Sun Optics Green/Red Dot Sight Product Review SCP-930

The Sun Optics tactical electronic dot sight accommodates for both low-light and bright-light shooting situations.  It has green and red range finding IR reticles with eight brightness settings in a durable, affordable package that includes a mount and ring. For both daytime and nighttime shooting, the Sun Optics tactical electronic dot sight fulfills both target and self-defense shooting situations. The rheostat has 12 adjustments. The green reticle has five different brightness levels and the red reticle has four. There are three clicks between the green and red reticles without any illumination.

The rheostat is stiff to adjust, which means the recoil of your gun will not affect the brightness settings, but turns steadily and easily.

Included is a 30mm, medium ring mount. After mounting on your gun, you can adjust for windage and elevation. The elevation adjustment knob is on the top of the dot sight, while the windage is on the right side. So you do not lose your turret caps, there is an attached turret strap connecting both the windage and elevation knobs.

Both lenses have flip-up lens caps to protect the multi-coated lenses.

In a completely dark room, with the door open to let in a hallway light, the lowest red setting allows enough light transmission to see my target. The second to lowest red works as well, but not as precisely. Green was too bright for the dark room.

In bright sunlight, out to 80 yards, the two red brightest settings spotted my target perfectly, while every green setting worked.

I was pleasantly surprised at the Sun Optics durable construction and electronics. My other cheap red dot-only sight costs just a few bucks less than the Sun Optics red/green dot sight and is so shoddy, the dot disappears. Recoil does not affect the Sun Optics sight and the brightness settings stay consistent. However, there is a noticeable glare and the clarity of the lens is not top-notch. There is a pinkish/purplish tint to the glass.

The ranging finding reticle is something to get used to as I typically use a single red dot. Some of the brightness settings are too intense for close quarters. Experimenting in a low-lit room with a lot of ambient light, the second to lowest red setting was perfect. Lining up the cross hairs on the range-finding IR reticle was quick and easy and made for accurate shots.

Included in the package are the sight, ring and mount, and instructions on sighting in, and an Allen key for mounting Pros: recoilproof, maintains its brightness intensity, perfect amount of brightness levels, price Cons: no anti-reflection coating, light transmission, reticle is a bit big

Sun Optics Specifications and Features

  • 30mm tube
  • Green range finding IR reticle
  • Waterproof, shockproof, fogproof, and magnum proof
  • HD multi-coated lenses
  • Nitrogen-filled
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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