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Stuff Those Stockings with Care, and Magazines!

Black Magpul PMAG Gen 3 AR-15 rifle magazine.

Ahhh… there is nothing like going to the range and knowing you don’t have to waste your time reloading. A bag full of pre-loaded magazines is the perfect companion to any range day. Keeping a good-sized stock of loaded magazines is also good for a SHTF scenario. There is no evidence that storing magazines loaded will have any effect on the life of the spring. There are stories of 1911s finding their way home from World War II, and cycling perfectly after 50 years of storing old ball ammunition in the guns. Some people will say it is a good idea to store the magazines with two rounds short of capacity, but there is debate if this has any effect at all.

Mag Magpul PMAG 30 AR-15
Mag Magpul PMAG 30 AR-15

So, keeping a bag of ammunition with full magazines handy is perfectly fine. It is also easier to put into use should the apocalypse finally arrive, and it is handy way to keep your ammunition safely stored. Magazines can be expensive however. For the AR-15, I prefer the Magpul PMAGS, they are well-built, they help my AR cycle perfectly, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Having a full combat load of 210 rounds in magazines will cost you just over 100 bucks for seven mags. That’s six in your vest and one in the rifle. It seems to me to be a small price to pay to be combat ready. Have you ever tried to do any shooting while carrying lose rounds around with you? It’s pretty silly. So get that special someone some magazines this year. They fit perfectly in a stocking and are always a welcome sight to any shooter. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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