900’s. I don’t owe any Black man an apology for standing with my mouth shut about slavery…….if you want to go after anyone, go after the Southern Democrats who fought for slavery and who owned most of the slaves.

    Our president regardless of his color is taking this nation to European Socialist ruin. We will be fighting in the streets like they do in Greece, Spain and France before he is out of office. The secret service must be working overtime to protect this fool. We need to go over this fiscal cliff, we need to see out of control taxes and mass unemployment; better that and Obama’s downfall and then allow this nation to crawl and scrap itself back to the great nation we were, than to see it fall in the financial hands of China! Who will put money and food in the hands of the entitled ones when that happens…….no one! We have 47 milliion people on food stamps, And Obama pays for radio ads making it a health tip of the week, but why isn’t there mandatory drugs tests to receive any welfare included? Too smart an idea?

    William, we will see much worse before we will see it getting better. But it is just a matter of time. We need to pray and keep our powder dry and our guns near by. Just think, if we have some big national chaos, it is the big city dweller who will perish first, then the surburanites. Those who have a little country in their veins and heart will last the longest. Damn, where is Harry Truman when you need him? Harry is more of a conservative Republican by HIS Democrat standards than any liberal progressive Democrat is by their new world standards! Have a good Thanksgiving, save the part of the turkey that went over the fence last for Obama!

  25. To Wylebilly:

    Well know miracle this year. Just enjoyed the time in the stand and listened to Rush. Maybe next season. If the truth be know if it weren’t for it being food on the table I probably would not go.

    As to what you have said, amen and amen again. We have all watched the tipping point of America now we will have to dig in and hope that we can turn it around. With the present crowd in orifice, that is a pun, it won’t happen for another four years and if we don’t clean house in Congress it will only fester for many years to come.

    We were duped, cheated out of our votes this year, no I did not vote for the Black Jesus; and wouldn’t no matter what, but we now have the takers running wild. I hope they are ready for what they have voted for. Almost 64% of college students already know it is the end and what they are spending time and money on will not tender any benefits in employment in the future.

    As Bernanke stated yesterday, “Green energy jobs and green energy are failing becuase the American worker is ignorant.” And we have four more years of such insults to indure.

    Be well, God be with you and yours and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m going to try as it might be the last we will see in our life time. I have heard rumors that next year we will celebrate the National Freedom of Kenya Day…

  26. To William’s comments: You’re so right, we all wish to seek a better life. And ironically, that may have led to some of our problems. Entitlements meant to help a person stand up ended up being their main support. Why try to better yourself when you are getting by for nothing? On the other hand we had the very much needed unions in the early years fighting for the worker; then they got greedy and business took their companies to lower cost labor nations. And speaking of greed, the money lenders that Jesus scattered on the Temple steps came back in the form of worthless home loans lenders, made to those who could not afford them. Then, to put a cherry on that cake, we got Obama, a community organizer expert in throwing money at problems; someone else’s money! But, this nation is resilient, we will come back right of center. We have had good presidents and bad presidents and we survived; and we will survive this one. But it is so damned hard to shallow!

    I think we Boomers are a bit spoiled, we saw this nation at it’s best in the 50 and 60’s. and thought it would last forever. We knew heroes like Ike, and John Kennedy, we saw greatness in Reagan and we saw human failure in Nixon and Clinton and I believe we will soon see it proven in Obama. So keep the faith, like everything in life what goes around comes around.

    You can’t put a Nativity Scene in a public place and that saddens me. I have no problem seeing reminders of the birth of Jesus, or the Jewish Menorah, the Star of David, or the Islamic Crescent or any other signs of religious freedom. Yet Godless people can’t allow it and fools allow them to take it away from us all. So we have to have those things in our hearts where no one can take them from us. And we can share them with our grandchildren! Which I do at every opportunity; hope springs eternal!

    Bless you William and God Bless us all….Whoa, I sound like Tiny Tim!

  27. To Wyelbilly:

    Well you also come from a family of people seeking a better life. I’m the Heinz 57 guy, on mothers side it is Irish and Cherokee Indian, on my fathers side – you won’t believe this one, German and English. Yep we all have a fine history to look and be proud of.

    As for the acting out I got to see that first hand and it is tough. Very little time and thought was given to the young men and women returning from Nam. We should have done better but most of us leaving the service then had to fight for a place at the table and very little time and money was left to deal with our fellow comrades in arms. Sad state of affairs for a nation that owes so much to its military. Even worse when you look at what is happening today. May God have mercy on us for being so uncaring for our own.

    As for Thanksgiving to you and yours the very best and by all means lift one on high but please to all the hero’s that are no longer with us. Be well and enjoy this one of a kind holiday only celebrated in America.

  28. William’s comments: I did teach; my sons to fish, to hunt, gun safety and to tell the truth and to believe in God and always treat a woman like a lady. My parents lived across the street from one another, during WWII my grandmothers (actually before they were my grandmothers) each had three stars on a flag in their front window, each having three sons over seas. My father was on Tinian preparing for the invasion of Japan, when the Anola Gay made it’s historic flight. I had great examples in my father and uncles, and I joined in 1968 at age 20. It was as though it was pre-ordained, I had shoes to fill, like you. Both sides of my families were Italian imigrants, but Italian was not spoken in the home; they were American and spoke English. America was their new country and each of their sons served, they were taught the importance of freedom and what it took to keep it. Three each in WWII, two in Korea and one in peace time, a total of 8 in all. They were part of the greatest generation, and rightfully so.

    For those of us in the Vietnam era, except for us, we are forgotten men in a forgotten war. Those who protested the war took out their frustrations on the men who fought in it. Now, everyone in the military is a hero; and that is a good thing. There was 58,000 heros in the Vietnam War who did not get a pat on the back, nor did the men who came back. When military came home from WWII they spend a couple weeks aboard ship talking out all they seen and done. Many of us in Vietnam were home in our neighborhoods a day after leaving the battlefields breathing American air again, yet the stench of war still filled our noses. There was no one to talk it out with, so many began acting it out in all the wrong ways. I quess the saying, “War is hell” addresses it all.

    You are correct, I look back now and wonder how in hell did I ever make it though it all? I’d like to be young again, but not as dumb as I was. Been there, done that! This Thanksgiving, I will raise a glass to you, and all who served and say a silent prayer that God keeps us in His Grace.,

  29. To Wylebilly:

    Gee have you ever thought about teaching? You are very well read and articulate. My goodness I have to agree and state the same feelings. You have done it much better than I ever could.

    Thank you for the mention of the service. It was nothing I come from a service family. We go all the way back to Col. G. Sibley and the 7th Minnesota Volunteers. Dad did 28 was an officer in the Air Force saw duty in North Africa, Italy and then in Korea. My three brother all served, one in the Air Force, one in Army and then JR like me in the Navy. The one that served the longest and with great value and valor was mom. She was the one that glued everything together.

    Again thank you and right back at you. I say a prayer every night thanking God that I was born in America and that I am an American citizen. Many hold the tital with little or no regard or show stronger allegiance to the country they ran from than to America. It will all unravel under the watchful eyes of cowards in D.C., various government agencies and the Dove military. God help us and foregive us for what we have let slip away.

    Well that water thing still scares me when I look back at the things we did, tried and accomplished and no one ever knew about it. Oh to be young, dumb and full of – yeah you know the wording. In any event until you have tried it or been a part of it you never know what you are made of. We used to refer to ourselves as those “iron men that went down to the sea in wooden boats.” I won’t try that today by golly.

    Again God be with you and always surround you with family, great friends and by all means you and yours have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving…

  30. To William’s comments: It is uncanny how many of us who have seen the cross generational change from locomotives and prop planes to high speed trains and space exploration not recognize our country anymore. But we can look back when the government stopped drafting our young men and see the slow and steady deterioration of discipline and respect and accountability in our youth. And many of those in that number are running this country now. Most have no military service and it shows in their lack of basic understanding. They see the world with eyes of those who hate all we stand for, but live under the protection of those who have stood for freedom, you Veterans! Your right, those of us who are left know the importance of a strong military, the importance of a strong leader in the White House. And those of us will be prepared to protect what is ours, all of ours, with all we have. I would rather fall with a proud heart, than live to 95 and weep for what his nation once stood for and lost with leaders like we now have. How can so many be so blind as to the goings on in Washington? May God have mercy on this nation.

    You don’t have to wear a uniform to have honor in your heart. And you don’t have to go near the water to have the ocean in your veins. It is the memory of your service and the pride you carry always that binds you to our country. You like many of us now are patriots who gave some, and are better persons as a result. Once again, thank you for your service and your sacrifice. And pray for our country.

  31. to Wylebilly:

    Looking back on it how a midwesterner ever ended up doing that type of work I will never know. Don’t go near the water now.

    As for you and your service thank you again. So very few realized what our generation went through with that terrible conflict. They look at us as if we are criminals of some sort. At times I’m just glad I made it through to this point in life.

    As for the present state of affairs. I sure hope nothing happens but I’m certain the crew in the D.C. area is trying to get it started. They want us and the greatest generation gone. They cannot take total control without us being gone. So from this point on the missteps and restarts are going to be about as big as the whoppers coming out of the house in D.C.. Keep your powder dry and be sure to think before you pull that trigger again. Well don’t think to long it could be the difference between seeing tomorrow and not.

    Go with God for only he knows the truth and tomorrow…

  32. To William: Seems your expertice was needed below the water more than on it. Thank you for your service. Agent Orange is the gift that keeps on giving, by far, I’m one of the lucky ones, I’m here by the Grace of God. And what don’t kill you makes you stronger. And it ain’t over til it’s over. Is that enough cliches for one paragraph?

    I strongly agree with you about the current state of affairs! I believe the world we grew up in is gone forever. That saddens me very much. I wish you the best, keep the faith and God Bless you, and America.

  33. To Wylebilly:

    God bless you and thank you. You were in country. I volunteered three times to go into the brown water Navy and was turned down. Something about my Job Classification with ASW and UDT.

    Don’t give up the chase my friend. Keep on keeping on. Lost a friend from high school to Agent Orange last year. I guess there are a large number of others out there right now dealing with the issues.

    Me I’m doing the 66 thing. I wonder how many more spokes I have left in the wheel. Hopefully a few.

    Good luck to you keep on keeping on and keep the powder dry. I am sad to say we might all need it shortly with the way things are looking. God be with you and yours..

  34. To William: My friend, my mulie chasin days are over. The effects of Agent Orange has taken my balance away. At 65 my place is in camp enjoying the beauty of Nevada and thanking God I still can. I wish you great success.

  35. To Wylebilly:

    This is shotgun season out here. We have already been through the rifle and hand gun season. Of course we will have another one starting next week. Can’t figure out why the heck they break it like this, guess it is to get more money on the license.

    Well as to Mulies. I spent a few weeks out in Montana and Idaho back in the 80’s doing some tromping. Don’t know at this stage of the game if the pins can take the outback like it did then.

    I know you folks have some great hunting out there but right about now I’m taking it low and slow. Last week we had a 12 year old take a 28 point buck, so we do have some good hunting here. Two years ago this youngsters uncle took down a 200 lb mountain lion. Seems like that family has a knack for finding the big ones.

    Oh that mountain lion was within the city limits of Mt. Vernon, IL..

  36. To William. >>Have a great weekend got to get back out to the stand>> A STAND? Hell, you can drive down the street and hit a white tail with your car, you don’t need a stand! You need to come to Nevada, tromp the beautiful Ruby Red Mountains of Eastern Nevada and see God’s slender while you hunt big Mulies! Now that is a deer worth the trouble.

  37. Comment by Wylebilly:

    I have thought about that but believe it or not I have gone with the EOTECH and the ATN night scopes. Interchangeable and do a great job. I have always had a problem with the follow back to the emitting device. But then that is just me.

    Have a great weekend got to get back out to the stand. Lunch is over for this olde gray head…

  38. To William’s comments: I get your message. But about the scope, they are very helpful, but I also place my trust in lasers now! Look for the red or green dot. Not bad for an old man who grew up with three channel black and white TV!

  39. Comment to Wylebille:

    Well season opened up this AM. Got set up and going to get back out there. Hoping this year will give up the treasure.

    As for the prayer I agree, also on the various departments. Now let us pray that there are enough level headed individuals out there to stop the historical fold in that will bring about another Weimar take over.

    On that aim situation, get a good scope it sure helped improve my efforts…

  40. In response to William’s response. Kent State was in no other terms a circle jerk of mistakes and untrained leaders. Most people who go about shouting ‘out of my cold dead hands’ would soil their undies if challenged. Your correct, the inner city is where the problems lie, and where you will see a lot of dead bodies. I live in Carson City, NV, a quite little conservative Wild West town where everyone packs a weapon in their car as is the law here. I also have a house in California and that is where my concern is and set up the preparations I spoke of. I love California, but it is Liberal heaven….Nuff said! I doubt IRS or Fema would risk getting shot confronting angry and scared people in a chaotic area. FEMA can’t find hit’s butt with both hands! Let us all pray it never comes to that. If it should I hope and pray God guides my hands, my head, my heart and my aim. I wish you peace.

  41. To Wyelbillies comments:

    Hopefully most of the young men and women that took and oath to the Constitution would not follow are lean in direction of firing on their own. Although Kent State would prove otherwise I don’t think they will come out in large numbers.

    Much of the officer corpse does not see this as their fight so you have command in control in question.

    Biggest issue will be inter city, college students and grads and some high schoolers. I doubt that in the country there will be much of what you worry about, at least I hope there won’t be issues.

    You are correct though in the fact that there are not enough law enforcement officials to go around. Of course you could end up with the IRS, FEMA and a few other government groups involved. God willing it won’t happen but one never knows.

    As you state best to prepair as best you can. Don’t give up living but be sure to varify and watch your six.

  42. Here in Southern Illinois we have Turkey and Deer season going so hunting loads are selling out fast. At the fun and games departmen we are seeing many so called Assualt Weapons selling out. Have also noted a $100.00 increase on hand guns of all types.

    Ammo has climbed, for 50 round purchase, about $3.00 and the past month. So all and all gun sales are up here in the southern district. Most are looking to hunting season but a large number are worried as to their Constitutional rights and the taking of firearms in general from the general public at large.

    And for those wondering we down here in Southern Illinois are in no way shape or form claiming Chicago, East St. Louis, Springfield or Peoria. Just as soon they all left us alone so we can go about life in a peaceful manner..

  43. I have read many of the articles in this site and found them most informative. I have a bunch of guns of various caliber and have a few thousand rounds of ammo. I have a propane generator and four 100 gallon tanks of stored propane and enough long term storage foods to support my 10 family members for three months. Got the emergency radio, medical supplies and enough water to float the Ark. I pray to God I will never use them for what they are intended. Should havoc take this nation I don’t see the average civilian fighting our Armed Forces or police squads. I see civilians protecting what they gathered and prepared for and killing those trying to steal it. We will see neighbor against neighbor and roving bands of young people trying to steal anything they can. I would be hard pressed to fire on a law officer or a military person, but I would not hesitate to take out a theif placing me and my family in danger. In times of national havoc, the police and military will be stretched out to all areas of the nation. They won’t be making house calls for theft or personal attack; that will be left to each of us to protect. God willing each of us will be prepared will stand the test. But above all, it is better to be prepared and never need it, than need it and not be prepared. The Liberal platform of the Democrats took God out of their party. Let the rest of pray that God doesn’t take the United States out of His Grace.

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  47. josiah…”I also have several .22 cal revolvers, as you can carry a thousand rounds with relative ease. A couple of double barrel shotguns and you have a small arsenal that will function reliably in the hands of a novice.”

    Any gun is better than no gun in an emergency. But it is niave to believe that just having a gun will protect your sons. A gun, of itself is a tool, and like any tool without the proper instruction and practice can be a danger to the user and anyone around them. You have the weapons why not give your sons a defensive pistol training course and go with them, make it a Father and Sons outing and you can teach them the importance of being prepared. And, by the way, there is no such thing as an idiot proof gun. What you want is sons who are trained in the correct and safe use of a weapon. What’s that old saying? “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

  48. why? anyone reading this knows why? More important is WHAT. I have 3 adult children with no interest in firearms. I am sure there will come a time when they are interested and that time will probably be when guns/ammo are unobtainable or at least difficult to obtain. I have gotten each of them a RUGER SP 101 in .357. These things are made like an anvil, very difficult to break, and as idiot proof and intuitive as a firearm can be. I also have several .22 cal revolvers, as you can carry a thousand rounds with relative ease. A couple of double barrel shotguns and you have a small arsenal that will function reliably in the hands of a novice.

  49. Yes, we have many Loonie Tunes who broadcast the weapons they buy and the amount of ammo they stock, some even give their town and full name, might as well publish their address too. Many believe they are envied for their ‘truthfulness’ and many who read it just laugh and shrug their shoulders! Some of the best pro-claim “Out of my cold dead hands”; most of whom would soil their linen if it came to that. So enjoy.

  50. I have added several new firearms to my collection recently, but with no plan intended. I just found some things I was interested in. I have a used, but new-to-me HK P7 9mm squeeze-cocker, a new Kel-Tec PMR-30 I got permission from the CFO to buy for myself for my birthday last year, and a Rock River Operator that I should be able to pick up shortly. I am worried because I haven’t prepped properly should TSHTF. Even though I see the strains of the society coming apart — crime creeping into formerly safe areas, beggars at nearly every busy intersection, the macro statistics of high U6 unemployment — it is just hard for me to accept that the wheels can come off so thoroughly that I need claymores for the front lawn. But, I must confess, as my worries increase, so do the boxes of shells I buy. What I really wish for is a 401K or SEP plan that allowed me to invest in commodities like Barretts or Chey-Tacs — gold is pretty, but it doesn’t do much work. I just don’t see the prices of powder, brass, lead, and machined steel coming down anytime soon.

  51. Dennis Bauer:

    Sound thinking and it reads like you have a partner that is just as committed. Good luck on the dear hunting you are in great country for it..

  52. I bought my first gun, a Taurus Model 66 .357 magnum 6 shot revolver, as protection from cougars, bears, and bigfoots while backpacking in Idaho.
    I will soon be buying a rifle to protect the front ends of cars from careless deer. Actually, my wife wants us to learn how to hunt ad process deer, for both economic reasons and for a sense of historical nostalgia. She bought for us a Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle and almost a thousand rounds of .22LR ammunition. She mandated that we both become accurate and safe marksman before we get our deer hunting rifles.
    I decided our deer rifles should be able to serve also as national defense rifles. American citizens may have to come to the aid of the military with shared ammunition, magazines, and spare gun parts if China decides to collect the debt owed to it by federal, state, and local governments, by private and public businesses, and by the citizens themselves. I do believe China does have sufficient manpower, industrial power, financial power, natural resources, and obligated international dependencies to launch a massive and sustained debt collection visit. The US military will not be able to defend everywhere. But the rest us will be able to. The Chinese will find a “gun behind every blade of grass”, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, in the early 1940’s.

  53. I served our nation in uniform for 20 years and have watched aghast as our individual freedoms and independence have been slowly painted into ever smaller corners and labeled insanity by internal socialist and communist powers. Although I personally cast many of my individual liberties and freedoms aside to serve, it was for the purpose of preserving everyone’s, not to see us all further encumbered by the yoke of a growing tyranny. They are intent on absolute power and well funded by our enemies abroad of which there are many. Why this has been allowed to occur, I do not know, but today’s whimsical language of political correctness is completely incapable of defining or describing the threat in terms that would permit an adequate response. The history of this work is longer than my own life, but we are seeing the culmination of it today. At the age of 43, it was with a sad resolve that I began procuring a family sized arsenal capable of supporting both defensive and offensive tactical operations against an entrenched tyranny. I will continue that work, including stockpiling ammunition until it is necessary to use it, or freedom comes back in fashion without assistance. Already, our neighbors have begun to disappear in the middle of the night and innocent home owners have been slain in cold blood for attempting to defend their homes during knock announce raids on wrong addresses or the addresses of folk unconnected with the criminal activities being investigated. A communist was placed in charge of our executive branch in 2008 and may be “re-elected” soon. He has a daily hit list for executions without trials that he approves and it includes American citizens. This sounds insane, but is public record. It does not look as if freedom will be making a comeback via the ballot box soon enough, so preparing for an alternative means to recover our nation’s freedom is a very good idea at this point in time. I would strongly encourage all readers of this post to execute similar plans. At some point, the levers they have been using to pry our freedoms from us piecemeal will wake the general population to the threat and you will need to help arm friends and family members to repeat the good work of what may likely come to be called the 1st American Revolution. Good luck to us all and thank you for your time.

  54. Al,…”I’m also seeing what is happening in this country and realize that there’s going to be a great deal of trouble soon.”

    You have shared the thoughts of many in this forum and throughout this nation. That sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, that realizatiion that this country we love and knew all our lives the wrong we see could never happen here, is on the verge right now. As sad and hard to believe what is unfolding aorund us now by the leadership of a non-leader compels many to get and be prepared to defend this union, defend this nation. Like you I pray it wil not come to that. This next eletion is the most important in the history of this nation. I pray the American voter can do what needs to be to change the current administration.Thank you for your thoughts and thank you for your service to this country.

  55. I have been buying guns and ammo for a few reasons. I enjoy shooting I find it relaxing and I want to keep my eyes focused for shooting. I will also protect myself and my family, a gun is the best way to do that job. I’m also seeing what is happening in this country and realize that there’s going to be a great deal of trouble soon. I spent many years in the military protecting this nation and the Constitution and I’m still going to do that. One of the reasons for the nation to be able to carry arms is to throw off tyranny. I pray that it doesn’t come to that but I’m a student of history and I can see the handwriting on the wall and see what’s being incited in some groups. If we aren’t ready to protect ourselves and those we love we’ll be ruled not governed.

  56. Been a gunowner for years. This is not just a Johnnie come lately thing for me. I ued to hunt years ago but have gotten out of that. I still like to target shoot and such. And I also still support hunters rights. I enjoy forearms of all makes and models. I also believe as a LAC Law Abiding Citizen I should have no restrictions on what I can buy or own.


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  58. Cycling Foodman Pa,

    Great words and very sound thinking. I to have taken baby girl to the range of late. She didn’t like it but is beginning to enjoy the family time together.

    One other quote, “From Time to Time the Tree of Liberty needs to refreshed with the blood of tyrants.”

    No threat there no pun just a statement on the need to be informed, pay attention and be prepaired…

  59. Marc……”Bye the way “Bill”, feel free to TRY and point out any of my FACTS that are wrong!” Well Mr. PC, ‘Orientals’ are rugs, not people. Asians are people. Also, your diabribe statement, “I swore a NEVER-ENDING Oath to the US Democratic Repulic, and US Constitution /Bill of Right, NOT to the US government”. You swore an oath to the United States of America and it’s Constitution. You can’t change that around to suit your delireium. So get off you high horse Rocky/Rambo, you are just another swining dick with opinions. You might keep them to yourself! US Air Force Veteran Bill Felix! As if that makes a big difference 44 years after the fact; but you seem to think so!

  60. I buy guns for hunting and shooting and such. I carry a gun that I bought for the protection of what and for those I love. I have defended the country for the sake of my loved ones and those I don’t know and love. I will continue to carry, hunt, shoot and be prepared to defend my family, friends and the country I live in even if it means giving up my life.

    With over 1 million cartel members reportedly to be in the US, 40,000 Iraqs in S. America in camps, gangs of all kinds everywhere, drug addicts and thiefs on our streets I could not do any thing else but be prepared for the worst of begginings and the best of an ending.

    With the dire predictions of times ahead, (Black Panter Malik Schabaz (sic) saying there will be a shooting war and whites will be KILLED in their bed; women, children and men. His words not mine and that’s his mentality. NWO, o’bama cuts in defence comming (watch for them), hard financial times, fall of the Euro, and the list goes on. How could one not believe that purchacing a gun (or a few atleast) and a sizeable amount of ammo? Will it be necessary to defend ones self? will we form a malitia? Did one of our founding fathers say it is good to purge the political system occasionally? Could our current group of politicians that are so entrenched and out of touch with the “will of the people” need to be be replaced?

    We all own, carry and will use our guns and spend our lives dearly if required I am sure. (Except for those jerks that read these posts and think this is some kind of joke and that we are raving mainiacs. Those are the ones that if a fight starts they will hide, cry “fight” but won’t and will betray us when given the chance. “Poltry is just another word for chicken” Jack Nicholas in Going South. See you on the line, USMC 1 / 2 ret.

  61. As is the case with most American’s, we take our freedoms and liberties for granted. I have had my Glock 9mm for many years and went to the range occasionally and enjoyed it. Fast forward to 2008 and this last December. After our current occupier of the White House was elected, I became an informed citizen. I spend lots of time reading up and researching things pertaining to our current environment. I obtained my CCW permit last December, watched an excellent DVD series titled “Bulletproof Mind” and go to the range every week. I recently bought an AR-15, I got my wife to the range for the first time in her life a month ago, got my daughter to the range a couple of weeks ago, and have a couple more weapons purchasses budgeted for.

    Our Country was founded on the right to protect and defend yourself. I, as a former Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army took an oath to defend the Constitution of this great Country against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” and that was a life long oath. I have also joined the Oathkeepers and a local organization to promote fishing and the outdoor sports for my daughter. It is time for all American’s to “WAKE UP” as our nation is headed down a treacherous path and our freedoms are being eroded rapidly.

    There is one main reason the current Occupier of the White House studied Constitutional Law. He studied it to destroy our great republic and he is doing it at an alarming rate. The time may come when we have to make a choice to fight and die or live in a tyranical government. I know what my choice will be and I have many brothers and sisters in arms that will make the same choice.

    To be born free is a privilege
    To live free is an honor
    To die free is a responsibility

    God bless America

  62. Marc…….” Have fun in your FANTASY WORLD,” Oh Marx I will have fun. And you have fun making wallets, and pot holders at the funny farm.

  63. Marc…..”One more thing, TAKE MONEY, GIFTS OUT OF US POLITICS!” Sorry Marc, but I send Romney money every month…….wait until after the election.

  64. Marc……”I don’t have ALL the answers”! Ain’t that the truth? Your diatribes of hate and racist childish grade school name calling makes a person believe your are loonie tunes. You are on the edge pal, you might consider getting some professional help. So tell me, is this Civil War going to be between Jews and who? Gentiles? Or Racists? If the whole of the Arab countries couldn’t take them down, you think you can? You have an audience for your nonsense and you playing the hell out of it aren’t you. You define yourself, you expose yourelf and it ain’t pretty. It must really suck to have to live with that much hate.

  65. Marc…….PNAC, Project for the New American Century. A Reaganite think tank headed up by the late William Crystal. And in my humble opinion, it is what this nation needs right now! These are the conculsions they came up with:

    “we need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry out our global responsibilities today and modernize our armed forces for the future;

    we need to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values;

    we need to promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad; [and]
    we need to accept responsibility for America’s unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles.”

    Obviously the liberals don’t want anything to do with that, and as a result you can see what it has gotten us in the past 4 years. A panty waist approach to entitlements and kiss the ass of those who wish us dead hasn’t worked very well.

    Other core member of PNAC were Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, R. James Woolsey, Elliot Abrams, and John Bolton. I would follow John Bolton into hell, one of the smartest men in Washington. Bolton was the UNAmbassasor under Bush, William Crystol a neoconservative, Perle was a Pentagon advisor, Wolfowitz was Ambassador to Indodesia, Woolsey was head of the CIA, Abrams a foreign policy advsor to Bush. Men who served this country and had a better understanding of it’s poicies better than most. But wait, some of them were Jews! So in your eyes, they aren’t worthy. Shame on you!

  66. Marc……..”No offence, but you really have NO IDEA! You don’t see what is really going on!” Of course Marc, you are the only who does. Heavy is the crown of the King isn’t it? So what are YOU going to do about it, except whine? Should there be open season on Jewish bankers and all politicians? You have pin pointed the problem, so what is the solution other than “we need to wake up”!

  67. Marc…….” but personally I DO NOT trust ANY American “politician” today, PERIOD!” I can understand your frustration, but what is answer, how do we run this government with elected representation in the form of Congress and Senate? Answer is we can’t! We must elect those who we feel are best suited and best equipped to hold office; then watch them like a hawk! But again you allow your prejustice to fuel your anger. We have many good people serving now, we need to weed out the not so good, problem is with high liberal areas like New York and California that is tough to do, so we get Nancy Pelosis and Charles Shumers who are entrenched and pander to the unions for their votes with lavish contracts. We need to wake up but we need to do something other than complain. We need to get involved and get those people elected who can help this nation. Or, we can wait until you become King and rule this country your way.

  68. Marc……. This has been tried before. The NRA is in top of it and 57 U.S. Senators have pledged not to vote for it. Even though this UN Tready side steps the second amendment it has to be ratified by our senate. And, as long as we keep voting conservative politicians it will never happen. If you look at the cities who are now claiming bankruptcy you will notice they all have liberal majorities in city and state assemblies. These are the same kind of people who are pushing for this silly UN Tready!

