Stevens Annouces the Introduction of Its First Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Stevens S1200 12 gauge shotgun.

Stevens, well known for its previous shotgun offerings, has proudly offered its first semi-automatic shotgun, the new 12-gauge S1200. The S1200 provides reliable, inertia driven semi-automatic performance at an attractive price. Here is the full release from Stevens:

Stevens S1200 12 gauge shotgun.
Stevens makes its first foray into the semiautomatic shotgun market with the introduction of the S1200.
The 6.6-pound S1200 features a smooth-shooting inertia system and is available with a walnut, camouflage synthetic, or all-weather matte black synthetic stock. It has a 3-inch chamber, rotating bolt and is offered with a 26- or 28-inch vent-rib barrel that accepts the Beretta Mobilchoke system.

Features & Benefits

  • Inertia-drive semi-automatic action
  • 3-inch chamber and rotating belt
  • 28- or 26-inch vent-rib steel barrel; blued or full camo finish
  • Black synthetic, walnut and full camo finish stock options
  • Accepts interchangeable Beretta Mobilchoke System
  • Weight: 6.60 pounds
  • 14.25-inch length-of-pull
  • Five-plus-one capacity

Part No. / Description / MSRP 22580 / 12 gauge, 28 inch, Black synthetic / $573 22581 / 12 gauge, 26 inch, Black synthetic / $573 22582 / 12 gauge, 28 inch, Walnut / $685 22583 / 12 gauge, 28 inch, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass / $629 22584 / 12 gauge, 28 inch, Mossy Oak Bottomland / $629

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  1. Yeah, I know that we are supposed to buy”Americn”, but where in h— has Stevens been?! I still have my old single shot Stevens 12 gauge that I inherited from my grandfather many, many years ago and it is still accurate, but…one shot? When I go deer hunting in our local WMA here in AL, i take my ‘Bunda’ as it is just as accurate as my old single. Sure it only holds three or four plus the one in the tube and the cap on the end of the inertia tube is not designed to be modified for extra rounds, but if I cannot kill a deer with a couple of shells with triple ought buck, I need to give the gun away and attend to my knitting. And, no, i don’t practice with it twice a week, every week either! Oh, yeah, the selling price was around $299…just a tad less than Steven’s?

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