Suomi 9mm KP-31 Parts Kit – WX-114

I just opened the box on this Suomi KP-31 parts kit. I breathed in the essence of cosmoline, instantly taken back to my days of cleaning friend’s SKSs and Mosins. Someone should make a cosmoline-scented candle, you know for the guys. What I found inside was not any great surprise. This is a parts kit.

All the parts are in good shape, especially the heat-shrouded barrel. The wooden stock was well packed and in good condition. As with all wood packed in cosmoline, it will need to be cleaned. I usually use oven cleaner to draw out the cosmoline on many wood rifle stocks. However, some people prefer to leave it in the wood for better preservation.

My big question was how bad the receiver cut was. Would this still be a good wall hanger? In its original state, this gun was similar to the Soviet PPSH. Like the PePeShaw, it was fully automatic. In one word, the receiver is toast. They didn’t use a cutting blade, they used some short of torch because the ends are completely destroyed. While this makes it available to ship directly to the buyer, the receiver is not even able to serve as a wall hanger part. Again, this is a parts kit.

For those lucky ones that own a completed version of this weapon, you are in luck. These parts are in good shape and may not be around much longer. If you wanted, you might be able to fabricate a fake receiver just for display purposes, but you will need to be handy with the tools. If you were able to do so, it would make a great conversation piece.

Finally, it may make a great kit for the young gunsmith in your life. In its condition, it would be a good supervised training tool as to how a gun works. Due to receiver, it will not shoot and thus is completely safe. However, the parts have rough edges and as stated, this would be a great father-son or father-daughter learning kit. So pick one up and play in the cosmoline this weekend. One more whiff of the box and this one is back to the warehouse.

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