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New Targets: Sticky Note Targets and Zombie Bunnies

In my never-ending search for new and exciting targets to shoot up at the range, I stumbled across Champion’s 2012 catalog, chock-full of new paper and reactive targets. I am especially excited about the brand new Re-stick, Visicolor® zombie “cute animal” variety pack, and the practice precision targets. All of Champion’s paper targets are made in the U.S.A., which draws even more appeal for me.

Re-Stick Targets

The same folks who make Post-It Notes make Champion’s Re-Stick™ Targets. And I love me some Post-It Notes. I swear I’d lose my head if I didn’t Post-It Note to keep it with me, so these Champion Re-Stick targets are perfect! If you are anything like me, you get bored shooting at the same old target all the time. These Re-Stick targets give you the option to shoot it up a bit, and then re-stick it back to the pad it comes on. Just like a pad of paper, or like a pad of Post-It Notes. Genius! The sticky back also means you don’t have to keep tape, staples, or tacks with you in your range bag. The Re-Stick targets come in 11 different varieties, including sight-in, traditional bullseye, turkey head, and deer vitals. The Re-Stick targets are traditional paper targets without a reactive effect when hit and come in a pad of 25 sheets. Champion tells me that we will see the sticky backs and pads in the zombie targets and even the Visicolor in the future. Champion has clearly come out with an innovative product that is sure to grow. I’ll bet you five bucks other target companies jump on the bandwagon.


Champion’s zombie targets differ from other brand’s zombie targets, as Champion takes great efforts in providing a photo-realistic target. Champion uses digital imagery to create their zombie targets. The heads on the zombie react with a “radiation” green, while the bodies explode in fluorescent yellow. Misses and wrong hits to hostages react white. Champion has really caught on to shooters wanting variety. The variety packs of zombie targets help us save money when we don’t want to shoot the same zombie clown over and over again. I particularly like the “cute animal” variety pack. It comes in a pack of six targets, two targets each of a zombie prairie dog, a zombie bunny, and a zombie squirrel. Perfect practice with my S&W M&P 15-22 for the zombie apocalypse and for varmint hunting. Or zombie varmint hunting!

Practice Targets

Since I really get the most joy out of shooting my rifle lately, I look for targets that will help me become a better shooter. This means I look for targets that are both challenging and fun. I obviously have fun covered with my zombie Visicolor targets, but Champion’s new practice targets combine both fun with practical. The practice targets are available in three different varieties: life-size turkey, which is 11-inches by 16-inches, precision fly target, and precision bug target, which are both 11-inches by 17-inches. Life-sized turkey is a 12-pack of targets, while the two precision targets come in a 25 pack.

The precision fly and bug targets will help with my concentration at the range by providing a challenging and unique target. Using full color, photo-realistic depictions of bugs and flies of different sizes, these paper targets also feature a score guide if you want to play against friends. Personally, I’m going to use them to practice perfect shot placement. The practice targets are made of 60-pound durable paper.

Champion’s new 2012 product line also includes new steel reactive and pop-up targets, ballistic shooting glasses, a Ruger 10/22 folding stock, a pivoting bipod, and new range bags. Be sure to check out all of our gear from Champion.

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  1. These are so cool! I’m rushing out in a buying frenzy – hope my crusty old RO lets me hang em out there!

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