Several Governors Move to Arm Guardsmen

In the aftermath of the Chattanooga shootings last week, several state governors took immediate, positive steps to ensure the security and safety of armed forces recruiters and other military personnel in their respective states — they ordered that national guard forces immediately be armed in Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, and perhaps other states by now.

Reportedly, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a man from Kuwait who became a naturalized American citizen, attacked the Marines and sailor at two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee July 16. He killed a sailor and four Marines, and wounded two more people, before being killed by police. The fallen were Sgt. Carson A. Holmquist, Polk, Wis.; Lance Cpl. Squire “Skip” K. Wells, Cobb, Ga.; Gunnery Sgt. Thomas J. Sullivan, Springfield, Mass.; Staff Sgt. David A. Wyatt, Burke, N.C.; and Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith, Paulding, Ohio. Also in the attack, Chattanooga Police Sgt. Dennis Pedigo suffered a wound to his ankle and underwent surgery.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin’s executive order of July 17 authorized the state’s adjutant general, Maj. Gen. Robbie L. Asher, to arm full-time personnel at installations like the military facilities that were attacked Thursday in Chattanooga, Tenn.

On the same day, Governor Bobby Jindal issued an Executive Order authorizing the Adjutant General of the Louisiana National Guard to identify and arm National Guard personnel at military facilities in order to protect those facilities.

On July 18, Governor Greg Abbott announced that he will authorize the Adjutant General John Nichols of the Texas National Guard to arm National Guard personnel at military facilities across Texas.

“It is with a heavy heart that I issue this order,” said Governor Abbott. “After the recent shooting in Chattanooga, it has become clear that our military personnel must have the ability to defend themselves against these type of attacks on our own soil. Arming the National Guard at these bases will not only serve as a deterrent to anyone wishing to do harm to our service men and women, but will enable them to protect those living and working on the base.” Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson likewise authorized the states’s adjutant general to arm full-time personnel at military facilities across the state. In the statement, Governor Hutchinson said, “I want to join in those who are calling for greater security at our recruiting stations and military installations. We’ve had numerous instances of attacks. Clearly they are a target, and for us to have unarmed military personnel makes no sense, which is why I am directing Major General Mark Berry to arm full-time personnel as he deems necessary at military installations.” On Saturday, Governor Mike Pence issued an Executive Order directing the Adjutant General to enhance security measures at all Indiana National Guard facilities including recruiting storefronts across the state.

“As commander-in-chief of the Indiana National Guard, I will not permit our citizen-soldiers to remain unable to defend themselves and our citizens at facilities in our state,” Gov. Pence said (see video below). “Hoosiers may be assured that those who have stepped forward to defend our state and nation will have the ability to defend themselves.” Florida Gov. Rick Scott took extra steps. First, the governor said he wants Guard recruiters to move from six storefront locations in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami into nearby armories. That will give state officials time to evaluate and make security improvements, including possibly installing bullet-resistant glass.

Then Gov. Scott asked local law enforcement agencies to arrange regular security checks for Florida National Guard armories. And then he ordered that the state “begin to streamline the application process for military men and women to apply for a Florida concealed weapons license to ensure Florida Guardsmen and other United States military personnel who have signed up to serve their country in battle abroad can also adequately defend themselves at home.” Their actions were in marked contrast to federal military officials, such as Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno, who said only that a review will be made of security measures at recruiting stations. And ABC News Pentagon Digital Journalist Luis Martinez reported that the U.S. Marine Corps has ordered its recruiters to stop wearing uniforms at work as part of an overall security strategy, post Chattanooga.

Did you believe federal officials have done enough to protect members of the military at home? Do you think the actions these governors have taken will improve security? Let us hear your thoughts below.

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  1. I really have no idea what points you are trying to make. As others suggested in one form or another, you should consider proof reading before clicking the “submit.” button.

    1. @ RRS.

      You complain about Armed US Troops roaming the streets of your Cities and States. And NOW you have Governor’s giving the “Green Light” to Arm those SAME Troop’s for protection in those SAME Cities and States. Talk about Hypocrisy…

