Stand and Fight: Cheaper Than Dirt and NRA Offer $300 Lifetime Membership

APRIL 16, 2013 IS THE LAST DAY to take advantage of the $300 NRA lifetime membership offer. The normal rate is $1,000.

With prices of guns and ammunition at an all-time high, everyone can stand to save some money. Cheaper Than Dirt has partnered with the NRA to offer a $300 lifetime membership to the National Rifle Association. Cheaper than Dirt has joined the NRA in the Stand and Fight campaign in order to raise membership for the nation’s largest gun rights advocate. As I have written before, many people don’t agree with the NRA or don’t wish to support the organization. However, with multiple gun control bills being introduced in state and national governments, it is time to stand up and fight for our right to keep and bear arms. There are many organizations needing our support and this is not a call to ignore them, but rather to support those organizations and the NRA. If we have multiple strong voices in Washington and state governments, we can turn the tide of the gun grabbing hysteria.

To aid in raising the numbers backing the NRA, Cheaper Than Dirt is partnering with its membership program by offering discount membership rates and added incentives. By joining the NRA today, you can receive a one-year membership for only $25 (a $10 savings). If you opt for a three-year membership, you will only pay $70 instead of the normal $85. A five-year membership through the Stand and Fight campaign will only cost $100, saving you $25. The best option for membership is the lifetime membership. Normally $1,000, the lifetime membership is only $300! When you join the NRA for life through this program, you will save $700. Any way you cut it, paying less than one-third for a lifetime NRA membership is a great deal.

But wait, there’s more! By joining for at least one year, the NRA will send you a branded duffel bag. This high-quality bag is rugged, durable and makes a fantastic range bag to haul all your shooting gear to and from the range. If you sign up for a three-year or longer membership you will also receive a handheld flashlight. The 9-LED flashlight is branded with the NRA logo and comes with a handy strap that makes it easy to attach to your range bag, key ring or slide onto your wrist to keep it nearby.  These gifts are in addition to the normal NRA membership package of your choice of magazine, NRA logo hat, membership card and decal.

This offer is only available and valid until April 16, 2013. Now is the time to stand up for what you believe in. Now is the time to fight for your rights. Now is the time to join the NRA.

The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

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  1. Really??? I sure hope that’s a promise, little man, Cuz all your childish remarks, (IF worth anything AT ALL), would only come to two cents, IF THAT! You are EXTREMELY, and ever SO totally UNaware of what the NRA means to this country, what they’ve DONE for this country for well over 100 years (and the includes YOU AND your precious business)!
    They are the reason we can still protect ourselves, husbands are able to protect their wives, children and property!! They are the reason someone like an NRA member can come along and even defend your MOUTHY butt!
    So… CLOSE IT, buddy! There are others in this world besides you and your childish tantrums demanding your toys! Go take a nap. The NRA is too big for spoiled squirts like yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself. And you call yourself a BUSINESS OWNER???? Huh! Lol! Ri—–ght! Grow the HELL up!!!! GOOD HELP YOU WITH THAT much.

  2. Understand I did not sign up just for a duffel bag. However 4-6 months to deliver one when they promised it in 8-12 weeks? This is about the NRA making promises and offering incentives to millions of people, that they can’t deliver. And then telling those who question it, too bad. Oh and the membership is non-refundable even if we keep your money and don’t deliver the incentives we promised.. I am a business owner and i would never treat a customer or partner that way. That is my two cents for now..

  3. It is too bad that after 4 months they still have not delivered the duffel bag, however they are asking for more money.. Really, is this the way the NRA treats new members. I asked them if they can deliver or give me a date that they can deliver the bag, then cancel my membership. They tell me I can’t cancel…

  4. Dear number 126,
    If all you wanted was a cheap chineese range bag, you definitely joined for the WRONG reasons. I joined to protect MY second amendment rights (AND YOURS by the by) and THAT is the only reason.
    Robert Seddon
    Mineral, Va.

  5. I became a lifetime NRA member in early March and was promised a free range bag. Here is the crap I’ve put up with and their comments after waiting 17 weeks and contacting them multiple times. They blame it on their ‘supplier’ when there is nothing to prevent them from using a different supplier. Common business sense.

    I’ve lost respect for the organization due to this incident.

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Your NRA Digital Camo Duffel Bag has been ordered for you on 03/25/2013, but has yet to ship out to your mailing address. Due to the large response we received from the offer you responded to we are currently experiencing a backlog of orders. We apologize for the delay, and are working to fill every order as soon as possible. Please allow a few more weeks for delivery.

    Thank you very much for your patience and for your support!

    Best Regards,

    NRA Member Services
    11250 Waples Mill Road
    Fairfax, VA 22030
    Phone: 1-800-672-3888

    It’s now approaching 17 weeks (over 4 months for customer support) and still no range bag.


    I’m already in my sixty’s and not sure I will live long enough to receive it.

  6. RE: Cheaper Than Dirt has partnered with the NRA to offer a $300 lifetime membership to the National Rifle Association

    Will you extend the life membership offer?


  7. OK-Enough is enough. I am soooo sick of the idiots who sit back and bash the NRA while offering no other positive solution. I just re-upped at full price for another year before I saw this offer. I hope that it is extended past 4-16-13 and if so I will definitely go for it. Sure-the NRA is so far from perfect. They do stupid things at times that I do not agree with. But, the ridiculous idea that the NRA is merely a puppet for the gun manufacturers is just plain stupid. If we all go under from the attacks on the 2A who are the manufacturers going to sell guns to except for the govt and law enforcement?? They can not survive without the civilian market so it is in e everybody’s best interest for the politicians to be exposed for what they really are. If the prez’s precious little daughter gets mentioned in the mix then tough %&^T. His family takes USAF One jet set vacations with armies of security personnel all the time.I think Wayne is correct in bringing this to light. Oh yeah, she also just recently had a private birthday concert with Justin Timberlake-another security spending spree on the taxpayer’s dime. Anything that wayne can do to make Obama look like a millionare spendthrift with armies of private security, rather than a man of the people is OK by me. Want to complain about the ammo prices??? how is that Wayne’s fault??? These comments are so stupid that I wonder if these people even own guns. Don’t like the ammo prices?? Then don’t buy any until the prices level off and the supply comes back in line with the demand. In the meantime shut up about the NRA until you have something better to offer.

  8. You are so right Bill, the people that make these remarks are gun banners or are bought and raid for by the gun banners that are all out of touch with reality and would never say any of what they do out in public. What a shame we have so many PIED PIPER PEOPLE that can not think for themselves and will follow these so called leaders straight into hell and drag the rest of us along with them. BUT we will keep fighting them and WE WILL WIN!

  9. If the fighting amungst those that support the 2nd amendment about trivial things continues then we will loose. The one and only thing that matters is we have a right that they wish to take from us. We shall not allow that to happen. Stop the petty crap and focus on the important things.

  10. In response to #113 Brett. I would like to thank you for providing me knowledge I did not have and proposing further ideas that would help make life safer. This is exactly what we need. Members working together in useful dialog and coming up with a better working solution than DC ever could or would. We just have to hope our leadership listens to what we say.
    I would like to clarify my comments on “Air Marshall” guns being turned in and checked out daily as well as the “Alert Life” proposal. First, by checking in the “Air Marshall” guns daily, a number of successive issues would be minimized. I will not try to name them all, but we would avoid a number of problems we read about constantly. I can’t possibly list them all, so I will only post a few. A teacher with their weapon turned in daily could not have it stolen or lost and put into the hands of undesirable elements that would use them for crimes. They would not have them in their homes and risk an accidental shooting resulting in the death/injury of their child, family member, etc. In the event there was a crime committed, the police could quickly exclude these handguns if they knew where they were at the time of the crime. There are numerous other reasons not to allow the guns beyond the confines of the educational institution.
    I agree the “Life Alert” is not an ideal solution, but they would be helpful in minimizing an incident. If a teacher did not want to carry a handgun, they could still trigger the “Life Alert” device, which I believe has a GPS device. This should signal LE, the administration, and other teachers that do carry the “Air Marshall” handguns. This should greatly reduce response time and maybe act as a deterrent to individuals who would attack our children. This is certainly better than “Gun Free Zone” signs. Maybe the sign should read, “Armed and Trained Faculty.”

  11. Bill, Thanks for joining! We need all we can get. We’re concerned about continuing our choice of sports and some are worried about a 50 cent knife. To each his own, I guess. I’m a Life member, NRA Certified Instructor and permit holder and I am active in my local gun club. I hand load, target shoot both pistol and hi-power, hunt big game, I hunt birds and I train my own Labs. So, I guess I’m a “gun guy”. As citizens of the US, we gun owners are continuously being stirred up by this administration, just like they stirred up and divided the Republican Party. They are using the media to their advantage against us…and we have done nothing to deserve this treatment. It’s obvious their tactic worked on the Republicans but we cannot let them do that to us or we will be in disarray as a group and not a threat to them from a lobbying standpoint. We need to organize and speak as one and the only way we can do that is by using a lobbying organization like the NRA. To those of you who cannot afford the Life Membership, join us for a year at a time. I did see they had a option to pay over time, I believe it was $25 a quarter on a Life Membership but I don’t know if it was on the special $300 membership. If you don’t want the knife, I’m pretty sure you can skip it. I skipped the leather jacket when I bought my membership. Anyway there may be options available, just give ’em a call. I can only imagine how powerful a group we’d be if had 10,000,000 members

  12. I would like to thank #113 Brett for his comments on my post and commend him on his additional comments. I do not pretend to “know it all” but hope that each of us can build on the constructive comments and come up with a workable solution that really addresses the problem at hand and not facilitate a very personal agenda.

    I hope the NRA is reccommending “Air Marshall” type weapons. I agree with Brett on most everything else he says. I do think weapons should be checked in and out at a centralized point. This would help eliminate these weapons during a criminal investigation, keep the faculty from “forgetting” their weapon, having a child at home discharge the weapon accidentally, have the weapon used in the commission of a crime, etc, etc.