  69. I buy firearms because I am worried about the future. I have enough to protect my immediate family, and more. I have a small stock of ammunition, which I am always trying to grow. I fear our government. I heard a very pro-firearm friend of mine commenting about the law trying to be passed about owning more than 2 firearms, or more than a few weeks of food in the house. I thought he was being dramatic. Until I looked it up. When I told my wife, she went pale as a ghost. It is SCARY. Since people have been posting some interesting links on here, I have one for you all to check out. This in no way shape or form has any thing to do with B of A (Bank of America). It is a 29 minute video in the style of South Park. I am sharing it with all of my friends and family, and suggest you do the same. I currently have 9 firearms in my house. 3 .22lr, 2 9mm, 1 12ga, 1 7.62×39, 1 .308, and a .357 revolver. I have realized, as some other posters have, that I need to stop boasting to my neighbors and those in my community about what I have. When the time comes, I want people to forget about me. Not be a memory sticking out in their minds-for any reason. I am a vet, a father, and a husband. I have a CCW. My 10 and 8 year old children are learning how to shoot. My 3 year old is a bit young still, but soon… 🙂

  70. Clint……. If you ask any of the 1.3 million if they wanted to have an abortion, I think you will find none say yes. Nobody does this because they want to, they HAD to”

    Had to? Your joking right? If they didn’t have a choice then what would they do? Ask any 15 year old who carries a condom in is back pocket why he HAD to use it, because he doesn’t have a choice! People do have choices and a choice to protect oneself is responsible anything else is not!

    Tell Eastwood I said hello, we met once in San Jose; nice guy.

  71. Bill Felix: Central Coast, California. I can see the houses that can see Eastwoods house from my house.
    If you ask any of the 1.3 million if they wanted to have an abortion, I think you will find none say yes. Nobody does this because they want to, they HAD to and I think you will find most are morning the loss, not jumping for joy. At least that is the case with the few I know.
    Been fun….

  72. Clint……”NO ONE is pro-abortion, not one single person. Pro-killing babies? Bill come on!!! I just believe the government should stay out of a woman’s womb.”

    No one is pro-abortion? Then why are there 1.3 million abortions done every year the US? I believe in Pro-choice, I believe every woman should have a choice………to choose to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy! All really intelligent women would not do less! You change your own oil……..what a man. I have that covered in my warranty. I have a little 6 cylinder with Eco-Boost Ford PU. Diesel is too damn noisy! As far as my weapons, all I will admit to is Colt Commander 45 auto. If anyone wants to know more, come look in my safe!

    What do you refer to as the left coast? Looking at a topical map of the US, that would be California, Oregon, or Washington. If I had to bet, I’d say California, the liberal Mecca! I actually have a house in Southern California but spend most of my time in Nevada, where you can buy any kind of gun you desire, legally. You can conceal carry without a hassel, and it is lawful here to carry a concealed hand gun in your car. The state considers your car and extention of your home. Only Arizona has more liberal (ohh what a naughty word) gun laws. You were saying the government can’t take your guns, well California will lock you up and melt the key if you have hollow point rounds in your gun…….yeah, the government can’t take your guns away, in a pigs butt!

  73. First, the “Obamacare” law was modeled after Mr. Willard M. Romney’s plan for Massachusetts, fines and all.
    Second, liberals are not pantywaists HOWEVER the so-call liberal “leaders” are, no argument there.
    Third NO ONE is pro-abortion, not one single person. Pro-killing babies? Bill come on!!! I just believe the government should stay out of a woman’s womb. I thought all you conservatives were for less government intrusion.
    Well, it has been fun bantering back and forth. We, as Americans, need to do more of this as long as it is civil.
    OK, I need to go do some chores. Believe it or not I need to change the oil in my Prius and my Ford F250 Super Duty 7.3 l diesel with Banks Power and Super Chips calibration, BTS transmission and Detroit Truetrac differential. What? A wimp has a real truck??? (Smile here Bill)
    Oh ya, I need to check my 30-06, Mini-14 and 12 gauge, it has been humid here on the Left Coast.

  74. Clint…..”However I think it would take a miracle to pass any law outlawing basic guns. ”Assault” rifles is another story but that even gets mired in legal mud. What exactly IS an “Assault” rifle? Who defines it?”

    I think you answered your own question………that miracle you believe would never happen, has already happened. My Ruger M77 308 Winchester was classified as an “Assualt Rifle”! What is to stop the panty waist liberals from defining a ‘dressed’ 10/22 as the same. And it is not far fetched to imagine a ban on all hand guns some day either. Like I said, look around you and open your eyes. The Government just got the nod from the Supreme Court to order every American to HAVE to buy what they want you to. How far a stretch would it be to take away from you what they don’t want you to have? That my misguided friend is the work of liberals! Being a good American has nothing to do with what you drive or drink, hug, soak your ass in, or your pro-life or pro killing of the unborn. It has to do with the rights of the people as described by our Consitiution. How do we get rid of the corruption, just like we eat an elephant one friging bite at a time, one election at a time, one bleeding heart liberal who wishes to give this country away and kick the can down the road booted out of office. We don’t need an armed invasion, we need an invasion of voters who can look past silly ass notions of ‘voting for FDR’ because your daddy did and vote for the welfare of this country as it was deisgned by our Forefathers. Harry Truman is one of my heros. He was a Democrat and he would be a Republican today by his Democrat standards more than any liberal Democrtat today is by Harry’s standard! The old Democrat Party is dead and what is left is liberals running amuck. I’m a conservative, and I don’t hate Gays, I believe they have a right to marry, I am pro-life because it’s right not because Rush Limbaugh said so. I’ll hug a tree but won’t it it stand in the way of a man’s God given rights. I’m also a conservationist, but I’m for the pipeline that will get us off foreign oil. I love animals but those little Pigme Reindeer will just have to cope as we drill in An War! This nation is made of people and those people have rights, the land and the water is their entitlement, and the right to make a living as long at it doesn’t enfringe on anyone else. We don’t need to sit down and talk, we need to sit down and think of what our founders intended, and then do what is right, then and only then will we change Washington. Once the people have the understanding THEY call the shots, then things will change. And we need to point fingers, point fingers at anyone who does not follow our Constitution, or is corrupt, and then, point them towards the door! If your waiting for every politican to be a Thomas Jefferson, you got a long wait Clint, and in the mean time, we will lose this country. Wise up before it’s too late.

  75. Gee whiz Bill Felix, do you know me? Uhhhh, no.
    The Constitution is the single greatest document ever written, can we agree on that?
    We do have the second Amendment. Only 1 amendment has been repealed in 236 years. OK, I agree that the last 4 administrations starting with Regan seem to be doing their best at ripping up what W called “just a goddamn piece of paper”. However I think it would take a miracle to pass any law outlawing basic guns. ”Assault” rifles is another story but that even gets mired in legal mud. What exactly IS an “Assault” rifle? Who defines it? I digress….
    Sorry Bill, it will be a cold day in hell before I vote for a so-called conservative, not this crop anyway. I miss Ike, the last real, reasonable, conservative. The present crop is a bunch of corrupt lemmings. There ONLY goal is to bring down the government and point fingers at Obama to get rid of, well, the Black man in The White House. The economy, healthcare, wars who cares!
    Yes Bill, before you blow a cork, the present bunch of so-called liberals are just as corrupt, no question. It is just that MY beliefs follow a liberal path much more than a conservative path. I am still an American, a good, law abiding American just like you. Yes, I too own firearms and want to keep them. That’s right, us wine sipping, hot tubing, Prius driving, tree hugging, climate change believing, Roe v. Wade upholding liberals own guns too!
    So now what? How do we, you and me, get rid of the corruption in DC? An armed invasion? I think not.
    What we need to do is sit down, talk this mess out and come up with a plan instead of pointing fingers. A few beers would also help….

  76. Clint…..”1) The Government cannot do anything right. 2) The Government is going to take our 200 million guns. 3) Logic is a rare commodity.”

    Once again, two bricks shy a load comment. Why don’t you ask Canada, Germany, and Japan about your comment. No one from the government will come knocking at your door how correct you are………but laws can be passed which makes anyone who owns a gun a felon! Yes, some wise guy said he would bury his guns………then what, gonna dig them up when someone breaks in your house, then go to jail for protecting yourself? Wise up Clint, the answer is easy……..elect conservative politicans who respect the Constitution! They are both Democrat and Republican, Independent and Libretarians, as long as their loyalties are for our Constitution. Don’t stand flat footed and know no one will take your liberties away as they are doing it. Try opening up your eyes instead of your ‘cyber’ mouth!

  77. William…..” Bill Realize who they are and let them vent don’t get caught up in the stupidity of their words. Have a great day and remember there is no more fun than an hour or two with your daughter teaching her to shoot.”
    The temptation is too great to allow stupidty to go unchallenged. As long as they think everyone agrees with them, they continue to talk out of their butts because their mouths know better. I always strive to have great day, yesterday I wenet to the range, it was Colt 45 day! Today I went to the gym, and later I’m going trout fishing. I would give just about anything to have daughter I can teach to shoot. God in his infinte wisdom gave me three boys; who are grown now. But I have a grand son and grand daughter I will take out when they are a bit older.

    Thank you for the kind words. I think most of those who cry “out of my cold dead hands” would soil their linen once challegned and looking down the barrel of gun. Let us pray that never happens in this country, and let us be prepared to keep it that way.

  78. 1) The Government cannot do anything right.
    2) The Government is going to take our 200 million guns.
    3) Logic is a rare commodity.

  79. Bill Felix:

    Bill you are utilizing good common sense. Like a few others out here have spoken about American values and why they enjoy target shooting with their son or daughter there are those out here that just want to stir up trouble. Bill Realize who they are and let them vent don’t get caught up in the stupidity of their words.

    Have a great day and remember there is no more fun than an hour or two with your daughter teaching her to shoot.

  80. I share the same sentiment as Charlton Heston… No one will ever take my guns away from me while I am still alive… not EVER!

  81. Really no one wants to see this nation turn into a State like Russia or Germany was, not to mention China.. But if we don’t wake up and take a stand we will be no different than Germany in the late 1930 and if you paid attention to your history call the people of Germany lost everything and was controlled by the government… I don’t want that, not for me or my children or their children..Our present government think that we as individuals can make a good decision for ourselves so they want to be that one to do it… I have grown up with weapons since I was a child and then in the military and up to now and I believe that the 2nd Admin. is about to be taken away from us.. Question to ask yourself is that if we let the government take our weapons away will they also abide with that ruling???? I sincerely don’t think so, so who will have the control, it won’t be you!!!! Japan didn’t attack the U.S. because they knew that the American people all had weapons in their homes.. The American people used them for fun and for hunting and yes protection.. The Japanese military knew this very well and knew they would have a much bigger fight on their hands than over seas.. I have freedom because I have that right to bear arms, and when someone takes that right away I am no longer free… I would love to see this world live in peace and no wars anywhere but it won’t happen and it can’t happen.. If your a Bible believing Christian you know what I am talking about…I love my weapons and I am collecting more, along with the ammunition.. I hope that I will never have to use my weapon to protect my family or fellow man but I will.. Our president is a person that want to take thing away from us while he and his kind are able to have the best.. Sort of like Socialism, or Communism… If that is what you want I will let you step to the head of the line and that will give me plenty of time to save my family and my self…

  82. sKen…..”I expressed concern earlier about people using their guns to enforce their own laws and ideology upon others and god help the ones who don’t fall in line or “fit the bill”. Last time I checked, countries that were run like that were typically not nice places to live.”
    In almost every post I have read people have said they were ready to use their guns to ENFORCE our Constitution, not otherwise like you suggest. I don’t agree with everyone on everything they say, but I, like most share a love for this country and what it stands for. Obama is the first American President who has ever created such a divided nation and one president who has spent the tax payers money so wildly foolish. Bush spent 5 trillion in eight years, Obama has spend 5 trillion in 45 months! And I do argree with you, countries run like Obama is running this aren’t nice places to live. And that is why the people you throw under the bus are ‘up in arms’! You are talking about people who are patriots and have lived in this nation long enough to know the difference bewtween what it was for 236 years , and what Obama is trying to create! And we don’t like it!

  83. Clint…..”Drop all this hate and talk to each other! Turn off Rush, Insanity, Savage-Wiener, Beck and the rest of the hate mongers and talk for craps sake!” Yeah, lets stop all this hate talk…….hipocrate! Lets all be panty waist liberals and pound our guns into share plows, and you can be the first jack-ass to pull one!

  84. Clint. Yep, I expressed concern earlier about people using their guns to enforce their own laws and ideology upon others and god help the ones who don’t fall in line or “fit the bill”.
    Last time I checked, countries that were run like that were typically not nice places to live.

  85. Wow. I made a small comment a few days ago. Got some well thought out comments afterwards.
    Now I see a bunch of hate.
    @Dino and the rest. Here is a question: Just who is going to determine which laws are constitutional? You and the rest of the folks consumed by hate?
    No thanks, you do not speak for me. Run for office if you want to really change things.
    What? To hard you say? Easier to pop off a few rounds at someone that is “not like you”? And you call yourselves Americans.
    I see a lot of scary comments about Liberals and Socialism and Obama not being a legitimate President.
    I have lived and worked in several “Socialist” countries. I worked on the factory floors with the “Regular” folks. I can tell you this for a fact, I never found anyone that was unhappy with the system. Not one in 25 years. Sure, they mumbled a bit about high taxes but who doesn’t?
    As for Obama answer this: How did they go back in time and put his birth announcement, government style, in the Honolulu papers? OK, he changed his name in Indonesia. Have you ever been to Indonesia? I have and if you don’t “fit in” you are in trouble. That is in large part because they have no separation of Church and State. God help you if you don’t follow Islam and have an Islam sounding name! A name like Barry wont get you in trouble but a name like Barak will if you are a Christian.
    Come on people! Drop all this hate and talk to each other! Turn off Rush, Insanity, Savage-Wiener, Beck and the rest of the hate mongers and talk for craps sake!

  86. Nice SYOP trying to scare people……….gOT BIG NEWS FOR ALL OF YOU TRAITEROUS THUGS






  87. It’s a good question… I buy firearms so that I can learn how to use them. I learn how to use them, so that when it comes time to put my skills to the test, I know what to do and how to do it. I enjoy the benefits of our second ammendment and look forward to improving my skillset with future purchases. Yes, the current administration and its decisions since inception have ‘stoked’ me to buy more than I probably need at this point in time. I fear that too many Americans have forgotten what the government is there for. Not to ‘take care of us’ by taking control of our daily lives. But to carry out that which we believe as a people. I knew going into it that Obama and his minions were very anti-gun – which is why I voted for McCain. However, I never thought that we would see another ‘Watergate’ scenario again. With ‘Operation Fast & Furious’, it seems history is repeating itself. Thus, I’m not really worried about riots should he be ousted from office – but, I’m prepared nonetheless… The Martin/Zimmerman case is ‘eye-candy’ for the politically uninformed. 2nd degree murder…? No way… 2nd degree manslaughter is the best they could hope to get – and even that’s a stretch. Blacks in an uproar over the possible not-guilty vote for Zimmerman…? I hope not, however, possible… But, I’m prepared nonetheless. Preparation is key to survive anything life has to throw at an individual. I, for one, don’t like being unprepared.

  88. @Clint: You have a very good point. There is a very good possibility that some people (a lot of them appear to be on this forum) will use a WROL situation as an opportunity to enforce their own laws and beliefs upon others. These “patriots” might single out and ostracize anyone who doesn’t fit their description of what a true “patriot” should be whether it’s their religion, political allegiance, color, etc.
    Everyone thinks that hordes of ethnic gangs descending upon their peaceful neighborhoods will be the main threat when in reality, you have to keep your eye on your neighborhood “sheep dogs” as well.

    Case in point, Yugoslavia– for decades neighbors from various ethnic origins lived peacefully together until the Yugoslav government collapsed then suddenly those same neighbors who literally grew up together began raping and killing each other by the thousands.

    To me a heavily armed “sheep dog” with an authority/Napoleon complex is just as dangerous as any gangbanger.

    Obviously not all people who call themselves patriots are like this, but people should be aware of the ones that are.

  89. Clint…..” It is you guys with 25 rifles and 50,000 rounds that worry me, not the US government” Clint, it is the government that will take your Second Amendment rights from you not the guys with the guns and ammo. And they won’t have to fire a shot to do it. And it is the guys who have only a hand gun and one magazine that will try and take what you have because they are unprepared. By the way, I love your movies!

  90. I have bought firearms to help protect my family from the crazies in militias. People that think they, as unelected entities, know what is best for us are a huge threat to the USA. It is you guys with 25 rifles and 50,000 rounds that worry me, not the US government. People that think they can take on the US Armed Forces are the scariest.
    This and the damn gangs in my area along with the possible collapse of the Rule of Law prompted me to buy firearms.

  91. I shoot trap, benchrest and 180/360 pistol cometitions. ALSO I DO NOT TRUST THE CURRENT RESIDENT OF 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. AND NEVER WILL!!!!!!!!!

  92. I buy mostly buy for sport/hobby and my distrust of our elected officials. I DO NOT TRUST THE PIED PIPPER, (Obama) AND THE RATS, Congress any further than I could pick up the White House and throw it around the world!!!

  93. ” Bill you win the prize, your first; If you truly believe everything you’ve said, well, I feel sorry for you.” Rich, save your sympathy for some who really needs it, I don’t. One of the pleasures and freedoms of being a man in this country is to have opinions, state them as you wish, to and to hell with anyone who don’t like it. You wish a happy 4th, any idea why? What does that day really stands for? From your posts I don’t I don’t think you really do. Being prepared is a good thing, being able to handle oneself when the time come is quite another. Toting big guns don’t mean a damn thing if you don’t when to or not to use them. That mistake you speak of is one many will not dare make or take easily.

  94. @several comments
    Bill you win the prize, your first; If you truly believe everything you’ve said, well, I feel sorry for you.
    @Marc C. Daniele — sounds like you’ve reached your limit of BS. Just a thought, you might want to save some of that hostility for when it truly counts.
    @To the rest — you better get prepared for any and all situations, if you don’t, you won’t make this mistake but once.

    Happy 4th

    Rick J

  95. seeing as how both candidates for presidency have a long history of f**king with the rights of gun owners its no surprise gun sales are up. Just waiting for the general populous to wise up.

  96. I have fun shooting at the range with my senior pals. It’s half about shooting and learning about guns and half camaraderie. The gun laws in the state of CA are constantly chipping away at gun rights(SB249 is the latest assault). Consequently, any investment made in guns and ammunition is a good investment as prices continue to go up and gun laws induce one to buy because you are certain it is only going to get worse. Most other sports equipment and tools lose most of its value over time. Firearms and ammunition at the very least will be worth nearly what you paid for it and sometimes even more. If I could have stock piled gasoline 10 years ago, I would have. So all in all, between the political and economic climates, home defense, fun shooting with friends and the small investment my children can liquidate, it’s not an unreasonable expenditure.

  97. Lot more concerned about home and personal security, not only for myself, but for my wife as well. Had her take a women’s defensive handgun class and intend to get CCW permits for both of us. Too many stories in the news these days about muggings, strong arm robberies, and afraid for her to even go to Wal-Mart after dark. Plus, I think Obama and his crew are trying their best to do away with our ability to obtain the guns and ammunition we need.

  98. Rick…..” My Grandfather was in a special operations group that routinely operated behind enemy lines in WWII.” I understand what you mean Rick, being prepared with wepaons and survival gear is not enough, you have to be functionally prepared not just equipment wise. And in todays world that is not easy. Like your Grandfather, I had three Uncles on both sides of my family serve in WWII, they call them our ‘Greatest Generation’ and it is so true. We live in a completely different world today then they did, and we are not nearly as prepared as they were. I believe the worst thing that could have happened to our youth was when they stopped the draft. We can see the results of two generations not learning any discipline in this ‘me’ world we live in today. Defending yourself and family against intruders and theives is one thing, but defending yourself against an ultra-liberal people is another. Just read today on this site where Google has taken away our right to look up gun or ammunition sites. Little by little they are taking away our rights, taking away our country, no bullet will stop that. But we can fight it in the voting booths by voting in conservative politicians who believe in our Constitution and the rights of free people.

  99. Marc…….” Unlike you it seems, I prefer to learn REAL TRUTH, not more (KOSHER) lies!” Your comments expose you, your rambling posts define you. You sir, are a few french fries short a Happy Meal. A diabtribe of a mad man is what you have written, wild, silly, rantings of a practicing racist and anti-semite . “Call a “spade a spade”? You think that sick childish code is hard to understand? This is the ‘truth’ you want everyone to find out for themselves? The truth is, you need professional help, that is the truth.

  100. @Marc:
    Save your breath with ol’ straw man Bill. No matter what you say to him,may be, he WILL twist it into something inflammatory and ridiculous.
    I would save your time conversing with someone who is a wee bit more rational.

  101. Marc…..”but I will say that I DO NOT expect everyone to just take my word for anything I say here!” Sure you do, that is why you comment and preach, you seem to know it all and want everyone to see things your way. You think because people disagree they don’t know anything? Yeah, I was in Vietnam, and ate enough Agent Orange while in Siagon much less out in the jungle. The US didn’t have a clue as to how dangerous it was……..but that is war Marc. Shit happens! That war was fought to make money for the fat cats and Johnson let it happen, then wimped out and got a lot of our men killed as a result. Your comments about the “Kosher version” expose you as nothing more than someone who is hate driven. What happened Marc, your parents didn’t have the money to have you curcumcised so you take it out on the Jews? You need to pull up your big boy pants move on. You say you were in the military, didn’t you learn, ‘it’s your bag, you drag it’? You are free to believe whatever you like, that is freedom, we have choices. So stop trying to push yours down everyone throat

  102. Because tensions in this country are higher than anything I’ve ever read about dating back to the Civil War. I have never heard of this country being as divided as it is now with the exception of the Civil War. I honestly fear that being in my 30’s puts me in a time frame that I very well might see a second revolution or civil war in my lifetime. Just look at some of the hateful arguing going on in these very comments. People are fed up and picking sides. I’ll be on the side of freedom and liberty and opposing the “left’s” coveted dictator ship they call socialism or progressiveness. If you don’t think history repeats itself, you are blind my friends.

  103. William……”. He or she probably does not own a firearm, has never been to the firing range nor had to live through the first kill which is the worst kill” You and Marc are two of a kind. For your information I’m a disabled Vietnam Vet service connected, and experienced my first kill in 1969 and I live 3 miles from my firing range and have enough weapons to supply a small nation. Pull your head out. You can believe that radical bullshit and hate Jews for what whatever it gets you. You might wish to join Marc at the VA Mental Health Clinic, I hear they have a two for one offer this month! You both talk crazy and expect everyone to agree with you, just foolish!

  104. Marc Army Veteran:

    First thank you for your service as it has insured my safety and my life.

    Now as to the OWS Bill that you are chatting with, you might as well spit into the wind for that guy is here for one thing and one thing only, trouble maker. He or she probably does not own a firearm, has never been to the firing range nor had to live through the first kill which is the worst kill.

    Save your breath the guy only want a pissing contest.

    US Navy ASW Team – HS-3

  105. Roger:

    Great suggestion. Had not thought about the KISS process for weapons but you may well be on to something there. Will look into it. Thank you for that suggestion.

  106. Marc……….Look at what you wrote, and stand in front of a mirror and and read it to yourself. Listen to your voice and especially the tenor of your voice. Then call the VA’s mental health department and make an appointment to be seen and read this post to a counselor. I’m not a mental health professional, but I know sick when I read it. You need help Pal. I hope you take advantage of the VA’s free programs for Veterans. I wish you well.

  107. Marc…….Give me one religion that does not teach supremism (which is not a word). As far as racism, what better example of it than our own American history? It was God who called his people the ‘Chosen’ people, not the Jews and God did indeed give Palestine to them according to the Bible. All the other incidents you list are not a result of any Israeli involvement. If anyone is showing racism, it is you with your hatred of Jews.

    It was not Israelis who attacked this country, it was extremist Muslim factions, and who continue to try to explode bombs on airplanes, or cause havoc in our cities, not the Jews! Direct your hatred to those who wish to kill us, our enemy, not Jews! You are so hell bent and full of hate your post borders on insanity. You seem to have it all packaged up real neat and pretty, except for the ragged edges you leave hanging out which defines your hate.

    You are to be commended for your service. And, as a fellow Vet I can only suggest you take advantage of the programs the VA has which might help you come to terms with your rage and anger. The VA’s mental health services are among the best available. I wish you well.

  108. I enjoy having the right to purchase which ever firearms I wish, and I do so. I enjoy going out and shooting, an having home protection around. I purchase different firearms if I like them and it is one I would enjoy shootin. I am neither a collector or hobbist.I am a Viet Nam Vet and a born and breed 100% red blooded American and I have the right to bare arms.

  109. In order; Obama, California and thier “common sense gun laws” getting worse by the day, self defense and prepardness, and of course shooting is fun.

  110. I am not a dooms day beliver but I am a realist.
    If it hits the fan should Obie 1 get re-elected I think things are going to get real tough real fast.
    I lice out in the country on 30 ac.
    I have no doubt that theives and looters will target homes like mine because of the remotness–althought it would be a BIIIIIIG mistake.
    I have my share of guns and more than my share of ammo.
    Should I be FORCED to protect me and mine then so be it.I hope I have the oppertunity to do some major target practicing in the days ahead , instead of the necessity of shoot to kill.
    We will see soon.
    God save the United States from polititiond and muslims.

  111. The Republicans brought us the Patriot Act, the NDAA was a joint effort by Levin(D) and McCain(R), and the Democrats brought us the Assault Weapons Ban. Really, who’s better? You can’t polish a turd. I buy guns because a tank won’t fit in my bedroom.

  112. William, Never bought a piece from Fulton. I am to old to disassemble and reaasemble an M anything. I am able to take care of my AK and Glocks because of there construction but if they have more than 7 parts I’m lost LOL. My son was a military contractor and gave me the AK because he knew it wold be easier to service, have you considered one of them?
    For the rest of you out there, it isn’t someone comming to our house to get our guns it’s a matter of making things unavalible………

  113. Ahappycamper……..”what the hell is going on here,” That’s easy, what’s going on is a state run by bleeding heart liberals who border on socialism. I lived in California for 38 years, was 10 years old in 1959 when California was pristine. Look at it now! They even brought back Jerry Moonbeam Brown to run it into the ground even more. Arnie’s hands were tied by a liberal state house and senate. If there is chaos in the street it will begin in California first, and it will begin in low income ethnic areas first. The Occupy dummies are just free loaders, but the ethnic gangs are killers. Many will laugh at what I write and thumb their noses at it all as they drive their ‘Beamers’ down the street……until they lose what they fear the most……protection from the law!

  114. It’s almost at that point here in California,
    Heck I go to buy a 1858 blackpowder through a auction and people won’t sell it to me
    because of where I live. Even pre 1889 guns.
    And next I think a 10 day waiting period is in the works here to purchase ammo.

    I’ve lived here for 56 years and when they 1st wanted you to turn in your SKS’s I thought
    what the hell is going on here, and it’s just gotton worse.

  115. eeyore:

    Well stated. Looking at the Scandanavian countries they require gun ownership and also mandintory training. It used to be a family practice in this country that has suddenly taken a back seat to soccer.

    You are right though you need to take responsibility for your life and for your families, most defensive moves end up being losing moves. That history has proved to us time and time again.

  116. Roger:
    I agree with your remarks as I have suffered the slings last week fro those who are here to disrupt the discourse.

    Now being a shooter have you ever purchased a piece, sorry old Navy habit for weapon naming, from the Fulton Armory. I was reading the ad about the M14 versions and I was wondering if you had any experience or knew anyone that had procured one of these pieces?

    Also anyone out there reloading .338 Lapua’s? I was wondering if anyone had trouble with the Nornady brass for reloading. Buying the brass from overseas is getting pricey and may have a problem on deliveries in the months to come.

  117. Marc:

    Have heard and read accounts that point to the Norsemen prior to the native Americans that may well have migrated from Asia to the contenent.

    Good call sir…

  118. Bill, I too will defend myself and my family first, and deal with the legal/monetary fallout after, if my weapons and training have caused me to prevail. Simply put, I don’t subscribe to the apocalyptic/end-of-the-world/doomsday/zombie, NWO, Jewish, Obama, Rubio, etc. takeover philosophy and lifestyle. Only history will tell, and you and I can differ on our outlooks while we agree on the need to continue our support of gun ownership.

    Ed West, to me a MOA is a Military Operations Area. I spent a fair amount of time flying around in them during 20 years of active duty. If, as I suspect, your MOA is something else..well, I’ve been called worse, and I’ll get over this too.

    To the current crop of active/guard/reserve and new vets, thank you for your service. I pray that this country supports you during and after your service, you deserve no less.