  2. I did not say Guatd units would run amuck but I would point out that the units assigned to Abu Ghraib and other Iraq detention and torture sights were indeed used; at Abu Ghraib it was 372 MP. Under the 320 unit in Germany which in turn is acting under ME Central Command at that time.
    I have yet to find out Specific units of NG in
    recent callups but shoulder patches and local papers do tell.
    My personal knowledge of Mc Chord / Ft Lewis and its neighbir NG station effects upon neighboring Ponders Corner, Tillicum, South Tacoma and Lakewood, The Heights of Tacoma Trac housing slums leftvby military and Olympia..
    The whining of soldiers not being protectedbwell enough, you try entering those military without proper Visitor or gov tags and numbers of MP .
    ARMED Guarded fenced in with patrolled perimeters and wandering patrol units upon the largest rural and metro entity in state that covers more or less 24/7 ass protection for permanent residents and 14 hour for the 9 to 5’ers that predominate both post.
    Military brat, lived on McChord, both fathers over 30 year lifers know to this day many retirees and discharged vets, volunteered to aid vets until I saw salarys the do nothing military health pros made and doubled that by civilians
    Agent Orange survivor (yet) and activist whilwe macho military and retired vets called my military buds losers.
    Guided military officers, retierd and active along with enlisted NCO friends of family.
    Also a couple SOB SOB’s civilians that worked for DEA contractors.
    If you think that several State.Govenors could with out military and 2nd Gov Security ,DHS and its domestic fusion center, permission then you most assuredly fo not understand the real chain of command within US borders.
    It is military civil rolled into one.
    Once again the streets of US were never supposed to be patrolled by military.
    Thomas Jefferson and founders wrote of such dangers With Jeffersons strongest statement being, No military man ot organization should ever have powers iver a citizen.
    My only gripe about military is that they are a dishonest criminal organizatoon sanctioned by the american public.
    They do not defend Constitution never have in fact and have been used multiple times in violations of its clauses only to until 1970 when public surrendered as they no longer had the powers Judicialvor financial to keep them within bounds by periodic civilian outrages at its excesses..
    Mindset hell even oathkeepers form ranks and march in lockstep, and our Police are so militarized they now kill and abuse at will the
    poor whites and dark of skins as if on Patrol in ME or Africa.
    Not anti military actions per se, we began this Empire Expansion and if to kill every damned dark skinned or yellow hued in order to keep our malls safe andbour military at home from pooping pants in fear then hell yes kill them all.
    I think it is great that even the dumbest of youths can put on same unifirm as our smartestand earn incomes over and above what 50% of working familys do and far far more than whst 42.million americans now consigned to poverty by this military government.
    That americans by vast majority do not mind and gleefully approve is great.
    There was no national or state emergency , who the hell caotured the perps? It sure as.hell was not military police.
    No it has been our civil police that take down such perps and do so while assigned to pritect civil infrastructure.
    Our military men have the same meager means to self protection, begging for permission to have snd bear, which is contrary to Constitution’s 2nd Amendment they swear they protect.
    Conscience by convenience is not just a libera yankees sole domain , no it is the american way.

  3. O.K. I will break it down for you kiss types the soldier off post in every state has same rights of protection as full time residents.
    In most states they already have exemptions galore in regards to militRy and their weapons that exceed mortals abilitys.
    Next there is no fn utopia upon any military base and in fact as an occupational grouping the enlisted ranks border on being fn insane The reason for restrictions placed upon weapons on post is due to the history of violence by military towards fellow military on or off post
    INn otherwords the militarys top scientist and psychiatrist have told Generals you had best keep them unarmed while on post.
    Spousal and child abuse including incest is major problem, and thebnumbers of males being raped by males has surpassed the amounts of rapess of females by males for last 15 years.
    Steroibs abuse is another great unspoken of terror as roid rGes between men of superior physical conditioning are quite brutal and yes sometimesbdeadly of permanently hRmfull to losers.
    Like I wrote find me a state that restricts military mans rights to self protection and you could bring civil suits galore
    So please no more sob stories of misunderstood warriors and trying t o grant them special rights that iver as mere mortals. Are not entitled too.
    Now with untold thousands of military running around southern states the govenors take two isolated into one incident as an excuse to effectively declare martial law shades of JADE HELM

    1. Hide Behind,
      In the movie “Groundhog Day”, Bill Murray’s character told the groundhog: “Don’t drive angry.” The best advice I can give you is: “Don’t type angry”. I take it the “kiss” in your first run-on sentence was supposed to refer to “keep it simple stupid”? After reading your post I have concluded that what you did is that you… kept it simply stupid.

      “In most states they already have exemptions galore in regards to militRy (SIC) and their weapons that exceed mortals abilitys.”

      What is it that supposedly “exceed mortals abilitys”? The weapons? If you are referring to the US Military (as opposed to the national guard), they need no exemptions for their weapons since the military weapons don’t fall under the states’ jurisdiction. In other words, they don’t have any “exemptions” for their weapons “in most states”.

      “Next there is no fn utopia upon any military base and in fact as an occupational grouping the enlisted ranks border on being fn insane The reason for restrictions placed upon weapons on post is due to the history of violence by military towards fellow military on or off post
      INn (SIC) otherwords the militarys top scientist and psychiatrist have told Generals you had best keep them unarmed while on post.
      Spousal and child abuse including incest is major problem, and thebnumbers (SIC) of males being raped by males has surpassed the amounts of rapess (SIC) of females by males for last 15 years.
      Steroibs (SIC) abuse is another great unspoken of terror as roid rGes (SIC) between men of superior physical conditioning are quite brutal and yes sometimesbdeadly (SIC) of permanently hRmfull (SIC) to losers.”