    I agree that armed security officials, on school grounds/campuses could respond faster. The fact is, the closer help is, the quicker response time and minimizing death and injury will be.

    I think the other issue that is being ignored is the attack on several of our other Civil Rights. The current Administration currently tramples over the 1st Amendment. There are rumors that an attack on the 22nd amendment (term linits) may come after the 2014 election but before the 2016 Presidential Election. This Administration carries own its own agenda by claiming “Executive Privelege” or appointing Czars that only answer to and are accountable to the Pres. The attack on the 2nd Amendment is only the beginning of a much larger potential problem, and “no” I am not a fan of conspiracies.

    I can only hope we, as NRA members and US citizens, can come up with workable solutions and that the NRA leadership hears us. There are plenty of very bright minds among the NRA membership. It would be a real shame if the NRA leadership ignored their contributions.

  13. There are no records we as a society had these problems to even question, back when kids used to take guns to school, so they could hunt their way home. What happened? When the shit happened at Sandy Hook, I said to myself and all who’d listen; “Somethin’s gonna happen. I feel it. Somethin’s gonna happen this time.” Then, a few minutes later, I said; “They should arm all school staff. Cooks, Janitors, bus drivers, teachers, everyone who’s a paid staff member, or who’s directly involved with the hands on,menday to day opperation of the schools.” Then, a few days later, and a few minutes after Lapierre said it, (good guy/bad guy w/gun) I got the NRA’s phone number, and after growing up with guns, and hunting more than thirty of my sixty years, for the first time in my life, I called and joined.
    I had a gut feeling something would happen this time, I had no idea the ignorance the anti gunners would display, through their remedial mindset, and rediculous proposals, which disrespect the Constitution, and the rest of us as men.

  14. James, regarding the validity of your “air marshal” like idea, I believe the NRA has proposed and is pursuing the idea of allowing teachers and faculty who wish to be trained and armed in schools. Extensive vetting and training would be vital. The idea of providing firearms that would be checked in and out is interesting, but in and of itself not crucial to workability in my opinion. Having a “life alert” type device has merit, but would be most effective in conjunction with armed staff in schools who would be in position to respond immediately.

    On the larger topic of existing law that mandates schools be “gun free” zones, I believe we’ve allowed those who appose our 2nd Amendment rights to occupy the moral high ground, at the tragic expense of the lives and well being of our children, and their teachers, who spend 8 hours a day, 5 or more days a week, in these facilities which are obvious (as a matter of statistical fact) targets of criminal violence.

    As responsible, law abiding gun owners, and proponents of the 2nd Amendment, we need to openly and vigorously support eliminating the law that creates these dangerous gun free zones, at minimum opening them up to licensed CCW holders, be they parents, teachers or faculty, and in the case of college campuses, students as well.

    The notion of extending background checks to private sale of fire arms has many potential dangers and pitfalls in my opinion. For one, there’s no way the system can be accessed by private citizens and neither is it robust enough to handle the levels of inquiry that would be presented. The most obvious crack in this plan, one a mile wide, is that criminals by definition break laws, and in point of fact most guns possessed by criminals are either illegal themselves and/or are illegally bought and sold to begin with. One more law affecting the transfer of legal firearms between lawful gun owners will not effectively limit or deter criminals from acquiring or using guns illegally.

    With that said, background checks could be implemented voluntarily by those individuals making private sales of firearms by simply asking for a CCW of anyone they are concerned about selling a firearm to. We know anyone qualified to carry concealed and in possession of a license has passed a level of scrutiny and training more than adequate to assure they are fit to own the gun you’re selling. Understand, I propose this as a voluntary step only, as a means of limiting liability where there may be a question about the character of a private buyer or seller. Further, I would encourage everyone to pursue obtaining their CCW license where allowed, and to lobby your state legislature tirelessly where it isn’t.

    To any State or Federal legislators confronted with bills mandating individual background checks for private firearm sales, I would fight this tooth and nail, but at minimum require it to include that State’s constitution be amended to issue CCW licenses “at will” (meaning you apply and qualify and you get the license, with NO proof of need or option by the State or law enforcement to deny), and that all CCW holders be able to buy and sell firearms amongst themselves freely, with no additional/redundant checks required.

    Why? Not because I and my wife possess our licenses already, but because this would first eliminate the opportunity for Gun Control advocates to create a Federal Gun Registry linking specific firearms to individuals (by way of pre approval there is no record of specific transactions) and it assure all law abiding citizens the right not only to keep arms, it would guarantee their rights to bear arms. Further, it would drive a massive movement of state residents to obtain their CCW, which is both good for those of us supporting the 2nd Amendment, and good for citizens across the country who don’t currently have the right to carry concealed, it is clearly counter to the anti-2nd Amendment group’s agenda to restrict or eliminate that right.

  15. It’s 3 in the Morning and since I don’t appear to be interrupting anyone I’m going to tell a story.
    On or about the morning of March the 2nd in the Year of Our LORD, 2013, a 55 year old Man from Louisiana started working for the National Rifle Association and He was full of Hope, or that might have been Grits but rest assured He was Full of it. Although He got no Office or expense account, He got unlimited access to the World Wide Web and He started composing riveting, insightful and insignificant articles for all to read, well, not as many as James West but several. AS People joined the thread, that’s Web talk for discussion, they noticed all manner of Hate and Discontent directed towards perfect strangers and the topic kept being displaced by ADD stricken Writers so like any Fine and Upstanding Company Man, Our Diligent Coon A*s quickly addressed the Malcontents and showed them the error of Their ways, converting even Democrats to Join His new Employer and causing the President, that’d be Mr. LaPierre not the Kenyan Impostor, to take notice. Most Modern Folks understand how difficult and Taxing it can be to write articles prolifically for a long period of time so in order to retain the services of His new Employee and assure that He could not be persuaded to leave the NRA for “Greener Pastures” as it were, Mr. LaPierre planned a surprise for the Talented Cajun. The following Monday, to mark the 16th. Anniversary of His Employment and since March 18th. was also His 56th. Birthday, Mr.LaPierre presented Him with a Lifetime upgrade to His 3 year contract, forever insuring His uninterrupted Dedication and Steadfast devotion to the National Rifle Association and the promise of unlimited Literary Excellence for the term of His Life.

    Yeah… That’s the Ticket!

    O.K., I know He’s not reading these posts but that’s the only way I’d ever be able to be a Member for Life. On second thought, there’s always the Publishers Clearinghouse if I can just wrangle some stamps I could be a Gazillionaire! If that doesn’t work there’s this Lawyer on T.V. that will get Me a Check if I get injured and since I’m always falling…

    Hey Boudreaux, Watch this!


    The preceding stories are fictional and any resemblance to any Persons Living or in the Hospital are purely a coincidence and besides, if You sue Me You’ll get a half a
    g uhh thimble of Pocket lint so Go For It!.

    Actually, the Birthday part is accurate so what do You think CTD?

    Give Me a Break?

    Cut Me some Slack?

    Throw Me a Bone?

    I’ll trade Ya for that CLC abbreviation I just Invented in post 111 since You’re probably not interested in the HTH one from 110… No? That’s okay, Birthdays aren’t important, I still Love You again. Hey, I’ve got it! I’ll trade You for a Brick of .22s and I’ll sell em outside of WalMart for 55 cents a round, Ba da bing… Ba da bang… I’m a Lifetime Member, It’s PERFECT!

  16. See, I’m ignorant as a dirt clod, box o rocks etc… I went back and read some more of these posts and I gotta say, Jim K. (88) You Sir are the Voice of Reason in a turbulent World. (That means I like what You said!) I take it back CTD, I still Love You because Mr. Jim done splained it to Me and when all those “Deep Pockets” run out of money I’ll be able to buy a .22 caliber bullet for My Colt again. Mr. West,(99) I see that You do “Get It” and I’m guessing You’d prefer no gift at all instead of the cheap Commie crap and By Gosh, I agree with that cause if the purpose is to make more from each dollar that’s brought in, no gift at all would make a sizable difference!
    (I might have a fever or sumthin) all this back and forth is good and it’s the only way to resolve issues anyway so I’m proud of Everybody that’s taken time out of their Day, or Night, to express themselves one way or another, Yes, You too Bill from Boomhower, Tx. because I, like Yourself, truly miss those sold and traded guns and Cars that I’ll never get back like the “61” Thompson and “64” SS… it’s just too hard to contemplate CLC (Cry Like Crazy) That’s the opposite of LOL and I said it Here 1st.

    There may be Hope for Us yet.

    I Hope!

  17. I’ll try one more time Mr West, even though You said My comment, #64, was “all over the map” You just didn’t understand what I was trying to say to You. I think that armed Teachers is a Great idea but I know a lot of Teachers and Administrators that are so overworked and under payed that it’s just not fair to ask them to shoot it out with a Maniac even though some of them would try. You simply can’t prepare a Civilian to run towards a Crazy shooter because there is NO way to determine how they will react under fire and simulation training won’t tell Us either. Through away the Gun Free Zone signs and place trained Responders in EVERY School and even on School Buses because once We’ve made the School a Safe zone the Adam Lanzas of the World will look for other opportunities. There has to be dozens of ways to do a better job of Protecting Our Children but Gun Laws can’t change ANYTHING but Our Constitutional Rights so the whole Safe School issue isn’t even part of this discussion, Our Rights and the Fight to keep them is. I never said that You were wrong, just that You were “Tilting at Windmills” and missing the point. This thread concerns the Cheaper than Dirt/NRA Membership Drive and the Knuckleheads that are complaining about Free Gifts from China, bad Management and hurt feelings, Complainers and non-supporters and how to convince People to join and become part of the solution instead of hanging back, forcing the Good Guys to carry their load too like those non-voters we’ve heard from. Your discussion is an Important one but I can’t see how it fits this one. If I started talking about that Witch, Feinstein, and Her conflict of interest that caused Her to step down from the Senate Military Appropriations Subcommittee after 6 Years of Stealing from the Armed Forces, I’m sure that could ignite some passion too but We need to stay on topic and help the NRA in the Fight of Our Lives. So Yes, I agree with You and even Mr. LaPierre agrees with You because if You’ll think back to His first statement after the Sandy Hook Tragedy, that’s what He said, arm some trained Staff and protect the Children and the “Left” blew a gasket. That’s a discussion for a thread about that subject. I apologize for the excessive writing, it’s probably an indicator of My lack of education that I have to try so many different ways to make a point. I just hate to be misunderstood and I have way too much free time. I send Sincere Thanks to all You Great Americans who are stepping Up and helping the NRA Protect the Foundation of this Awesome Country and a Prayer that the rest of You will Wake Up and participate in a Noble and Just cause.