  119. John……”The only way for our government to get ALL of our guns, regardless of who the president is, would be for us to surrender them, and the chance of that happening is on a par with the lifespan of a snowball in Hell” So true, but ‘what if’ all guns were banned? Now, that could happen, and the penalties for anyone caught with a gun were so severe families would be torn apart as their husbands, fathers, sons, realitves were imprisoned for years for such an offense? How many of you gun slingers would strut your stuff then? That could happen, just get another liberal on the Supreme Court, a liberal house and senate and Obama in the White House for another four long expensive years! You may have your guns, but what good would they do you? Even if you shot an intruder……you would set yourself up for jail time. I have always said I would rather rot in jail and take a butthead down then have the torment of losing a family member because I was not prepared………but what if just owning a gun were a felony. Your job would be gone, your house would be in jeprody, your family would suffer economically. You got the rocks to face that kind of ‘gun control’? Is the lifespan of that snowball getting longer?

  120. Who is going to come take the guns away? The military? They know the Constitution also. Lots of military folks like guns. Unless a president establishes martial law, and Congress won’t do that unless the Taliban are the bad guys in a Red Dawn scenario, it would be an unlawful order. No? Are your local police going to do it? Again, there might be some reluctance to counter the 2nd Amendment without significant justification. A nation-wide confiscation? How the hell will they do that, especially with police forces being cut back due to budgetary contraints. I suppose it could happen, but I just can’t see how they could pull it off. Forget politics, logistics, personnel, FUNDING, are but a few barriers. The only way for our government to get ALL of our guns, regardless of who the president is, would be for us to surrender them, and the chance of that happening is on a par with the lifespan of a snowball in Hell. Obama does not have the political power to pull it off. He didn’t even have it when he was elected, and he certainly does not have it now. He would face a Congressional and citizen backblast of biblical proportions. Hell, Reagan could not have done it. I put the chances of a Nazi-like nation-wide confiscation just behind the chances of the zombie apocalypse everyone is afraid of.

  121. Tommy Gene; I’m your age and have learned my vulnerbilities. because of age. I DON’T CARE HOW YOUNG a person may be, please understand that if BO is re-elected he will have an opportunity to select at least one more of the supreme court justices who will be liberal and vote to virtually eleminate the 2nd ammendment. I have a bumper sticker on my truch that says “GUN CONTROL WORKS” FOLLOWED BY PICTURES OF STALIN, MAO, HITLER AND OTHER DICTATORS. Don’t you see that this could happen here? HISTORY REPEATS IT SELF BECAUSE OUR OWN HISTORY BEGINS THE DAY WE ARE BORN. UNLESS YOU STUDY HISTORY THAT OCCURRED BEFORE YOUR BIRTHDAY AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO NOT STUDY HISTORY YOU WILL REMAIN REMAIN IGNORANT OF WHAT COULD HAPPEN. THIS POTUS IS HELL BENT ON TURNING THIS COUNTRY INTO SOCIALISTS/COMMUNSTS NATION.HE LOOKS AT OUR CONSTITUTION AS A DOCTRINE OF NEGATIVE LIBERTITIES. HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT. AND BELIEVES THAT IN HIS HEART.

  122. Ed West…….”We’re the only country left that can legally own firearms” YOU are so right, it amazes me that people, especially those as old as 74 don’t have a clue to what is happening! The only defense we have is a conservative majority in both houses and a conservative president in the White House! But the ignorant will not understand until it is too late. Thank God there are wiser men and women among us! If Obama has taught this country anything, it is what fools the majority can be when they vote from hatred instead of the common good. Well, now we have 15 trillion dollars we have to make up because of a foolish mistake in voting Obama in office. Live and learn, lets hope that lesson sticks for a long time to come!

  123. tommy gene, with 74 years under your belt it seems like you’d be a lot smarter. We’re the only country left that can legally own firearms and the PTB are trying everything they can to take that RIGHT away from us. Look at the failed “fast and furious” plan. Had that been successful we’d be one step closer to England, Australia, where only the government and other crooks have guns, and crime has increased one hundredfold. George Soros is buying up all the American gun manufacturing plants and closing them down – if they can’t legally take them away, they’ll just keep us from buying them!!! I’m buying everything I can afford and then some, for me, my family, and for idiots who don’t know what’s happening and who will later WISH they had weapons. I intend to be ready when TSHTF and it will, your government guarantees it!!

  124. I have always carried a concealed side arm. The Great state of Ky has given me a Lic. to do so as well as thr U.S.A. If you have the legal right to carry and do not you are no better off than a sheep lead to slaughter. Since I was born 74 yrs. ago guns have always been a part of my life. I was taught at young age all guns were to be treated witj resp-ect because they are loaded. What is all this B.S. of the Govt. or Pres taking away our guns?? I have and I am sure other have guns that are not registered bcause they were purchased before NICS. came into being so you the bhell knows what I have so how can they take them away.. All this bull is from the NRA to help Dealers sell more guns and make more cash. No way do I beleive the Feds will ever try to collect our guns!!!

  125. eeyore, ” Perhaps it’s the paranoia that increases with age.” I’m not sure if it is paranoia or the realization of a far different society we live in now. I’m 65 in a couple of months and like you, I’m not the young man I was years ago. But I carry an equalizer, that makes me and any older person like me someone to recon with. Arizona has the right idea, give everyone the right to carry; the best deterent for buttheads who might otherwise bully smaller or older people. When you never know who might be packing, it is surprising how ‘nice’ people can be!

  126. Why am I buying guns? Perhaps it’s the paranoia that increases with age. I am realizing that I’m no longer invincible like I used to be and that I’d most likely finish second in a two-man fight with a vast majority of the folks on this planet. And, if the other guy is armed, I won’t be needing to make a trip to the hospital. Besides, when and if the SHTF, the local cops will be juuust a little bit busy and may not be able to respond in their normal three-to-six-minute time commitment. If I have any part of my arsenal available, I can be ready in less than five seconds…… That’s why.

  127. quote from “How the Scots Invented the Modern World” by Arthur Herman: discussing Adam Ferguson, “Essay on the History of Civil Society” and Adam Smith, “Wealth of Nations”…..
    “debates about the future of free societies, and the place of military virtues and military arms in the them. The idea that a free people needed to keep and bear arms in order to defend their liberty was an ancient one, reaching back to the Greeks and forward to Andrew Fletcher. But now Ferguson and his friends had added something new, a social-psychological dimension. By owning weapons and learning to use them, a commercial people can keep alive a collective sense of honor, valor, and physical courage, traditions that no society, no matter how sophisticated and advanced, can afford to do without.” sounds to me like this is still valid today…

  128. I have guns to target shoot with. I have guns to hunt with. I carry a gun for self protection. If the socialist stays in the White House [God forbid] I’m getting them before the ban.

  129. I bought guns that I would enjoy shooting and hunting with. I also want to be self sufficient and safe so I conceal carry. I also can’t say that the current state of our society doesn’t have me a little concerned and I want to be able to maintain my home and family. Shooting is a skill and guns are a tool and keeping my skills up means I get to do something that I enjoy and also feel comfortable with.

  130. ” Sorry, but your wrong, this country was founded on Christian values, NOT “judeo”/Christian values!” (You don’t even have the courtesy to capitalize Judeo?) What NONSENSE! Jesus Christ from where we get ‘Christian’ was a Jew! The old testament where many of our laws began was all Jewish. And you are saying we are not a Christian/Judeo founded nation? God created man……Jews! King Soloman, Kind David, Jesus of Nazareth……….all of whom shape our very culture and structure of law were Jews!This nation is founded on the principles of Christian and Jewish culture, and that’s a fact. And no, I’m not a Jew! You got a problem with Jews?

  131. William “Well old William can trace his people to Culpepper County in Virginia and then one of his fathers Great Great Great Great Uncles that rode as an out rider for, then Colonel G. Sibley of the Seventh Calvary.” But they had to come from somewhere other than the ole US of A and that’s a fact. Maybe Brits, or Scotts, or Germans, but not from this country originaly! I can trace my family back to their arrival here in 1913 from Piscara, Italy, and from Napels, Italy. Two families who’s four sons on my Mother’s side and five sons on my Father’s side all served this country, three of each during WWII, and one in Korea. First generation Itlo-Americans……….but their families didn’t come from American, but they became Americans, proud Americans. Italian was not spoken in the house…..they were American and Americans spoke English! This nation is filled with such stories and such Americans. Even Custer’s family came from Europe! And it was the true American who did Custer in!

  132. @844 I read about that “Solutreane” (spelling?) controversy and although it’s an intriguing read, it’s still an hypothesis at this point and not even a theory.

  133. Some of you people are getting WAY off the subject. The question is still “why are you buying guns”. The insulting and name calling do not address the subject. If we are all buying guns for our “some” reason then wouldn’t you say we are all tired of the political retoric? Wouldn’t you also say we would all be united in a common cause IF it were to arise? Why are we fighting and not answering the question?
    I buy guns because I can, like to shoot, hunt, and want to leave them for my children. I also am lic. to carry so I have those types also. I buy ammo because the guns need it. The current adminestration and the UN don’t want me/us to have hand guns. There are countries, people and our own government that don’t want me to have guns and ammo so I will but more than I will need so my children will be sure to have guns and ammo also. God Bless America, I wish it were like it was in the 50’s still.

  134. I am stocking up on guns because the Taliban is going to double their White House bounties from 10 chickens to 20 chicken in the near future!

  135. Bill @ 834: I think you have me mixed up with someone else. I have not mentioned FOX News, right wing hate radio that spews 24/7 stuff you describe. I have not and never will say anything about race. I am a Christian and follow those standards. Everybody has their views, but you are rambling to me about things I have no idea where you got it from. I was talking about about pro-gun and anti-gun people on #832

  136. Well old William can trace his people to Culpepper County in Virginia and then one of his fathers Great Great Great Great Uncles that rode as an out rider for, then Colonel G. Sibley of the Seventh Calvary. You have any heritage in your line.

    I do my families blood flowed for this country and I’m fed up with everyone coming here trying to change it. We fought that war and it was extremely costly for my Great Grand Mothers peoples the Cherokee. So I have some history here do you or any of the simpletons that have shown up in the past 20 or 25 years and want us to look like some third world hell hole. I seriously doubt it.

  137. William “I’m sick of you people coming here and blaming us for your failures in life. Be American or go swim home with the damned sharks. You people are the reason we can’t come together.” Really? I mean really? Who the ‘F’ are you, Sitting Bulls great, great, great grandson? You are sick of people coming here? We ALL came here from somewhere, the only true American is a Native America! If what you mean is people coming to this country to change it to the country they left then I agree, but say that! English should be our official language, this is a Christian/Judeao nation, and it was built on those values, and if that sticks in your craw, go somewhere else!

  138. On several of comments, heading into the politics, I think ya’ll need to go back and look at that Rubio rascal. He has one agenda and only one.

    I always say America first and ethnicity take a back seat and be damned. That is part of the reason we are where we are today. Be American or go home and fix the problems in what ever rat hole you came from. I’m sick of you people coming here and blaming us for your failures in life.

    Be American or go swim home with the damned sharks. You people are the reason we can’t come together.

  139. Ken S, “Once again your straw man powers continue to amaze” If it quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck and looks like a duck, you can bet your ass it is a duck! When you make excuses for a failed president you are in his corner, when your cynicism puts anyone who wants to change the status-quo in the same boat as the present loser, you do everyone a dis-service. That is why we have elections every four year, to weed out the weak, ineffective, unqualified and campaign promise bullshitters. The system works when Americans involve themselves instead of giving in and and dropping out. Had it been up to you we might be bowing to the Queen, or speaking German right now!

  140. Ron,
    You have your right to express yourself as do all of us. Most of us don’t use degradation, or inflammatory terms in our comments. Freedom of speech allows us to say anything, like imbeciles or idiots. You have your way, it’s guaranteed to you by our forefathers and the rest of us via the Constitution and the amendments there of.

    Sorry Ron this should have gone Shane look Out

  141. Mr. Buckley,
    AMEN – I am also ex.Military and ex-Police Officer. Military 1965-1972, Police 1970-1990 and Mid-East 1990-1998.
    Captain, James Green,
    Correct, few people know what the 2nd amendment was placed for that exact reason.
    You have your right to express yourself as do all of us. Most of us don’t use degradation, or inflammatory terms in our comments. Freedom of speech allows us to say anything, like imbeciles or idiots. You have your way, it’s guaranteed to you by our forefathers and the rest of us via the Constitution and the amendments there of.

  142. @Bill Once again your straw man powers continue to amaze me. You took one snippet of what I said and somehow labeled me an Obama supporter (again) and created a Pro-Romney speech. Simply amazing… you have definitely earned the nickname I bestowed upon you, straw man.

  143. wish i had started getting stuff ready last year. cost of weapons and ammo has jump in cost. i had only a couple .22. british .303 and a sks. now, i added a dpms panther, ak-47, and working on a shotgun…. WHY???? all reasons you can think of, not just one reason….don’t know which one will happen. but i now belive somethng bad will happen, and happen soon. also stocking up with food/water, will not last a long long time. but at least i hope to be around to see the cause of the end. and take out some raiders to help the long term prepers make it.
    NOTES. Rome, Egypt, etc all thought they would last forever. do not forget
    the dark ages!!! (history repeats itself)

    If god/nature says thats it, and gives up on us, so be it. i
    plan go out fighting.

    good luck to you all! (just stay away form my house) LOL

  144. RON….”If you imbeciles want to believe this BS that FOX News and right-wing hate radio spews 24/7, knock yourselves out, but that does not give YOU the right to “turn the streets crimson” because you don’t like the black man in the White House, or because you are afraid of your own shadows.”
    There are none so blind as those who refuse to see! You think legions of military or cops are going to canvas the streets and homes and take your guns away? Of course not, guns will be slowly taken from us by laws enacted by liberal politicans in ways that will amaze you. Obama would be wrong for this contry if he were green or purple! His color has nothing to do with his failed polices, has nothing to do with his weakness and total inexperience. He is a do nothing president, his Obamacare is going away, it took him 91 days to act on the BP oil spill, he pulled missle defense out of Poland with no concessions from the Russians and now Putin is bullying Obama and the United States. Obama is weak, and ineffective, he is another Jimmy Carter, and we don’t need anymore Jimmy Carters! His race has nothing to do with his failed leadership. But fools like you can only pull the race card because you can’t see the end of your own nose much less what is happening around this country. Now we have what appears to be a cover up with Fast and Furious that will no doubt bring Obama down like it did Nixon…..I hope it does! The man is a fool, and those who got sucked into his lies are also fools for voting for a person who was not qualified to be president regardless of his color. We don’t have a Black president………we have a president who happens to be Black, a big difference to most common sense people of which you are excluded!

  145. To AJTEXAS & BILL

    AJ, I’m glad you can hit something and seem to be prepared, but most will not be. My point was if a person was serious, he/she would start taking the necessary steps required in order to be of help if that ever happened. Most need to mentally prepare themselves right now or they won’t be much good to anyone. You sound like you have already done this, which is great. I will repeat “when your alone, your a sitting duck”. I also live in TX and have been taking every step known to me to be ready if needed. People just need to fully understand what they would be getting into, I fully understand. this is useful info

    To Bill, I’m the last guy on the planet you need to worry about giving up the ship, I’m far from it. This would be a foo-bar of epic proportions in which most are not prepared to handle it. When untrained individuals hit max heart rate, they won’t hit the broadside of a barn in the beginning (short of a sawed off shotgun).
    Bill, I someone who bleeds Red, White, and Blue. My Grandfather was in a special operations group that routinely operated behind enemy lines in WWII. At times they couldn’t get back and had to survive by any means necessary (but they were mentally prepared for no food, water, stress for getting pissed on or smoke blown in their face). There was no one to bail them out. They either made it back or didn’t.

    Take Care,

    Rick J

  146. Dear Kool-Aid drinking morons: No one is going to take your guns! You just don’t like the fact that a black man is President of the United States. You fools watch Fox News night and day, then you parrot this nonsense as truth. This is America. If you imbeciles want to believe this BS that FOX News and right-wing hate radio spews 24/7, knock yourselves out, but that does not give YOU the right to “turn the streets crimson” because you don’t like the black man in the White House, or because you are afraid of your own shadows. What are you going to do if Obama gets re-elected? This is a BIG country. Looks to me that some of you weekend commandos are going to have huge logistical problems, but if you “Patriots” want to try and turn MY streets crimson, I’ll be waiting for you…

  147. Most everybody here is on the same page. If we all stick together as a nation that wants freedom and has fought for our freedom there will be no person or group that can take that away from us. I think we all want the same thing. “FREEDOM” Those that depend on others to protect them so they can have freedom will run to your front door wanting protection when it hits the fan because they know you have guns. Will you let them in? Our ansestors fought for this right while others did not, but reaped the benifits. Gun haters will always talk big but wait until they see people they know killed. Then for a short time they will want to protect themselves, but go back to their old ways when we have given our lives protecting them.

  148. Just so you know up front, I am ex-military, as well as ex-law enforcement. I hold our military men and women in the highest regard. I have nothing but respect and admiration for our law officers. I will not go out seeking to start trouble with anyone, period. But, if the powers that be think they can take away my guns, Caty bar the door. Since this admininstration has been in office I have bought more guns and ammo than ever before. I have many weapons, for distance as well as up close and personal. I sincerely hope that no one ever attempts to hurt me or my family, or to take away what I have worked my whole life to have. If and when that time does come though, I promise that the streets of this country will turn crimson. My hope is that we the people can get rid of that moron in the white house, so we can start enforcing the laws again, instead of issuing an executive order around them.

  149. One thing we all need to understand perfectly is that our Constitution does NOT grant us the right to keep and bear arms. That is a fundamental, unalienable, natural, God-given right that no government anywhere in the world can take away. The 2nd Amendment of our US Constitution merely protects us from infringement of that right by our own government. It is a restriction against our federal and state governments warning them not to mess with the citizens. And the importance of understanding this fact is… If such a right were granted by the law of the land, then the law could also take that right away. But it cannot do so! Not ever! I occasionally have to remind even NRA officials… never to call our right to keep and bear arms a “2nd Amendment right.” It is a right “protected by” the 2nd Amendment.

  150. I have owned hand guns and rifles all of my adult life. In this day and age I’m more interested now in my Families protection. I would hope that you would understand that point as not all people who have guns and/or rifles may use them for other legal purposes. We have the Second Amendment; let’s not loose it, because only bad guys will have guns.

  151. I have read most of the comments written here and agree with most of them. The reason I buy and own guns are because I can, for protection, for my freedom, for my childrens future freedom and because I don’t trust any soul selling lying double talking politician in the world. I believe in the second comming of Christ and am willing to send some hethens to the judgement if they desire to deny me my belief in life liberty and the persiut of happiness.

  152. Rick J. “The question that has to be ask is “is this what we want in America”?” Rick, most of what you wrote is right on the money. However; should there be a situation where an overthrow of this nation is at hand, you will find many, many men and women who will take up arms to defend the nation they love. Many will indeed be killed, on both sides. A ragtag group of patriots once took on the might of the British Army, a well organized fighting force and beat them back into
    the sea. Certainly things have changed, but one thing has not, the never ending quest for freedom, and there are those of us who would gladly give up our lives to fight for it. You can never forget how this nation was born, that spirit lives today in many. Don’t give up the ship Rick.

  153. s/ken “Call me crazy” Ok, your crazy! For the first time in a very long time men and women are coming into politics who want real change, not just lip service. The old guard is on it’s way out, most are too old and too set in their ‘Washington’ ways. People like Ryan, Rubio, Canter, Christie and King are spearheading drives to change the old ‘kick the can’ mentality. Romney is another one who can turn things around, and if you don’t think so, you have one vote to cast. But four more years of Obama is nothing but shere lunacy! I pray to God this Fast and Furious nonsense takes him and Holder down. Obama will not win re-election his economy is failoed, his programs are failed, his legacy is failed. He is a too little too late kind of guy who wishes to blame everyone else for his failings. So, if you truly believe Obama is our next best hope, your are indeed crazy!

  154. This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation will have full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future. Adolf Hitler 1935

  155. I am a gun enthusiast and a life member of the NRA. I own > 40 firearms and > 40,000 rounds of ammo.

    After reading several hundred of these posts I have concluded the following.

    What we have to fear most is not liberals nor conservatives, not December 21, 2012, not riots, not commies, not Obama, not Romney, not economic collapse, and not zombies. What we really have to fear is the illiterate morons we have in this country (mostly on the left). I have never seen such poor spelling, syntax, and sentence structure. These feeble attempts to express thoughts textually are pathetic. Most of you shit for brains should not be allowed to vote.

    The majority of you people could make better use of your time by educating yourselves.

  156. The republicans and gun shops have both been pushing the idea that Obama is going to restrict guns. That didn’t happen this term. But now there saying it will happen next term as he has nothing to lose. Truth?? or just just a way to increase the sale of guns now. It does seem good for business, guns are out of stock, prices keep going up. If Obama wanted to decrease gun ownership, he sure went about it the wrong way. I also happen to believe in gun ownership, I like to go shooting and am a little bit of a prepper. With the economy as bad as it is, Government gridlocked fighting itself etc. I can see the potential for riots etc.

  157. @Jerry Bradley, What you say is true. I believe as you do and apparently many others on this blog. However, I do not agree that, what I presume you are alluding to, we, the American patriots, will be easy to take dawn; whether it is LOEs, UN/Foreign soldiers or U.S. Forces (following an illegal/unconstitutional order) that are in the effort to disarm/control us. There are MANY ex-military and ex-LOEs on this blog that have testified that they will stand with the Patriots and not eh government. The oath they all took was to the CONSTITUTION and NOT the government. Additionally, the U.S. has the largest non-standing army in the world. The army is made up of American “sportsmen/hunters”. So, let’s break that term down “hunter”. A hunter is nothing less than a sniper that stalks and kills “wild life” for a multitude of reasons. A lot of these times these kills will be made at long distances. So, in essence, what you have is a sniper. As proven in the American Revolution, a small band of determined individuals can take down the greatest military force in the world. And while the “rules” have changed since the 1st revolution the end result will be the same, i.e. American Patriots will win, if it comes to that. You ask if I will die to protect and restore this great nation…give me a call and I will be there locked, loaded and ready to fight. I do not live in the America I grew up in but I will do everything in my power to help return Her to Her former glory and international status as the “Shining light on the hill”. As for the “Rules of Engagement”, the stupidest political crap I have ever heard of, if it comes to revolt I will have to ask “What Rules of Engagement?”

    Finally @Ronald, you hit the nail on the head. Even though I am not former military I do know how to handle a weapon and hit what I aim want, unlike @Rick Js condescension indicates. To all of those that have and continue to serve, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

    Oh yeah, I have guns, ammo, food, water, tradable items, generator and fuel. I have them because I do not trust ANY government currently in power, be it City, County, State, Federal of International. MOST politicians are in it for their own self-aggrandizement.

  158. Regarding the government against its well armed citizens in an armed conflict due to the government’s tyranny, there has never been a government in the history of the world that was able to overcome its well armed citizens with arms. One of the main reasons I do not believe it will happen in this country is because the members of the armed forces are the last ones in the world that will participate in an armed conflict with its own citizens en mass. An armed public will make everyone think before anyone thinks that will work. This country loves freedom too much for that to happen. Big government just isn’t big enough to do that because only the tyrannical ruling elite would have the hutzpah to think they could get away with it. Most of them don’t know one end of a gun from the other. There are millions of gun loving and owning military veterans how do know how to operate their guns very efficiently.

  159. @Bill. Wow. You completely missed the point and concocted one impressive straw man conclusion. Tell me, Mr. Straw man, at what point did I allude that I was settling for Obama? How did you conclude that I was anti-gun?
    Do you really think Romney will stick up for the common man? The only reason Romney is where he is today is because he simply out spent all of his opponents thanks to all his super PAC backers. Those same backers are the ones Romney will be catering to if he wins the election, because they will most certainly want a return in their investment. Call me crazy, but I kind of doubt that the rights of “commoners” is very high on their list.
    I personally don’t like Romney. I don’t trust him and even for a politician he is incredibly shallow and fake. All he’s yammering about is how he’s going to turn the country around in broad sub text with no substance.

    The only candidate with even a shred of dignity was Ron Paul and what happened to him?

    The bottom line, whoever ends up president, they will be a puppet. They might have slightly different masters, but the results are the same.

    I’d better stop before you somehow use your straw man powers to label me a gay, neo-nazi, satanic anarchist furry or something, but hey, it’s your right to do so, go nuts.

  160. I’ve heard many opinions in regards to the second amendment with most believe they have the right to own a gun. Some are even advocating defending that right if necessary.
    I personally think that’s ill advised due to the following reasons: your not properly trained (going to the gun range is a waste of time), most don’t have the tools to do this, your unorganized, when your alone (you’re a sitting duck), it would be difficult to re-supply yourself, you have to consider your family’s safety, there is zero air support, half of you won’t be able to pull the trigger when it counts (those who can probably won’t hit anything).

    “You can’t outrun a radio” and you better remember this. If you go up against trained personnel, you will probably die. You will be out-trained, they have much better tools (weapons or weapons access), and their trained to take care of business. Most of you are family oriented and you should just stick to defending them. The idea of a revolution is extremely dangerous. I’ve heard about our founding fathers and how they stood up to England, I get it. It won’t be the same this time.

    Day 1: Pockets of small arms fire breaks out in the South.
    Day 2: Nation goes into panic. Grocery stores raise prices to epic levels.
    Day 3: The pockets of resistance are eliminated.
    Day 4: The Gov. enforces harsher laws on its citizens due to the uprising.
    Day 5: The average citizen starts to feel anger.
    Day 6: Again, all efforts to keep everyone at bay is in full force.
    Day 7: People are now furious (This is bad).
    Day 8: All out bloodshed, most of the casualties will be on the civilian side, but their mass numbers far surpass trained individuals.
    Day 9 through Day 153: Extreme fighting, many will die.
    Day 154: The question that has to be ask is “is this what we want in America”?

  161. Bradley “,one reason I didn’t join the military,I didn’t want to fight under command of the UN”. There are most in this forum that know exactly why you didn’t join the military……..but if you are going to weave a tangled web of lies, might as well add a little bit of self serving justification! Not every person who served is noble or honorable, but each who did serve, served an honerable cause. What is freedom….it is our right to choose, and choosing not to join the military is a right every person has and no person is less for it………but making excuses is not a right, it is the choice of fools.

  162. .s.ken “There are people on here that believe that Romney will actually make a difference if he wins”? So what your sayng is, you been taking in the ass from Obama, a inexperienced, unqualified Community Organizer and you think that’s as good as it gets? You’ll willing to settle for a anti-gunner who would rather appease his left wing liberal buddies and take our rights away? What are you doing on a gun site anyway?

  163. The solution to being able to keep your guns is simple. “VOTE” Carry someone with you to vote also. There are gun owners everywhere in this Country that don’t bother to vote. Talk to them. You know some of these people. I know some also. Vote anyone in any office that is against the second amendment out of office. There are enough of us to turn every election to our favor.

  164. Wow. There are people on here that believe that Romney will actually make a difference if he wins? Isn’t that the same belief that got Obama elected? Like I said before, the only thing Romney is going to do is continue running with that baton and think of slightly different ways to screw people over.

  165. I see alot of people with the standard thoughts of what could(but will)happen soon.Most of the comments follow the standerd left or right wing,mostly right wing like I was before I woke up to the NWO,since the GOP seems like on the outside is the only choice to keep your guns.I was starting to wake up in 1994,one reason I didn’t join the military,I didn’t want to fight under command of the UN.But I was a Rush Limbugh listener and didn’t have internet access till 2010 and didn’t wake up till Jan 2012.So it wasn’t like I jumped on the bandwagon. The Democrips and Rebloodicans(title of Jesse Ventura’s new book)are truly like two rival gangs fighting over turf wanting to win offering what on the outside seems like a choice but both are the same.1st Bush coined the New World order.Which is one world government.People have ben warning about this for 30+ years and it is in the Bible.Let me ask most of you,since I can tell some are prepared.Are you willing to fight to the death without surrender against a force with no chance to live thru it.At first when the chaos starts most of us can fend off the crazed starving sheep.It is the police,USA military, and invited by our government troops from other counties that I worry about.I know we don’t have much more time to live.We will be hunted down to be killed for those like me who will fight the new world order to the death.If you go to a FEMA CAMP you will not be allowed to live without taking the mark of the beast by form of the RFID chip.You will be tourtured and beheaded if you refuse to take the chip.This message will now be tagged for typing FEMA CAMP by homeland security because any time it is spoken on phone,message,txt it is flagged.All forms of tech is monitiored by computer threat fusion centers and flags anything for tagged words to be listened/read by a human worker.For example this sentence,the capped words are tagged words by Homeland Security.I want to go to MEXICO in the mountains on a CLOUDY day and I hope see some wild PIGS.Learn about the New World Order on he internet before it is censored,which is coming soon.They are already scrambling radio waves from radio shows that talk about FEMA CAMPS and didn’t allow Jesse Ventura’s show conspiracy theory to reair for reruns a episode he did with Alex Jones about fema camps.The True TV show bosses(the cable network his show airs on) were threatened with repeal of their license.His new season for 2012 was to air in JAN 2012 and has been delayed still(episodes are already filmed).