      One definition of simple is “easily understood”. If you hadn’t written this thing like a gradeschooler, it might have been easily understood. What exactly are you trying to say? (and that the heck is “rGes”?) You appear to be accusing military members of committing violent crimes on a regular basis. Do you have any reliable sources, or did you just pull this out of your nether regions?

      “So please no more sob stories of misunderstood warriors and trying t o (SIC) grant them special rights that iver (SIC) as mere mortals. Are not entitled too (SIC).”

      “iver”? What is “iver”? I don’t seem to remember anyone saying that the military members are “misunderstood”. I also don’t remember anyone asking for the military members to get any “special rights”. Most of the people on here have only been saying that the military members should get the same rights as everyone else. The right to protect themselves from some whacked out radical muslim extremist ISIS wannabe.

      “Now with untold thousands of military running around southern states the govenors take two isolated into one incident as an excuse to effectively declare martial law shades of JADE HELM”

      Maybe I am missunderstanding your above statement, but it appears that you are trying to say that one or more governors are taking two isolated incidents and combining them into one as an excuse to effectively declare martial law. Martial law? Where has anyone indicated that any governor is considering declaring martial law? What “two isolated” are you referring to? Are you referring to the two shootings in Chattanooga? If so, I don’t see how anyone can logically say that they are isolated incidents. (although after reading your post, it doesn’t appear that logic was in any way involved)
      Consider the following:
      1. BOTH shootings were performed by the same person.
      2. The locations were both military property.
      3. The time between the two shootings was only what was necessary to drive between the two locations.
      Considering those facts and you consider the two as unrelated isolated incidents?

      What is it that you have against military members? From reading some of your posts, it seems apparent that you have some sort of a pent up anger towards military members.

      By the way, do you need a new keyboard? Your “period” key (you know, that little dot that is supposed to be at the end of a sentence) doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

  4. Am I the only one that is freaked-the-hell-out knowing that the National Guard was NOT allowed to have firearms at one point?!
    I mean, National Guard…guardians of the nation? What were they supposed to do in the event of an attack, engage in a slap fight?

  5. NO, the Federal Governement has not and will not do enough to protect our military and their families in the CONUS. While they surround themselves with an armed Government and private security force equal to many small countries, some law makers are willing to place others in harms way without reservation. For those in office who seek or have successfully armed Troops on the home front, you have my support, appreciation and respect. For the rest of you in office, the American voter will prevail when you realize your true potential as a used car salesman in some Podunk off the road beaten path trailer park community after you lose the next election…with all due respect.

  6. Bullll Crap.
    Let me remind you that fire bombing recruit
    ing centers during Viet Era was civil Police matter under FBI supervision ,and that was because of weapon chosen.
    They did not arm the National guard to protect them hell National guard has always been an instrument to be used to suppress freedom of speech and assembly.
    Secondly there in reality is no longer actual State control over.guard units, they are a part of full time.military infrastructure, Regan put nail in Casket forNationalizing GuRd during his illegal war games in Nicaragua..
    They are all under Central , Northern Southern and Space CommNd Centers.
    Placing military units on streets when we got cops gone rogue militant already is damn well a slap inface and proves “Possee Comittusis deader than a depleted Uranium fed Iraqi baby.
    We have civil authority, or at least we are supposed to but from fusion centers to monitoring majority of innocent people just looking for the smallest excuse to bust a cap on them or try as terrorist maybes.
    No we are long gone from Ameri a as a free country into a technocratic dictatorship supported by an out of control military and civil police forces.
    The stationing of military within what is a civilian ownd institution most are leased buildings, it is up to the ownersto provide civilian security not some trigger time grunt.

    1. @Hide Behind… Not sure what all you are trying to say (sorry, I got lost in the colorful wording), but I agree we do not need yet another armed government agency patrolling our streets. However, our military is made up of Americans. As such, they do have the right to be armed and to defend themselves. So whether they carry government owned firearms or their ow, does it matter? Doesn’t it matter more what actions they may take? Doesn’t it matter that they can defend themselves as you or I can?

    2. @Hide Behind…I’m glad to see that you are rather open with your opinions. Its good to have discussions but learn to use a spell checker please.
      As far as your “facts” about guardsmen/women go, you are far from target. Last I checked we have sent NG units all over the US in support of the people after natural disasters with and without federal funding. The NG soldiers did not run amuck killing, raping and pillaging as you mentioned in your previous post . I know because I was there at some of the disasters, in uniform, helping people to put their lives back together. We do this at the command of our governors not the president. The first part of our oath, the primary part, is to defend and uphold the Constituton of the United States and our State, in that order. So our job is to defend the people because they are supposed to be protected by the Constitution and we are duty bound to uphold it.
      So to the main topic at hand: to arm the Guard members or not. We allow it in my state in places. It is up to the base commander and TAG. So far so good; no rampant killings happening at our camp and armories. We also don’t have many terrorists trying to kill in my state because we have a lot of concealed carry holders in the state. The last one that tried died rather quickly from acute lead poisoning and he was in a mall. So, yes, arming the citizens is good. Letting us, the citizen soldiers, protect ourselves and family members is also good because we help to protect you.