  18. I appreciate the support of Larry #108 and a few others, but again I think presenting viable solutions to the problem is in our best interest and will gain more overall public support. In one of my original posts, I suggested that teachers that want to carry “Air Marshall” type handguns should be trained (not mandatory) and allowed to carry while on campus. The handguns should be checked in and out each time the faculty member arrives/departs the school/campus.
    I also think all faculty should be equipped with “Life Alert” like devices that would summon help if triggered.
    Does anyone agree with me, or is this just not an idea worth the NRA’s time?

  19. I agree with both Larry and Mr. West. I live in MN and while people here yell about armed officers in the schools, the high-schools where I live have liaison officers in the schools on at least a part-time basis and many of the middle-schools and high-schools are adjacent to each other so in some cases we already have armed people in the schools. Like Larry said, you have to do what you have to do to keep the kids as safe as we possibly can. The reality is the BG will always find a way to harm the kids if he wants to do that. He can run them down in the streets, he can kidnap them, the guy in China used a knife. The Israeli’s arm their teachers, we put up signs. Choose what you will, but if some madman gets to your kids, please don’t blame me…or Larry…or James West. And don’t make “feel-good” laws that will do nothing. Everything Lanza did, from killing his mother, to stealing her firearms, to transporting loaded guns in the car, to bringing firearms onto school property, to breaking into the school and shooting 26 people was against existing laws. More firearms laws won’t change insane people like Lanza.

    Having said that, personally, I am not opposed to better reporting procedures to tighten up background checks. Every time I renew my permit, I have to go through a background check and I don’t have a problem with that. If I have to sell a firearm through a FFL, I can probably live with that. Now, tell me to register my firearms or tell me I have to apply to the local police chief to let my brother shoot my guns at the range or when hunting or that I have to turn in my $2000 competition AR and….well, we’ve got a problem.

  20. James West is right BUT we need to do what ever we can to protect our kids and if that means having armed guards like Obama’s kids get then that is what we will have to do.

  21. I agree that we need to defend our 2nd Amendment rights, but feel we are not doing so in the proper manner. Simply putting armed guards in every school is not going to be acceptable, especially during a period when so many school districts and municipalities are fiscally challenged.
    We need to come up with new better solutions and take action. Possibly, (although the LE unions will oppose this) there should be civilian auxiliary police who give up a day or two a week to “guard” a school. I know I would do it, plus we have a legion of retired/unemployed veterans that would “give back” to their community, as Obama constantly implores us to do.
    Why aren’t we linking the quiet assault on our First Amendment rights to our cause? Why do you think Obama has the Media walking in lock step behind him? Because, if they step out of line they are cut out of the information loop. Why do you think there are no FOX News reporters at White House briefings? How many people have been put on the “do not fly” list for having contrary views?
    Our fight should be on the attack of all our rights, and the 2nd amendment is just the loudest and most visible one…currently.

  22. please remember the NRA is very busy right now with all the new may take a little longer than normal to receive your gifts and memberships,anyway theres no beter way to protect your second amendment rights,than the nra.

  23. Listen guys and gals,
    I support and belong to Virginia Citizens Defense League, NAGR, CCRKBA, Buckeye and a number of other groups. I have purchased three life memberships for people in my family AND I am an Endowment Life Member of the NRA. Please pardon my lousy typing skills, but I am so pissed off I can’t type well. You ALL that gripe and whine about this or that are TOTALLY missing the point of what is going on. Okramma has the MEDIA, and it is appearing that the majority of Americans support his gun grab. This is a FRANK LIE, as we ALL know, but unless we stand together he will pull off bans AND his list of owners so your FIREARMS (NOT WEAPONS. NOTE THE USE OF TERMINOLOGY) can be confiscated. Don’t think it can happen? LOOK AT ENGLAND, LOOK AT CANADA. The public thinks that we are trying to keep WEAPONS, the term meaning intended to HARM OR KILL.

    Unless we ALL get together and form a LOUD VOICE that no one can mistake we will LOOSE, PERIOD. STOP whining and puking over a Chinese knife and START GIVING TO THE FIGHT TO BEAT THIS BACK. At Lexington and Concord no one CARED where the firearms came from, they only wanted them to WORK for their cause. Cowboy up and get in there boys and girls, THIS IS FOR REAL.

  24. I just read some complaints near the top of the stack so I had to respond.

    Hey whiners, there are several pro-2nd Amendment groups. I’m just tired of hearing complaints while some of us are carrying the weight of protecting our freedom because too many don’t take the trouble, especially those who hunt. If every hunter supported these groups, the politicians wouldn’t even dare mess with us.

    I’m an average joe not some rich executive, but I still manage to support NRA, GOA, CCRKBA since the early 1990’s, as well as ACLJ, Heritage Foundation. Also have in the past supported Second Amendment Foundation and JPFO although not Jewish, and a few others.
    Put your money where your mouth is and maybe they won’t take “IT” from your “cold dead hands”. Maybe your children and grand-children will still be free when it’s their turn to keep the fire lit in the torch of freedom. Your turn is NOW!

  25. The United States fought battles in foreign soil and defeated foreign army’s. This time the battle is in our own backyard. Now more than ever is the time to be united with each other. Give what you can, support when you can, together we will all be victorious. Si vis pacem para bellum.

  26. To all of you who gripe about the chineese pocket knife business, PLEASE GET REAL. If you will let a simple business decision (NRA can get 30 of these for the same amount it costs to get one american made knife) to stand between YOU and your right to own and use firearms, THEN I PITY YOU. The sheer stupidity of that action AMAZES ME. We all need to STICK TOGETHER TO GET THIS TAKEN CARE OF, and I do note that many chineeses made items are for sale on Cheaper Than DIrt.. are you no longer going to patronize them as well? They are one of the best suppliers of firearm related gear in the world, and the NRA os one of the ONLY organizations I hear of fighting publicly to uphold the second amendment/ Support them and we WILL WIN THIS FIGHT> Don’t support them and YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR RIGHTS

  27. I realize this forum is intended to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights, which I applaud. I also hope that the NRA and all the vendors to our respective sports would take heed that we do not want foreign (i.e. Chinese)merchandise for free or ,even worse, for our hard earned dollars. Maybe if we bought more American goods and services, we would have more support from the general public.

  28. I have been an NRA member for a few years, and am paid up till 2017. I would love to take advantage of this $300 lifetime offer as I think the NRA is fighting hard for our freedoms at this very critical time. I am however confused with the Chinese crap offered in their store. It makes me wonder if the organization is legitimate. A true patriotic organization, as the NRA proposes to be, would not sell this junk, but only American-made, high quality products.

    Tell me you’re USA all the way and I’m in!

  29. John (#13) – are you writing from some anti-gun organization’s office? Seriously, your ‘evidence’ against the NRA is opinion, not evidence. Your rant against CTD is just that – another unproven allegation in which you blame a vendor for a market crunch caused by an event that may even have been staged. And you insult the veterans and call them names. Tell the truth man, you’re trolling here aren’t you? It’s disgusting you know.

  30. How come the govt. wants to take away our guns, but not our knives? Jody Arias shot her BF several times and stabbed even more. There is no high volume clip on a knife, and it is very quiet.

    Arias proved what the govt. needs to understand. If someone wants to kill, they will get the job done by any means they choose to in proportion to the statement they want to make.

  31. In support of #93. Respectful criticism should be viewed by leadership as direction members feel we should be headed. The louder and broader the criticism, the more important the issue. If your suggestion/complaint/criticism is not supported by enough other members, just accept it and move on. None of us have ever gotten everything we want.

  32. Bill from Boomhower. It’s not a matter of hating you. I’m 68 and haven’t missed an election, even when I was in Vietnam.. It’s still sort of a free Country so if you choose not to vote, I guess that’s okay. You might remember though voting is a responsibility of citizenship and and if you opt not to vote and claim not to be a Democrat, you are hurting Conservatives with your non-vote and you have no right to complain. If you don’t vote, I wonder if you even believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because that’s the bottom line to what we are really discussing here. Or maybe you just want somebody else to do it for you. Have a nice day.

  33. I support the NRA and will gladly pay the $300 lifetime membership to defend my 2nd Amendment rights. However, to chastise our own members who are critical of the NRA is garbage. Criticism is what keeps our leaders on their toes!

  34. Like most people that complain you usally end up finding out like most that the people that run their mouth the most won’t get off their ass and vote. I feel bad what happened in Newtown but people must realize that a woman who had to tell her babysitters not to turn their back on her son and teaches him to shoot and be able to get to those guns had a problem to. Now when it has nothing to do with guns but mental problems our polititions get ignorant again and want to take away our rights and head more towards communism. Remember the Japanease would not attack our shores because they knew every American family almost back then had a firearm Proud American Proud NRA member.

  35. Feels like a waste of money after the craptastic democrats here in Colorado have effectively banned shotguns, assault rifles and pistols that can hold more than 15 rounds.