  166. I’ve bought 3 auto hand guns and 4 AR15s plus I’ve purchased a complete reloading setup with 4 or 500 shells for each gun,I just love making ammo for wjat might be coming up if they don’t get rid of Obama,I’ve talked to hundreds of people here in phoenix”where by they way we can carry without having to hide your gun”back to the peoples choice the shitt will hit the fan guarenteed.This whole election thing is just going to be an excuse to start another civil war right here in the good old USA so you ask why we are buying guns weekly well I say JUST incase.I hope it all just blows over and the people use their heads and “VOTE”.That is the only way we’re going to get out of this one.This election is going to be the most important one yet,we have a president trying to take our second amendment rights away from us. I THINK NOT

  167. I’ve always owned guns and enjoyed shooting and hunting. No more hunting due to advancing age, but still enjoy shooting. Best personal acheivement in shooting. smaking a plate at 500 yds on first try with well set up rifle. Yes, I do buy guns on occaision, sell a few also, but mainly target and defense weapons. Target guns to keep my skills up, defense weapons for a shtf scenario, which I also practice with.

  168. I own guns as a hobby. Find a safe and responsible place to shoot. Accessorize my firearms just as anyone would their automobile, for looks or function. I buy the types of weapons because of looks not because it functions as an assault weapon.

  169. I have owned guns all my life and not as a collector. These are used for the purpose they were made and purchased. Until 2 years ago I wouldn’t think twice about walking into anywhere or anything happening where someone was in need of assistance. After complications from open heart surgery, my limitations require that I have a better advantage if around any type of criminal activity. This has caused me to update my weaponry for the purpose of home and self defense. Newer weaponry offer a greater level of security and efficiency. The economy and the acceptance of this by society will only get worse before it gets better causing a breakdown in social factors and infrastructure. When the Shit hit the rotating air foil, you will need a way to survive.

  170. I have purchased my guns for the joy and competition of shooting. I have been a deer hunter for 30+ years and have known that I was a good shot with a shotgun (first w/smoothbore rifled slugs and now w/rifled barrele and sabot slugs in 12 ga), so I finally wanted to see if that would translate to handguns and other long guns. It has! Acquired my CCP last year and shoot USPSA, CMP and NRA competitions. I would use any and all of my collection for self and/or home defense, should the need arise. In my considered opinion, our country will never disintegrate into chaos like others have. We’re better than that.

  171. thank you Ron I’m glad to see that the senior set has it on track. I fear it is the knuckle draggers that want to go out in the street that will be harmful to this country and its communities. I just want home defense for myself and my family as the country does not lend itself to a quick response to a 911 call.

  172. @800
    Your not alone, trust me. The issue I find is most people can’t accept or don’t want to know the scary truth.


  173. When I first noticed the anti-gun emphasis of the Democrats, I decided I had to get some guns and exercise my 2nd. Amendment rights. I just felt I had to get into guns simply because there are so many in government that don’t want me to have them. I am now 69 years old and very active. The last time I used a gun was during my 10 to 14th years as a Boy Scout. My family had inherited a Model 03 Winchester Automatic Rifle from my paternal grandmother (I still have it) and I used it for plinking on and off and at Boy Scout Camp.

    My first new gun was a .243 Remington 770 deer rifle. That was too expensive to shoot at the range so I sold it to my brother, an avid hunter. Then I bought a Hi Point .40 S&W that I am very happy with and enjoy shooting at the range. I also bought a S&W .40 Sigma pistol a few months later and I like it fine but, surprisingly like the Hi Point better. Then I bought a Ruger 10-22 and went tactical with it and built my own 2nd 10-22 from parts just for the fun of it, also tactical. Then I ran across a Ruger 96 lever action .22 WMR (Magnum) that I really love for its accuracy and the power of the magnum load. If I ever go hunting, that will be what I use. I just love handling them and shooting them at the range. I even love cleaning them.

  174. You’re coming in loud and clear #800 Marc! There are more than 127 us in my area [middle Tn.] who would back you up.

  175. I buy guns, in part, because there are a lot of crazy people out there, and they mostly seem to be well-armed. This comment thread is exhibit A.

    On a side note, if you look forward to the idea of SHTF, you are doing something evil. Please consider carefully. A lot of people seem to look forward to societal collapse with a kind of perverted anticipation. Do not delight in the prospect of tragedy.

    Also, obviously, if you’re a racist bastard you might want to work on that too.

  176. Marc C, you are absolutely correct. ALL of the information you post here is accurate. The biggest problem is that “normal” people don’t want to or will not accept this information. There are forces at work in the U.S. and around the globe that will set the average person’s hair on fire if they do eventually accept the truth.

    As I said, I purchase guns and ammunition to protect myself and family/friends/neighbors. What I have is no one’s business but mine and my vendor(s). And yes, I know the BATFE or any other government agency that wants the information can get it. So be it. And yes, I will fight for my way of life and I am more than willing to stand with other like minded, determined patriots.

  177. Shane Look Out
    Who is talking about bringing our government down with an AR15? I think most level headed people here are talking about self defense for their families, friends and themselves. I don’t care anything about walking the streets with an assault rifle. I do care if, as it seems, our Country is governed by a “Government” that is equal to the Third World Dictators who do as they wish and disregard laws and in our case the Constitution that we have had all through our history. This can lead to violence and rioting in the streets. I really don’t care too much for the riot to come through my front door. I am a senior citizen and am prepared to meet my maker. I am ready to die for what my ancestors died for, which is fighting instead of waiting for someone to answer the phone at the police station when my life is in immediate danger and they are swamped with everybody else calling at the same time. I think this is what the majority of the people here are trying to say. Our freedom is what our ancestors have died for and that is what we have had up until lately. Our Government is crooked but I don’t think our soldiers will kill us in our homes like other countries. Who knows?

  178. I just got a concealed carry permit in my home state and bought a Glock 27 as a carry gun and I have also been stocking up on some ammo in .40 cal and 9mm from CTD because the prices were really cheap. I think that firearms will hold their value under normal times, and with the economic uncertainties we currently face, firearms may be a better hedge than even precious metals. Besides, you can enjoy shooting firearms and, if necessary, use them for self defense.

  179. Our current Dictator Obongo has seen fit to make decrees and executive orders without legislation or following and respecting the constitution. If this continues and he is by chance reelected then you can wake up one day and find a new law decreed by this Kenyan Witch Doctor which limits your 2nd amendment rights. Seems impossible earlier in this countries life but with the country full of sheep it is very possible.

  180. I am buying guns because I don’t believe that this administration cares a hoot about the Constitiution and the rights which we to his point have taken for granted. I am seeing our government doing what they want with little regard to the rule of law. The Supreme Court is just 1 vote away for wiping our rights away and making us servants of the government as opposed to citizens. Big Brother is just around the corner.

  181. It is quite obvious there are some very strong opinions here as to why you purchase firearms and ammo. I was an Ostrich until I obtained my CHL. However, since then, I have been very aware and well informed regarding events both inside and outside our nation. Yes, I buy firearms. I buy ammunition for those firearms. I also buy “survival” products for just about any possible scenario. As with many of the comments posted here, I too, do not trust our current administration. Interestingly enough, I was not aware of the harm done to our liberties by Bush until I started paying attention to what is what and who did it. As one poster stated, the demise of America has been in the works for 40 years. Well, I would have to say it has been since Woodrow Wilson was elected and started pursuing the “Progressive” Utopia.

    I do not know what is coming and I don’t know when it is coming. But I do feel, at a gut level, that something evil comes this way. So, I am preparing for the worst and praying for the best.

    As a side note, I see lots of mentions of “going to the range” to “practice”. Does your range allow you to practice tactical/combat shooting? It is does not, you are wasting your ammunition. EVERY scenario posted thus far, that references defending you and yours (paraphrasing), has no base in reality if all you do is stand behind a line and shoot at a paper target. If you are not training “under stress” you are not training to survive a “real world” scenario. And for those of you that do practice tactical/combat training, remember, under real world confrontations, you are only 60% as effective/efficient as your BEST day on the training range.

    God bless you all and may He keep you all healthy, happy and prosperous.

  182. Some of you clowns are hilarious! Do you really think that you can bring down our government with your AR-15s? Go ahead and strike your blow for democracy! Go get them zombies and damn liberals. Get yourselves shoot to shit by someone who is REALLY trained. LMFAO I feel sorry for your neighbors because that’s the only thing that you fools are gonna kill… hopefully you’ll kill yourselves in the crossfire!

  183. Frank…..You need to have someone read you these comments to you. “you are obviously an anti gun, anti 2nd Amendment sock puppet attempting to justify the destruction of the United States of America.” I’m neither anti gun or anti-second amedment. I’m a Veteran and a patriot. I’m an avid gun collector and have a minimum of 1000 rounds for each of my different weapons. What I’m not is stupid to believe I will stand toe-to-toe with an organized law enforcement and shoot it out and place my family in peril. I will defend them against intruders,and use my vote and voice to change the political administration that is tearing down this ation. You can play Rocky/Rambo and rattle your sword and wave your guns in the air for all it’s worth, but when they come after you, you will piss your pants and drop to your knees. Obama is short lived, we have survived bad presidents and we will survive this one. Once Obama is gone, Romney will undo everything that fool did while he was in office and we will be done with him. We just have 8 years of pulling in our belts to get back to a balanced budget…….but we are a resilient people and will succeed! So find someone to read you these posts you obviously have a comprehenion problem.

  184. FYI, these aren’t my words, they come from a financial advisory group that I have used since 2006. In late 2006 they started screaming about the Housing bubble and the effects it would cause when it busted. Now they are screaming again, except this time, it will be much worse. The Gov. will never be able to repay the debts, even if we payed 100% of our income in taxes for years to come, it won’t mathematically work. It’s virtually impossible to pay off, unless they inflate our way out of it. Washington and China have cooked up a scheme to make the Yaun a Global reserve currency. This is already happening right now, you just won’t see this on FOX, CNN, OR MSNBC until it’s too late. The way it works, the Yaun goes up, the Dollar goes down (inflation). Products will become very expensive. I bet the majority of you are unaware of the following. When Bernanke says that are inflation is under control, he fails to mention that Food and Fuel are not included in his figures. Check it out for yourself, it’s on the Govs. website. Food expense will become your biggest issue in the future. Well, I’ve had all the fun I can stand right now.


    PS The name of the firm is Weiss Group, you can Google their website, they are very good. Their not doom and gloom, they just try to keep you from losing the shirt off you back and they tell you thing the media won’t or is not allowed to.

  185. @ Bill Felix Jr.

    You are obviously an anti gun, anti 2nd Amendment sock puppet attempting to justify the destruction of the United States of America. After you’re done spewing your propaganda, answer these questions.

    Why is Obama insisting that Congress ratify the United Nations Small Weapons Ban if he has no intentions of taking away Americans guns?

    Why does Obama and his administration continue to insist publicly, that they answer to the United Nations and are not answerable to the U.S. Constitution nor the Congress of the United States of America?

  186. Since the 9/11 attack I have been buying weapons and ammunition. I have 4 rifles, 1 shotgun, and 11 handguns.
    I try to go to the shooting range at least twice a month. I have my concealed carry permit and each time I go I fire my fire my carry weapon plus 2 or three of my accunulated handguns. I generally fire 50 rounds for my
    carry weapon and 50rounds for each of the other guns At home I dry fire while watching T.V.
    I need to know my weapons well. My weapons run from 380 cal,9mm, 40cal, 45cal/410.
    I simply will not let someone to come into my home and take what doesn’t belong to them.

  187. Are you kidding me? After reading all these comments, I’m glad I am prepping and I’m going to buy more guns and lots of ammo. Listen to yourselves. I believe in the second amendment and by God I’m going to be prepared to defend my possessions and my family. Don’t believe me? F@#k with me or mine and you’ll eat a bulletins!!

  188. Bob, “. I think we should let the people vote on how the Second Amendment should be interpreted and that result should be final.”

    The Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of the Constitutionality of the 2nd Amendment and has stated that every American has the right to bear arms. It is the liberal element that wihes to chip away at our rights by circumventing the Constitution and making ammunition harder to buy by raising the prices. By stupid assult weapons bans and the outright banning of handguns. Stop liberals at the voting booths and vote in conservative politicans who hold the rights of this nation dear to every American. I just bought 500 rounds of 45 acp today, I’m doing my part!!! And come November……I will strike another blow for democracy.

  189. Any and all comments regarding the current political situation are valid. The now seated regime warrants self protection. The government is out of control and less trustworthy now than ever in history. I fear the onset of civil unrest if not civil uprising at which time it will be every man (family) for themselves. Be ready.

  190. OBAMA and the Government is the reason. I think we should let the people vote on how the Second Amendment should be interpreted and that result should be final. Do not let the politicians scrap our Constitution. They should be on the same page as the people of this country regarding health insurance, buying stock, social security and every thing else, especially protecting and abiding by our Constitution. No body in the government should be able to vote themselves raises in pay. They should be held to the same laws as the US Citizens. How can a small group (President and Politicians) literally overpower the wishes of the majority of the people of this country. Yes I am buying ammo. It could be very soon that when you dial 911 for help, nobody will answer because our financial system and Government are broken.


  192. I buy guns becuz I enjoy shooting them & also for home defense &Conceal carry. Also becuz of the fact that there have been so many stories ab having them taken away that I want to have as many as possible. Law abiding citizens have every right to have & bear arms.

  193. Steve S……” My dad is a Marine and was infantry in Vietnam! If you had grown up watching your dad go back and forth to the V.A. Your whole life for a war they were not allowed to win you’d feel a little different about that”! I agree with you, I’m a 100% service connected Vietnam Vet and I’m at the VA hospital 7 or 8 times a month because of my exposure to agent orange. Some people who don’t have a clue need keep their mouth shut! And I agree with the part of your post I didn’t
    print!!! Tell your Dad welcome home from a brother.

  194. I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy. When seconds count, the doughnut squad is just minutes away,.. and my favorite. “The 2nd amendment is there in-case the government forgets the rest of the bill of rights” It has absolutely nothing to do with hunting.

    I would like to see all Federal Gun Laws repealed. Fire Arms should be a States Rights Issue. Washing has proven that it can’t be trusted in this area. All CHL licenses should be portable like a drivers license.

    I think we all know why we’re back in the panic mode….at least in Texas and a with few of our neighbors, we know what’s in our future.

  195. @ hide behind: I know how you feel as far as cops sitting their asses on the side of the road waiting on the working man to do 10 m.p.h. over the limit while meth and blacks are killing people daily! But as for the military ……F@#K YOU! YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH! My dad is a Marine and was infantry in Vietnam! If you had grown up watching your dad go back and forth to the V.A. Your whole life for a war they were not allowed to win you’d feel a little different about that!

  196. Hide Behind (#771),

    You stated in your comment something about “Pass the Beer”…Well, you might want to pass on cracking that beer open. Plus, how do you know that none of the women who has answered the question are former or current military or law enforcement? What does the fact that someone is or is not military or law enforcement have to do with someone’s choice to exercise their rights under the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms? Have you ever been to the range or a competition and experienced the easy comraderie between fellow shooters as we practice or compete and discuss our hobbies between rounds? If not, I would invite you to do so so you might learn that most of us who partake of our Second Amendment’s rights are quite level headed, respectful, and easy-going.

  197. Reference to comment 711 by Hide Behind — It’s nuts like this one that has me worried about the safety of my family and the future of our country. I’m with Roger, William, Bill, Randy, Rick and Ted — My country, my right to bear arms, my right to defend family and home. Our current president, and those who he has selected to surround him and run our country, do not promote any confidence that they know what they are doing. The Occupy Wall Street folks, the rise in street gangs and crime, and the hords of illegal aliens flooding into our country does not instill a sense of safety and stability. Better to be an armed citizen than a dead victim.

  198. @ Hide Behind…your comment didn’t make any sense at all. I didn’t get or understand what you are trying to say aside from bad mouthing our military and vets. I am a retired military and served 2 combat tours. My comrade in arms and I have fought to protect the freedom you are enjoying…even the right for you to say all those garbage. Your comment does not even answer the question being asked in this forum. Now I know why you called yourself” hide behind”. I’ll hide behind too if my spelling and grammar is that pathetic.Your comment just rabbled on with no sense at all. Go bury your head in the sand and stay there. Semper Fi.

  199. I have always owned a pump shot gun and a Dan Wesson 357 Mag Revolver. I recently purchased all the parts to build my own AR. Counting backwards here. 3. Its fun! Both to build and to shoot. 2. My son and I each built one together, So it was an opportunity to bond. 3.I consider myself a “Citizen Soldier” and will protect my 2nd amendment right and the constitution that ‘WE’ as Americans signed up for over two hundred years ago. I’m not a radical…just a citizen soldier.

  200. I have the right to and have a small stockpile in the event i need to carry out my pledge to defend against all threats foreign and domestic! And its handy for hunting…lol

  201. Hide Behind…….how appropriate! “lot of exmilitary and police who have done not one constructive thing towardd protecting the Constitution or bill of rights” Got news for you loser………those ex military and police insure our Constitutiion. “Not done one thing”, you are talking out of your butt because your mouth knows better! We have our freedom today because of the sacrifice of our present and ex military. Tell me, WHAT have you done to ensure our rights?

  202. Post # 748 by “Big Perm” composed their comment in a way that would indicate they did not believe the government could effectively confiscate our guns. The poster concluded by asking, “I am serious, someone who believes that the government will ban and then confiscate guns please explain to me how this would work.”

    The answer is that it has already occurred. A test-run was done after Hurricane Katrina. Law enforcement officers took it upon themselves to completely ban ALL guns and were seizing them on sight. It was done under the color of law during a crisis. The result was that law abiding citizens were completely unprepared to handle such situations and simply handed their guns over out of their respect for the law. If they argued (and some did), they were thrown to the ground and immediately arrested. These citizens were not brandishing their weapons in public either. Instead, as people were passing through check-points and aid-stations, police were ordering people to reveal any weapons amongst their possessions and if they had them, they were confiscated on the spot.

    So yes, as you state, one can — “buy a waterproof storage canister and bury them”. But how do you protect your family with a buried gun? You can’t. But if you carry it, you risk being searched and ordered to give it up. Were you to refuse, would you be willing to get arrested and forced to leave your family during a time where they need you most? I think not.
    So in the end, a crisis becomes a very effective time to disarm America. It won’t be a National gun ban where groups will be allowed to protest, it will be one person or family at a time under the color of law during a crisis. Don’t believe me? Watch this documentation after Katrina:

  203. I’m worried about a number of things regarding safety. There aren’t enough police in the country to protect all Americans.

    With the upcoming election, possible the Bam won’t be on all state ballots, illegals, and they ain’t immagrunts by any stretch, and the ruling on health care and you have a very potent mix that could cause some combustion.

    I would rather be in a position to defend my own family than to wait 2 hours on a 911 response. Sorry I’m just saying they are wonderful people in the police departmenst but there just aren’t enough of them to go around.

  204. Lots of repitition in the above comments. Lots of good logic and a surplus of fond dreams and hope.

    I’m buying because I DO FEAR another term with that illegal alien, socialist, lying, cheating, fraud in the White House. If that occurs I truly expect to see American blood spilled in our streets.

    I don’t doubt there will be a lot of WRONG reasonse for people being injured or killed, but this Nation was founded upon the notion that we the people have the right to defend ourselves from a government gone wrong.

    American Revolution! Ever heard that term before? Listen closely, I believe you will be hearing it again in the next few months.

    I live in north rural Texas and I am proud the founding fathers had the good sense to grant us the right to Cecede from the United States if necessary. They also granted that right to every state whose borders touch ours.

    I would rather Cecede than have to participate in the upheaval coming our way.

    Oh! Yeah! I almost forgot, I dearly love shooting my rifles, shotguns, and handguns. I am finding that the amall stores in my area cannot get standard ammunition calibers from their warehouses—already!! Reloading components seem to still be available (for now)…

    God Bless each of you and the United States of America…

    Roger Patterson

  205. Not one woman responder?
    lot of exmilitary and police who have done not one constructive thing towardd protecting the Constitution or bill of rights, and in fact only aided the demisr of our old form of government.All govorrnment enforcement officers since nation began hide behind just following orders and the flag protects them fr cradel to grave.
    US military is worlds largest Socialist Institutiin one that americans pay over 400 billion a year to just the retired or injured vets
    . let alone theactive(our state recognized militia and security forces are but extensions of federal power and yes are cram full of ex military that are more military today than when active.
    The acceptance of a peacetime draft led to corporate take over of not just US bur world.
    Today with no viable alternative left but government by fiat our military is no more than a cirporate extension of international and domestic financial interest.
    In other words the much bugabood One world government. is here and our military and now domestic security intelligencoe services are combined as the hammee to put it in place.
    Forget resistance. for youwould only be fighting yoyrself.
    Enjoy your “HOBBY” PASS THE BEERS and watch the show, it’s all you can do.
    When tge shows iver kiss the ground you are an ametican and give em your guns.
    Affluence is all that matters, as each looks out for self and all the rest is a myth

  206. My passion is threatened everyday (which is against the constitution) and I will do anything to make it survive. If my passion was building hobby model trains, I would stock up and prepare just the same

  207. I love to shoot. I can’t believe how expensive it has become. My last purchase, DPMS LR 308 has been on the list for years. Hard to save that kind of money in this economy. Speaking of the economy, when it collapses, and it will. Everything will be soooooo much more expensive. We might even have to barter for the things we want or need. Ammo, Guns, Alcohol, and Tobacco is at the top of my wish list. Not to mention that weapons are a good investment. Quality guns, never go down in value (relative to the value of the dollar). So they are the poor mans gold, and easily traded. Also, we have a right to firearms, not to gold. They can take your gold, but not your guns.

  208. I have always been fascinated by weaponry and the history of armed conflict. History minor in college. I shot at an early age with .22 cal pellet pistol, graduated to a Browning T-bolt .22 and took off from there to where I now own over 22 firearms of various sorts. All practical for hunting and sport shooting. I used to compete in tactical matches in the late 70’s- early 80’s and did quite well. My area does not support a lot of this now though. I am into prepping and survivalism so guns are a natural adjunct to that. Of course family protection is paramount to me, as would any right minded person want for their family. We look like we are headed for somethinng major in terms of TSHTF. What that may be is anyone’s guess. But having weapons, ammo, and the means and will to use them will be key to surviving, and flourishing, in the new uncertain world that this country may become. God Bless us all, no matter our differences, and preserve our freedoms. But He always helps those who help themselves.

  209. I buy guns for multiple reasons. I’m an avid collector of historical military firearms, and I’m always looking for ways/reasons to expand my collection. I’m a professional firearms competitor in USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, and CMP. I’m also an avid outdoorsman and hunter. Chalk it up to the classic man vs man (competition) or man vs nature conflicts. Bottom line is I enjoy it, and will continue to enjoy/compete however I can within whatever laws/rules are laid down. When firearms technology improves, I increase my collection to suit the changes, and become more competitive. So to answer the initial question, I am buying guns, and that is why.

  210. I buy guns, and especially ammo (lots of it), because I am extremely nervous about what may happen in the coming months…civil unrest, some contrived emergency to call out the troops under martial law, and maybe even a potential revolt. Gun control and stopping the purchase of ammunition by private citizens also seems to be a distinct possibility under the criminal regime of the Pretender we currrently playing Occupy the White House.

    It’s best to be prepared, and also for more Americans to once again become patriots and Sons/Daughters of Liberty. Our freedoms are disappearing, and our sovereignty is being abbrogated to the UN by the new Emperor of D.C.

  211. Did it ever occur to anyone that the Soviet Union crumbled from within? How about East/West Germany? Now take a deep look at our govs. policy’s, do they look like positive policies or like we’re being attacked from within? Do research instead of just watching the news (FOX, CNN, MSNBC) and you won’t like the answers you find.


  212. My dad gave me an old Winchester 62A (.22LR) when I was a kid. Still have it, and it is one of the best examples I have seen to date. I had not shot it much until a few years ago when my son showed some interest. I had not bought any guns until last year. I began thinking about being prepared after watching world events, not the least of which was the Katrina aftermath. You never know what is going to happen. I started thinking about how my 22LR wasn’t the best for protection. I’ve since bought a shotgun and pistol for home defense, but rediscovered how much fun it was to shoot. My wife is now interested and has shot everything we have. We will be getting our concealed carry permits soon. So, for me it is mostly about fun, but with the thought of SHTF also.

  213. One of the reasons I moved from NYC to Pennsylvania a few years ago is the PA is a commonwealth that doesn’t deny people their second amendment rights. I own a few guns and plan to buy more but the idea of buying large amounts of ammo in a short time makes me uncomfortable. Just in case you people don’t realize, the government monitors ALL traffic on the internet and they can break any encrytion your web browser uses so they can see who’s buying what on the internet. I’d rather not draw that kind of attention to myself.

    Another thing the people who are focusing on potential revolution should consider is that our government possesses the largest stockpile of WMDs, including chemical and ‘Biological’ weapons, in the world. Just the threat of using an exceptionally virulent biological agent would make a perfect tool for suppressing a revolution, wouldn’t it? No amount of guns and ammo can defend against a biological attack.

    Just something to think about.

  214. To Kenny from CA: You have it all wrong. The reason companies are sending jobs overseas is BECAUSE of the our government and it’s outrageously punishing policies. And things just keep getting worse. I am armed because I fear our corrupt government leaders very much. And I am not a moron. I’m a pragmatic University Professor and also a military veteran. Living in California you should be especially worried because your State is almost insolvent already… with a debt situation similar to Greece’s. And if you think they are going to let you keep your guns on the “Left Coast” indefinitely so you can hunt… you’re dreaming. It will likely be one of the first places to go for complete bans and confiscation. My best friend just moved from CA because of the rotten politics there. He couldn’t stand it any more! And I would never even consider living there, although I have lots of family from San Diego to San Francisco!

  215. Alot of my reasons stem from my family. Grew up hunting, target shooting, skeet, etc… To list what I have or have bought, I perfer not to.. All my life I have been taught an trained to be prepared. For whatever comes our ways. I enjoy the sport of shooting, the challenge, and what all can be learned from it. Yes the shape of the world these days is something to factor in.. Watch the news.. Home invasions, car jackings, shooting spree’s by ramdom evil. I will defend myself, my family, and the innocent. Im trained as a marksman, blessed as a perfectioness.. The combination works good for me. Im a NRA Member, and a Man of strong faith in God.. Good will always prevail over evil.. We as Americans are Blessed to have the Bill of Rights. The second ammendment is one of them, and it like other of our rights are being infringed upon. Stand strong always.

  216. #737 Rbryan, Well said.

    If liberals and conservatives can put their differences aside to see the big picture, will still may face dark times ahead. If, they can’t put their differences aside, then God help us all. WAKE UP PEOPLE, see what’s truly happening right before your eyes. Your rights are systematically being taken from you, one by one. My Father and I fight like cats and dogs on issues, but we both are in 100% agreement that are rights are in serious jeopardy. On a final note, try to prepare as best as you can: food, water, BOB, ammo (get a solid long gun M4, AR 15, a side arm no less than .40 caliber, 9mm’s are proven ineffective in combat and stock up on ammo for your two main guns, order replacement kits for each, keep them clean).


  217. All the reasons Maxx stated above but, mostly because I can, I can afford it and now seems like a damn good time to do it if there ever was one

  218. really enjoyed shooting as a teenager,but unfortunately sold my guns when things were tight–in aug 2011 decided to acquire firearms for both fun & personal protection–too many home invasions,fear of riots & firearms bans resulting from the most corupt so-called president this country has ever had, the need for survival weapons to acquire food from the wild & the need to be prepared for the worst–I was always a very good shot & found out that I had not lost that ability despite 40+ years of not shooting (cover 15 shots from 30 yds with a nickel & open sights/sub 1″ @ 100 yards with scoped rifles–place kill shots with handguns @ 25 & 50 yds)–decided to keep it simple with 22 LR (3 handguns/2 rifles),38/357 (3 handguns/1 rifle), & 12 guage shotgun with 18.5″ & 30″ barrels–with these calibers you can do just anything with the huge variety of loads available, ammo is resonable & avalable, & they do not look like assault rifles that draw unwanted attention–I keep approx 10K rounds on hand so I do not have to go looking any futher than the safe

  219. Why do I buy guns? Why not. Second Amendment says I can, so I shall. Just so happens that I finally have some coin. I’ve always had the sickness, just have trouble funding it.