  7. I’m glad to see that some governors have stepped up to take control and hope others will also, as our commander in chief has his head stuck up where the sun is not shining. While congress is doing nothing to stop him from doing nothing.

  8. I’m part of a group of veterans, most of us members of Oathkeepers, who are standing guard at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Fort Wayne, IN. The response from recruiters, enlistees,, and in some cases, their families, as well as ordinary citizens has been overwhelmingly positive, stopping to thank us for what we’re doing and many of them donating food, water, money and even a sun shelter. Military recruiters are some of the brightest and most squared away individuals in the U.S. Military, and for the Defense Dept. to continue to keep their workplace a gun-free zone after Chattanooga is ludicrous. If SecDef doesn’t trust the cream of the crop to defend themselves, the least they can do is post an armed guard at every reserve center and recruiting center.

  9. Well, that was easy…Our governors are certainly wiling to protect our military but what about protecting our really vulnerable…The SCHOOL CHILDREN. They are even more vulnerable than our military as has been proven in the recent past. Come on Governors get with it… if it’s good enough for our military, it’s gotta be good enough for our children. Put guns in the hands of interested and qualified teachers to stem the flow.

    1. Maybe let’s increase the use of “gun free zone” signs… In places like where the ingorant liberal politicians live and work, and not have armed security. The criminals will surely stay away, right? Lol.

  10. I believe our “Armed Forces” should be forces that are it fact armed. Armed first for their own protection and second for my protection, and third for defense of the “Constitution” from enemies both foreign and domestic!

    1. It depends on who the federal leaders follow:

      The Unites STATES of America or Obama
      The constitution (Sent
      Land of the free to
      Home of the brave destroy
      One nation under GOD! America)

      Each state needs to defend itself from both: attack from the outside
      and corruption from inside

  11. Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno was the primary military advisor to Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice.

    I guess he’s a political hack now. Shame and More Shame.

  12. I’m not at all concerned about keeping Big Brother’s military safe from the rare individual who decides to get revenge for the military’s serial aggression-for-profit against defenseless countries. I’m MUCH more concerned about the American civilian population being sufficiently armed and prepared to protect ourselves from aggression by “our” troops and law enforcement.

    By the way, attacking military personnel or other armed agents of a government is NOT “terrorism.” It’s simply warfare. Terrorism is the attacking of random CIVILIANS in order to pressure a government to change its policies. Sort of like what the US government supported with the School of the Americas, and was planning to do in Operation Northwoods.

    1. “By the way, attacking military personnel or other armed agents of a government is NOT “terrorism.” It’s simply warfare…”

      That depends on where you get your definition.

      The use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal.
      1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

      2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

      3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

      violent acts (or the threat of violent acts) intended to create fear (terror), perpetrated for an economic, religious, political, or ideological goal, and which deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (e.g., neutral military personnel or civilians). Another common definition sees terrorism as political, ideological or religious violence by non-state actors.

      None of the above definitions specifically exclude attacks against military targets as being defined as terrorism. The last one mentions that another definition narrows terrorism to being performed BY non-state actors, but doesn’t limit it to being directed AT only non-state actors.

      The last time I checked, we have an all volunteer military consisting of our fellow U.S. citizens. (and I am making the assumption that YOU are a U.S. citizen too) It’s too bad that you don’t have enough concern for your fellow citizens, those of whom have done nothing more than enlist in the military and could end up giving their lives in defense of you and your rights, that you would be “not at all concerned about keeping [them] safe”.

  13. It is tragically obvious that the feds have not done enough to ensure the safety of our military here at home. I am hoping many of the governors do see that this has to change. Sadly, I live in NY. The clown in charge here wants to disarm everyone, so I doubt he’ll ever see the safety of military at home as a priority.

  14. I firmly feel that as a retired military member, that we have not been allowed the ability to defend ourselves through out history. During our travels too and from work or during the many moves, the varied state laws put ourselves and our families in jeopardy from people who just hated military persone and that was years before the terrorist started preying on us. The military personnel should be able to carry a concealed loaded nation wide.

  15. I am glad to see our governors responding to the terrible incident in Chattanooga and acting as they have. Our armed services are trained to handle weapons and when to use them. They should be allowed to openly carry weapons on military establishments and other places of military presence.

    It might make these terrorists think twice before they try to carry out their efforts to become martyrs.

  16. The current administration is totally against our military personnel.The proof is in Bengazi and the pull out in Iraq.Our current comander and chief and his minions are TRAITORS to their oaths of allegiance to our nation.I only hope that American can survive this administration.Pray to whatever diety you believe in that we choose better in the future.