  36. Ok Jim and Dave, you guys are totally right………God bless the Pigmys. I just get upset when I think someone suspects me of bein’ a left wing wolf Democrat liberal! I’m sixty, and never voted in my life. If you want to hate me, there’s the best reason. I’ve always said;”Yeah, I don’t votge, so I deserve whatever I get.” All things considered, my heart’s in the right place. Still wish they’d sent me a cap.
    However, I heard on the news today that the next car race at Boomhower Motor Speedway will officially be sponsered by the NRA, which means they’ll pair up with another pastime adventure, emphatically endorsed and loved by hundreds of thousands of fans across the nation. Very ingenious P.R. move, well done NRA. That sponsership won’t be cheap at all, and when I step outside to pee and the wind’s out of the north, they sound like Bumble Bees under a brush hog. Guess I’ll step up and buy a cap, gotta have one now. Hope it’s not a shoot-out, the last few laps. No joke guys, when I think of all the guns I wish I’d never sold, I realize we’re all on the same side.

  37. I partially agree with Dave #88. We need to stay focused on the main issue, taking our guns. I don’t think we should be so dismissive of people with complaints, it is called customer service. People obviously have issues with the NRA and NRA needs to address the problems that should be addressed so we can grow NRA membership and retain current members. This is not the forum for other issues, but NRA needs to address the problem.

    It is entirely possible that anti-gun idiots may be infiltrating this website and trying to disrupt any progress we make and turn us against each other.

    And,yes, people in every group can be that petty and nit-picky.

  38. I’ve got to agree with Dave. There are important things and then there are individual things that are not so important in the grand scheme of things right now. I would suggest that keeping our 2nd Amendment rights falls into the “most important” category. Individual smaller problems like getting the wrong magazine or you called and didn’t get called back need to go on the back burner for a while. Everybody needs to focus on the “big picture”..people are trying to take your guns boys and girls. let’s not be petty until after we win this battle.

    I’ve been a life member for quite a few years now and I experienced the same e-mails and the same phone calls…always looking for donations. Well, most of us are retired or working to make ends meet and can’t always donate. The question still stands, “Do you want to keep your guns?” The NRA and the “Friends of the NRA” are always looking for volunteers. Can you give a couple of hours a month to accomplish something you really want to accomplish or are you expecting someone else do it for you? If it bothers you that much, you can always call or write to the NRA office and ask to be put on a “do not call/mail” list. I did that and they complied but do you know what? I’m back on the list because the NRA is the best thing going to save my gun rights. I don’t always agree with every thing they say or every positioon they take but give’em break with the minor glitches. They’ve added hundreds of thousands of members since the Sandy Hook murders and I’m sure they’re really working hard to save our rights. I’ve joined the local chapter of the “Friends of the NRA” and I’ve taken a lot more interest in my local gun club. I’m not tooting my own horn here, I just feel I have to step up and give something back after all the personal enjoyment I’ve gotten out of hunting and shooting over the years.

    In reading through these posts, I really wonder if we’re not seeing some infiltration from the anti-gun crowd. Some of it is pretty petty and seems to be designed to rankle us a little. I know a lot of hunters and shooters and none of them would complain about some of this trivial stuff, especially at a time like this. They all fully understand what’s at stake and if they have a legitimate beef with the NRA, they’ll table it until we’re done with this.

    The one that really gets me is the “Shills of the gun industry” comment. How ridiculous is that? The NRA is not running up the price of firearms just as the manufacturers aren’t. There’s a little thing called “Supply and Demand” and all the folks out there who are willing to pay ANY amount to buy an AR are running up the price with their willingness to pay it. It’s the same for ammo and components, the hoarders are killing the supply chain and causing the prices to skyrocket. it happened in 1994 too because of the Clinton gun ban…that accomplished nothing but running up the prices and creating ammo shortages. We all sure know it didn’t solve any problem with crime. If everyone would just slow down on the buying, the supply lines will fill up and the correspondingly, the prices will come down, just like they did last time we played this game.

  39. Those of you who say the NRA is a shill for the industry note that Midway USA is one of the largest supporters of the NRA and has kept 30 round magazines at historical prices. While I do not like everything the NRA does, it is important that gun rights advocates stand together with the NRA during the current fight. You have to understand the people out there trying to limit our rights mean business. We are facing a formidable foe and we must stick together to win this fight. The NRA has had success in the past. They predicted this ban would come when the President was elected in 2008. They know the folks trying to take away our rights well. That is worth something in this battle.

    If there is something about the NRA you don’t like, join, and let your voice be heard. You will have many opportunities to do so.

  40. Oh, and if you really want a reason to get your panties in a wad, watch MSNBC. There’s your liberal wolves, and ignorant, left wing Democrats.

  41. Gerry C, I’m exactly what I said I am, and I take what everyone else has said at face value, but I won’t stick my head in the sand in denial, I don’t care if any of ’em are any more are less dis-gruntled than myself, I still would have said the same thing I said in #7, and #82-83. I’m very gruntled. I joined when I did because I knew something was gonna happen this time, after this incident. Call it a premonition. CTD didn’t have anything to do with the rates. When I called the NRA to join right after those kids got shot multiple times, the NRA phone operat
    or offered me all the same rate options. I just wish I’d have recieved a “Stand’n Fight” cap instead of an unwanted insurance policy, and a bill for it, that’s all. Hell, I didn’t mean to throw everyone off topic, or break concentration for anyone.
    If you think these guys are a bunch of progresive liberal, left-wing Democratic wolves, you haven’t been keepin’ up with the scuttle-butt on most of the other threads in this blog, and you should probably keep your finger away from the trigger-guard if you’re in the dark when someone breaks in at your place. Oh, and congrats on getting the wife interested enough to join. You did run it by her, right?

  42. I just added my wife as a NRA “Life Member.” My first thought in reading these comments is that I suspect that a majority of the negative comments are planted by the progressive-liberal, Democratic party machine. This is a well-know tactic that they employ against anyone that opposes their ideology.

    Regardless of whether you agree with everything about the NRA, their main focus is directed to protecting, defending and preserving our 2nd Amendment right. There is absolutely no other organization that can match their effectiveness, period!

    The lame, inconsequential complaints about whether someone didn’t get their last month’s magazine or they don’t like certain NRA representatives is nothing more than an attempt at misdirection to distract us from the true purpose and goals of the NRA.

    Responsible Americans are far smarter than to be fooled by the subversive ploys and anti-NRA rhetoric posted by the left-wing wolves in sheep’s clothing. You will find examples of that in the above postings.

    God bless and preserve the United States of America!

  43. Still,it would have been nice if they’d sent me one of those “Stand and Fight” caps though, instead of an insurance policy I didn’t want and a bill for it.

  44. Wow, you guys still arguing this crap? Like I said way back at the top of this thing, at sixty, I’d never been a member, but the afternoon those kids got shot full of holes, I knew something was about to happen, I couldn’t explain what, but I felt it as eminant as tomorrow.
    I got that same feeling about two weeks before the re-election, so I went out and bought an AK-47, a few extra mags, and a couple hundred rnds of ammo. That was a big step in my household, as all my shotguns and rifles had a thick coating of dust since ’95, when my son accidentally shot himself in the femoral artery, bleeding out in his room, with my wife holding pressure to try to slow the bleeding.
    Since then, a lot of technology has evolved, and I have had to put away all guns, re-loading and hunting gear, and change the channel every time someone is shot or blood appears on TV.
    Running out and buying an AK has jump-started me back into the serious passion I’ve had most of my life. Man, there’s a lot I’ve missed, and I’m now getting a very late start. The afternoon those kids died, I called the NRA, and listened to all the options you mentioned Brett, but because of our budget, and the fact that I put the AK on a credit card, I put three years worth of membership on the card also.
    Everything you said is absolutely correct Brett, and you know what? My son’s name was Brett as well.
    Ok, my phone battery is failing, you guys go back to arguing.

  45. First, let me say that the $300 NRA Lifetime Membership offer is not exclusive to Cheaper Than Dirt, its been available directly from the NRA since late last year. That said, I commend CTD for partnering with the NRA to support and promote this membership drive. Now, if any of you who take advantage of this offer don’t think you’ll be asked, repeatedly, to do more, think again, there is obviously a LOT more that needs to be done. I would ask each gun owner that cares about preserving his/her 2nd Amendment rights to stop and give just 10-15 min of thought to to the various levels of attack being directed at us right now, from the local, state, federal and yes, international levels of politics/government, and ask yourself, if you were in charge of the most powerful organization in the world defending the right of individuals to legally own firearms, what would you do next? How many attacks and on how many levels can you defend? What the NRA has accomplished in the face of constant attack is nothing short of incredible, the fact that our 2nd Amendment Rights are stronger today, including our CCW rights expanding across the country and now the most recent rulings in the US Supreme Court, can in part if not whole, all be credited to the NRA’s exemplary work, including especially (but certainly not limited to) Wayne La Pierre and Chris Cox. To James West, thank you for your support of the NRA, I am only a member, albeit for over 30 years, but its people like us and everyone else who carries a current membership and donates additional money when possible, that keep the NRA alive and fighting. That said, I’d like to address your comment about a “united hoard running in the wrong direction”, and especially your statement that “we need to be united behind a plan that will appeal to members and non members… not simply a plan that guarantees gun rights to NRA members”. With all due respect, sincerely, that is a patently ridiculous thing to say! First, the NRA fights to preserve the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, for all American Citizens, of which NRA members (sadly in my opinion) are a minority, period! Second, when you propose the NRA devise a “plan that will appeal to members and non members”, what NRA plan do you believe is a problem and what alternative plan do you have in mind here? Do you disagree that public schools should have enhanced security measures put in place, including improved security to building access, trained and armed security personnel in the building and yes, teachers and administrators who choose to be vetted, trained and armed as well? I believe you are well intended in your comment, albeit dangerously wrong, and I ask you to think this through carefully. I understand that, as gun owners and proponents of the 2nd Amendment, our message can be controversial and must be carefully crafted, but there can be NO compromise that would infringe on legal gun ownership by noncriminal US Citizens (and yes I want to use the term “law abiding”, however in today’s world of regulations I’m afraid none of us can be considered 100% “law abiding” anymore, very discouraging in my humble opinion). There is no compromising our fundamental right to keep and bear arms, and arms of the type adequate to ensure our safety from predators and tyranny alike. Colorado is on the cusp of now banning pump and auto loader shotguns because the magazine tube may be extended to accommodate additional rounds. Bottom line, not everyone will, or needs to, like the fact that we are legally and constitutionally armed. The majority of Americans support private gun ownership. What we must do is expand the ranks of the NRA, and other groups who support the 2nd Amendment, and we must do it now.