  220. I’m buying guns because;

    1. Of the home invasion story some months ago about a Dr. Petit in CT whose home was invaded, his wife strangled and raped, and his two daughters, the 11 year old was raped, and both were tied to their beds, doused in gasoline and lit on fire.
    2. Everybody else is and it kind of freaks me out.
    3. I watched the movie, “The Road.” A lose-lose situation.
    4. The DHS just placed an order for 450 million JHP handgun rounds. Why? That is not target training ammunition…
    5. The Virginia Tech Massacre (Turkey shoot does not even begin to get it…)
    6. I enjoy contributing to Ruger’s 400 percent stock increases.
    7. The thought of being without them is – truly frightening.
    8. It is my 2nd Amendment Right, and politically speaking, right now seems the right time to exercise it.
    9. I’m getting older and require some factor of equalization.
    10. There is a recent estimation that there are approximately 1.4 million gang members.
    11. Because, I can.
    and the list goes on…

  221. Because of judasbama, the demorat sellout party, and the satan den u.n. I see a time when our electric grids are going to fail and the distribution of products is going to be interrupted and controlled.

  222. Tyranny is much greater than race. Tyranny knows no color. Ask any African from 600 years ago…….who sold them? Answer: Their own [black]tribal leaders.

    Get over the pre-programmed race nonsense and get over it. The rest that are posting racial nonsense are probably working for the Justice Dept. Good luck to you, dorks, go post on some environMENTAL forum.

    “WE THE PEOPLE” should not be divided. Government should. The social programmers have, and I’d argue that they have been successful, turned our world upside-down.

    Drop it.

  223. To Stang289 – you are correct, the black ghettos are a full of violence. but one could argue that there’s a sociological cause for that type of violence. But There’s also violence and so many mass shootings in the suburbs. School massacres, Shootings in Offices, “going postal” didn’t come from the ghetto, the FBI building, people killing their entire families, etc. This takes place outside the inner city ghetto. What do you call the wars and conflicts in Europe? There are plenty of white people that so-called white groups like Neo-Nazis and KKK want to kill too. the point that I was trying to make was that it is not only Black, Brown, Yellow or Red people that are the cause of the problems and violence. And, that the solution does not lie in making them your enemies.

    “The brotherhood of man is more essential than the fellowship of race”.

  224. I buy firearms as I have always been an avid shooter, to include competition matches in ROTC, the military and law enforcement. I collect and store up spare ammo ever since I saw how the prices and supply were affected nearly overnight by our dear President. I did not enjoy prices tripling and beyond. I also am a firm believer in self defense and self reliance. I stopped an attempted home invasion on my home by myself, and I feel I am the first one responsible for my own protection. As we have seen, it only takes an unpopular court decision or a severe weather event for the threads of civility to unravel. As well, after seeing even the LA police looting, I especially confirmed that I am responsible ultimately to defend myself, family and neighbors. I served in three branches of the military and three law enforcement agencies to put the razor’s edge on my abilities, and will always be capable of my own defense in any situation because of this. I also happily teach others to be highly capable, and even some to be a part of my worst case scenario team to apply all means for our own security and survival.

  225. Gary T ; Its not the color its the Marxist tendencies we hate . “It’s your own white brothers who will most likely turn on each other as history has shown repeatedly” ??? Guess you dont understand who is killing and turning on their own in the Hood ? Hillary Obama the United Nations want to disarm America maybe Bush did too but he no longer President even though everything you say is his fault .

  226. Man, Some of the Racist stuff is pathetic and reflects true ignorance. The Black man has been here as long and longer than any of you or your ancesters. He’s faught to be a part of this Nation for over 400 years. It’s your own white brothers who will most likely turn on each other as history has shown repeatedly. I bet if your life depended on it you would not denigh a person of color’s help because of his color. So what is your real issue? Needing someone other than yourself to blame for this country’s problems? Blame your historically white leaders for being greedy assholes. For allowing immigration to run rampant for decades. It’s not Obama’s fault. Do you think he really calls all the shots? I watched George Bush, Chaney and Ben Vernacki (spelling) stand before the American people two months before the election as he was leaving and say (I paraphrase), “We screwed up, the country and housing industry is bankrupt.But we have a “bailout plan” (remeber the bailouit plan for Wall street?)In order to save the country we, the federal government, must take over the banking and financial institutions and regulate”. THIS IS SOCIALISM. When the federal government controls these institutions. It was voted into law. But you blame Obama for what he was handed. It’s because of people’s denial of truth and history that I would arm myself. It only takes 4 days without electricity for true anarchy to happen. I will protect me and mine, and I don’t care what color your skin is. Educate yourself first so you are not part of the problems to come and so you don’t make yourself the target of those around you. There’s safety in numbers and it dosen’t have to be all one color. Jerks.

  227. I read an article that said there were 300 million guns in the U.S. These guns are not registered to a person on the federal level and can be easily transferred between private citizens. So I guess the question is how would a government identify and confiscate hundreds of millions of guns. People would just buy a waterproof storage canister and bury them. I mean do you think they could effectively go door to door and say hand me your guns? I am serious, someone who believes that the government will ban and then confiscate guns please explain to me how this would work.

  228. I buys guns because they are fun to shoot, collectable, and necessary for hunting game. I live in CA and have not had any problems with purchasing either guns or ammo. If you are buying guns because you think you are going to war with the government or zombies, you are a moron. Instead focus on companies that are shipping your jobs overseas along with their profits, those are the real hoarders.

  229. 1. A sense of well being resulting from the confidence a gun owner has in maintaining the ability to level the field in the event of violent confrontation.
    2. Guns are fun to shoot and make a cool noise when chambering a round or pressing the trigger.
    3. Developing and improving physical skills such as shooting accurately, operating firearms efficiently and achieving calm control under a variety of conditions is gratifying. Buying different guns contributes to diverse skill sets such as mastery of various firearms and their use, care, & maintenance.
    4. Different family mambers have different physical abilities and preferences, so acquiring (different) guns provides an opportunity for all that want to participate in gun ownership.
    5. Personal and home defense are obligations we each have to ourselves, our families, friends and communities. Different tasks require different tools. One gun does not fit all people or circumstances.
    6. Once I had confidence in our leaders to look out for our civilian interests. Once I believed civilians had the will and the authority to ensure our leaders remained in office only as long as they performed in our interests. Now, I believe civilians are being forgotten, ignored and abandoned by leaders that appear to be interested only in their personal agendas. The ideals, moral obligations and political mandates that are representative of the civilians are no longer actively respected nor represented by elected leaders. Without confidence and trust in our leaders and our government that they are intrusted to run, I feel obligated to address issues of personal and home security proactively. I am more vulnerable now than I have ever been. Buying and owning more firearms simply improves my odds in balance with the decreasing chances that our government will step up on behalf of me, my family, my friends and my community.
    7. I have the right to buy, own and possess firearms. I do not need to provide a reason for what I have or what I may acquire. Its constitutional, its historically appropriate, and its may be necessary in the face of threats, either foreign or domestic. I answer this question because I wish to share my thoughts, knowing there are many others with similar interests.

  230. This comment may be a little long winded but I support the Constitution of the United States…I purchase, sell and trade firearms as a hobby. I’m also a Military Veteran, advocate for the 2nd Amendment, NRA Life Member and I love to hunt and enjoy the the natural world that God has blessed each and every one of us with. My family raised me to appreciate the outdoors and have a strong respect for conservation and educated me on the safe handling of firearms so we could enjoy the shooting sports responsibly. Now that I’m in my middle age years I have been fortunate to be able to pass this family tradition down to my sons and when they have families of there own they will continue to educate there children as well. With the current elected political figures that we have in our government its obvious that the 2nd ammendment is going to come under alot of scrutiny if the current presidential administration stays if office. We The People (Gun Owners) experienced alot of assault’s and setbacks for law abiding citizens during the 1990’s Clinton era and would you look who our current commander in chief has working with him right now 20 years later to help him with his re-election campaign. You guessed it both Clinton’s are pushing for the so called assault weapons ban if our current president remains in office for four more years and lets not forget about all of the planned military cutbacks as well such as Missile defense, Naval ship reductions, Troop downsizing and the wonderful START Treaty which gurantees that we place the majority of our deployed nuclear assests into inactive storage to be dismantaled. I believe that WE THE PEOPLE owe it to our country and ourselves to understand what history has taught the world about stripping citizens of ther right to bear arms. The law abiding gun owners of this country compromise the worlds largest armed deterent to a full scale foreign military assault on the U.S. soil. It’s better to be prepared for the unexpected event such as 09-11-01. I guess you could call me a modern day patriot but I am prepared to defend my counrty if I’m called to do so by events that threaten our nations freedoms. This is why I continue to buy guns.

  231. After 25 years in the criminal justice field…I firmly believe that our major cities are 9 meals and 24 hours without electricity from a state of total anarchy. Be prepared!

  232. JAZ…..”Seccond, An awful lot of you need to find the spell check feature on your computer and USE IT”. You need to practice what you preach! “Seccond”? Not everyone is a poet Jaz, and I always heard, a wise man is one who makes himself understood. And fools are the first to correct others.

  233. First, I would like to say to fellow Viet Nam Vets. Lee, both Freds, Doug, James and Steven: Welcome Home and thank you for serving our Country.
    Seccond, An awful lot of you need to find the spell check feature on your computer and USE IT.
    Third, I’m some what surprised how many others out there have had the good sense to collect such historic arms as the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine and 1911. We all have good taste, don’t we?
    Forth, The posts by Casey, Eric G., Ro and Fud were thought out quite well and represent the sensible thoughts of many responsible gun owners.
    Fifth, We can govern our selves better than a bunch of out of touch lawyers in Washington, DC.
    Sixth, Gun ownership is a serious hobby for serious responsible people.


  234. I have always had the basics (22, shotgun, and centerfire rifle) along with a handgun or two. I can now afford to purchase nicer guns and I have exercised that option along with enough ammo and reloading components to be able to shoot for a while without running out.

  235. Someday I may need to defend what is right. This is a different world than what I grew up in. I want mt family to be safe and feel safe. 4 more years of these policies… who knows. Hillary and the UN and arms treaties… Where does that leave the Second ammendment. I did not physically sign any papers, granting me rights,(I was born in the USA, and proud of that, therefore I have those undeniable human rights) Many people have given all to defend it, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a time that I was not subject to having to defend. I will however defend, without even a thought.

  236. I have owned numerous guns ever since I can remember, but I must admit that the current political climate has spurred me to add to my collection. Despite numerous attacks, the 2nd Amendment still endures, but I don’t believe that is a permanent situation. Just look at every western style industrialized ‘democracy’ besides the US and you will find draconian gun control laws, gun bans and a complete lack of respect for the history and heritage of private gun ownership — in countries that uses to support gun ownership. It isn’t just gun ownership that is under attack, but anything that expresses the individual over the collective. This socialist mentality, or whatever you choose to call it, is a direct threat to the kind of country our founders intended. If you think it can be easily reversed, then ask yourself how a junior Senator from Illinois, considered the most socialist and leftist member of the Senate, with only a year and a half of experience, can get himself elected President of the United States. We, like most other countries are losing our soul, and losing our understanding of what it means to be an American. Our nation has faced direct and dire threats — easily spotted threats, from foreign dictators and terrorists. Those are easy to spot. Nut, the threat we face from within is far more insidious and dangerous, and most people are oblivious to such a threat, until their rights are long gone.

  237. I used to shoot as a kid but never owned my own arms and was not handed down any. Now that my own children are of the age to learn I am picking it up again. I want my children to grow up around guns, to learn to properly use and enjoy guns, and to fully understand our 2nd amendment rights.

    As a side benefit of that I learned how to shoot trap and have fallen in love with shotgun sports (trap, skeet, 5 stand, sporting clays, etc). I’m now shooting 4-6 rounds of trap per week and taking the kids with me to pull for me, pick up shells, and become comfortable in that environment.

    I also believe that an armed population is a necessary thing in the protection and preservation of our nation… but I do NOT believe Obama is a real threat. I do NOT believe the NRA’s bullshit. The NRA and the GOP have enough muscle to shut him down or at least gridlock him into lame duck status. All the Obama scare is doing is driving up the cost of guns. The Obama scare is putting guns into home of people who I don’t think should be buying guns. Great for the industry but it will backfire as more accidents happen in homes. I am a Republican and NRA member, and have no love for the liberals, but the NRA is a shill for the industry and I support manufactures like Glock who give the middle finger to the NRA.

  238. I buy guns because I enjoy shooting them, and not because I am afraid of the government. In fact my recent purchases have been fueled by the increased availability of money. As far as the rising cost of guns and ammo, that is capitalism. The companies in conjunction with the buyers control the price, there are enough fools willing to spend more they will continue to charge more, their responsibility is to their shareholders profits, not the shooter. They are designed to make a profit, as an American I understand that is what this country is founded on. So when you point your finger at big government remember you have three fingers pointing back at you. In our country it is the consumer that controls prices with demand. Don’t give me a lot of crap about scarcity, I wonder if there is not a manufactured scarcity to motivate the shooter to vote in a particular direction, funny there was no scarcity issue in the non election years, could buy all I wanted last year.

  239. With the political scene in such disarray, the possibility of Obama getting re-elected and fulfilling his promise to establish more gun control in this country, the chance that the UN could become the decision makers concerning our gun ownership, and the chance that this country’s economy could collapse, I have started collecting more guns and stocking up on ammo. The value of them will only go up, and they can make good bartering material if our currency system goes under. I love to compete in IDPA, USPSA, Cowboy Action, and just plain plinking, so I’ve always had guns around the house. I own a substantial amount of land back in the hills of TN. I’m a country boy and I can survive without modern conveniences.

  240. I have owned guns since I was a small boy(we got a 22 single shot right after a bike), and over the last 40+ years I have accumilated dozens more. Some of these for protective type reasons, but the majority were for hunting, and plinking. About 10 years ago, An old Marine buddy of mine(75-79)started to bend my ear with what I at first thought was crazy conspiracy, but after a while started to match the realities I was seeing each and everyday. My friend has called it about 90% so far, and much of what he said could still happen anyday, so I decided to stock pile a very pacific arsenal of Rifles,Shotguns, and Hand guns. This small arsenal had to be able to shoot the same ammo, and except the same magazines, and the most available calibers won the day in this regard. Acuracy,Durability, and Reliability, were the other points of interest. These have been stratigically hidden along with several tons of ammo, and Hundreds of magazines. We have done the same with many other Items that will be critical to a moderate size group of like minded people(Family, and Friends) to survive, Remember when the SHTF, nobody is going to make it on their own!

  241. It is the responsibility of every man to be prepared to protect his family when the time comes to fend off the have-nots because they will come for your stuff whether you have it or not. You can sit around and pray for help or you can help yourself. It’s my right as an American to buy what I want, as many as I want and for what ever reason I want. No one will ever have enough ammo IF that time we’ve all heard about comes but you’ve got to do what you can. So…Mosin, AK, SKS, 870, Remington 700 in .308, Remington .22 rifle (EVERYBODY should have a .22 rifle/pistol combo), several Ruger pistols in .22 and 9mm and no collection would be complete without the all mighty Glock. And a reasonable stock pile for each.

    The current political/economic environment worries me very much. And it should worry you too.

  242. There are several reasons why gun owners are stocking up. The usual reason is the ongoing threat with a Democratic president like Obama who wants to remove private ownership of guns altogether. Many states, like Illiois are nearly bankrupt and have cut back on law enforcement while violent gang related crimes rise–there is less law enforcement for protections.

    Another reason is this: look at the direction this country is headed in.. Bible prophecy also predicts the downfall of America. America is nowhere to be found in the end-time powers that converge in the middle east to fight against a United Europe. America will soon suffer some type of economic disaster that will dwarf what we have seen, this combined with some type of military or cyber attack will bring America to a point that will leave America worse off than Mexico. Rioting, looting and violence will erupt and law enforcement and the national guard will not be able to control it and protect people. Based on the re-establishment of Israel in 1948, we are that final generation that would be alive at the time of Christ 2nd comming. The 3.5 year great tribulation proceeds it. America will be a disaster during that time.


  243. I buy guns because I can.I find shooting to be a stress reliever. I also collect guns. Buying guns also supports American jobs. Any SHTF type scenario is sort of secondary.

  244. 1. I enjoy the challenge of learning to shoot safely and accurately. 2. If the economy gets worse, I can put wild turkey, deer, squirrel, duck goose (all delicious) on the table for my family to be fed. 3. I am shocked, just shocked to hear that rapes, home invasions and assaults occur. Self defence and defense of my family is an imperative. Law enforcement can’t be everywhere. 4. Disasters (Katrina, economic depression) don’t bring out the best of behaviors in other people (see #3). 5. It is my second amendment right and I don’t see why people are so shocked that it is being exercised. 5. I could trust Osama Bin Laden to hate me and try to kill me. The only thing I trust Obama to do is limit my freedom. 7. The people who claim to be tolerant are the most intolerant of all (liberals). If you don’t agree with them they try to legislate your rights away. 8. To protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

  245. Not to sure where to start. I grew up with Grand Parents, Aunts and Uncles and Parents that all hunted and fished. Lots of outdoor activities. Weapons of all shapes and sizes around most of my life. Including time in the military for all males and a couple females of the family. It seems that “We the People” have let a minority of people (Politicians) take control of our destiny and working towards changing, if not removing, our constitutional rights. Even if you don’t like to own and bear arms, you should at least, pay attention to what our government is doing to have complete control over us. I have owned and collected weapons since I was a boy. I like to hunt and fish. I like to shoot for practice, fun and competitively. I would like my children and grandchildren to at least have the choice to be able to do the same. Owning weapons is a great responsibility, but so is driving a car. There are far more accidents and injuries from poor drivers than from legally owned weapons. I plan to continue my collection and recreational use of weapons as long as possible. I just hope it doesn’t come down to drastic measures.

  246. 1.) I simply enjoy collecting, building, and firing guns.
    2.) I enjoy the recreation time with my entire family teaching them to handle and fire weapons responsibly.
    3.) I enjoy the peace of mind and security that guns provide me and my family.
    4.) Whether you like or dislike this administration’s policies, one thing is for certain, the fall-out has certainly divided this Nation in more ways than at any other time in our history. So much so, to the extent there is now a division amongst the ranks of both military and peace officers. I should know; I work with both every day. But, for the first time in my career I’m hearing disturbing talk of sides being chosen when the fungus hits the fan. Essentially that spells chaos and anarchy well ahead of the common private citizen. Whether you be pro or anti-gun is irrelevant. Should such disorder ever come to fruition it will ultimately leave every man for himself. Faced with such a circumstance, I would tend to lean more towards having the ability to mount a proper defense to protect my family. I would also be compelled to defend the Constitution; if for nothing more than to honor its brilliance and intent which was written by men with the wisdom to know that one day I would need guns to protect my family and the sovereignty of the soil on which they stand. Until then, let my guns serve as a deterrent.

  247. I buy guns to protect my family and myself, for hunting, and to practice my Second Amendment Constitutional rights. I also like guns because they are precision machines.

  248. Who knows – We might lose our status as a “Free State” if we haven’t already and “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Bill of Rights – Second Amendment.

  249. 25 quick and easy reasons;
    Liberal Democrats, A 1911 makes thugs less thugish, Lower Morals Nationwide, Increased potential for Zombies, Pure Fun, Personal Protection, Home and Family Protection, Easier to hunt Deer and Turkey with as opposed to using rocks, ACLU, Illegal Imigrants, Slower Police Response Times, Armageddon this Dec 22nd, Prices keep going up and I have disposable income now, Ground hogs, Cats deserve a quick humane death, Socialism/Facisim/obamaism, Don’t want mine to become a “Chocolate City”, Cheaper than Dirt had a great sale!, Limb removal when they are too high for a ladder to be used safely, It’s part of my heritage not to mention my Constitutional right, Guns hold thier value better than US Paper Currency, I might run in to a clown like Eric ^ above, May one day need something to hammer into a plow, And Finally- I own, shoot, and get more regularly because I purely enjoy the practice of precision shooting as well as the overwhelming of targets with both mass and volume of fire, i.e. making dirt fly…
    PEACE – by force if necessary…

  250. GEE Erik………….wished we was as smart as you……Us Rednecks don’t know nuttun’! We just cling to our GUNS GOD n COUNTRY us stupid ol’ Rednecks……Think you need to wake the F up and realize you DUMBASS that our freedoms are being takin’ away a little at a time. Somone as smart as you should realize this, but because you are, or think you are, book smart does not mean you understand what is happening here……………….Oh yea, one other thing………….WAKE UP YOU STUPID SHIT!!!! You say you know what socialism is, but it is about to bite you in the ass and you don’t even know it. Now take a bite out of that yogurt Mr. Knowitall!!!!

  251. After reading all these comments on who is buying guns and reasons why, all and the lack of political reality, most living as if we still had a Constitutional Government, and lack of social science and human mental processes; it won’t be long before we lose our weapons.@
    Old men, old mind’s, stuck in more than mud.

  252. I buy guns:

    1. as a collector
    2. for protection
    3. for sport (shooting paper/steel)

    I don’t hunt animals anymore. Too easy to run to a fastfood joint but if need be, I could go back to hunting to put meat on the table.
    Guns are one of the most awesome tools that man has created.

  253. It’s hilarious to see people say ” Obama is ruining this nation!! , OMG Obama is a socialist!! Omg SOcialism Europe Omfg!!! Omg Obama is ruining the nation but I have no clue why he is I was just told to repeat this a million times a day until my fragile mind got used to it! Omg Obama is not an American Citizen because Donald Trump Says So!!! OMG Obama is ruining the nation cuz uhhh… He just ruining the nation I have no factual information on his secret apocalyptic plan for this nations downfall but omg Obama is ruining the nation!! Like OMG SOcialism! Im just gonna start calling everything that I do not like that looks black a socialist even if I dont know wtf it means. Omg dude Socialism Obama Facism Communism Socialism Obama. I bet 95% of you dumb ass rednecks do not have a clue to what socialism is or how it is implemented in a government. If you knew anything about the United States government and how it operates then perhaps you wouldn’t open your mouth and spew out the yogurty textured fecal smelling piles of shit that fall out of it on a daily basis.

  254. I buy guns for fun, home and family protection and if stuff got to weird, for food too. I’m not much of a hunter, for one thing my favorite meats are cows and chickens and stuff like fish or shrimp which isn’t shot if you are doing it right. I just bought a pink shotgun! In a million years I never would have thought it possible, but my 5 year old daughter liked the one with a pink stock (Mossberg 500 Super Bantam 20 gauge with 22″ field barrel). She is still a couple of years from being really ready for it, but in the mean time I will teach my wife how to shoot shotguns with it. I was thinking that if my daughter learned to shoot it by age 7 or 8, she would be proficient and good in her teens. The Mossberg will last a lifetime or longer, so I feel it’s money well spent and she can really do anything with it…a 20 gauge launching slugs can harvest pretty big game or fell two legged evil doers with ease. Whenever we are out in the wild or even in the home, she will be well served by it. My personal arsenal is ready to go and my wife (non gun enthusiast) has a couple that that she can turn to in dire times (Taurus 605 snubby .357 mag, or a S&W M&P 40). She needs work on long guns…I want the women of my family to be able to defend themselves and their children and to be able to competently watch my back if society breaks down…and I have seen society breakdown…I lived in the Pico-Union area of Los Angeles durning the Rodney King Riots. I can and will happend again. There has never been a better motto (Boy Scouts) than “Be Prepared”!

  255. American society is gradually coming unhinged!

    Our politics are broken.

    We are almost as divided politically as we were before and after the Civil war.

    Crime and greed are now as American as Chevrolet and apple pie and they feed off one another.

    Add to that the hatred of government, the poor, women, gays, and minorities of every strip–all this, stirred-up and served-up by the recent priviledged class of the ultra-conservatives and their business friendly counterparts who working in concert they continue to engineer incivility within the halls of govenment and poverty in the nation, it’s only a matter of months or maybe a year or two before our cities start to explode in protest and violence.

    I buy guns to protect myself, my family and business from the day when people lose hope and faith in American leadership because the government is letting corporation radically alter its purpose.

    Madison, Jefferson and many others warned us that this republic is corruptible and I sense that time is fast coming upon us.

  256. I am buying guns and ammo because we live in a rural area and due to budget cuts it takes some time for the police to come to our place. I don’t want to be a victim, so my husband and I purchased a hand gun, learned how to use and clean it and taught this to our son so he can be safe as well. We all have a good time at the range with all of our firearms, not just the hand gun. Hunting is our issue as well, a deer or elk will feed our family for quite a while. The next thing on our agenda is a concealed carry permit, so we can be “legal”.

  257. dcdc…..” ~half the country’s opinions is so needlessly incendiary. Much of it is rooted in racism (“Go back to Kenya”,) and that, to me, is much more un-American than the policies many of you feel are so damaging (but probably aren’t.)” What bullshit! How can you call the majority of Americans who voted for Obama racists? Or, the people who didn’t vote for him racists? This country elected the first Black man to the White House, does that sound racists to you? not to me! Because many of us don’t agree with Obama doesn’t mean we are racists. 97% of Black people voted for Obama are they rascists against white people? Obama is ruining this nation, his liberal and socialistic agenda does not fit in this country. All he does is blame everyone else for his failures. He is inexperienced, unqualified and just plian stupid when it comes to running a government. He has sealed his fate and in November, the people will speak and vote him out of office. Romney will get in like Obama did when people hated Bush so much they voted to spite Bush. Well, turn about is fair play and it has nothing to do with race!

  258. Well if you ask me, I am buying guns because I like to shoot them at the county operated range, it is my hobby.I am not afraid of the re-election of our President for one reason, HE IS NOT GOING TO BAN GUNS, HE NEVER SAID HE WAS. The NRA does a very good job of luring in gun owners into its far right wing political organization of indoctrinating the stupid with false information. So if you wonder why all these major spikes in gun and ammunition sales are happening? Well tune into FOX NEWS and listen to Conservative talk radio and you’ll feel stupid for asking this question of why people are buying guns and ammo like crazy. The right wing media machine is doing a great job in stimulating sales of weapons and ammo by constantly pushing a media campaign of fear into the minds of the stupid and the closed minded. Thank god I am an independent WHO THINKS INDEPENDENTLY and doesn’t require the mainstream media to run my life according to their political agendas! If you live in a state that does not allow guns within its borders THEN MOVE TO ANOTHER STATE that allows it. Lmao all the NRA freaks who are constantly indoctrinated with the political right wing BS should have fun with this comment. Your Welcome. Have a nice day. 🙂

  259. There are some great new models coming out currently and auction sites locate many hard to find models. Money’s tight but greta investment in firearms right now.

  260. Leftist shooter? ” I’m a leftist, liberal, bleeding heart socialist from one of the most liberal states with the most stringent gun laws and I carry a large capacity handgun concealed on my person”. Sounds like a contradiction in terms. Bleeding hearts don’t carry guns, socialists belong in Europe. Your an American who knows what conservative values are, you carry one! Don’t be afraid of those of us on the right, it is the far left who you need fear. Wake up and smell the gun powder. By the way, if they catch your ass with a concealed carry, especiaslly with hollow points in California, you will be making little rocks out of big ones and dust out of little ones for the Bleeding Hearts!

  261. I’ve always liked guns and purchased my first pistol (Sig.40) just because I could. I figure get it before “they” decide I can’t. Since then I picked up a Browning .40, a Kel-Tec 9mm and a new Khar 9mm. I have a carry concealed permit and really enjoy shooting.

  262. Obama, the economy here and abroad, nothing is stable anymore. Guns are going to be needed to protect our families from the criminals and people trying to take what is ours. Americans need to be ready if Obama is re-elected. Our world as we know it is changing daily and not for the better.

  263. I have been purchasing guns and ammo for the first time in my life because I am an Individualist who understands that Neo-Amerika is being run by Collectivists (both Socialists/Liberals and Fascists/Conservatives) that have no regard whatsoever for unalienable individual liberties, and are hell bent on advancing their anti-liberty ideologies unto total economic and social ruin.

    Therefore, when society finishes collapsing, I want to be somewhat prepared to protect myself and my loved ones from those who would do me harm.

    Besides that, the more non-violent armed citizens we have, the safer we will be and the more freedom we will have. This is a known statistical fact, and I want to do my part in advancing liberty however I am capable.

    The Philosophy of Liberty

  264. I have always been a marksman shooter and I am nearing retirement and its the only hobby out of many that I can still afford. As we are retiring, we (the wife and I) have become full time RVers. Security is in much more question as RVers than in a home or such. RV parks are sometimes in places that are very questionable places and since I now travel to places to work, sometimes have hardly any choices were we may park.

    We have since gotten our concealed carry permits and carry everywhere including at home. We both now have several options of what to carry depending on our attire and where we will be. We have also have had hidden safes built into our RV to store our firearms and ammo out of the way of intruders sight. We have between us, 4 long arms (three rifles and one shot gun) and 5 handguns (two .380 autos, two .45 autos and one .357 conceal carry revolver) and all were purchased in the last two years except the shotgun that we have had for 20 years.

    I have had others in the past that have either worn out and had distroyed or sold to a gun dealer. We stock enough ammo for all incase the market gets too high or the government decides to limit or eliminate ammo for civilians. What we have should last us for the rest of our lives, hopefully!