  17. The on-base/post federal prohibition affects me every month. Because of the distance I live from JB Lewis-McChord, I make a day long trip to the JB for meds/BX/commissary/etc. I also stop in surrounding civilian communities for various reasons. I have a WA concealed permit but to avoid a possible federal offense if my vehicle were to be stopped and searched at the gate and a weapon found, I do not carry on these trips. Makes me feel “naked” when I am not on the base/post. To the best of my knowledge, it is not even legal to carry on base/post if I were to disassemble the weapon and put it in the back of my truck. Every visit I make to the base/post, t I think of Ft, Hood.

  18. They should disarm all the protectors of the crapball president and congress and senate as a show of good faith to the trash they endorse

  19. Gov. Bryant of MS has also issued the order doe Guardsmen to be armed an even some civilians have volunteered & showed up to protect the soldiers! Feds are do nothings just drawing a check! States having to stand up for our people!!!

    1. Obama and the dregs in this govt are doing their best to destroy America and especially the military, our states are the only hope of defeating that communist muslim! Only a complete FOOL would disarm military!! It’s time people AND states woke up!!

    2. It’s been a long-standing policy of the American military for soldiers on American soil NOT to be armed, except on certain ceremonial occasions and in some special cases to guard the gates of secure bases.

      The failure to arm troops domestically has disturbed me for a long, long time — basically, if we can trust our soldiers with guns in foreign countries, why can’t we trust them with guns on our soil?

      The best example, of course, is the Ft. Hood shooting. A few armed soldiers would have swiftly taken out Nidal Hassan.

    3. Well you can thank Billy Boy Clintong for disarming the military to begin with, not to mention the reduction of our Military, the Commie loving slime that they are. They were afraid of a Coup-de’tat, is my opinion. Now we still have Major Medal Hussain who is still in custody, we have “Eric Burg-Dick” who is a deserted his squad, and on it goes. Then don’t forget the Commander and thief who is the chief executive Muslim of our Nation making policy and violating our Constitution with his pen and phone. It is time that we take our Country back through the use of States rights to prevent or minimize the death toll, of course arming the staff is a step in the right direction. Since the military can be trusted with guns in other countries what more here in this country that is sliding down hill at a very fast pace.

  20. I am encouraged to see our Governors taking action to allow military and civilians not undergoing mental treatment to protect themselves.

  21. As long as the politicians have taxpayer paid security and bodyguards there isn’t a chance in hell that the vast majority of them will grow a pair and protect those of us that put them in office. There just seems to be this enormous disconnect from reality when a person holds elected office. That or they are just too damn busy in line at the ol’ feeding trough to care.

  22. I am glad to see that Governors are once again doing the right thing to protect the citizens. I will bet that my Governor Chris Christie won’t do it. He is a phony blow hard.

  23. Michigan has been able to carry personal weapons with state issued cpl for almost six months now On all military instulations in michigan Why are other states taking so long?

    1. Haha! Christie is a fake, a phoney. Gun laws are nuts in Nj. Thankfully I’m active duty so I don’t have to be a Nj resident. Good luck if you want to carry here. Military security is a joke. You have highly trained men and women protected by rental cops and a few people at the gate. It’s out right stupid. Politicians making rules for people who they know nothing about with some BS contingency plan. Hey Christe why don’t you kiss and hug Obmama some more like you did when sandy hit. let us govern our selves on our bases. And yes, I can’t spell and have poor grammar.

    2. Christy is a joke. Christy is what I call the ice cream man. He is an Obungo suck up.

  24. The President should be fixing, telling Pentagon Chief what to do, e.g. allow the Armed Services to be armed. What a concept!

  25. When the United States Marine Corps leadership is too afraid to let it’s Marines wear their uniforms, this country is in BIG TROUBLE! This comment is not intended to insult real Marines, as I am certain they are all as embarrassed by this as they can possibly be. Please, somebody, say it ain’t so!

  26. When I was in the Navy, they would let us stand guard at our posts. With a black wooden gun in our holster. That same thought was carried over also, to the National Guard. They were sent out with no ammo.. Just to show the image was enough, they were thinking. This today will not work.. If you are really saying you trust your forces, give them ammo and guns to protect themselves and the people.. I grew up in the country, everyone shot rifles & went hunting. God help us if we put the trust in a false leadership where we can’t protect ourselves. Thank you.

  27. All military personnel whether Active, Guard, Reserve or Retired better be armed as we AND our families are now ISIS targets. ALL the above signed up to protect this country with their lives…..we should all be authorized to carry a weapon regardless of the civilian concealed carry laws. Our military ID should be enough proof that we are qualified to protect ourselves and family without the need of further documentation. Civilians need to prove themselves worthy…..the military already has!

  28. I know when 911 happen that fort jackson sc. they give every body base ball bats to guard the base with.

  29. The Pentagon, esp. The Commander in Chief, is behind the curve again by not allowing all recruiters to carry side arms. If persons are afraid of guns, they don’t belong in the military, and they will not be volunteering anyway. Our military are trained to handle weapons. They know when and when not to use them. Recruiters have specialized training that should include side arm training before they are assigned that duty. No excuses, Mr President, Pentagon! Allow our recruiters to carry side arms!