  46. I joined the NRA several years ago. I am paid up until 2019 does this make me a life member, maybe if I don’t live that long. 300 dollars is a bargain. I joined the service in 1957. At that time I took an oath to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. That oath doesn’t expire until I do. So if this is one of the ways for me to maintain that oath I’m in. I write letters and make phone calls to all of my representatives in Washington and the liberal state of Connecticut. I’m to old to move and I have grandchildren in this state which keeps me anchored here. So when and if the time ever comes that I have to take a stand with arms I will do so. I guess that would make me a DIP ( die in place). My point is if everyone stops whining and does something maybe our grandchildren will be able to enjoy the same freedoms that we have had. God bless our troops especially the snipers.

  47. I’m a proud American who belongs to the NRA, ANJRPC and NJ2AS. Show your support somewhere or shut your yap and get out of the way.

  48. To Mr.64 Butterworth. Your response is so all over the map, I don’t know what to say. Naturally, the best way to have your voice heard is through carrying the biggest stick (aka the NRA) and proceeding on a winning path that has appeal beyond our membership ranks. Further you draw some misinformed conclusions about me and my involvement. I am an NRA member. I do not buy “discounted” memberships which may cause the NRA to be short changed on funding. I have also donated to the NRA-ILA, in fact as recently as today. I do not debate that the NRA does “everything wrong” as you imply. I chose to address the problem at hand and not get bogged down in collateral issues.

  49. A united horde running in the wrong direction is a recipe for disaster. Imagine how well that would have worked on D-Day?

    Yes we need to be united. We need to be united behind a plan that will appeal to members and non-members as well. In short, we need to offer a plan that the majority of the American public can feel secure in endorsing, not simply a plan that guarantees gun rights to NRA Members.

    I feasible solution can win the day.

  50. Is it true that Feinstein and Boxer both have CC permits. If so, this is the height of hypocrisy…Oh, excuse me, I forgot who we were dealing with.

    I have heard that CA has only issued 3300 CC Permits. By contrast, NV has supposedly issued 35,000. And CA has 15% of the nations population???

  51. If you are really sincere and want to help, don’t take advantage of any of these offers. Buy successive one year memberships at full price and contribute when the NRA-ILA asks for your money. Fighting for your rights should not be about getting a discount!

  52. The damage Harry Reid has done far exceeds the value any land the NRA recd. We have no idea how much land Sharon Angle might have gotten the NRA. Further, I feel the NRA sold out much too cheap.

  53. A friend of mine, bitched when the Clinton gun ban passed in 1994. I asked him if he was a NRA member, he said NO! I told him not to bitch if he was not part of protecting the 2nd Amendment.

    My membership was up for renewal this month, this morning I received the Cheaper Than Dirt email for the $300 Life Membership. I am PROUD to say that I am now a LIFE MEMBER!

    I know that we do not always agree with the way that the NRA advertises, emails, or spams us, but the bottom line is: The NRA is the most powerful PRO GUN LOBBY!

    Don’t wait until it is too late. If they passed the symbolic 10yr ban on so called assault weapons back then, the next ban will be permanent and far reaching. They learned their lesson on the poor wording of the last ban by name and features.

    I was a FFL dealer back then and the pressure was on, by the ATF to reduce the numbers of dealers. After Sept 11, 2001 I gave up my license due to the ATF ineptness and bs.

    Join now if you are not a member, renew for a longer term if you are a member or become a LIFE MEMBER for the low cost of $300.

    Keep the faith, email and contact your senators and congressmen, put the pressure on them to leave the 2nd Amendment alone.

    You do not see anyone attacking the 1st Amendment.

    The last time I checked, the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS ARE NOT CRIMINALS! Leave us alone and treat criminals like the dirt that they are.

  54. Less than 10 cents a Day is what You have been paying to support the Most effective Champion of Your Rights to own and enjoy Your Guns Mr. Rutledge. Because when You joined, You instilled the Hope that You might find a way to dig a little Deeper like maybe Fifteen cents or even a Quarter a Day but obviously You joined so You could claim to be Helping when actually You are so upset about that 35 dollars You spent that You have to announce the Termination of Your support because of 2 e-mails a day asking You to do more. Maybe You could consider ignoring those e-mails like You ignore the Starving Children Commercials that You see 5 or 6 times a Night while You’re watching T.V. or those annoying Salvation Army ads that always asks for Help. Your Massive Donations to the NRA should exempt You from ever being asked for more or from EVER Volunteering to Help in any way in the Battle to Save YOUR Rights and Mine. So keep up the Good Work and maybe, Just Maybe, You will NEVER have to bother with that Boring Old Bill of Rights again. WHAT A GUY!

  55. I have 14 years LEO experience. I have been a member of the NRA for many years and Don’t like everything they do. As for supporting Reid in Neveda, I did not like it, but I also learned that Reid had pushed the US government to give a 2000+ acre site from the park service to the NRA for a shooting range. When you know more of the facts, sometimes it looks different than first reported. My experience has been to THINK before shooting off from the HIP

  56. For those who cannot manage the $300 cost of an NRA LIFE membership, may I recommend an alternative. The Second Amendment Foundation ( and / or the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( are both long-standing grass roots organizations whose primary focus and sole mission is to defend the Second Amendment against the constant and incremental erosion of the most fundamental freedom supposedly protected by the Bill of Rights! Their LIFE membership is an incredibly good value at $150.

  57. there is no fear mongering from the NRA they are merely telling the truth and presenting the facts as what they are. if you haven’t noticed the president just instituted 23 executive orders. Dianne Feinstein just drafted a new assault weapons ban. she also said that if she had her way she would ban all guns. those are words straight from her mouth on video. regardless of whether the leaders from the NRA are not as competent as you’d like they are still there to represent all gun owners and help them maintain their rights as a law abiding and gun owners.

  58. This note is meant for Alan Rutledge’s most recent post . . . . Stop your sniveling! When all you can legally own in this country is one air rifle and one black powder muzzleloader, you will long for the days that you had “too much spam mail”!!!!! Or, as an old Chinese proverb used to say, “What you are, speaks so loudly, that I cannot hear what you are saying”. To all the individuals and organizations out there who are fighting back the tidal wave of assaults on our Second Amendment rights . . . THANK YOU!, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  59. The offer you have posted for the NRA makes you number one! I am already a life time member and a NRA Certified Instructor at the Sir Walter Gun Club in Raleigh NC. I conduct Concealed Carry Handgun Courses. I am also a retired Law Enforcement after 25 years. I have bought a lot of equipment from you company over the past years. With this offer and your stand with the other companies for our 2nd Amendment Rights places your company higher than the others. I just wanted to say thanks for your support and commitment. I will past this along to the students in all my classes and recommend your company for all their shooting and equipment needs.
    Thanks, Ben Stradford

  60. I joined the NRA last year and will not renew – I am simply tired of getting 2 emails a day asking me to FIGHT NOW and DONATE TO THE PAC TODAY. I’m tired of their spam. They really disappointed me. I could understand a weekly status update but come on.

  61. Enough is enough, after reading about all the dissatisfied recipients of foreign made incentive gifts, you all need a good talking to. First, I am a red, white, and blue American too, and detest anything not Made in the USA. But before you vent your spleen about how this reduces your opinion of the NRA consider these two ideas: First, when you sign up for NRA membership you get the option to “Opt Out” of everything the NRA uses to entice you to join. Specifically, you can make four choices. 1) Elect not to recieve the monthly magazine; 2) Elect to receive the magazine electronically which saves paper, printing, and postage costs; 3) Elect “No-Promo” to prevent your mailbox from being flooded by the solicitations for donations, insurance, and other ancillary mailings sent by the NRA and their affiliates; 4) Elect to decline the incentive gift offered at the time you join, renew, or upgrade your membership. ALL FOUR OF THESE INDIVIDUAL CHOICES ARE YOUR TO MAKE AND. THEY ALL CONSERVE VALUABLE FUNDS FOR THE NRA TO USE TO PRESERVE OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Here is the second idea: As an American firearm owner, shooter, hunter, etc., I belong to a local gun club. We start each monthly meeting with a 50/50 raffle where 50% of the raffle goes to the winner and the other 50% goes to the Club’s youth shooting team. If I end up with an NRA incentive gift, I donate it as an extra prize for the raffle — this surely beats the alternative of throwing it in the trash as stated by a previous disgruntled blog entry.

  62. I’m sorry James West but exactly how do You get Your thoughts considered by anyone who counts? What I’m trying to say is, how does Your opinion about arming School Teachers stop the Federal Government from Attacking Our Constitutional Rights? It Doesn’t. Without the Massive Membership of the NRA standing behind Mr LaPierre and the Millions of dollars for Lobbying in Washington and for sending Attorneys to New Orleans to fight to get the Citizens Firearms returned to them and all the other avenues of protection that the NRA provides We wouldn’t even be talking about Our Rights because they would have been Erased a long time ago. How can You complain about spending mere pennies a day to be a member of the Most Powerful Gun Lobby on the Planet? What if You had to sell something You own just to join for a couple of years? My meager payment was painful to give but I couldn’t be more Proud of the fact that I actually get to Help and I won’t rest until I raise enough to become a Life Member very soon because it’s NEVER been More Important than Right Now! The Issue is so far beyond Sandy Hook now but the Hysteria that Tragedy created has led the Anti Gun Folks to do as much Damage as they can to the Constitution of this Once Great Country and it’s played perfectly into Hussein Obamas plans to Reduce America to a Nation of Panhandlers and Criminals too Weak to Protect a bag of Rice. We either Wake Up and Smell the Coffee or We’ll all be Chugging the Kool-Aide He’s Preparing. There is NO Stronger Ally in this Fight than the NRA and if You’re not contributing You’re part of the Opposing Team. So Tighten Up every Chance You Get!