  265. I buy rifles and pistols to uphold a militia and my second amendment rights

    Also as an investment in case the world doesn’t end
    but man i hope it does and soon.

    Zombies are BS and that will never happen, thats just a tounge in cheek refernce to rioting and mobs

    i tend to buy the most reliable rugged weapons ones i dont have to treat like barbie dolls or bench queens

    Daewoo K2 Wasr 10 converted saiga 340s nagants pt92 makarovs weapons known to be able to take abuse

  266. Not that I will admit to purchasing guns or ammunition myself, but I have it on good authority that people close to me are worried about Obummer banning guns or further hindering gun purchases after his (possible) re-election later this year. Not to mention they are fun to shoot!

  267. I’m not worried about the far left or the far right. I purchase and keep guns and ammunition for the sole purpose of protecting my family and loved ones. Thoughts of revolution or government boogie men don’t keep me up at night; the scenes and stories from areas hit with natural disasters do.

  268. I’m buying primarily because I enjoy collecting and shooting firearms. My secondary reason is that, frankly, most gun advocates seem to be right-wingers and others whose politics worry, disgust and frighten me. I’ll be damned if I’m going to be helpless if the far-right fringe decides it’s had enough and starts a campaign of violence, as they seem to threaten every few weeks. I’m a leftist, liberal, bleeding heart socialist from one of the most liberal states with the most stringent gun laws and I carry a large capacity handgun concealed on my person.

  269. The main reason I buy my guns is I like to shoot and I may as well get them while I still can. With the way our country is going there is going to be a time when you will not be able to walk in and purchase a gun. I am a strong believer in having the right to carry a weapon as long as you are leagal. If we the people cannot have weapons then the only people that will have them are law enfocement and criminals. I am retired military and I love to shoot I do not hunt but I do want to be able to protect my familiy no mater the situation I may find myself.

  270. I am stocking up on guns and ammo as an investment. I am investing in peace of mind, safety, security, independence and survival, among other tings. Besides the military might just wake up and realize that Congress has failed to Protect and Defend, and that it will be up to them to do the job we elected Congress to do. If that happens, I want to be able to re-enlist to help.

  271. I started purchasing guns and got my Concealed Handgun license a year-and-a-half ago after my grandson was forcibly taken out of my living room, by two police and a child protective services agent. They forced me to the ground and kidnapped my grandson in front of my face.
    Second,my neighborhood in San Antonio stands at the crossroads of the drug cartel’s commerce movement into our country up the IH-35 corridor. Third, there is a local mayhem of a somewhat connected drive-by shootings, and a spate of robberies performed by local ethnic trash which migrated here after the Katrina hurricane blew apart New Orleans.
    Now, I only walk the street at night, armed 24/7, in my neighborhood with my dog at 4am when everyone else is asleep.
    I also believe in a layered defense and bought a couple of longer-range rifles which are near at hand.
    Other than that, everything is just “peachy-keen” and I enjoy shooting my firearms on a range here, and keeping a state of ready if the need to defend truly arises!
    I am now in a mode of buying to just to upgrade what I have or “accessorize” my rifles and pistols.
    For me and my family, the need to defend, though it is indefinite, is local, and has been, very real!
    God Bless. Stay Safe.

  272. We seem to be heading toward a crisis on so many issues. Peak Oil, immigration amnesty, unemployment, Euro insecurity, Cartel Wars, the housing crisis, over population,bankruptcies, the dissolving of basic morality,energy shortages,extreme weather events, weapon/ammo unavailability,any of these have the potential to cause serious violent unrest. Everyone saw the Government was unable to help its citizens in a major disaster, its even overturning the Will of the Peoples’ laws. I am a Fed, and I can tell you the government will ensure the safety of its power first. The US stocks up to protect itself, you need to as well…
    #689 has the right idea

  273. I believe that under the best scenario, we have acquired our firearms because we enjoy using them, and shooting/hunting can be a good hobby (we live in the southeast). Plus I expect they hold their value well. Worst case – they will go up in value, can help put meat on the table, can protect one from home invasion or carjacking, and they may become very difficult to obtain if the rule of law continues to be ignored and civil strife ensues. I believe it is wise to have a few handguns, including backups, a shotgun or two, a good semi auto medium/long range rifle and a good hunting rifle in at least deer worthy caliber. 22LR rifles are good too, and fun to shoot. My dad still has his M1 carbine, in very good shape – trying to get out to a range to fire it. Also, it is wise to have a large amount of ammo in various rounds. We have discussed with some friends that in the future, 22LR rounds may be a new form of currency.

  274. One only has to look at the media to determine that our society is regressing to a more violent and crime-ridden society. Self-protection is my primary reason for recent firearm purchases. Whether or not I am ever forced to protect myself or others, I still want to be prepared. The current political administration’s anti-firearm agenda does tend to accelerate firearm purchases. I have heard similar statements from many of my associates. As the “have-nots” continuously try to take from the “haves”, extreme violence is becoming their accepted procedure. I’ve taken steps recently (while still legal) to insure that I’m less vulnerable than I was previously.

  275. I buy guns for the same reason our founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment, to keep our own government honest and take then out of power if they are not…

  276. I like Jim’s answer comment # 5, Obama! I don’t trust this president as far as I can throw him! I’m buying my firearms now and the ammo to go along with it before I can’t get them in the future!


  277. If Romney wins, the country may explode into civil unrest by the losers followers. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.

  278. I purchase may be 2-3 guns a year if that, I know gun sales are up but I have been a member of a gun club for 7 years and really just enjoy shooting. I purchase my ammo in the spring so i can shot all summer and most of the fall. If something bad happens I am ready but I dont dwell on it or focus my free time to getting ready for the end. Just live each day as an American and take one day at a time. Most of the items I have purchased this year have been C & R cause i like tinkering with the old stuff.

  279. I have had an interest in macroeconomics for a while now. Anyone who is paying attention to the world economic situation – mainly the crises caused by debt-funded spending binges with fiat currencies over the last 40 decades – knows this cannot end well. It’s important to secure physical resources to survive the period during which the economy collapses and restarts. Guns & ammo are important such resources, whether for barter, defense, or hunting.

  280. I only read a few of the comments, but, they all seem to have the SAME THEAM which is FEAR OF OUR GOVERNMENT! I am retired military and have MANY SHOTGUNS of all guages, RIFLES and pistols of many CALS.!
    Some of the comments stated that they feared the “RADICAL MILITIA” as well as the “GOVERNMENT” preparing to ATTACK the people.
    I would like to comment that I have lots of GREAT FRIENDS, WHO ARE ALSO RETIRED MILITARY, and I assure you that the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS DO NOT NEED TO FEAR THE MILITIA!! I am NOT a member of the militia, BUT, I know many that are. The only requirement to become a member is to SWEAR AN OATH: I (NAME) DO SOLMANLY SWEAR THAT I WILL SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERRICA AGAINST ALL ENIMIES, FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC, SO HELP ME GOD. As I stated above, I am NOT a member, BUT, IF AND WHEN DISISTER DOES COME, I WILL JOIN AND SUPPORT THEM AT THAT TIME (I’M TOO OLD NOW). I also fear the “RADICAL” Militia that is made up of nothing but RIOTERS & MURDERERS! The REAL MILITIA is made up mostly retired and x-military.

  281. men love guns and are always looking for an excuse to buy them. U can only buy so many guns for your wife without pissing her off. Unfortunately the guns give everyone a false sense of security. If we have a “correction” in this country that results in social unrest I guess we will just all shoot our way out of it – right. If u have to do that I would suggest that you did not plan ahead properly. After you have a plan to isolate your family from the “urban hot zones”, stored at least 6 months provisions, backup energy sources, and spent the time and effort to obtain basic survival skills, than spend your money on anything you want, and if that happens to be guns then so be it. I might suggest that you allocate your resources to becoming as self-sufficient as your budget allows, and stock up on ammunition for a limited number of calibers, and sell the other guns to pay for the extra ammunition. Put together a group effort, if at all possible, to spread out the cost and responsibility of becoming sufficient enough to withstand a temporary social crisis, and never give up when it sinks into your brain how much money and effort it actually takes to accomplish this goal. Good luck.

  282. Yes, I am stockpiling. I do believe that gunowners have been passive in the past 15 years, with regard to government regulations. Almost to a point of no return, in which the liberal legislature has the opportunity to take away the 2nd Amendment.
    But, I think that the Obama admin has been an eye-opener for law-abiding, gun-owners, and we now realize that the 2nd Amendment is in jeapordy. I do not intend to permit my guns to be used for any purpose beyond hunting, teaching my children to shoot, and recreation. HOWEVER……if the government or societal derelicts of this nation come to my door, I will defend my family, my water/food supply, and my freedoms to the end.

  283. I’m buying as I think that there will be ban on ownership of guns, either large clip, or higher power. I believe that even if Obama can’t get congress to go along he will use regulatory powers and agencies to create laws to control gun sales. And whether I ever need to defend by family or not I can’t afford gold so having rifles and handguns available as innvestments will help down the road.

  284. To add: shooting firearms does relaxes me. It actually help me w/ my PTSD. Its better than taking meds. Its my form of therapy. Semper Fi

  285. I am a gun enthusiasist. I served 9 years w/ USMC ( enlisted) and 16 USNavy ( officer ). Served 2 combat tours.Growing up , i was thought to handle guns and to respect. i enjoy shooting. Its’ my way of letting off any frustration or anger. I have 11 long guns and 11 pistols/revolvers. I go to target range 3-4 times a month. The political atmosphere right now is one of the reasons , i stock in ammo and firearms.The economy could really go bad due to present administration policies and could lead to civil unrest that is now going on in Greece. If that happens, i am prepared to protect my property and family. I already taught most of my family how to fire and handle firearms. If the future of my beloved country get rosy, I am still going to buy firearms and ammo. Semper Fi

  286. Ref #673 – Thank You! The only special interest group in the US that does not have representation in DC is “WE THE PEOPLE”.
    I don’t think all our problems come from just one party. All politicians are in it for themselves. We need to vote them all out and start over. Let’s get a lobbying and representation for us – WE THE PEOPLE.

    Remember Kent State. It could happen again.

  287. chrisdev, there is an easier way to keep our Constitution strong….use your vote! A vote for Conservative government is better than a bullet between the eye’s of the ultra-liberal. This country was duped by Obama 4 years ago………and 5 trillion dollars later most wake up? Obama has been this country’s greatest wake up call……it will be a long time before another fool comes along to pull the wool over the eye’s of Americans now. Most Americans will stand together to defend this nation, we need to do it in the voting booth first.

  288. Honestly I have been fascinated with weaponry (spell check. lol) since I can remember. I have been buying more guns and ammo as of late due to several reasons, not just a singular “why”?
    1. home protection
    2. enjoy shooting targets and clays
    3. “just in case” of; anything. I like to be prepared, not from a fear of “zombies”, but just general preparedness (again, spell check).

  289. Thank you Marc C. Daniele from Hercy, MO. for your service to your country and your willingness to make a patriotic stand against ALL enemies of our land. I am proud to stand with you and willing to do what is necessary to return the U.S.A. to the political and moral values our Founding Fathers intended when they swore to give their properties, possessions, and their lives to obtain freedom from tyranny.

  290. Why do I buy guns and ammo?

    1) The government no longer represents “We The People”; we may see a revolution (or civil war) in our lifetime

    2) Societal Collapse:

    a) Natural Disaster
    b) Man Made Disaster
    c) Riots / Looting
    d) EMP / Nuclear Attack / Foreign Militaty Attack
    e) Terror Atack
    f) Dollar Collapse

    2) Only a small fraction of the population is prepared for these eventualities, and they will try to take what I have with force

    3) Possible ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty (an act of war against American gun owners)

    4) Possibility of Required Gun Registration followed by bans and confiscation (also an act of war against American gun owners)

    5) Self Defense against the Thug elements

    6) The Second Amendment says I can

    7) I enjoy shooting

    Prepare follow Patriots – the time WILL come that America needs YOU.

  291. I have had guns for years but recently started buying a few more and ammunition, as well as stocking up like my grandmother did during the depression years. I have found that having a pantry is not only convenient but comforting. Nothing like “knowing” you have a mini-mart in the house and can make dinner for any number of impromptu guests. I believe the surge is due to the economic realization that we must all learn to do more with less and soon, maybe much less. The recent “decision” by POTUS to bypass congress and create his own legislative decree is evidence that we live in uncertain times. This act, so far, has gone unchallenged by congress. What’s next a nationwide gun ban? Get’em while you can.

  292. I own guns for self (family) defense. I think if gun law are an issue but it is and will be on a state/local level not national ie. DC, Chicago, Cal. And NY. Most politicians as dumb as they seem know gun control is political suicide because outside of the liberal strongholds the opposition is huge, 3.5 years of Obama and he still shys away from the issue. Gun control will come from the private sector, liberals buying gun and ammo companies and discontinuing Black gun and hi cap magazines. Riots are a much more real threat as well as random acts of violence associated with riots. We should be watching the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. This has the potential of being another LA 1992 due to all the media coverage.

  293. On one hand it is fun to shoot guns. At least it is for me. And as long as what I do does not interfere with lives of other people around me why should anyone care? Seriously. Isn’t it a fundamental rule based on which this country has been built? I work, I pay taxes, I don’t commit crimes – so why should anyone be concerned if I have a knife, a chainsaw or a .50BMG rifle?

    On another hand, oddly enough, it appears that by law the police (or any other so called “law enforcement” agency) does not have an obligation to protect individual citizens. This is an interesting fact which pretty much no one knows. You may call 911 about home intrusion, wait an hour while some degenerates rape your daughter and torture your wife, then (if you have been left alive), file a law suit against the police department for not coming and, guess what… – no court in the US will hold them liable. So I have firearms for home defence and if I could carry in my state (which does not allow it) I would have been carrying a gun just because I can’t carry a policeman…

    And I am sure that when the financial system goes completely south one would surely be able to use the stockpiled ammo for barter. Especially those 22LR rounds which would be quite handy for hunting small game and feeding your family.

  294. The 10 steps used to close down an society are currently in place in America.

    1 Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
    2 Create a gulag
    3 Develop a thug caste
    4 Set up an internal surveillance system
    5 Harass citizens’ groups
    6 Engage in arbitrary detention and release
    7 Target key individuals
    8 Control the press
    9 Dissent equals treason
    10 Suspend the rule of law

    Free people own guns, slaves don’t, and that’s why I buy guns.

  295. It’s going to be difficult to run analytics on such a long series of open-ended responses. CTD should have put together a quality survey (not like the annual NRA survey that asks the dumbest leading questions ever put in a survey).
    That being said. Guns are fun. That’s why I buy them. I buy the ones that look fun to shoot and occasionally one to hunt. I bought my shotgun to shoot turkeys. My next shotgun will be for trap shooting. My next rifle will be for long distance target shooting. I have one that is more ready than others for home defense, but I don’t ever expect to use it for that purpose.
    Oh yeah, and zombies.

  296. I am buying as many self protection gun’s and ammo as my meager wages will allow for a lot of the same reason’s I have read on here already. I agree with a lot of the comments that have been made about gov. and economical views. I believe everyone has the right to buy , own , and keep gun’s for the protection of their family and property , which I also fear will come under attack in a devistating way in the near future.

  297. I buy guns because I can ! When I was a child my dad put a .22 in my hands as soon as I was able to hold it up. We had woods surrounding my home and spent the majority of my childhood playing, hunting and shooting in those woods. I think if more kids today had the same opportunity there would less problems when they reached adulthood.

    So like I said before —because I can !!!!

  298. A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.

    -George Washington

  299. You really need to ask? Everybody I talk with about this has a few reasons, and those vary. Lawlessness in the event of any kind of collapse. Hunting. Street carry. Gifts to family. Investment. Patriot Act, NDAA, federal spying on citizens communications, President’s kill list, UN Small Arms Treaty, Agenda 21, out of control fed agencies with their own swat teams, para-military police, Waco, Ruby Ridge, killer cops in New Orleans, illegal confiscations in New Orleans while burglars were still roaming. Face eaters in Miami and other places. SWAT busts of Amish farmers. Federal confiscation. Micro-stamping. And for me, the Second Amendment – in other words ‘because I can’.

  300. If, O-boy is re-elected, there will be gun bans like we saw during the first Clinton term. If he is not re-elected, there may be riots as many of these people are just looking for an excuse to cause trouble. The cops will be outnumbered as they were in LA and in New Orleans. Unlike, some folks that post here, I am not looking forward to this but I have no problem killing anyone who endeavors to destroy or separate me from my property.

    This will be a very bad day but the buzzards and coyotes will eat well for a few weeks. After that, we may be eating the buzzards and coyotes.

  301. #513, First off I’m not a conspiracy theorist, all I was trying to say was we all need to be careful here, or on Facebook, or any means by which we can dissiminate our private info on any online venue, on a global scale. Cheaper Than Dirt sent us email request asking us why “we”were buying so many guns and so much ammo but when “we” clicked their link, we were shown multiple news reports about the upsurge in arms/ammo sales; it is a well known fact, thru stories from these same media outlets, that all governments are monitoring online comments as well as emails to get a “feel” for the temperament of their citizens. So if you are “prepping” keep it to yourselves, it’s not the world’s business to know what you are or are not doing. Obvoliously I have purchased items from Cheaper Than Dirt ( because I got that email query) and clearly CTD specializes in firearm related products it exactly WHAT I bought is nobody’s business. I’m just asking all of you to be more discreet about these matters.

  302. The ammo and gun industry lobbyists are earning a bonus. POTUS Obama has not once as President mentioned the need to take your guns. It will not happen.
    The useful fools on this comment list buy right in to the racist lies. Best friend the gun industry ever had.
    I am a progressive Independent Vietnam era veteran and I will not be fooled by this baseless attack.
    Lots of us on the left are armed and it’s because the big tent side of politics allows different points of view. Dumbing down the education of the USA is paying off big for the reactionaries.
    S H A M E

  303. I bought my gun because I wanted to protect my family and we do occasionally like to go out to the shooting range to get some practice done.
    With the way my grandpa talks all the time, he scares me into thinking guns are going to be banned all-together and that we need to prevent what happened to Germany in the 1930’s from happening here.

  304. I buy guns because I love to target shoot, hunt, collect, and have the financial means. Won’t hesitate to use them for personal defense if required. I am not worried about events or government, I can bury them if I need to hide them because of laws(no one will ever take them from me). Glad I live in a gun friendly state. 🙂 Now I am just waiting for my custom 7mm Mag to be made so I can have even more fun.

  305. The last pistol I bought was a Ruger 22/45 (MKIII). I bought that one because both my kids said it felt comfortable in their hands when we rented one from the range instead of the others I had them try.

    We shoot as a family for sport, hunting and self defense. Living in a semi-rural area, we rely on the county sherrif with a 20-30 minute response time. I can’t be at home 24 / 7 so my wife and kids need to be able to defend themselves if the need arises while I’m at work. I’m not worried about end of the world or political collapse scenarios, it’s the deperarate druggie or punk with a chip on his shoulder that I worry about.

  306. Sorry, but I had to post a new comment to stop getting more (250 already!) e-mails on this post in my Inbox. :/

  307. Yes, I am buying firearms and ammo as fast as possible. I work at a very big chain store that sells firearms that I sell. We are already almost 60% ahead of last years sales. Only two reasons are given:



    Now is the time to arm yourself BEFORE the election. After it will be tooooo late.

  308. i think that if we visit this site we have something in common and we will need to pull together. I have loved guns since i could walk from my first bb gun to first sks. I buils my own ar 15’s now cause i want something reliable and well built many guns that shoot two kinds of ammo 5.56 and 7.62 so come in peace or go in pieces!!!!

  309. @653 I’m glad you posted I’ve been trying to convince these people that the military/ police are going to be busy defending there families!

  310. I was fascinated from the age of seven or eight, and I still am by the marvel of ingenuity, and often artistic beauty involved in the production of firearms. Some of the black powder pieces from Europe are functional works of art.
    I’ve had a pistol on my hip from the age of eight, right up to the present day with the only exception being during my tour of duty with the United States Navy in the mid-sixties (Vietnam era Veteran). I have a CCW permit issued bythe State of Washington and I carry everyday.
    It is the responsibility of each citizen to secure and protect the security and well being of themselves and their loved ones during a hostile situation until the calvary (Law enforcement) can arrive on the scene. Response time can vary from five or ten minutes to up to and beyond an hour depending on where you are or live and what demands are being placed upon the department (precinct) of jurisdiction.
    As stated earlier, a firearm is precisely a tool, exotic as it can be, it’s simply a tool. I invest in tools! I invest in tools because if everything goes to hell the ones with tools can do jobs and therefore earn their way in the community by providing a way to get things done that are required to progress from a disaster to some form of normal way of living. I invest in firearms for two reasons other than the joy and challenge of marksmanship. One, a tool to insure that my other tools don’t grow legs and walk away. Two, to put food on the table and to protect my family”s right to do so.
    I believe in the phrase; “An armed society is a polite society.”. I’ve often questioned why dueling was outlawed. There would be far less “Assholes” walking around had it not been. But now, as I look back,it’s easy to see that the politicians, the same kind as the treacherous bastards that are selling us out now, were afraid to cheat or swindle the public because they might get slapped across the face with a glove and called to a field of honor for redress of perceived or actual wrongs.
    In regards to the treachery and treasonous doings prevalent in the capital of our country and of some states I go to bed at night, every night, praying that the officers and gentlemen of our armed services, right up to the top, and the members of our law enforcement see through the bullshit that our elected elite are trying to shove down our throats and know the our great country with it’s noble ideals is be stripped away from us through guile and stealth where it could not be taken by sheer force. I pray that they too are as patriotic, and take the oath they gave to protect this country’s constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.
    The New World Order is intent on enslaving every soul on the planet. Personal sovereignty is the very thing they are trying to eradicate. On the other hand, it was given to every man, woman and child by divine right by our creator and once the Galactic quarantine is officially over (Sixty thousand years long)on 21st., December of 2012 the Galactic Federation of Light, the teachers, mediators, and the enforcement representatives of the Galactic community of which we are a part will thwart their plans in the end.
    My hat is off to all and any that are willing to stand up for their personal sovereignty and the sovereignty of their friends and neighbors as well. Anyone coming to my residence or person, requiring that I surrender any piece of personal property that I purchased or was legally gifted, including and especially my firearms is guilty of theft, armed robbery if done under threat of harm or incarceration (jail or imprisonment), and will be treated as I would any pirate. Executed on the spot! does anyone not understand what I just said? Come to take anything I own legally, and you will die! This includes my sovereignty! I am a citizen, not a subject.
    My advice, keep your powder dry, stock up on gun oil, and hold out til the calvary arrives (The Galactic Federation of Light).

  311. I want to keep it short and sweet. Ive’ been in Law Enforcement most of my life, over the past 2 years I started talking about the way our country is going to some of my fellow officers. It’s amazing how many fellow Law Enforcement professionals are stocking up on Ammo, Guns, Food, and other emergency supplies for themselves and families. If the people that are paid to protect the public see something bad coming down the road, the rest of the citizens should get moving and get prepared. I believe we could have social unrest on a global scale, ie, arab spring, Greece austerity, etc etc etc. Look what happened during the L.A. riots in recent history. The police were completely unable to protect the citizens, so if you think that we will be available to help you when the SHTF guess again,,, I cant speak for anyone else, but the protection of my family comes first, then fellow officers, then the citizens of my state.

  312. Really the most visible comments on here are the most unfortunate, because they illustrate the racist asshole nutjobs that anti-gun zealots like to portray all of us as. Most of us don’t “hate the blacks” or intend on “shooting whoever it takes to keep my freedom” or whatever such nonsense you may see on here. I bought a shotgun. I like to shoot skeet, I want to catch my own christmas goose this year, and I treat it as a sport. I would never use firearms as a threat or display of power, that’s cowardly. Please liberal left, don’t take away our guns. Most of us are law abiding, tax paying, conscientious citizens. We just enjoy shooting, should that be such a big deal?

  313. We used to have an empire now we have a slum, they’re ruining our country but you keep letting them come! ~skrewdriver~

  314. #420 DAK

    Well said. Just want to expand on your comments. The yuan is becoming widely accepted now in many corners of the globe. It’s being used in trade between Russia and China, between Hong Kong and China, in trade with Malaysia, Indonesia and now even Japan and China are trading directly via yen and yuan, cutting the U.S. dollar out of the equation. This is real people. Whether you think your a Liberal or Conservative is an illusion created in order to keep control over us by pitting one against another. Wake up people. Let me help you wake up. Watch this 13 minute video and then ask yourself, am I really a Liberal or Conservative or am I just being farmed like an animal, but except were being farmed for taxes. Grow a pair and watch the video.


  315. Thanks CTD for the amusing read! After reading some of the idiotic comments from the racist, right-wing knuckle-draggers here, I’m going to place another ammo order with you right away! LOL


  317. I buy because I can due to the 2nd Amendment & because I like guns. I no longer hunt with a firearm very often but I continue to maintain the ability to defend myself should I need a tool to do that job.

  318. I’m killing hogs. Was using my .223 AR but discovered I get 3 times the ammo in 7.62 for the same money so recently bought a Mini-30 which I really like. It’s louder but it sure drops the hogs quicker.

  319. 1. Home Protection
    2. Enjoyment
    3. Wingnuts screaming about Obama and liberals.

    Don’t try to kill me because of my political leanings or prevent me from legally voting and we’ll just get along fine.

  320. Captain, dying for one’s country is one thing, but dying to prove a point is stupid at best. I’m also a Vet, and I read that General Patton thought it was honorable to die for one’s country and suggested that the other SOB’s should die for their first. Should this nation ever see a civil war again most of us will fight. But the insidious liberals know that and go about other ways of taking our rights away. Our best defense is not weapons, it is voting for a Conservative house and senate. There are more people with common sense who vote conservative than there are liberals, but we cannot let up spreading the word. Obama must be voted out of office. This election is probably the most important one in our lifetime. I commend you for your service……even though you were an officer!(grin)

  321. I have been diagnosed with a medical condition that probably won’t kill me, but has already disabled me to the point where it cost me my career. It will get worse, never better. I can’t do the outdoor stuff I used to, and don’t travel or party anymore, so some range time is therapy for me. I buy a gun when I can, normally older milsurp, but did spring for a new CCW for my wife. I reload for cheaper shooting. As far as “The sky is falling”, I’ve been hearing that for the last 40 years. By the grace of God, my guns and my garden, I’m hoping to carry on.

  322. That was in a time of war when Japanese were looked at as the enemy but I respect your opinion and thank all of you here for your service!

  323. Mike, Wrong about giving up guns to local law enforcement officials… I’d fight to the death to prevent it, absolutely. You underestimate the resolve of some of us who are true patriots. I am a veteran and already committed to give my life for my country if necessary. I’d still do it.

  324. The number 1 reason is the ability to SURVIVE “live off the land” in case another govt “intervention” remember the trail of tears and what the US govt did to my forefathers. Now I am afraid you don’t have to be an Indian just a republican that demands FREEDOM. Will we have another custers last stand where the military kills whoever the “president” says to??? Try not to forget this was not in the 1500’s but govt murder of native inhabitants within the last 100 years.

  325. Mike, the Army patrol was a reference to firing on some organized law enforcement. And Army patrols don’t come for citizens, tell that to the Japanese/Americans who were forced into relocation camps! It could be Army, police, Sheriff, Marshals. My point was, how many of us have the balls to fire on people that we recognize as authority. Like I said, an intruder wishing to rob you is a different story. It is the blustering of “out of my cold dead hands” that sounds dramatic, but really, how many of us would fire on what we would know to be certain death to us if we did? I believe it is every man’s right to be prepared to protect their families, and be prepared with stored food and water and weapons, but lets be real here. But I don’t believe that any would engage in a fire fight that would end their lives to keep their 22 revolver.

  326. I have been purchasing guns since the day I turned 18. I’m 30 now and will continue to buy and own guns because it’s my damned 2nd amendment right! Unfortunately I live in CA and have to deal with the most Rediculous gun laws. I just hope that Obama and his democratic cronies don’t get elected again!

  327. With so much government involvement in everything we do in this world today, nothing gives me a sense of freedom any more it is being eroded away by big brother. (We are letting it happen right now). You first disarm the people before you take total control of the population. Sodom, Omar and so many more countries; it is always the same end result. Our constitution was written to keep Government from doing very thing to us. Government officials are talking about it right now and will do it to us eventually. One control after another a piece at a time and before we wake up to what is happening it will be too late. There are those in power now that think we need to be controlled and they need to control us because they are visionary’s. The geniuses will eventually take us to the bottom and we will be dictated to as we all sleep.


  328. 1st of all these “army patrols” are not going to go door to door firing on their own families! Except for war protesters at kent state then they had 03’s ready to fly in from camp lejuene to fix the national guards cluster f@#k!

  329. Mr. Bill (#624)
    you state, “As long as our Constitution is intact, the government will not take our guns”. That same constitution does not allow “an Army patrol” (at least not the Army I served in)to be used against the citizenry. So what happens when another “executive order” directs them to?