  30. And oh yes I forgot who is going to protect my Coast Guard Auxiliary Comms Facility since by regulation and by Commandant we can’t be armed. Why should we be targets ?? Are we expendable ???

  31. I have lost count on the number of attacks on American soil !! When are we going to admit we have a bigger problem and go to a war footing?

  32. I recall Guardsmen being posted in airports, shopping malls, etc., in the aftermath of 9/11, but also recall news reports saying they we issued empty magazines. I guess that was supposed to reassure the gun-hysterics among us.

  33. I think that our service personnel should have the training and the right to open carry a firearm while on duty.(that is part of why we have them duh) To defend our Country and our way of life.I also believe that all armed forces stressing the word “armed” should have the training and ability to legally carry a concealed weapon at all times when in uniform.There would be a whole lot less crime anywhere military personnel are present,or does this make too much sense that we will allow a bunch of celebs with there armed guards tell us we aren’t to have the same security. RW in FL.

  34. If you remember after 911 as someone on a gunblog mentioned ,national Guardsmen were patrolling our Airports and train stations armed .Why was that OK and now you can’t trust them ? I also hear reference that in the Military attack someone on the marine side did manage to produce a firearm (probably hidden ) and may have gotten into the fight at the end .If true Comrade Barry may court martial the guy .Who ever figured the dummies would out vote the folks with a brain .


  36. the idea that nobody be armed on a military installation is beyond ludicrous. meanwhile, the police are getting AFV’s, helmets & body armor, full auto rifles, and BDU’s. WTF?????

  37. Do the politicians really care about our GI’s? Now it’s politically advantageous to arm our kids after the fact. I told my wife immediately after the shootings that they should have been armed. They have armed security at the VA facilities I frequent! Why not these youngsters, I hurt for their families and despise the non caring politicians, basically those in DC and the state capitals. Thank you PeteDub!!!

  38. Of course we are not doing enough when you have a Commander in Chief who is a Muslim at heart and makes excuses everytime they and blacks are involved in some heinous crime. He doesn’t care about the military and would rather be on TV doing a comedy skit than going to the funerals of the Marines slain at the hands of a Muslim terrorist. The biggest terrorist in this Country is the President of the United States who has done more damage than all the terrorists combined in this Country.


  40. I like what Florida Gov. Rick Scott is doing. To streamline the application process for military men and women to apply for a Florida concealed weapons license, so they can choose to be armed when off duty. I also have no problem allowing our soldiers to open carry when on duty in uniform. Without allowing this they are high profile open targets for terroist. My son starts his basic training for the Army next week. I began taking my son to the range prior to his enlistment. I am confident in his capabilities and will be disappointed if the proposed changes are not approved on national, and international levels.

    1. I like the fact that he eliminated the minimum 21 year age limit for active duty and honorably discharged members of the military. If they have been determined to be mature enough to enlist and possibly have to put their life on the line in defense of this country, they are old enough to carry.

  41. As a USMC veteran of OIF (Operation Phantom Fury, Fallujah, Iraq), I also believe that having unarmed military personnel in the public eye is an accident waiting to happen. I believe that recruiters, etc. should be authorized to carry an issued weapon or a personal concealed firearm. And since most of these shootings occur with rifles, why not have long guns available in a secure location that is easily accessible by those personnel?

    This shows how corrupt and indifferent our federal government is toward those real Americans who take the oath to pay the price for their freedom.

    1. “Corrupt and indifferent.” Two excellent terms for federal government officials. I could not have said it any better, thank you!

  42. Governor Dannel P. “Hoplophobe” Malloy has gone out of his way to declare Guardsman in Kommiecticut WILL NOT be allowed to be armed, thereby issuing an invitation to the jihadis and criminals where more Gun-Free Kill Zones are located.

    The guy is the most stupid, arrogant asshole to EVER occupy that office, and that is saying something. He, of course, keeps his CT State Police security detail close by at all times.

    1. Typical moronic and idiotic governor, this one from the so-called “Constitution State?” Haha, is that a joke or what? The nerve! At least, the state where I live (Socialists-Everywhere-Delaware)’s only claim to fame is being The First State. A dubious distinction, given the union we were first to ratify. I suspect our governor, Jack “The Ripper” Markell will be soon joining the ranks of Malloy.

  43. I, being a retired GI with 20+ years law enforcement experience and combat experience, do not favor arming every member of the armed forces. As well trained as our military forces are, I do not want to see people in camo, carrying M-16s/M4s, etc on the streets of America. Hell, I don’t like seeing camo on our streets as it is.

    If special duty personnel like recruiters are trained to the level of law enforcement personnel, OK. But most troops are trained more with rifles than with side arms. The exception are those in SP/SF/MP positions, along with NCIS/OSI/CID career fields. In the USAF, every 6 months we had to qualify with our rifles (M-16) and our sidearms. We carried our sidearms every day, responding to alarms, traffic stops, and other law enforcement related situations.