  63. I am joining as a life member. I have been a member on and off for over 30 years. I have not always been happy with the NRA, and have chosen in the past not to participate. But the war on our right to keep and bear arms, of our choosing, not the governments, is at a threshold. Even if we win this battle, the war will continue. The NRA has been and will be the strongest voice for gun rights, and will have my name to add to their ranks till I die. Put aside your pettyness, your grievences, and your political objections and join the only organization big enough and strong enough to have any chance of winning this battle and the countless others ahead. Thank you NRA, for being there; just quit sending me those insurance and credit card offers.

  64. NRA member. I don’t take gifts or the magazine. Do people really join
    the NRA for a gift?
    More money to use for the cause.

  65. I have been a Life Member of the NRA for almost 40 years and am now an Endowment Life Member and when I’ve ordered from Cheaper Than Dirt I’ve never seen any place to enter this info on your website. Keep up the good work and may you get many more Lifers for the NRA…!

  66. I see several people calling for action but give no solutions. The NRA solution is not going to win. I don’t have all the answers but I would like to offer a partial solution, some of which has already been proposed. Teachers who want to carry, concealed or not, should be given proper training and armed to take care of any possible attacks. Those that do not want to carry guns may be OK with carrying pepper spray. All teachers should wear “Life Alert” like device that reports any assaults to the front office, campus security and the local police.

    Only a well received solution will save our day. This continous arguing and politicking will cost us the War.

  67. Stop whining about what the NRA has or hasn’t done for you.

    YOU do something.
    GO the extra mile.

    Buy a NRA membership for all your anti-gun progressive Democrat friends and lawmakers.

    Trained in gun safety by the NRA, certified instructor, endowment member, and proud of it.

    Defend your freedom, stay on target, and God Bless America

  68. I agree with so many of the comments about the GOOD the NRA has done and is doing. I too served my country and am sick about the comments that are FOR SURE from the gun ban people that I hope will not have to face in our wonderful country anything like is always happening to people in other countries, the same things that the persent admin is trying to make us have here. I too was an expert marksman with the M1 Garand and practice at the range to stay that way. Even at my age I will fight with all my might to defend us and our country that they are trying to destroy and even to save the people that don’t seem to care about what happens to us and our country. God bless the people that at least try and all of us that care. Instead of making comments about something you don’t know anything about, fight with us and help save what we have enjpyed for over 230 years before it is to late.

  69. Thank you THD. You are to be commended for your support of our 2nd amendment rights. As a long time life member I too have not always agreed with every thing the NRA did, however, they are the only game in town when it comes to being powerful enough to make a difference. We just have to stick together. There are enough rocks being thrown at us by the left, we can’t afford any infighting. Cowboy up guys, lets win this thing.

  70. I have been a life member for 27 years and a member for about 7-8 years before that. I am 67 years old and I saw some ads for discounted endowment or upper level memberships awhile ago – are they still available?

  71. Hi I use to be an nra member Im a gun collector fisherman no longer hunt due to all th regs and cost involved.Anyways heres my point I e mailed the nra and called them.I told them I would like to join if they did a couple of things one is answer me why ted nugent is on the board of directors and is it true ted nugent was unfit for service in other words was he a draft dodger.I have not had a heard back from the nra.Dont get me wrong I beleive in the 2nd amendment but I have a tough time giving nra money when I ask them a simple question and they dont respond back thanks sincerly Robbin

  72. Thanks for the great offer I would gladly take advantage of it but like another person commented if it was a 2 or 3 payment rather than a lump sum as my budget cannot stand the “hit” of $300 right now. God bless the NRA and god bless the USA!

  73. I hope this is for an actual lifetime membership to the NRA and not some lesser form that may be called the “Cheaper Than Dirt Lifetime NRA Member” … or similar.

  74. I agree with some of the comments regarding the current leaderships approach to gaining NRA support and the Obama type scare tactics being deployed. I have been a member of NRA for more years than I would like to remember and really appreciate what they have done for gun owners and our second amendment rights; however, I believe, as mentioned in other comments, this is primarily a result of past leadership with positive and meaningful directions. My email is inundated daily with NRA “the sky is falling” messages rather than a well thought out, organized path forward with judicious requests for actions. My comments are not directed personally towards any of the current NRA leadership, however I do believe that more thought may be given to an approach which encourages people across all walks of life to understand and recognize the true benefits to our nation of NRA efforts. Even though I do not agree with the current direction, I intend on continuing my NRA membership; the pathway for improving any organization is not quitting.

  75. After working with and being around people who own and love guns and are not members of the NRA, all I can say is that to let the people who are members do the fighting so you can keep your guns……SHAME ON YOU!!!!!
    Life member for years and just upgraded to Endowment Member.
    I mean it, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!
    Go Wayne!!!

  76. Thanks to Fredric Myers I will be sending my check for a lifetime membership to the NRA… and although I don’t agree with everything that they propose, the NRA is the most positive and above board organization out there.

    And as long as the incentives are not made in CHINA I would be interested in receiving one. If they are made in CHINA you can keep it….

  77. I am a 5 year member and will continue to support the NRA, but why give this foreign made (China) junk out as a gift for membership! When I got this bag and saw it was made in China it went straight to the garbage. If the NRA wants to give an incentive for joining have it made here in the USA. I didn’t join to get a gift I joined to keep the rights we have as citizens of this free country!


  79. Hello fellow gun enthusiasts,
    I have been an annual member of the NRA since I was 18; I’m now 52 years old. Today I took the offer of 300.00 dollars for life time membership thanks to Cheaper Than Dirt. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.
    You may not always agree with the NRA but it is the organization that knows how to maneuver through all of the BS in Washington DC.
    I’ve lived in California my entire life and I have watched liberals chip away slowly over a long period of time, diminishing our freedoms and breaking down the laws that keep us free.
    My advice to you, Send your money now to pay for all of the lobbying and attorneys that are required to keep our freedoms.
    There is no low the liberals won’t stoop to grab your guns. Pay now or lose your freedoms, it will certainly be harder to gain them back again if we lose them. So don’t wait for that outcome.

  80. People please this is the problem with us we can not even agree about the NRA.

    We are divided among ourselves. This is how we are defeated all the time.

    Whetherwe agree or disagree with the NRA or how it is run should not be the argument for now but how we stick together and fight against an even bigger threat to our 2nd amendment.
    This is NOT the time to become divided over this pettiness that the NRA is not doing enough or Mr LaPierre is going at it all wrong or is not being tough enough.

    Now is not the time for us gun owners to be bashing the NRA. It show weaklness in the membership and will being watched by those who oppose and will be used against us.

    We need to stay united and maybe keep the negative thoughts to yourselves for now.

  81. I have been a Life member for 26 years. This is an outstanding offer. If you value your right to keep and bear arms, it is imperative to support the NRA through your membership. A great gift would be to give your child or grandchild a life membership. Did you know that of all the Amendments to the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment is the only one that is mandated? To all, have a great day!

  82. I’m a Life Member and have been for quite a few years now. I see a lot of complaining about the NRA in some of these posts but not many reasons for the complaints. Maybe the sight is being infiltrated by the anti’s who really don’t understand what the NRA is and what they represent. Do you have a permit to carry? If so, you can thank the NRA for their legislative efforts in every state that allows “carry”. One person said the NRA has forgotten about safety, nothing could be farther from the truth. Sure, I personally don’t agree with absolutely everything the NRA says and does. Sometimes I think they could get more favorable publicity if they conceded on an issue or two but let’s not forget that the NRA is paid by us to do only one thing, PROTECT OUR GUN RIGHTS and the 2nd AMENDMENT…that’s their job and I think they do it pretty well. Sometimes you might think they are a little aggressive but look at the the other side, they are really aggressive and willing to flat-out lie to take your guns away.

    Take a look at the idiotic things they say, all you have to do is losten to Biden and his “shoot through the door” solution or the legislator in Colorado who, in reference to rape, told women “That wat the call boxes are for” then told them to “blow a whistle and if necessary vomit or urinate”. In my book, that’s pretty sexist and demeaning. I say “pull out your little pink .380 and ventillate the criminal so he doesn’t hurt you or the next woman down the line”.

    As far as protection of our kids in school goes, I maintain that if the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary whould have had a firearm avalaible instead of having to face the shooter with her bare hands, she might have been able to stop him and the media would have put her on a pedestal for “saving the children” and we probably wouldn’t even be having this conversation. It takes a gun to stop a gun. If you don’t believe that just look at the outcome at the Oregon Mall. The need is immediate and the police are always ten minutes away.

    Whether you are GOA or NRA or somewhere in the middle, you need to stop bickering and start being constructive. If you do nothing, you lose…we all lose. It isn’t the gun, it’s the intention of the shooter.

  83. The NRA is our last best hope. Get on board and contribute or join for this incredible deal that Cheaper Than Dirt is hosting. The anti gunners will win if we don’t STAND UP AND FIGHT.

  84. Add my voice to those here whose position(s) is/are that the NRA is not a perfect advocate for everything that one may want in life. Big Deal! They, the NRA, do more for those of us who are gun owners than any other organization in this country. The first time I ever held a gun and learned about firearms was when my dad and I went to a hunter safety class conducted by the NRA when I was 10 years old, I am much older than that now. I have been a member on and off over the years, mainly because I disagreed with all of the junk mail and “surveys” I received from them! Frankly, it drove me nuts. The main message didn’t change tho, and I have to appreciate that consistency, and that is why, along with the abject hostility coming out of Washington today, that I will be upgrading my membership thru this offer. I still don’t agree 100% with all the positions of the NRA, or some of those who advocate them, but look at it this way, if not for “gun rights” organizations, who else will do the dirty work of dealing with politicians and “lower class” British pedophile media people? So, whether it is the NRA, the GOA or some other firearms advocacy group, at least let your voice be heard as supporting one of them, and by doing so, indirectly, all of us who enjoy the shooting sports and prefer not to let ourselves and our families fall victim to the criminals in this country, both those off the streets and those others in political office.