  330. Mr. Packard, you are soooo right. At 65 I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m good once as I ever was! Guns are the great equalizer at my age. I carry and have for years, the last time I shot a person was December, 1969 in Vietnam. It haunts me still, but I would do it again in a heart beat (no pun intended) to protect myself and my family. I pray to God I never have to. But that doesn’t mean I don’t carry and I’m not prepared. There is no better deterent to crime than a criminal never knowing who is packing…..most are cowards who prey on the weak. That is why God invented the 410 buck shot revolver! What’s that old saying, “Why do I carry a 45…….cause they don’t make a 46”!

  331. Let’s not forget that there are millions among us with the same military training! And do you realize how greatly outnumbered they’d be?

  332. I believe that there are dire time ahead for this Republic. There’s a storm coming. I don’t know if it is political or economic, but I suspect it is a bit of both. We need to be responsible citizens and prepare for the worst, but expect the best. So, in light of that I believe that we need to be on the 4G Network and that is: God, Guns, Gold and Groceries – if you’re missing any of those, you’d better get it quickly …

  333. I’m getting older and cannot whip everyone that might threaten me or my family…God made Man, but guns made them equal!

  334. I love the bravdo, and I love the “I’m ready” comments. Ready for what? How many of you have raised a gun and aimed it at a person, much less pulled the trigger! And who might you be ready for? If the government ever enacts a law to disarm the people, you going to fire on a police officer, an Army partol? You going to baracade yourself in a ‘house’ and have a shoot out with your wife and kids in the bedroom? Any battles that are waged to protect our Constitutional Rights to bear arms will be waged in a court of law or a voting booth. Intruders who come to rob you is another story. But if your stand is “from my cold dead hands”, you might get your wish! Don’t register your guns, if they can find evidence of them they can’t take them away. As long as our Constitution is intact, the government will not take our guns……but that means we have elect those people who embrace the value and the rights of our Constitution. Use your most powerful weapon… a Conservative house and senate and president! Preserve our Union and preserve our rights!

  335. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”

    Benjamin Franklin

    Let the sheeple be eaten by the wolves. I plan on staying alive and free for as long as possible. God bless America and the Constitution of the United States of America. Use it, or lose it!

  336. I buy guns and ammo because i live in Texas and i can
    i use for hunting recreation and defense of home self and loved ones..// it doesnt matter whos in office guns and ammo will always be available somewhere in America and especially Texas/Arkansas/Oklahoma/ Arizona.. youlls neednt worry so much.. They are in gun shows they are in newspapers… your friends have them.. they are in pawn shops.. they are from individuals you call up in the paper… they are on the grocery store parking lots… or mall parking lots from someone wanting to sell somewhere .. support the NRA…

  337. @618: give it a minute theyre on da phone asking Jesse & al if they can flip some cars over yet! Probably pawned the computer til the 1st of the monfff for a crack rock!

  338. Wow…reading ome of these comments made me laugh my ass off. I buy guns for self defense, and protection from WHATEVER comes in the NEAR future. I am reading all these people arguing talking about taking out each other…our govt wont have to do shit if we are gonna all kill each other. I own a S&W sigma 40, a High point 9mm carbine, a phoenix .22, a few good gauges and a couple rifles. Im happy with what i got…all distances covered and enough power to do what i got to do. What comes shall come, im ready

  339. little miss nay nay (516 &581), where you be at? Oh yeah, the basketball game started at 2100. that’s 9:00 (PM)for you.

  340. Mason J (#572)
    I certainly respect what you are saying about those here who have expressed themselves in an over zealous manner (excluding outliers on both the left and right). Having said that, yes my response was somewhat strongly worded to little miss nay nay (516 & 581)but was TRUE none the less. In addition I would not hold a great deal of faith in your let the two sides fight each other and then the centrists and the meek shall inherit the earth! Finally, although many on here do banter about seditious dialog never forget that there are those of us amongst the masses that may be a little older but have not forgotten our training or time in the sand box and can still see that pink mist at 600m and it does not come from a paint ball gun either. What is your level of expertise MASON!

  341. I’m sure we are making all the gun owners look bad right now lmao! I’m quite sure that all the ANTI-GUN NUTS are looking a ctd blogs right now to buy ammo for the guns they hate lmfao! If that particular race wants respect let them earn it and a living!

  342. We don’t call someone who’s into coins a coin nut, or someone who’s into stamps a stamp nut. They have terms derived from Greek. In Greece, the Hoplite, the foot soldier, carried the tools of war. Perhaps Hoplophile is a better descriptive term.

  343. Why do I buy guns? Many different reasons. Sporting would be #1. target shooting #2. collecting #3 but the most important is to protect myself,family and friends and those who choose not to defend themselves for whatever reason. No one deserves to be attacked by anyone. They need to stopped or they do it again. Always the weak. There are many scavengers out there who make their living by robbing people.drugs probably play a part in all this discourse. goverment would love to disarm us. The UN is working on and arms treaty to disarm Americans..yes play close attention the UN wants to control our guns under this treaty. Take the time and read the treaty it does concern will effect you.don’t get displacent. Remember this is the country that gave us Socially Security and Medicare. They’re going broke. You think Obamma care is going to be any better. NO!

  344. I bought my first handgun for home defense, and I got a lot of good quality training for me and my family. The more I shot, the more I loved it and I got hooked. I own several firearms and will continue to buy more! I believe in my natural right to self-defense and the US Constitution says I’m allowed to own and use firearms, so I’m exercising my right.

    As for the comments on here, I’m very troubled by the ignorance, the delusional conspiracy theories, the outright racist comments, and the prophecies of the impending apocalypse. I believe these comments and beliefs do more to damage the image of gun owners than anything the Brady campaign could come up with. Absolutely awful PR for us sane gun owners.

    I’m a gun nut, but not THAT kind of gun nut…

  345. There is great danger in the notion that “somebody” just wants to know “for information’s sake” your business.
    Remember folks? Long ago some”independent free spirit” came out with an email encryption app called PGP (Pretty Good Protection) that EVERYBODY downloaded ( it was even free, imagine that… Free) and used it thinking using it maintained OPSEC in their online comms. Um, right, sure, whatever. Ever hear of an encryption key? Encryption keys are created for every single encryption “wrapper”, and who do you think has the financial resources (and time) to pursue such esoteric pursuits? There is a saying I learned a few years ago, it goes like this: there are only two people in this world that I trust, myself and Mom, and right now I’m not so sure about Mom.
    I can’t draw a sharper picture than that; to share this kind of personal intel with what amounts to strangers is the epitome of personal folly.

  346. Amen, #604. It is people like #516 that would rather live as a slave to a man of his same ethnicity than work for his own personal benifit in a multi-racial society. Frightening. That is a good reason to own guns. Because mob violence can sometimes only be stopped because they know there’s a high cap magazine somewhere.

  347. @ 604: yeah we need to thank that republican president and those hundreds of thousands of soldiers for 99.9% of America’s problems lol!

  348. i buy guns because i like guns i like training with guns and shooting just for fun. i buy mostly guns that i can buy ammo in bulk for( .223 .22lr 9mm .308 ect. )for money reasons.. i try to keep a small supply at hand. just in case zombies, race war, government fail or take over, economy collapse, sever weather, terrorist, what have you.. the biggest problem is this once proud and badass nation is goin to shit and no one is doing a dam thing about it because theres to many yuppys and high steppin yellers . and it will be biting us in the ass one day so..

    pray for the best prepare for the worst

    praise the lord and pass the ammunition

  349. My son and I buy guns because we like them. They also represent an investment. Not at all afraid the government will try and take them away. Neither side has the votes or the will to enact such legislation. They can’t agree on anything much less gun cntrol.

  350. I buy guns for protection and my security job. If this country falls into chaos, which we are not far from at this point in the political cycle. I intend to protect my home, my family and my friends. I live outside of the city and it takes a long period of time for law enforcement & ems to arrive. I do not intend to be a victim and I made sure anybody comming on to property can see that we are armed and will not hesitate to use DEADLY force if necessary. Very few people are stupid enough to argue with a shotgun especially with a tight pattern, posted on a target right by the entrance!

  351. I got interested in guns as a hobby 2 years ago. But now when I visit Gun Shops and they are CROWDED with people AND they can’t even keep up stock with certain brands, I started to ask myself “Why”? Why are EVERYBODY buying GUNS? So I decided to buy a few more and a LOT of ammo because EVERYBODY else was doing it! If something is coming down, I want to be prepared just like EVERYBODY else!

  352. I’m close to being done with buying firearms and ammo. I’ve only got room for three more stacks of pallets in the southwest corner of bunker #23, and then I am done, done, done.

  353. I’d like to remind the author of #516 that a Republican president and several hundred thousand soldiers, mostly white, gave their lives to give slaves the freedom they deserve during the Civil War. The price of reparations has already been paid in their blood.

  354. Predictive text error: “Misinformation” should say “Mosin” as in Mosin Nagant

  355. Another good question that wasn’t asked is why so many Americans are taking advantage of the concealed carry laws. For most of us, it’s because carrying a gun is much more comfortable than carrying a police officer.

  356. I buy guns for two main reasons… First is for the pure enjoyment and stress releif I get from doing something I love… SHOOTING!!! Those days that just didn’t go as planned can be forgot about when I dump a 18 rd. clip from my XD-9 at some stell spinners. Or even better when I test that AR-15 out to 500 meters or so just for the hell of it. But even better is being in the stand with the hair on my neck standing up as that monster buck grunts back at my call just out of view. So #1 is definitely enjoyment. Second reason is a gun is kind of like a piece of land. Take care of it, keep it clean, make improvements, and you’ll have some extra financial security if debt worries shall arrive. So ONLY in a pinch, I can sell/trade a firearm to keep my family moving along. But as long as things are good, I’ll keep shooting.

  357. I have purchased guns in the recent past due to the political challenges to gun ownership. I own firearms for sporting and personal protection. I shoot and train weekly so obviously I am purchasing ammo. The reason I train is that I must be proficient to protect my family and myself. I do not trust LE to protect me and I do not trust our State or Federal Government as it is corrupt.

  358. I bought a Taurus compact 40 for carry. I have a mid sized Glock 40. I have an AR 15, an AK 47 and a Mosin Nagant rifle. I just picked up a Taurus 380 as a back up carry. I have plans to get a shotgun. I do some of my own reloading also. If I had more money, I would have a lot more. Besides being ready in case something hits the fan. I enjoy shooting and it is a good way to relax for me. Also stocking up on food and water and other useful items.

  359. Economists have a term called the “law of diminishing returns”. Simply, the more of something you have, the less valuable each additional unit is. If there was only one diamond over two carots, for instance, it would be much more valuable than if everyone could dig one out of their back yard any time they wanted one. There is only two things on earth that the Law of Diminishing Returns does not apply to… women with shoes and men with firearms.

  360. There will always be the threat of gun control with the liberal thinking that is going on now. I own guns for the enjoyment of safe shooting and the gamesmanship I share with my friends. Most of the people I work with know that I own and carry, but they also know that I feel that a gun is like a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Odds are you will never need it but you must always be prepared. I shoot on a regular basis so I have to reload, the cost for this has risen substantially over the last few years but I will continue to purchase everything I need to keep my skill level. I am teaching all my grandkids to shoot and hope they pass this on to everyone they come into contact with. We must support all the organizations that support and protect our constitutional rights.

  361. I purchase guns cause I like to shoot, and I desire to be prepared, for 2012, Zombies, economic collaspe, or if OB get relected. My point is it is best to have one and not need it, than need it and not have one.

  362. No man is free who lacks the capacity or the courage to defend that freedom.

    I can only trust others(the government, law enforcement, corporations, and the general public) to serve their own interests. I can trust my Taurus, Remington, KelTec, Rossi,, or Misinformation to serve the interests of me and my family. I would rather die than have to explain to my family why I did not protect them. Guns may be expensive but how else can you buy freedom. The world will keep turning, but ugly things happen every day to good people all over the world. America is no exception. It’s only when bad things happen that you realize how few are those on whom you can depend. For those of you who insist on bickering, grow up. It’s not you vs them, black vs white, Republicn vs Democrat. It’s just you. Your will have to give an account for YOUR actions and your actions alone. God bless all of you and your families. I pray that this is all idle talk, but I fear that it may not be. Thanks to our armed forces. Please commit to stand for freedom and the American people regardless of political hijacking in DC.

  363. I’m 62, retired military, retired fed, and still working two part time jobs. I have had a class 2 or 3 FFL for more than 25 yrs, and smithing for 35 yrs. I have never seen this country in such bad shape, from without and from within. This is why gun sales are up. We saw how LE failed to protect civilians during Katrina. We saw how the govt and FEMA protected those displaced, they didnt. Maybe you can bug out, with everything you need in your POV. But eventually you’ll be walking. Bug out, or bug in, you better be heavily armed, with lots of time on the trigger. Guns/ammo,food, water etc are currency. simple as that.
    Why do you think the left wants the US disarmed? Why did Clinton send a letter to the UN stating it is the intent of the US to eventually disarm the country? Why so many socialists and academics in this administration? How many vets? How many businessmen? This admin does not want to turn this country around. See if “circumstances” do not postpone the Nov elections.

  364. Several reasons I buy guns. Hunting, SASS shooting, personal protection and a couple of decades ago I swore to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. Hope it’s not necessary again.

  365. I started hunting in my teens and then added target shooting so that I could shoot year round. I shoot target rifle, pistol and shootgun. I buy guns because they are very accurate or I can tune them to be more accurate. I love gunsmithing my guns and continue to add new ones to my collection. I buy guns at bargain prices because they are a bargain (after all, I have so many that I don’t really need to buy buy any more). Finally, I although I don’t collect millitary guns I do shoot millitary type gun compition and they can be real accurate. I’d love to shoot 50cal.BMG at 1500yds, 1ml., and 11/2ml. I’d love to build some AK47’s, SKS’s, FAL’s, and HK G’s. They are loose and sloppy actions but can be accurate and reliable. I’d like to build a dozen AR16 variants from various specialty component mfg.s in several caliber variants.

    All my owning and building of guns lead to reloading and I shoot a lot and so I reload a lot. I buy componenents in large volume because I get shoot a lot of matches and cost keep going up. I use to buy 8lbs. of powder for about $40, now it’s $140. I buy by the case.

    I will use my guns for self protection and feel safe owning them. I shoot at matches where the husband, wife and 8yr. old kids shoot and those kids, boys and girls shoot fantastically well. would hate to see a fool in their sights.

    I hope never to need to defend myself with a gun. I hope to sell all but one in my very old age at a substantial profit.

  366. With the anti-gun enthusiasts in the White House, it is best to be prepared for at least as an attempt at gun and/or ammunition ban. I try to keep several thousand rounds on hand.

  367. Guns are an American tradition and a constitutional right. I personally enjoy Guns from my experience with my father hunting and on in the 82nd airborne Division as a paratrooper I becoming expert in weapons such as MI Gerand the M14 and 30cal Carbine the powerful BAR and 30Cal Machine Gun as well as the old faithful 1911 45 pistol. I have of course fears this admininstration will continue its pursuit of banning personal firearms. I have not had to panic buy but am seriously considering same.
    I pray that we as ex Military will never have to come to arms and fight on our own soil to protect these God given rights.

  368. Self-defense, home-defense, zombie-defense (not really but what if?) and something fun to do (target shooting and practice) with my wife.
    Most importantly, my right as a citizen to have at least one on me all the time. There have been so many that have given their all to protect
    that right I feel it is my duty to be “prepared” and educated.

  369. I am stocking up on what I can afford for several reasons. First reason is gun bans. This country was founded on the fact that the people should have the right to protect themselves and their loved ones, yet the government is trying to take that right away. Second reason. I believe due to the fact that the government is trying to take so many of American’s rights, there will eventually be a war here in the U.S.A. I have no desire to be part of a war, I have too much to protect here at home. However when there is a war, people try to take from the individual home/land owner what is theirs, be it rebels or the government. I want to protect what is here at home and my loved ones here at home if civil war does break out on American soil.

  370. It’s not a racial rant it was wishful thinking lmfao!!! ” I have a dream” lmfao! Blacks have to have the government feed them now but mysteriously they think they can fend for themselves when society breaks down…..go figure! 14 WORDS SUMS IT UP!!!! WHITE POWER!!!

  371. The Chinese will eventually take Vietnam , Taiwon, Japan and Florida.
    They allready have Canada and the Panama Canal.

  372. Prepping…. to keep zombies like some of you from taking from us or killing us. We are stocked up with food and lots of water for our survival. Oh did I mention guns and a truck load of ammo?

  373. I am purchasing additional firearms because I think they are a better investment than the stock market and after all are they not more exciting to own. I know what has been written about our President and his desire to eliminate firearms. While I believe it possible I really hope and pray that the old saying that goes something like this “all that is necessary for evil to overtake good is for good men to do nothing” does not come true because while ther are many fighting for the 2nd Amendment there are many letting others do what they should be doing.

  374. I have purchased firearms recently for several reasons, the primary reason being that our government (local, state and federal) have been spending money that they dont have. The carpet has already been pulled out from underneath them and many in the public are oblivious to the effects of a bankrupt (morally and fiscally) government both here in U.S.A. and around the world. This is due to a media that prefers to look the other way and not inform its audience/citizens of the potential chaos after a world-wide finacial calamity. The fiscal ‘house of cards’ that has been built will soon fall apart most likely on a world-wide scale (look at Turkey and Europe) and I believe it best to have firearms for both food and protection if/when civil unrest occurs. I have a .22 semi, 12ga shotgun, several handguns and a couple of mosin-nagant 91/30s cleaned, sited, and ready if needed. An AR15 is in my future not because of the elections, rather for my own peace of mind and my family’s protection if SHTF after the dollar goes south.

  375. I buy gun for ALL of the right reasons. Some I buy to shoot because I like them. Some to hunt. Some to collect and some for real and perceived protection. It is our constitutional right to arm and defend ourselves. I plan to exercise that right.

  376. I don’t need to BUY guns…I have a ,well let’s just call it “a source”, for all the guns I could ever need!



  377. I am buying guns because I came into some money and like to hunt , target practice and also for self defense ! . Plus it is a good way to invest money as people always like to buy and trade guns for cash and or other goods .

  378. The threat of a UN Arms treaty that will illegally supersede our constitutional rights, and the economic collapse that will occur here, like Greece, if our representatives don’t curb entitlement programs.

  379. Obama is borrowing this country into oblivion. There is the chance that the dollar will collapse. I’m not a major preper however it seems prudent to stock up a bit on firearms and ammunition. It is no different than purchasing insurance.

  380. Well said Mason J. The far right scares me as much as the far left. Some of you idiots need to realize it is a political world whether you like it or not and public opinion IS important. So STFU, your ignorant rants are not helping gun owners.

  381. When my sister-in-law fled with her children to a battered women’s shelter from her abusive husband (and there was the danger he was coming to my house, my kids), I swore I’d never flee from my home again. Since then I’ve overflowed my 11-gun locker, got a back-up piece in every vehicle, CHL, range memberships (for both near work and the one near home), have given firearms to every family member who wasn’t against owning one, and self-taught reloading just to be able to afford to shoot them all. Plus I’ve got the C&R bug and love those ‘old’ surplus. And when its time, I trade it away for something new to discover, learn about, and then play with.
    Gone are the days of the <$100 Mossbergs, the <$75 Hi-Points, and <$125 .38spcs.

  382. I believe that the government is trying to change the fundamental structure of the United States. When the attorney general protects one group of citizens ( the black panters) who were threatning voters at the polls and and did noting to stop them, Ifeel treatened. If it was the kkk instead, I’m pretty sure that the National Guard wuld have been called in to protect the voters of their party to vote them back into power. Then they demonize another segment of othe populace who want to require identification to vote, which only makes sense to me. This seems like Chicago style politics not the American dream.. The America I believe in protects the Rights of it’s citizens not their favorite special interest group. In California we practially have no right to protect ourselves yet look at all of the shootings tat go on in theinner cities like Oakland and Richmond. Special interest politics scares me especially if I’m the one being demonized.

  383. I buy guns because I love to shoot, and different guns are for different targets.
    I buy ammo because I love to shoot, and shooting in quantity keeps me better prepared.
    I stockpile necessities because I cannot depend on the government to do the right thing – anyone remember post-Katrina New Orleans? – and will not rely on them for the safety and security of me and mine.
    And Mason J.? You are spot-on, dude

  384. I have several liberal friends who believe anyone who owns a gun is a danger to society, so I buy guns just to pi.. them off. But, seriously, I truly fear the reelction of Obama. She and SecState Clinton are chomping at the bit to ratify the UN treaty restricint the importation of firearms. As most know, Obama’s promise to Sarah Brady that he will effectuate gun control “under the radar” means he will do the same thing he has done with immigration…by executive order.

  385. I clicked on this link hoping to find many reasonable persons commenting on reasonable reasons for adding to their gun collections this year…and there are some. However, we as a gun community need to step back and think about why it is so many are anti-gun, and reading the racist and unpatriotic comments mixed throughout this thread tells me why.

    I can tell you the reason I’ve been stockpiling – its because I read bat$hit insane comments like some listed above, by those from the far left and right, and it makes me think being a common man, somewhere in the middle, better have some ammo when you start firing at each other. I hope there is more of me than you; I love guns, hunting, shooting, and the outdoors.

    Some advice to those with not so veiled threats at lashing out at the govt and law enforcement. Rest assured, you go up against the finest military and police in the world, and your paintball training and tacticool knockoff AR15 isn’t going to do you the service you think it will.

  386. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know why I have been buying guns as of late. I grew up with guns in Michigan, but since moving to California years and years ago, I never thought about owning them. Now, as I approach the age of 50, I decided to buy some. Now I have 3 handguns and 2 rifles, with plans to buy 2-3 more.

    I have to admit, it has been strange to suddenly be desirous of owning weapons, but I am not judging this desire. I am having lots of fun at the range and out on the BLM land around here plinking, etc. I do, however, find it just a little weird that the feeling came on all of a sudden, and I have no conscious explanation for it.

  387. I buy and shoot weapons for a variety of reasons. The simplest of these is because I can do it under the protection of the Constitution if the U.S. of A. The other reasons are to protect myself and my family in a state where carrying a concealed weapon is “must issue” and again my right; I enjoy shooting sports; I am doing my part to stimulate the local economy; and it appears to be a good investment.

  388. As I’m getting older, I find that it’s getting harder to do ordinary stuff.
    Part of which is that I can’t run anymore.
    So in order to be safe I want a gun or two (or twelve):)
    Plus guns are just plain FUN to shoot

  389. Why do I continue to purchase firearms and ammunition? Allow me to count the reasons. 1. IT”S MY RIGHT! 2. Because in all myyears (over 30) as an enthusiast, Soldier, Contractor; in all my travels and dealings in world politics; in my experience with history repeating itself and having the ability to learn from lessons of the past, I see clearly what has made The United States such a formidable adversary: Millions of firearms in millions of homes. 3. Yes, because I believe as our forefathers did, that our firearms are our liberty teeth. 4. Because I do see the threat from abroad, even if others nay-say, and downplay the inevitable. 5. Because I believe in protecting what I have busted my hump to earn and build, as well as my family, friends and community… 6. Because some folks find that crack is even too expensive and have recently converted sto smoking other items such as Bath Salts (or whatever it is) and are noiw gnawing on the faces of fellow Floridians (precursor to a Zombie Outbreak??? lol), oh and did I mention, A well Regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the Right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed!

  390. 1) Watch the news…crime, murders, people killing people over nothing. 2) politics and the up coming election or fear of the results 3) imenet SHTF…… 4) the collapse of Greece and the possible break-up of the EU 5) the influx of illegal aliens…. Recently purchased a Wyndam Weaponry AR15, HighPoint 4095 for my 16 year old son, just rec’d my CCW so picked up an XD 40 subcompact… Recent purchase of 1000 223/556, 1000 40 s&w and 500 9mm for my son as well.

  391. These comments scare the hell out of me, ergo, more the reason to buy. Yes I have intent upon purchasing one more firearm, a stoner platform, but I am having a difficult time in deciding which firearm brand and whether I should go the 5.56,or7.62. Hussein also plays a significant role. He scares the hell out of me and all those behind him, especially Sorous. Hussein cannot be doing anything Presidential with nearly 100 games of golf to date, basketball, vacations, date nights and tours of Europe. There are just too many reasons which are coersing me to buy, especially my fear of our own Government.

  392. The bible reads of “A man who won’t protect his family is an infidel.” I am a man older
    than Obama, and I didn’t need his opinion to stay alive until know, yet I will respect his opinion and I damn well exspect the same respect for mine. I have a baseball bat and a hammer the bat is for balls the hammer is for nails, my guns are my hobby and for the protection of myself and my family given by GOD and the real Americans of this
    Great Nation. Don’t abuse the right to “”Bear Arms””, but Never surrend this right!!!!!


  393. There are several reasons to on a gun. For one, shooting is a great American pastime that people of every gender can enjoy and it is a good family outing. Secondly, it is in our nature as humans to hunt. Some people disagree with hunting, and that is OK. Third, wide and open gun ownership is a deterrent to tyrannical governments and foreign invasion. During WW2, Admiral Yamamoto is quoted to have said something along the lines of “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Responsible gun ownership is part of the American character and forever will be.

  394. I like the new guns that I can now buy. I don’t want to be outgunned. Guns are better than paper money. The government is destroying our paper money so it is better to own valuable stuff. You cannot beat having good gun stuff.

  395. We have been buying guns, ammo and stockpiling food, water and medical supplies in preparation for impending economic collapse and the social disorder that will follow. I cannot say for how long, but I am quite confident that we will experience a loss of social services like fire, police, ambulance, etc. Guns are a central part of our defense strategy. The “have nots” will try to take from those who prepared. The 2nd Amendment is very important to the freedom loving people of America. We are fortunate that our Forefathers had the insight to see how important the right to keep and bear arms is to our liberty.

  396. I buy guns because I love them. I am at the age now that I can afford to buy them so I am taking advantage of it. I love collecting handguns the most. I love RUGER guns. I shoot all of my guns. Whats the use having them if you wont shoot them. I am not worried about doomsday, zombies, or any politician. When the time comes God will take care of me.

  397. I am not afraid of any invasion,zombies, or 2012 doomsday. I am afraid of our Obama terrorist government regime, and any other politician. the lying, thieving, corrupt politicians on all party sides only have deceit on their agenda. how long can we be lied to before Americans wake the hell up and defend the constitution. one day we are going to wake up and find we are under a dictatorship with no rights . they will pry my gun from my cold dead hands. if they come to take my firearms , there will be blood : mine and any offender.

  398. I am stocking up for any one, or anything, not just right left or socialist!! Arming for anyone that threatens my liberty or my freedom!! Freedom has been eroded so long we are getting to the tipping point!! Don’t Tread on ME!! So in the next election we get to choose 1 side of the same coin, what a joke this election will be!!

  399. I do enjoy the freedom to own and shoot , have my own little range out here in the country ………… as for my reason for having purchased 5 or 6 weapons over the last 3 1/2 years , Obama and all those against our constitutional rights . We have no law enforcement around these parts , so we must rely on our own ability !

  400. It’s a gun blog not a job application….. Just saying! Most of the time we misspell or leave out comas because we are jumping between several blogs! And the fact that were men not secretaries lol!

  401. My gun purchases in the last several years have more to do with me simply having the additional spending money to do so, and the fact that I enjoy target shooting and hunting with my friends. I’m a big fan of guns that have history to them as well; I won’t buy any that don’t (for example my last purchase was an FN-Browning High Power). Generally I am politically moderate, and all the evidence suggests that gun ownership is way more acceptable now among the US population than it was 20 or 30 years ago, even. What I’m trying to say is, that I take any suggestion that there’s a massive government conspiracy to remove the 2nd amendment with a huge grain of salt. Touching gun ownership is politically toxic, and while there are some politicans who would do so if they had things 100% their way (almost all of them are city-dwelling types, where guns are associated with crime rather than sport or recreation as they should be) this group is pretty small anymore.

  402. @ comment #516:
    I seriously doubt you are the black militant you’re pretending to be, but go ahead and play make believe. It gave me a slight chuckle.

  403. Eric Gebhardt (#544)

    I agree with you there, Eric. Please pardon the occasional typo I might not see until I hit submit. However, your point about ensuring that people are truly educated is a valid one and one that, unfortunately, is sorely lacking in our public schools today despite the best efforts of the many teachers who truly approach their professions with skill and pride. I see the results of the failing education system with the boys I mentor and instruct in my Boy Scout troop. Most seem quite ignorant of subjects of Civics, Social Studies, History, Economics, and American Government. Many of the merit badges with cover touch on these subject and the boys act as if these subjects are new to them. A couple of the Scoutmaster are teachers and I get to hear about how the so-called standards and lack of discipline are crippling the education our children get. The teachers are forced to spend too much time teaching to these standardized tests and have to deal with State Department of Education rules that attempt to reduce the number of suspensions and expulsions by simply not suspending or expelling troublemakers. Instead, the kids get to sit in a classroom designated as the “In-School Suspension” area and have to eat lunch a a smaller lunchroom off the main lunchroom. As long as the kids are not sent home or referred to the School Board, then they are not counted as suspended or expelled on State stats.