    Accidents do happen. What will be the reaction if a soldier shoots a civilian in the heart of Boise? Hillsboro, etc? Heroes today and villains tomorrow. I do not want to see an accident turn the people against my brothers and sisters. Look at the reaction to a justified shooting by civil law enforcement officers whose duties are most likely to bring about such a situation.

    Except for specific duties, keep the firearms ON base/post.

    1. @DaveW

      You clearly do not understand the basic human right of armed self-defense.

      Both as a military policeman, and as civilian law enforcement, you have an inherently twisted view of the issue. You are trained to think that “authority” somehow solves problems. In the real world, however, it does so only to a very limited degree. If the instances of multiple mass shootings of unarmed military personnel of late are not ample proof of that point to you, you are simply blind to reality.

      Just based on the numbers, it is not mathematically possible for government at any level to provide adequate personal security for anybody but a very few top-level officials. For example, when you are on duty as a cop, even if you and every cop on duty at the same time were committed full-time to providing personal security for citizens, you would be in charge of personal security for more than 2,000 citizens — which you cannot possibly do.

      Of course, you and I both know that personal security is NOT your responsibility, and that cops have many other priorities than providing personal security, so the notion of “protect” being part of your job description is simply ludicrous. You and your fellow cops are there to gather evidence after crimes have been committed, not to protect — and the courts have specifically held that you have no enforceable legal duty to protect ANY citizen.

      This is why, since before the beginning of recorded history, every individual has had the responsibility — and the associated basic human right — to provide our own personal security. Military members are no exception, on or off base. In fact, the disarming of military members on base has nothing to do with their personal security, and everything to do with maintaining order. It is proven failed “logic.”

      As to the issue of military personnel being capable of providing for their own personal security, as a former combat officer and father of a present one, I vigorously dispute your assertion that military members are significantly better trained in long arms than sidearms. Like most of the fairly small percentage of military members who actually train for combat, I trained in long arms and sidearms both fairly equally as did the others with whom I served. Similarly, my son is so proficient in shooting sidearms he actually has a fan base of fellow operators who come to the range just to watch him shoot. The military members who are combat trained simply cannot afford to let their sidearm capabilities slip in favor of long arms.

      As to the significant majority of military members who have but the most basic in firearms training and experience, the assumption that they “cannot be trusted with a gun” is absurd. Yes, there is an infamous story in which one of those REMF types negligently discharged his personal Glock into a fellow REMF, and another in which a young naval officer used his personal weapon to kill his former girlfriend and a SEAL officer who had been a friend of both of them. But the statistical fact is that such instances among military members are exceedingly rare — several orders of magnitude less common than in the general population.

      On the other hand, counting only the Fort Hood shootings, the Navy Yard shootings, and the recent shootings in Tennessee, the number of dead from those shootings far outweigh any intentional or unintentional deaths that could be prevented by disarming service members.

      The mere fact that military members and their families are being actively targeted is more than sufficient reason to arm them. Almost exclusively, Americans (military or otherwise) who are gunned down en masse are killed by an individual who specifically targeted the supposed “gun free zone” in which those people were located, specifically for the purpose of killing as many people as possible.

      Supposed “gun free zones” have been known as magnets for maniacs for ages, and now they are known magnets for the new brand of lone wolf terrorist maniac. Anyone who would seriously advocate disarming military members under these circumstances, just because some indefinite “bad thing might happen,” is an idiot — with all due respect, that is.

    2. Congrats PeteDub, You hit the nail on the head of the hammer!!! I hope more people will agree with You & comment on this. There is no reason not arm Our Military @ all!!!!! I have mixed feelings about the camo issues, but the most important issues are to arm Our Military personnel & defend the 2nd Amendment.! I strongly believe areas People are not allowed to Carry, conceal at designated gun free zones is where most of these shootings are taking place at!!!!! Imagine that,” Here’s Your sign!!!” I can see not allowing carry conceal @ government buildings, as in courthouses,jails, & Prisons. Now other than that, I say You should be allowed to carry & conceal with in the legal limits of state &federal law. Our Bases are not well protected either!!!!

    3. “As well trained as our military forces are, I do not want to see people in camo, carrying M-16s/M4s, etc on the streets of America. Hell, I don’t like seeing camo on our streets as it is.”

      Really??? You’re worrying about seeing military in camo carrying M-16s/M-4s in the streets??? Where did that comment come from? You’re starting to sound like Obama and Kerry with their B.S. argument that you’re either for their agreement or war. They don’t seem to understand that there are other options. Nobody has suggested having the military going around town carrying machine guns. What has been suggested is allowing the military to be armed at their work locations. Most state laws (that I am aware of) allow concealed and/or open carry of a firearm by employees at their place of work, if approved by their employer, with or without a permit… at least in states that don’t have draconian gun laws like New York. So it really wouldn’t be much different than the general public’s rules. Ever been in a gun store? Every employee is carrying! As far as the military is concerned, their workplace IS their base. It is US Government property (either owned by or leased by) and the laws in that location are set by the federal government.