  85. # 20 .. Give us your info and I WILL GIVE YOU a membership in the NRA .. It is men like YOU that will uphold the Constitution.

  86. I’ve been an NRA member as well as a Conservative Republican ever since I was in college and did enough research to figure out who the real liars in politics are. (bearing in mind that we should all instinctively distrust all politicians until proven trustworthy and then they have to be watched.) I’m now going to extend my membership to Life.
    We are now at a point in history where it is truly an “us against them” situation. My stance is this, if you’re a Democrat, you either have your hand out or you’re too ignornent to understand what your party has been doing for the last hundred years. If you’re a “minorty” you’ve been taught and pandered to by the Democrats for so long that (with notable obviouis exceptions) you have no hope of being anything but a leach on society. You all are the enemy of this country. While I understand I will be called racist, homophobic etc. etc. I am not. I am a child of the 50’s and 60’s and despite all the chaos of those times, I have never held any ill wishes for any group or gender and do not now. However, if you care about this country as it has been and should be again, you can no longer compromise, back track and apologize the way our Republican representives have been for years. I am against anything the Democrat party says – period. This current President is a Socialist leaning Chicago hood by training. He, as much as any Democrat, is an inveterate liar. Listening to him absolve himself for any blame for the fiscal crisis is just his latest, most obvious, expample. Also, I will not support anything that is designed to keep or get Republicans in office unless they are squarely behind our Constitution. I would rather they lost on principal than win by compromise.
    Though I too do not always agree with the NRA, for those of you who are the backbitters and nay sayers, we don’t need you. You’re as big of a problem as are the Liberals. Agreed with everything on not, you cannot stand in the middle of the road when it comes to our country. Join your companions on the left, you are not on our side. If we can’t win the country back, my next wish is for the Libs to gain absolute control. All you have to do is look at history to see the ultimate results. I can afford to be so cavalier because I have no children to worry about and in the time left to me on this earth, I have enough of everything to weather the results. It’s you poor under thirty and brain dead fools that will suffer. I can only hope that it finally dawns on you that you are the cause of your own societal demise.

  87. Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in the hands of those whom they have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear. Quote from Pravda Russian Newspaper

  88. Thanks for this great offer and the support of a cause I deeply belive in. But I’d also like to address the negative comments on Mr. LaPierre’s recent leadership. I must admit I have been lazy & inactive with NRA the last few years & have only been following Mr. LaPierre in recent months, so I may not be aware and cannot speak to how Mr. LaPierre has lead the NRA in the past. But I have actually been very impressed with his recent leadership. He has handled these sensitive political scenarios very well I think. The anti-gun media has desperately tried to trap him in interviews to paint him and the NRA as extreme right wing terrorists, and his demeanor and intelligent responses to their provocative questions have foiled their efforts as far as I’m concerned. And trust me, anyone who can hold their ground against such a stacked deck as the main stream media, well, I’m impressed. “From my cold dead hands” is a sentiment that I understand, belive in and agree with, but it is also good ammunition for the anti-gun activist to succeed in their efforts to inaccurately paint the NRA as a pro-“terrorist” organization. Think about how many times they’ve aired that quote. Politicians, and in recent years, the news media, have never let the truth get in the way of a good story. I have carefully watched the interviews with Mr. LaPierre where the interviewer was intentionally interupting and attempting to provoke an angry response from Mr. LaPierre, and he held his cool and remained on point very nicely. Battle cries from the NRA leader might make us stand up and cheer, myself included, but it would aid the liberals to succeed in this political climate. I say well done Mr. LaPierre.

  89. I just rejoined the NRA after a significant hiatus – and gave my 3 sons memberships also. I had dropped (my) membership a number of years ago for a number of reasons – mainly lack of support to gun owneers. We were living in the Socialist Republic of Califoney at the time and support for gun owners would have been nice – but not forthcoming, even after numerous letters.
    When we escaped Southern Calif, we settled in SW Utah and was entertaining rejoining. However, that did not come to fruition BECAUSE in the elections, the NRA in Nevada supported that malignant dwarf Reid !!!!
    As stated, I recently rejoined – HOWEVER – if the NRA does not get more supportive, I will never rejoin !!!!!

  90. Being born free is an accident. Living free is a blessing. Dying free is a commitment.
    As an NRA life member I can tell you that ANY voice that can support YOUR 2ond amendment rights IS NEEDED. So what if the NRA is the MOST RECOGNIZED AND MOST LISTENED to group for gun supporters .. NAGR and a lot of other groups may agree with your thoughts more, but IS ANYONE LISTENING TO THEM? ARE THEY IN FRONT OF CONGRESSIONAL AND SENATE HEARINGS AS THE ONLY VOICE FOR GUN OWNERS? Probably not. I support NAGR and NRA and ANY other organization that can put out that America is pissed off about having the FED Government stomp all over 2ond amendment rights. You who DO NOT ACT are why OBAMA GOT RE ELECTED .. aren’t youall PROUD of yourselves? If 2ond amendment rights fall, YOU will be the reason WHY IT HAPPENS. Aren’t you GLAD that YOU STOOD UP AND BLAMED the only voice that anyone listens to and REFUSED TO SUPPORT THEM? FALSE PRIDE IS OUR ONLY ENEMY in our ranks. WAKE UP PEOPLE .. the clock IS TICKING.

  91. To everyone complaining about the NRA on this forum: Please take a look at the big picture here, guys and gals. The anti-gun democrats are winning the PR battle!! Obama owns the media! Do you think all of those who want to take away our constitutional right to keep and bear arms agree with each other 100% ? No they do not. They are winning public support because they have the ability to look past their small differences and unite behind (what they consider) the greater cause. I cannot believe some of there posts…. “Won’t join because the free gift is from China”? “Don’t like the ad about Obama’s kids”? “Don’t LikeWayne LaPierre”? Are you kidding me? Please try and look at the big picture here ,people. Do you send your food back in a restaurant because its not prepared exactly the same way you make it at home? No, you would starve to death. By not putting aside our small differences, we are sealing our own fate. We need to stand behind the NRA!! If you think we have anyone else in this country fighting nationally for our 2nd amendment rights, you are lying to yourself.

  92. @John-The use of children in our nation’s gun debate from both sides is reprehensible. Parading a bunch of school kids around the same stage as the anti-gunners is equally offensive. Of course the President’s kids need security, but they are no more deserving of a safe learning environment then anyone else’s kids. By the way, that school had armed security before the Obama’s ever attended. Ask NBC’s Meet the Press host David Gregory. As far as the NRA goes, yes they need a new point person. Wayne LaPierre is no Heston and frankly comes across more like Darth Vader. That doesn’t change the fact that the Second Amendment is under a full assault by those waiting for an opportunity. And now they have it. The problem I have is the double standard. Does anyone think that Michael Bloomberg’s security teams are limited to seven round magazines? How about the fact that Senator Feinstein has a pistol permit? The list goes on and on. The hypocrisy runs wild. Responsible adults don’t want to be talked down to. If they truly want to change the Second Amendment that is an issue for the courts, not the legislatures. Americans had better stand together on this or our nation’s policies will be dictated from our cities. All of us should be equally represented regardless of demographics. I suggest everyone votes in the upcoming 2014 elections.

  93. Great opportunity to save lots of money and buy / upgrade your NRA membership to Lifetime status. One payment and it is done, no stress about remembering to renew every year. Buy a gift membership for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild. It is the best legacy you can leave for them. They will one day understand that you stood for individual freedom. Their membership will strengthen the ranks of the best voice on Capitol hill.
    Life – Benefactor member

  94. First let me say I’m an NRA member and have been for 35 years. I typically renew for 3-5 years at a time but have wanted to purchase a lifetime membership for some time, and I intend to do that now, very cool, thanks to the NRA and Cheaper Than Dirt for the opportunity to do so for an affordable amount.

    I will strongly second those who’ve commented here that, were it not for the NRA, our 2nd Amendment rights would have long ago been lost, or diluted to the the point of being practically useless. Over the years the NRA, and Mr. Wayne La Pierre has been at the helm all the years I’ve been involved (which is remarkable in and of itself), have never lost focus on thief purpose of promoting a Constitutional Government, teaching firearm safety, organizing and promoting shooting sports and, most critically, lobbying Washington on our behalf while fighting in court on behalf of citizens and companies in defense of their Constitutional rights as pertaining to the Second Amendment.

    To John, you’re either a complete ignoramus or an obvious troll (internet speak for one who pretends to be on the same side while attacking and disparaging it, of course using tactics intended to cause supporters who don’t know better to question their position). In my opinion you are the latter.

    The whole point of the NRA ad, as I’m sure you know, was to point out that the private schools attended by children of societies elite, the rich and or famous, are entitled to armed security that protects ALL students and staff (not talking about the secret service detail which are additionally assigned to all immediate family members of the sitting President, but we, the people, the citizens, are neither provided similar security in our public schools, nor are we allowed to arm ourselves in these facilities to protect ourselves.

    Beware Freedom Loving Americans, John’s attack is typical of the types of attacks being used to divide us, succumb to such garbage and our republic is virtually gone. May God Bless the NRA and its passionate members and incredible staff, especially Wayne La Pierre.

  95. Just re-uped to a life membership. Still had three years on my five from last time. Now I can just contribute when I can. The NRA is our last hope for a truely free people.

  96. The NRA isn’t perfect, but what it does do is provide a voice for gun owners. Without the NRA I think we can all admit the 2nd Amendment would have been gutted by now. Do what you can, if you can’t afford to send $25 to join then send $5 as a gift. If you don’t like some of the positions they take tell them. But you have to look at the overall goal. You know what the overall goal of the progressive libtards is. Don’t let them win just because you don’t agree 100% with the message. That is why we have Obummer for another 4 years.

