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Stash Your Ammo in The MTM Survivor Can

The MTM Survivor Ammo Can

I like the idea of having a place to stash valuables—cold hard cash, documents, heirlooms, guns, food or whatever. The fellows over at MTM just made my wishes a little easier to fulfill. Storing emergency money in one of these might actually be safer than storing it at a bank. More importantly, stashing something that would not be worthless in an apocalyptic emergency such as tradable goods or ammunition would be your best bet.

The MTM Survivor Ammo Can
The MTM Survivor Ammo Can

When I did an Internet search for underground storage containers, I was a little disappointed. Most forums and sites suggested I buy PVC pipe and seal it. There are smaller containers from the Geocaching community but none of them held up to the quality levels I was looking for. If I was trying to store some less valuable swag in smaller amounts, these would do fine, but I’m going for buried treasure here. Furthermore, the few containers that had the specs I needed were far too expensive for my budget. For me, the MTM Survivor Ammo Can seems to fit the bill. The inside measures a full 7 inches across and has 12.75 inches of vertical storage. The heavy-duty plastic is extremely thick and MTM includes a VCL (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) bag to add an extra layer of moisture protection. The lid has a double O-ring seal and cap design—water couldn’t get in if it tried. There is enough space to hold 600 rounds of .45 ACP or 500 rounds and a handgun. Your valuables will remain dry and clean indefinitely. Since the canister is made of polymer, it won’t rust—ever! Depending on what’s inside, it will also not spike a metal detector. However, there is one caveat you should always follow—don’t forget where you buried your stuff!

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  1. I want one of these to use to bury my cremated ashes in. I already have a burial plot with a monument. I think this would be a good alternative to a casket burial. If anyone knows where to buy one of these please post this info. Thanks

  2. I did a quick Internet search and could not find this product available. Does Cheaper Than Dirt carry it? Of the sites I did find they were “out of stock” and not accepting back orders…any suggestions?

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