Student Banned from Prom Because of Drama Department Prop Gun

A student in Center, Texas, may be shut out of his prom on May 19 because he accidentally carried a prop gun out of the drama department, KSLA-TV reports.

Center High School juniors and seniors will go to prom Saturday night, but Center High School Student Avery Tindol will not be among them because of an incident involving a toy gun, according to the Shreveport, Louisiana television station. Center is located near Toledo Bend Reservoir on the Texas/Louisiana border.

Tindol says he and other students were cleaning out the drama room’s prop closet when he was handed a toy gun before the bell rang dismissing class. “I realized I had it in my pocket and as soon as a did I took it out to give it to the guy that gave it to me, and a teacher ran up and grabbed my arm,” says Tindol.

The Center, Texas school board told Tindol that he would not be allowed to go to prom because of what happened in October. Tindol was suspended for three days while administration investigated. Tindol’s name was cleared following the investigation.

But a rule in the high school’s handbook says after suspensions, administrators can decide what school activities a student can participate in. “I was shocked, I figured they would be on my side,” says Tindol.

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  1. What’s going to happen to the teachers (if that’s what you want to call them) what’s going to happen to the people in charge of ordering the PROPS for the school to use in DRAMA CLASS?????? OOOOH, And the PRINCIPAL? What about him? If they are PROPS they should have looked like PROPS and the so CALLED TEACHER OF THE DAY that grabbed the kid by the arms would have known that it was a PROP since the BELL HAD JUST RANG DISMISSING THE DRAMA CLASS???? Maybe the teachers should be made to go to CLASSES to INFORM THEM THE dif. between REAL FIREARMS AND PROPS!!!!!! AND THE PROPS AT SCHOOL SHOULD LOOK LIKE PROPS!!!!!
    LET THE KID GO TO THE PROM TUFF GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is outrageous and seems to be in violation of his basic civil rights. It has nothing to do with guns or firearms law at all since it was a prop and was not used in any visible or threatening manner. As such, and with some irony perhaps, this is not a case that should be taken up by the NRA, but instead by the ACLU. Though pro-gunners may take issue with that organization, they do much good in protecting fundamental civil rights and this is a perfect case for them to prosecute. I hope they hear this and consider taking the case.

  3. Stupid is as stupid does, when it comes to “education” and zero tolerance rules. In this asinine game of total over reaction to stuff we all grew up with, kids have been taken out in handcuffs, expelled or suspended for such dangerous stuff as drawings of a soldier with weapons, clearly plastic, obviously toy guns, to the ridiculousness of a kid pretending a chicken finger chunk was a gun and going “bang” at a classmate.
    Take your schools back, people, they’re indoctrination centers for the future leftist generation.
    Click the name.

  4. I find it hard to believe this has taken place in Texas.
    I’m not a great fancier of the Governor, but perhaps he could have helped right a non-judicially tainted wrong by having the ?errant? student accompanied to the prom by a Texas Ranger.

  5. Texas is a Great state, like most states there are at tha mercy of people that are givin a job or possition they are not qualified to have, ( Affirmitive Action) Qualifications; color, sex, race, ability to speak some English….educated optional…


  6. That’s Texas for you, One stupid decision after another! I agree with bill if the student was punished then the teacher in charge of the play and the principal of the school who is responsible for everything that happen on campus should also be punished for violations of Texas state law that state no firearm of any sort or Facsimile of shall be allowed to be carried and/or in the possession of any person while on school grounds. This is a Felony under Texas law so why was the student the only one to be punished and why is it not being prosecuted by the state attorney general now that it is? Only in Texas my friends

  7. If the TOY GUN was already in the school..It was evidently cleared by someone
    within the school. Overly paranoid people within the school should have been
    made aware of that FACT. Punishing a student for that OVERSIGHT is just a way
    for the school to cover their —. LET THE STUDENT ATTEND HIS PROM…He has
    evidently earned that right by being eligeble to BE THERE.

  8. I think that if there is a “ZERO” tolerence on guns in school, then tha Principal, tha teacher in charge of tha “Drama” dept. should be arrested, procicuted, and givin a Ten year sentence….after all, whats tha point of haveing rules, if tha people who write them are not held accountable to them as well?

    Wild Bill

  9. If He was cleared, what’s tha issue?…It was a Damn Toy, Hey ! Wait just a M-Fn minute, tha Gun was already in tha school !…so who allowed that? People bragg about our school system, but yet we see this kind of stupidity on a daily basis, what has happened to our teachers?

    Wild Bill

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