      “If special duty personnel like recruiters are trained to the level of law enforcement personnel, OK.”
      “Accidents do happen. What will be the reaction if a soldier shoots a civilian in the heart of Boise? Hillsboro, etc?”

      On that “level of training” you refer to… Is that the same level as the two New York cops who fired seven and nine rounds at a man at the Empire State Building? They hit him ten times… and wounded nine bystanders. Yes, you are correct. Accidents do happen. Those nine people are not exactly what I would consider “justified shootings”. Yes, having been in the military for 20+ years, I too have met some people in the military who I wouldn’t want to give a firearm to, but there are also some people like that in law enforcement.

    4. You are using your own fears as rationalizations against doing the only safe thing to protect our own people. What if your son or daughter were a recruiter in the crosshairs of mindless extremists? Should we just open the doors and invite their funeral? Let’s deal with the actual facts and not your frickin fear. Americans are being slaughtered while the majority of our “leaders” are spinning around on their thumbs.
      Do we need all military stateside armed…probably not. But I would rather see too many than the way it is now.

    5. Well, Dave, you seem to echo most law officers, as most of them want to be the only ones with guns. BUT, I also hate seeing the camies on the street, armed or not, to me they are phoney wanna-bees. Wearing them for hunting is also a crock of crap- the prey sees movement, the prey gets startled.. As for the level of training equal to that of law enforcement- don’t make me laugh- 15 to 20m rounds and only 2 rounds found in the person shot and the rest found in cars, walls and bystanders. Comment about USAF qualifying every 6 months, from 1952- 1977, the only time I had to qualify every 6 months was when I was flying as aircrew. Other times it was prior to going overseas, with the last time in Sept 1970. So no qualification for the next 7 years. Weapon control in the USAF has always been stupid and kept on base, AND locked up, with extremely controlled key access… Weapons on the flight line at Tan San Nuht, DaNang, and Bien Thuye was double locked, requiring 2 people with keys to gain access to the guns, and a third one to get ammo access. Empty magazines and wax wrapped boxes of ammo is what we found!!!!!!. Concur with the training requirements being in excess of LOE, having watched several officers not being able to hit the target (stationary) 3 out 10 times and none of the 3 were fatal shots… (firing done at the NRA range).. I was stationed at Griffiss AFB, NY 1956-1959 and Loring AFB, ME 1959-1964, and could and would go through the gates of both bases with my shotgun and rifle hanging on a rack in my pickup. Typically, the “Rent-a-Cop at Griffiss and the Air Policeman at Loring would wave me on in. On the way out they would say “Good Luck Hunting, Sarge”… Lets just say that the military personnel that would, in combat conditions, carry a side arm, should be carrying today.. Especially in off post locations, such as recruiting stations. I bet Dave, that you relish the fact that as a retired LOE, you enjoy the right to conceal carry, without ever having to qualify again. (AZ provisions)…..

  44. Terrorist will strike at our weakest point. They will see the path of least resistance and will choose unarmed zones. They will study this and strike at our weakest point such as unarmed military

  45. The Muslim-in-Chief is such an ass that it defies any type of comprehension.

    “Armed Service” has taken on an entirely new meaning under the leadership of a man who by all accounts has taken it upon himself to DISARM our formerly ARMED fighters, thus rendering them helpless not only abroad in the field of battle, but here at home. I am ashamed to call the man our “leader” and only hope to God that his office is not taken over by another Clinton or other liberal stooge.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Commie were to abolish July 4th by executive order and replace it with a new holiday: Ramadan…..and the compliant Congress would continue their silence, saying…… NOTHING!!!!!

  46. And so goes the differences between strong states’ leadership as compared to the federal government led by an impotent president. The military commanders under the federal side tremble with fear of removal because they know their commander in chief is anti-gun and won’t even admit to the level of ISIS influence or that it has now spilled onto U.S. soil.

    If we all recall, this man in charge of the most powerful military on the planet wrote off ISIS capabilities by calling them Junior Varsity at the onset of their onslaught. I’ve removed men under my command due to a loss of confidence for less than that.

    No, instead the best this man can offer is to have the military recruiters wear civilian clothes instead of properly arming them with the right to defend themselves. You can’t get much more disrespectful than to pull our soldiers from the honor of wearing their uniforms. Especially when that uniformed imagery is a big part of the recruitment process.

    Just another sad day in the decline of Obama’s new America.

  47. No doubt the feds will still be reviewing this issue when the next violent workplace incident takes place. And the next. And the next.

    Bless the voters who elected an adult as governor.

    1. True. And DAMN those who voted in (and worse, RE-elected) socialists, such as here in Delaware – former home of Communist Vice President Biden – where I embarrassingly admit to be living

  48. To fight for our country, and live is one thing but to come home and die is another. It’s just stupid.

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