Steyr Arms to Unveil New AUG/A3 Next Week

Steyr Aug

Steyr Arms will offer the first showing of the newest version of the AUG/A3 SA rifle at the 2012 Bullpup Shoot, to be held Sept. 29-30 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. While Steyr Arms began shipping its new AUG/A3 SA USA to dealers late last month, unless you pre-ordered a rifle, it’s unlikely that you’ll see one on the dealer’s wall anytime soon. But you’ll have a chance to see, hold and even fire the AUG/A3 SA USA on the line at the 2012 Bullpup Shoot. If you want to shoot the guns, Steyr Arms will have loaded magazines available for a small donation, and all proceeds will go directly to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. And, if you’re the one lucky shooter who wins the drawing at the conclusion of the Saturday events, you could take an AUG/A3 SA USA home.

Open to the public, this event will also offer a free bullpup-tactics seminar on Saturday Sept. 29. It will be conducted by Steyr’s strategic training partner, Khyber Interactive Associates.

“We are extremely excited to attend the 2012 Bullpup Shoot and spend some time with the ever-growing bullpup community,” said Scott O’Brien, Steyr Arms CEO. “Wes has an amazing bullpup seminar planned, and we’re grateful for him generously providing his time and knowledge to the attendees.

Steyr Aug
Steyr Aug

Khyber Interactive Associates founder and instructor Wes Doss will conduct the free bullpup-oriented tactics seminar on Saturday afternoon. This seminar is a combative-oriented review designed for personnel who are looking for enhanced knowledge and skills of the tactical carbine, specifically the bullpup platform and its application at ranges from contact distance out to no greater than 50 yards.

The course focuses on techniques that have an array of applications for the bullpup system, including patrol operations, emergency response, close-quarters deployment and intermediate-range applications. The course is designed to provide a high degree of personal development topics concentrating on those areas that will enable the professional to become a more effective operator.

Schedule permitting, Doss has planned a series of live-fire exercises for pre-registered attendees after the open seminar concludes. These shooters must bring their own firearm, 100 rounds of ammunition, eye and hearing protection, and a ball cap or any other hat with a bill.

Slots are limited, and to pre-register for one of these live-fire exercises, please visit the Bullpup Forums. “This is a unique event, and it is the perfect place to debut the latest version of the AUG/A3 SA USA,” O’Brien said. “And did I mention that you could win one?” Click her for more information on the 2012 Bullpup Shoot.

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    1. Don’t hold your breath.
      I don’t have any inside information but have owned several AUGs and kept up with a couple AUG forms for several years and in all the time (20+ years) I’ve never heard of any talk, rumors or whispering that a 7.62 NATO was ever in the works.
      5.56/.223 and 9mm is all they offer in the AUG. Now it would be nice if they came out with a 300AAC/300BO or 300 Whisper barrel!

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