  404. I buy weapons because I believe that we need to be elf seficiant and prepared for any problem that comes along.
    In some cases there really isn’t any problem that can;t be solved by the sound of a 12 gauge rack.
    I have a mix of weapons from small stuff .22 to AKs to ARs to a Full auto M-16 as well as suppressors. I use all for sport on my ranch and all are kept under lock and key except for the few that are spread around the house for instant access in the unlikely event of a break in. We do not have kids around.
    I reload and simly put I am intrigued by the design and comlexity of the designs of fire arms. Gone are the days of Matchlock rifles or flint locks or precussion caps ( I am not knocking them they are real interesting as well) I am just a moder firearm collector and shooter. So that is why I own weapons and a few of the weapons that I own.
    P.S. please don’t write a bunch of hate mail about my response I understand that we gun owners are an eclectic bunch with lots os different loves and I am not knocking any one of us.

    God bless and safe shooting

  405. I have owned weapons of a types since I was a boy. In lieu of the commie/liberal administration, who have always hated weapons and their owners. I have a friend from Great Britain, who constantly comments, “You wankers(Americans citizens) are all fools if you let your government take your weapons from you, like they did to the people of Great Britain, for the sole purpose of being able to force any laws that they want to”. Many people, maybe not gun owners, but the others are truly ignorant to the main purpose of the 2nd amendment. Thomas Jefferson, in his papers, said that it is the responsibility of every citizen to keep and bear arms, for the day that if the government would ever reach the point as it has today, to where it no longer operates, not for the benefit of all U.S. citizens, but to maintain the power that it has acquired over it’s citizens.That they should be removed from their offices, by force, if necessary. As it did to England in the early days. The liberal mind public schools do not teach the children this fact anymore and shame to all parents who do not teach their children these facts. We people of the southwest part of the U.S. enjoy the freedom of personal ownership of firearms, be it for sport, hobby, or personal defense against the criminal element. In the eastern communist block of the U.S., the citizens cannot protect themselves, or their homes, without fear of incarceration. A man in Ohio killed a robber who broke into his home to steal and who knows what else. The burglar was killed and the home owner was given five years in jail for defending his home. He asked the judge what else was he expected to do and the idiot liberal judge said that he could of escaped through the back door. I am buying as many guns and ammunition as I can afford, because of what direction our government is heading. Come on people! Let’s stop these bastard from getting into office.

  406. A lot of people are worried about the crooks in DC, like what are they going to pull next.Obama just made a law about ileagles can stay just for votes. He doesn’t ask any one if he can do anything, just does it. Our family has fought in every war since the start of this country and we are not giving it up now.
    We buy guns and ammo for fun and protection.

    Its sad to say that our country has gotten in this shape due to greed and hate for there fellow man.
    But I am thinking something bad is coming ?????

  407. I already have all the guns I feel I need. So anything I buy is just to collect. I do have two rifles that are on order, a refurbished Springfield M1903 and a Winchester Model 70 Safari Express in .375 H&H. Both were ordered months ago (Sep ’11 and Jan ’12 respectively) simply as additions to my collection and not as a result of any concerns. I have recently placed some orders for ammunition reloading components however as I’ve also seen the rise in gun and ammo sales. I don’t want to be caught up short again like in the aftermath of the 2008 election. So my ammunition purchases are actually driven by others stockpiling and buying up ammo.

  408. So easy to make money off dim wits these days. Just say, zombies, or better yet Obama and they come a running did the same thing during the first Obama election and made a killing. GOP party said these type will believe anything!

  409. its the money for me. I picked up some russian sks’s a few years ago at 69 dollars a pop. two years latter sold the lot at 250 or better!!! see if you ever get returns like that from stocks. what is a cheap gun today is gold just a few years down the road. went to a show this week end picked up a couple (#####) witch I’ll get a 3 or 4 hundred percent mark up in no time. look if Obama dose get some type of ban it will get over turned. because just like last time every one will get off they’re bottoms and vote. all the wile gun prices will just keep going up. look its just not big money not like a house or car. very low up keep just buy a gun once in a wile, set on it then sell it. I’m no big time dealer its all friends and people I know can leagly own one. it pays for all my boy toys so my wife loves it. the fact I make my own money for gun play, playing with guns is a blessing lol.

  410. Joey (#541),

    When I was down in Georgia, I saw the same thing. When I was unemployed a few years ago, I was surprised to see how little effort some of the people put into finding a new job and expected the unemployment office to find one for them. Some of them were working on trying to get welfare and other sources of Gov’t assistance and were only “looking” for a job until they got on the dole. Most of them would only have a couple of entries on their job search records while I would have six to seven of them completed from and back of the course of a month between check-ins.

  411. @ Steve : you are right, there are a lot of black people that just want to work and live peacefully but as you said most are or come from military families.

  412. Ladies and gentlemen (I use those terms very liberally), Is it at all possible for some of you to go back to elementary school and learn proper grammar and spelling? Really, if you want to air your opinions you would be better served to present yourselves as “literate” in the basic sense.
    Poor grammar and the use of expletives and ebonics only serves to mark one as illiterate and therefore irrelevant. It also plays very well into the hands of “progressives” who LOVE to hate gun owners, and wish to paint us all as toothless, brain dead rubes.
    Arm yourselves with whatever weapon you wish……but don’t forget to “armor up” with basic writing , reading and communicative skills, or no one will listen to a word you have to say. Read my comments on paragraph #368, and you ‘ll see what I mean.

  413. I’ve always been a collector, but you don’t have to be a “gun nut” to see that guns are like precious metals. They’re a form of currency, that won’t be affected be economic collapse. With sales booming in America, our country grows stronger every day. If anything, our government should support this. Our nation will only remain free as long as our public is armed. In countries that have gun control, the violence is rampant and the people can’t defend themselves against it. I hate radical groups that spread rhetoric of any kind, whether it be extreme right wing or left wing. What I fear most, is that liberals will succeed in destroying our nation with their constant raving for gun control. We should never elect officials to office that are in agreement with this way of thinking. We’d all be safer, if gun safety was taught in school to our children. That way, movies wouldn’t be the only firearms education our children have. Everyone should respect a firearm, but no one should fear them. No gun has ever sprouted legs and walked out and killed anyone. Lack of education on firearms, is responsible for most accidental shootings. Just FYI, guns are not even in the top fifty causes of death. Doctors and cars are much more dangerous and should be cause for concern to idiots that want to point fingers. Inanimate objects, should never be blamed for their misuse.

  414. Some for fun some for hunting and some for SHTF (hoping the third is unnecessary) but as ex military, part time redneck, part time biker and full time dad I dont like to be caught with my pants down.

  415. Joey, I think you are being a bit naive about Obama and the Second Amendment. He has had Hillary Clinton commit to getting the UN Small Arms Treaty passed. Interpol was already given jurisdiction in the US with full cooperation. These things are easily verified. AS far as the safety nets, there is a need for reform. I live and work in a small southern community where I see welfare recipients buy brand new cars, while those working have junk heaps. There are many who are using the system, that need a kick out. Granted there is a need, but give to those that truly need. You need to do a lot of research and wake up and smell the coffee.

  416. Hey Tim (#533),

    Don’t worry about the types like Say Nay, he doesn’t speak for all. One of my military buddies from Bama married an fine lady from the hood of LA who we served with. She believed like Say Nay until she joined the USAF and met him. Now she’s a fine southern lady who likes to hunt and all. The worst part was her parents told her she was a sell out and disowned her for marrying a “southern whiteboy”. His folks, on the other hand, welcomed her with open arms. She’s hard working, God-fearing, and worried about the nation she believes in.

  417. Miss nay nay (516)
    It was not the white man that first enslaved the Africans as tribal warfare always resulted the losing tribes women and children being enslaved to the winners after most of their men were killed. Slavery also allowed Africans to go from the jungle to the civilized world faster than any culture has in history. Would you trade being here in America today (enjoying MC Donalds and Wal Mart,food stamps and welfare, etc), just as much a citizen as anyone else, for slavery to have never happened and you and your family would still be in what ever region of Africa your lineage originated from? Even if it were Siera Leone or other places where even today blacks are killing, raping and hacking each other to death with no help from the white man? Even in this country gang related and “BLACK ON BLACK CRIME” accounts for the vast majority of urban homicide, 228 so far this year in Chicago alone. Even here you threaten violence, So how far from the jungle have you really come?

    It is a shame that you are so willing to sacrifice Mr. Zimmerman (who is half Latino)as THIS country was founded on the premise that “it is better ten guilty men go free, than one innocent man lose his freedom”. Mr. Zimmerman is not going to be convicted of the current charge as the information filed was flawed and information withheld. As stated previously herein Master martin was NOT the 12 year old riding a horsey, but a tattooed, 6’2″ young man who went by the alias of “wild nigga”. He saw a little white guy following him, so he doubled back and confronted Mr. Zimmerman as he was returning to his vehicle. The broken nose and abrasions to the back of his head are clear indications that loss of consciousness was conceivable if not imminent which is considered a life threatening situation.

    As for taking this country or anything else from me Miss nay nay please come knock on my door and i will be happy to receive you.

  418. Obama stated that he would like to build a civilian force armed as good as the military when he was running for president. He also does not beleive that the average Joe should be able to own a gun or defend themself. Look at his voting record in Chicago. I can oviously see who Obama hangs with, and if only his liberal and radical friends can have happens, then I feel it is my right to be able to defend myself. Any moron can look at the Chicago and see the ridculous gun laws that they continue to place in affect and see where Obama truly stands when it comes to the right to bear arms. Wake up America!

  419. To be honest, I don’t think Obama is going to crack down on guns. But I think that there are a lot of misinformed people in this country that believe the unfounded claims of their “leaders”. Obama is scary because of the drone strikes and kill list. Romney is scary because he wants to end the social safety nets(and if that happens more and more people will turn to crime to make a living). I want to be ready when one of these terrible political parties decides to make its move and take over the country.

  420. Guns are and have been great investments, especially commeneratives. Guns also have utility value. I think the government is and has not been caring about enforcing may laws and it appears to me one may have to defend themselves considering it appears things are not getting better as far as the border and the threat of gang growth not to mention possible political upheaval. The police cannot and will not come before a crime is committed as they are charged and empowered to act afterwards so bottom line is you may have to protect yourself and family. I would also admit to the fact if I had not had a gun on more than one occassion I might not be alive right now. I worked in the railroad yard of west Oakland for years which was a magnet for the shall we say least law abiding citizens. Guns are insurance and security. As a military retiree and 2nd amendment supporter guns are second nature and provides sport and competative events as well as security twenty four seven as they say.

  421. I’m afraid of the political environment both ours and the United Nations. My priority at the moment is buying ammunition because I think that is the area the gun haters will prioritize in their effort to deny citizens their Constitutional rights.

  422. @say nay: if it wasn’t for whites y’all blacks would be in Africa where they’re to damn lazy to hunt the abundant wildlife, stinking like shit,hungry,filthy,aids infested and swatting flies of your asses……well ok the only thing that has really changed is we moved you from Africa lmfao!!!!! But i agree that it’s totally the white mans fault…. If you go to Walmart and buy a t.v. That won’t work you don’t go buy 500 more! The second load of slaves should have been sunk. 10 of YOU PEOPLE can’t run a damn McDonald’s but one of you is running the country wtf!!!!

  423. I want a stock of guns and ammo because I fear an economic collapse of this country and I refuse to be a victim of those rioting in the streets. Additionally, like others, I intend to uphold the Constitution of this country against those currently in power who would tear down this country and impose socialism to the maximum.

    If all this fails to happen, guns are a good investment. They will never be worth nothing….

  424. I buy guns for my three grown sons and me for sport shooting. They can’t afford, yet, to buy what interests them but I can. Truthfully, I enjoy reloading so much I don’t mind picking up new calibers just so I can reload them. On an afternoon at the range the boys can burn 400-500 rounds so I stay busy at the reloading bench. It’s a good combination…they love to shoot and I love to supply the ammo.

    The other reason I buy guns is the current administration’s position on firearms. We all remember the assault weapons ban of the Clinton administration so I’ve made sure I picked up a couple AR’s and a bunch of 30 round mags.

  425. In my home I have a Glock 27 .40 cal with laser for my CC weapon. My wife has a Bersa Thunder .380 with laser for her CC weapon. I also have a Kel Tec Sub2000 in .40 cal and will shortly be getting a Mossberg 12 Gauge with folding stock. Why??? I will not be a victim. There is a lack of respect for human life in our current society and the laws are vague and unequal in their application. I would prefer to plead my case in court than have my family crying at my funeral because some scumbag wanted something of mine. I am stocking up on ammo ahead of the election because I sincerely feel that if Obama is elected again he will push his anti-gun agenda…something he has hesitated to do to date so as to help him get re-elected. I will not be unarmed nor disarmed.

  426. I bought my first gun after I retired from the Marines. I did not grow up with guns and my first personal experience with a firearm of any type was in the Navy 66-70. From small arms to the 40 mm AAs and 5″ on the aft gun deck, I learned them all. Back then it was 1911s, M1s, Thompsons, BARs and shotguns. Later in the Marines, 70-96, it was 1911s, Garands, BARs, M-3 (sub gun), Thompsons, M-14s, M-16s and more. I managed to keep a 1911 rather than switch to the M-9 used today. I was an Aviation Ordnanceman and in the early days each squadron maintained its own armory and so everything from WWI and II weapons still in inventory to the latest acquisition was there for training for the few who could access them and those with interest beyond required qualification and training. Of course in the Marines if you can’t shoot you might as well get out, your useless, so marksmanship and training is a big deal. As such I never felt the need to own one prior to retiring. I was lucky enough to be a member of the rifle/pistol team at my base and shoot in competition for a year as my job allowed.

    After retiring and becoming empty nesters, I had both the resources and the free time for the first time so I started with a used Colt Delta Elite 1911 in 10MM that had been converted to a bullseye gun. The barrel bushing was so tight it was hard to turn with a wrench, was a tack driver and I was hooked. Then came a new Springfield 1911 in 45, an M1A made mostly from GI parts when they were still using new old stock and the original tooling bought from the government owned Springfield armory. Soon there were a succession of WWII vintage weapons, Rugers, 870s and more. All this started as a hobby to support my love of the challenge of marksmanship and competition. I began reloading, first in 45 ACP, then 308, 30-06 and 30 Carbine as a means to afford to shoot more.

    During this time I became more politically aware and with the new freedom of retirement I could assume more than the neutral position required by our oath of office. The pressure of the proposed Clinton gun bans that failed and the eventual ones that succeeded caused me to become more active from a different point of view in addition to leisure pursuits.

    Today I am completely retired from a second career and have more time than ever plus I am blessed with access (finally) with access to great outdoor and indoor shooting opportunities in a state that supports gun rights again. Originally I loaded/reloaded to shoot, today I shoot to reload/load. While I enjoy the vintage firearms in my small collection, I seldom shoot them and my efforts are concentrated in the areas of personal protection and preparedness. While old enough and fortunate enough to have grown up in a time when we took guns for granted; high school boys often drove to school with weapons and ammo in their vehicles, especially during deer season for which the first day was a legal day off from school to the high school shooting team carrying weapons in and out of school on their shoulder; to todays crazy environment of home invasions even in rural areas and political correctness my reasons have changed somewhat, but never my interest. Over the years I did a little IPSC, Bullseye, pin shooting and 3 gun when it first started. The training and experience teaches one more than can be expressed and adds wonderful value to a fulfilling life while building confidence in ability. I was one of the first to receive a CCW permit in NC, suffered through 7 years in CA without one and am glad to once again have one in NV.

    Fortunately I have enough experience and skills to do things many can’t. I do a little gun smithing for myself and family, have taken to building my own ARs and 1911 style guns, etc. I’m too old and beat up to do all the running and gunning, I can still practice needed skills, acquire new ones and cherish my CC permit every day. So, like many I assume, my reasons are many rather than one for buying weapons. While I feel all the different reasons are valid, the bottom line is I would buy, train, practice and practice the Second Amendment even if I had no interest in using them or felt completely safe. In fact, the more our politicians try to limit our rights and ruin our country, the more I will insist on using my 2d Amendment rights. It unlikely my interest will ever wane but it is impossible to not be involved. The day may come when the engineering, practical and aesthetic aspects no longer impel me to buy them, but the political and personal need only grows stronger. I’m already studying techniques needed to safely and effectively survive from a wheelchair should that day come. I may be packing a suppressed 22 Mag pistol in the pouch in my chair but I will always have something, just because the surest way to preserve our rights is to use them safely and responsibly every day.

  427. Yossarian (#525),

    You’re right, Maryland is not alone in this and you only have to look at California, New York, and Illinois just to name a few more examples of what we are talking about. New York especially when you see the nonsense Bloomburg and Couamo are doing.

  428. I had a neighbor move into my complex from Detroit, he was already into guns and so my interest grew from that. Also seeing with my own eyes the new technology that exists and is growing that used to be what people thought to be a rumor is in now in existence, the over-ride of the Constitution, those that cause havoc dealing with the 4th and 5th amendment that are not part of the actual gathering, the 2nd amendment taken away in the Katrina exercise, weather making towers etc and on and on.

  429. I lived in San Francisco in 1978 when former City Councilman Dan White broke into the S.F. City Hall and murdered Councilman Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone. I didn’t particularly care about Moscone or White. What I DID care about was the aftermath.

    The death of the Mayor allowed uber-Liberal Dianne Feinstein, President of the City Council, to automatically become Mayor of San Francisco. As such, she immediately ordered that ALL FIREARMS within the City Limits of San Francisco be surrendered to the local Police Department or to City Hall. NO EXCEPTIONS! Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, EVERYTHING.

    The ACLU and dozens of Lawyers filed lawsuits protesting the, obviously, illegal order. It was overturned very quickly but not before tens of thousands of weapons were turned in by all of the LEMMINGS that feared the government.

    Feinstein made a really big deal thanking all of the good citizens who turned in their weapons. They were photographed on the steps of the City Hall before being taken to some scrap metal yard to be crushed and shredded and then floated out to sea on a barge and dumped in a “secret” location.

    It was then that I started accumulating firearms and ammunition. I’m not a nut and I’m not wealthy but I have a WHOLE LOT OF RIFLES, SHOTGUNS AND HANDGUNS plus enough AMMO to hold off a small army for quite a while. I don’t publicize it or tell my friends. I buy the guns only from private individuals and buy the ammo with cash (no credit cards) at local gun shows.


  430. Steve S,(#514) Maryland is not alone in this, how about DC? They have one party rule there, with city councilmen regularly taken to prison for various forms of corruption. Marion Barry is still in the mix if you can believe it. The one constant is that they have the magical “D” after their name. US cities have long been under the thumb of the Dems, and we are seeing the effects of this blind allegiance.

  431. More people were murdered by their own governments in the last century than were killed by criminals in all of recorded history.
    That pretty much shows where the real danger lies. And with our present Usurper-in-Chief, I fear for our country like never before.
    I served as a Naval Aviator and a Federal Flight Deck Officer (carrying a weapon in the cockpit of the airline) to defend against terrorists.
    I carry everyday everywhere now in order to counter the terrorism that might come FROM the Whitehouse.

  432. I have owned guns all my life, grew up hunting, two tours w/USMC in Vietnam. I find recent reports of United Nations intent to try to limit ownership of semi and full auto weapons has somewhat disturbing since this also has support of our State Department, Justice and the President. Combine this with a Spineless House of Representatives and a Senate controlled by Harry and you have a recipee for disaster. Under our Constitution this can not happen but under the Obama rule anything goes and to Hell with the Constitution. This is not based on annonymous e-mails or innuendo, this is fact and therefor I am purchasing gigh capacity magazines, semi-auto weapons from private owners to avoid registration, large caliber high power rifles, scopes and rounds by the case. I will not be left without the means to defend my family and my property, I have a Concealed Carry Permit and own several very lethal easily concealable handguns. Anyone who thinks their rights are safe just needs to look at events of the past few weeks.

  433. For dannyb who claims those of us who fear the government are a bunch of ignorant uninformed scare-mongers… I’ve got news for you. I not only served in the military for many years and as an armed Federal Flight Deck Officer, but I lived, worked, and lectured in New York, Washington, Geneva, Paris, Lisbon, Brussels, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Germany, and China. Plus I served as a volunteer lobbyist at the United Nations and attended meetings on international small-arms limitations. Believe me… there is a movement of gargantuan proportion to disarm every man and woman on the face of the earth! And is it targeting the USA as the starting point since we have the most guns. We need to be very afraid of this effort! It IS real, it IS well funded, and it IS powerful! Our God-given, natural, unalienable, right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense is being threatened as never before! An armed populace is a free country! We must protect our right to have guns!

  434. Say Nay (#516),

    Be careful what you wish for as the “leaders” you feel will remake this country might remake it in a fashion that does not have your best interests in mind. If you give someone absolute power to do such a thing than you might find that person has become absolutely corrupted by that power.

  435. Why I have bought firearms? Well that is a question with many answers. First off, crime is on the increase, and without adequate protection, you are nothing more than a victim. The police do what they can, but it is an overwhelming problem, only exasperated by budget cuts leaving a lot of the “Thin Blue Line” stretched thin or out of work. Our local response time is as much as 20 minutes. Second, we have a President that has not acted like the Constitutional intellectual he would like people to think he is. He has been instrumental in increasing governmental powers over the people, even more so than Bush.

    “What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty…. Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.” (Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, spoken during floor debate over the Second Amendment [ I Annals of Congress at 750 {August 17, 1789}])

    “…to disarm the people – that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 380)

    “As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the article in their right to keep and bear their private arms.” (Tench Coxe in `Remarks on the First Part of the Amendments to the Federal Constitution’ under the Pseudonym `A Pennsylvanian’ in the Philadelphia Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789 at 2 col. 1)

    America is on the road to slavery, something that was abolished, but now due to the greed and ego of the politicians that feel superior than it’s constituents, we are losing what was once the bastion of freedom. People are scared of what the future holds, and they are doing what Americans do when they see trouble on the horizon, they are arming, preparing and praying. Let’s hope that this is for naught, and America will get her house in order. But it looks as if it is almost too late.

  436. I’m stocking up because a civil war and gun confiscation is just over the horizon barring a miracle. I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States when in the military and I never renounced it after I was discharged.

  437. My dad took me hunting so as an adult I’ve always owned a few guns. One or two hand guns, one shotgun, two rifles, rarely shot them. After Missouri passed the CCW laws I decided I should arm myself. My old 1911 .45 was too bulky and unreliable for C/C so I bought another handgun, refurbished my old one. As a responsible adult I took This C/C stuff seriously. I knew I needed training much more comprehensive than that req. for C/C and beyond just hitting the target. Mental and emotional discipline are vital, as is After Incident knowledge. The political class on the Left has for decades tried to regulate gun ownership into extention as they have done in Brition and Australia with devastating results to the people. The current Administration intends the same for US by any means necessary, Constitution, Bill of Rights be damned. As evidence I submit The UN Small Arms Treaty,Agenda 21,Fast&Furious,ect. An unarmed man is a subject not a citizen, that’s why I am now well armed. 2 AR’s,Glock,Kimber,S&W,and thousands of rounds,more coming. The oath I took in 1968 is still in effect. I’ll die on my feet before I serve on my knees!!!!

  438. You fools don’t deserve “freedom” you made black people into slaves and never apologized for it. Then you segregated them for decades after slavery was “abolished”, that’s why Zimmerman in Florida is going to pay the price! (Let’s just call it an “example lynching” you know? To keep whites in line? And also to kind of “pay them back” for all of the black lynchings that have ALWAYS happened! You know…to keep Blacks in line?) AND YOU KNOW WHO AINT GONNA DO NOTHIN ‘BOUT IT? Mr. Eric Holder, another “BROTHER EXTRORDINAIRE”. Blacks have now taken over the White House and don’t intend to give it back till this country has undergone the “profound, fundamental change” that Barack promised. It’s BLACKS TURN for the next 200 YEARS!!! Barack can do it and one more term should be enough! “Obama-care” will NEVER be repealed, and through AND by “Obama-care” blacks will “ruin” this country as ya’ll know it and then rebuild it the Black People’s way!
    Ya’ll are just jealous of the black leaders like Jessie Jackson, Van Jones, Al Sharpton, Emanual Cleaver and others because of their leadership and you are forced to sit by and watch them TAKE this country from you…AND IT DRIVES YOU MAD! (As the New Black Panther Party said at the polling places last time, billy clubs in hand, “We ‘gonna TAKE this one!”)

  439. My first gun a Beretta PX4 Storm .40S&W was for home protection. I had never felt the need until crime started to come closer to my home. The PX4 felt comfortable to hold and I wanted the extra power of the 40. My gun shop was very helpful in the selection process and I like the choice. My second purchase is a SIG 250SC 9mm which I bought after I received my carry permit. Awesome little handgun that never missfeeds or jams. I enjoyed both so much at the range that I purchased a CZ 75B 9mm just because I read and was told it is one of the great handguns. It is very accurate and easy to control. I am concerned that the anti-gun groups can’t tell the difference between legal gun ownership and those that own guns illegally and use them the same way. It isn’t the gun that’s the problem it’s the user. I expect that as with most government issues today they will find some dumb way to control gun purchases and it will cost us all more money.

  440. Wyatt (#513),

    It’s not a amazing as you would think. I have a co-worker that complains about how the Democrats, who control the Governor’s masion and Assembly here in Maryland, and how much they keep raising taxes but still will not consider voting for anyone who does not have a “(D)” after their name.

  441. I have been reading and enjoying all the different reasons to buy firearms and ammo.

    There are some very common denominators.

    What I find amazing here is the amount of people who say they are liberals and are pro gun. I find it amazing because of the fact that the people they vote for are the same people who are trying to take their gun rights away and they do not seem to realize that. Simply amazing!

  442. I buy guns for several reasons. One, because George Soro’s and his buddies are buying up manufacturers just to close them down. That goes to reason number two, prices are going up, so its better to buy what I can now, instead of waiting. My Garand has practically doubled in value in the last year, primarily because our beloved comander in shit banned the re-importation of a million of these fine weapons from South Korea. A weapon of this historic value should NEVER have been banned from law abiding citizens. His reasoning? He didn’t want them to end up in gang members hands. What a fricken joke, I can see a gang member doing a drive-by with a semi-automatic weapon that weighs almost 10#. He’s a mentally difficient individual if he really believes this excuse made it past Americans.
    Last I can say that I honestly love the feel of a gun in my hand, I love the smell of it being fired, I love cleaning it after shooting it. My daughters are getting to have my enthusiasm, and I think thats just great. As a matter of fact we’re going shooting now. God Bless and keep the Second Amendment strong with your children.

  443. Exercise your rights, or don’t worry about it and they will disappear. I buy guns because If stupid people are armed, than smart people would be stupid not to be armed as well!

  444. Over the years I have been an avid outdoorsman.Since the Gov’t has been changing their position on firearms ownership,I have been changing my arsenal to accomodate any situation that arises.The times coming for the Gov’t scum,both local,state and fed, to have their asses handed to them.Do your planning and get prepared.Civil War is coming!BUCKOFAMA

  445. Peter (#503),

    Look up the recent leak of documents related to this administration’s negatiations with serveral asiac nations over Free-Trade deals. If the leaked documents are true, under these treaties US-based companies would still be have to follow all US laws, regs, and environmental policies. However, foreign companies would have the right to challenge these same laws, regs, and policies to an international tribunal and have sanction imposed on the US should the Government not comply with the tribunal’s rulings.

  446. Just expressing my right as a law bidding American to possess firearms for hunting and shooting protection or what ever. And the fact that the president (for now) is gonna try and take that freedom away from me, my family and every law abiding citizen in America. lets face it, the man is a communist !

  447. We will need to protect our self and our family’s. When the government gets to big and starts to take over every thing. You don’t have to look to hard to see this happening. We need small government. Keep the power in the peoples hands not the governments. Change is coming my friends arm your self, before its to late. Obama and his administration has there own agenda for us! Watch your backs and keep your powder dry you will need it. GOD BLESS!

  448. Larry (#502),

    The reason the media is showing the younger and more innocent-looking photo is because it evokes an emotional response from people and makes what happened seem more like a tragedy so certain people and groups can dishonor him by using his memory to score political points. I don’t envy Mr. Zimmerman, even if he is found not guilty, he will be punished by some parts of society and forced to relive the events of that night over and over again.

  449. I buy guns because it is a constitutional duty of any military aged man not currently serving to do so, and to know how to use them properly and effectively.

  450. I love guns! that pretty much sums it up, i buy guns for the plain an simple fact of liking them, and how much fun they are to shoot!

  451. check out “En route to Global Occupation” by Gary Kah Dept of Treasury Officer who left after he did his own investigation. Scary