  97. Most everything that is posted on the website is true. I would agree, the NRA is not perfect, neither is any organization that I have been a member of. The point here is if supporter of the 2nd admendment don’t start to work together and support the strongest organization that we have working for us (NRA) than the Liberal gun grabber will win this fight. What will this country be like when you loose your right to choose the gun of your choice to defend your “remaining liberties”? What about defending yourself and or your family? Getting it together “Defenders of the 2nd Admendment” stop the complaining, your are not helping your cause. IF we loose this “right” and you can bet you will loose the rest.

  98. I recently joined the NRA for 3 years for $70. I too don’t agree with the way NRA is handling some matters. Yet, our voice must be heard and solidarity is extremely important.This is the only way “Big Brother” is going to hear us. Without it we are a push over. I would like to extend my membership to lifetime. Would NRA accept the balance of payment ($230) and upgrade my membership to lifetime? If so, where do I apply?

  99. I would love to be a lifetime member of the NRA, unfortunately I can’t take advantage of this offer unless they make it a plan that takes payments.I am on a fixed income and can’t afford the minimum 300 dollar payment.

  100. We really need to quit bitching about the NRA and for once stand together and fight these morons on capital hill who are trying to strip us of our constitutional rights! Once we stop them, then we can bicker about the NRA, in the mean time, fight!!
    Fight or plan to lose everything you own to the SOBs lying and cheating to the American people to further their anti American agendas!

  101. I have been a member for over two years. Rejoined up for 5 more years at $125.00.Would have paid the extra money if they had told me about the lifetime deal.Sent an email to them over 2 weeks ago, still no reply, guess they don’t care

  102. One more thing I left out in my previous post. There are different organizations that support our gun rights. I think that is very good. One poster (John) talked about the GOA being a better supporter of our guns right and he no longer thought the NRA was. John said the NRA is “running amok with his messages a craziness”. I have nothing against the GOA except most GOA members I have talked with will trash the NRA. I do not and will not trash other organizations that support our Second Amendment! I believe we should all work together.

  103. I have belonged to the NRA for many years and I believe Mr. LaPierre, Mr. Cox and others have done a great job. All you have to do is look at all the legal victories in the last few years. The tone of the writers leads me to suspect that obama’s minions are waging a I do.

  104. Some of the comments here and other places complain about the NRA. One person said he didn’t like the cheap gifts from China. For $25 you get a voice to support our Second Amendment and a magazine. I think that is a steal.
    I joined the NRA and continued upgrading my membership till I became a Benefactor Life Member. I am very proud to be an NRA member. I never joined for the gifts. I joined for the representation I get before Congress and the media (and the magazine).
    The NRA is not a perfect organization and no organization is. I don’t divorce my wife because she does some things I don’t like. I haven’t quit my job because I don’t agree with everything my boss says. I don’t change my place of worship if I don’t support all their policies. I certainly don’t stop my donations to the NRA if they say or do something I don’t agree with.
    If you have issues with the NRA gifts or subscriptions it is your responsibility to call them and get it straightened out. That is what I have done in the past.
    What organization is at the forefront and has the funds to support our Second Amendment? I say it is the NRA!
    I see all these complaints about the NRA and I wonder, what are these folks doing to support our gun rights? If you are part of another gun organization then that is good. If you are like my friend who does not support any gun organization but trashes the NRA, then shame on you! Why do you let me spend my money to support our gun rights and you ride on my shirttails? Shame on you.
    The NRA is and has been the loudest (only?) voice for our gun rights on Capitol Hill. I think they deserve our support. United we stand, divided we fall!

  105. I’m dis-abled, since 2006, and can’t afford to join but I’m so sick of hearing these Bozo’s who complain about things and sit on their thumbs in protest. When You boycott voting because You “know” the process is rigged, America winds up with an Un-documented illegal alien in the White House. How dang Stupid can a Person be? Y’all Cry, “I don’t like either of those Candidates!” Do You non-voters understand that this mess We are in is YOUR fault? Yeah, I know, You’d deny the fact to Your Maker, anything to keep Your Guilt from consuming You. You enjoy all the benefits of Freedom without ever lifting another finger to do anything for Your Country because You’re entitled, in Your feeble mind maybe. So thank You Cheaper than Dirt for making it possible for Me to join the NRA because NO OTHER ORGANIZATION has EVER done as much to Protect Our Rights to Keep and Bear Arms and I’m Proud to help even if it is a drop in the bucket but if anybody else out there Loves America and the GOD given Rights that are being taken away, Please add Your Drops to the Bucket so that sucker will Overrun and Help to Finance this Fight, People I have Lived in Louisiana since 1965 and I’ll tell You that the NRA and Mr.LaPierre came to New Orleans after Katrina and they Sued the City, Parrish and State to recover the Guns that the Police Stole from EVERY Person living there, except the Criminals, and They WON! So just because You think the NRA hasn’t done anything for You, You need to think again because they are the reason that All Of US in America still have Rights and the Good People of New Orleans got their Guns back.
    As for all You Useless, Half As#d Non-Patriots just keep sitting on those Thumbs and Doing NOTHING to Help but Please, the Least You can do is Shut The Hell Up because NONE of You has earned the Right to talk Bad about the Most effective Organization in Americas History to Fight for EVERY GUN OWNERS Rights, JERK or Not!

  106. I’ve been a firearms enthusiast and shooter since I was 9 years old, an NRA member since, I don”t know when, it seems like several lifetimes, ago, a Life member since the 70’s, an Endowment member and an instructor since the 80’s and the President of several 100% NRA gun clubs in several different states. Are there ways that the NRA could do a better job, you bet. Are there other organizations out there working hard for our 2nd Amendment rights, you bet. But we’re our own worst enemy. If all the gun owners, sportsmen and competitors out there would quit being the preverbial whiners, get their heads out of the sand and start working together in a productive and forward thinking manner Obama wouldn’t have been reelected and we wouldn’t be in this fight to begin with. Thankfully we have been given one last chance to save our gun rights. If we don’t start using it we’ll have plenty of time on our hands to whine as we’ll have no bullets, no firearms, no 2nd Amendment rights, and no ranges to enjoy them on. The choice is yours, but the time to decide is here and now. I personally could’t enjoy that kind of free time.

  107. At the time of the tragic Colorado shootings, my husband and I did not own a gun, nor did we have any desire to have one. The liberal left’s knee jerk reaction and all their talk about banning certain guns is what scared me into taking action. We decided we should probably buy a gun while we still could. I took gun safety courses, got my CHL, and joined a Girl’s Gun Club. Wow! Talk about a total turnaround! Owning just one gun was like trying to eat just one potato chip! I wonder how many thousands of others are just like me? Now we own a bunch of guns, long and short, revolvers and pistols, and a nice gun safe. The sport is just plain fun! It’s true, Obama is the best gun salesman in the history of the world!!! The last time I took delivery of a box of ammo I ordered from Cheaper than Dirt, the UPS guy said “You can bet I’m never entering YOUR house unannounced!” I joined the NRA a few months ago, but will definitely take advantage of this wonderful lifetime membership opportunity. Thanks!

  108. Where’a our evidence? Just look at all the panic and fear mongering they do which in turn causes panic buying among the public like what we are going through right now. Companies like Cheaper Than Dirt engage in brutal and obvious price gouging. 80 dollars for a magazine that was 18 dollars just a month before. Now there justification was that it was to slow down sales so that everyone could get one and they could stay stocked but other companies that were not raping there customers just placed limits on how many magazines and how much ammo you could buy and kept their prices the same or raised them by 5% or so. Gun Owners of America is an organization that really fights for gun owners and their rights as well as Second Amendment rights. The NRA runs ths dumbest damn commercial I have ever seen about Obama’s kids saying they have armed protection and your kids don’t. Well of course they do dummy they are the President of the United States kids and as such would be a great target for terrorists or kidnappers. They are much more of a high risk target than my kids are due to their high profile name. I can’t stand Obama but when the NRA runs ads like this it makes gun owners look like a bunch of ignorant jackass’s. That’s why Wayne Lapiere needs to be replaced, if that’s the best he can come up with to defend gun owners instead of the facts about how gun control doesn’t save lives he and the whole leadership should be replaced. The NRA knows how to call and write to ask for money and to partner with the big gun companies but they can’t seem to get the pulse of what America is feeling and learns how to speak to non gun owners to reasure them that gun owners are not a threat. They just come off as threatening wacko gun nuts sometimes to the non gun owner and reenforce negative stereotypes about gunowners. The GOA is much better versed on getting real people to listen and showing their members how to talk to their representatives positively to get real results. Once the NRA goes back to the NRA of my Father and Grandfather and gets leadership that makes sense with it’s advertising and it’s positions I would be happy to join but as long as Wayne Lapiere is running amok with his messages a craziness you can count me and a lot of other gun owners out.

  109. I just have a few short comments to make, especially to the younger kids that make these stupid remarks against the NRA. Please allow me to share a simple, short and true story then perhaps these youngsters might sit back and learn something. Back in 1949, a really long time ago, there was a High School in Miami, Arizona. A small mining town where I was a Freshman. On the roof of the High School, the Principle brought in the NRA to teach the teachers and students how to shoot 22 caliber rifles and revolvers. It was a class that was mandatory for all to take and to learn how to defend and to protect. By the time I graduated, I was more than an expert, I had gun knowledge that the NRA pounded in to me with expert professionalism. When I graduated I joined the Army thinking I was going to save America and clean up the Korean conflict. Here is my punch line my friends, during Basic Training I soon found that I was one of three soldiers that had any kind of gun training in the entire Batt. Over 90 percent had no gun training whatsoever and that was really scary. When we hit Korea, most of our kids only knew the two weeks of rifle M1 shooting to get them ready for combat. Those of us that were trained by the NRA shared our knowledge with the troops and whether you believe it or not, it made a difference. The NRA has been around for many years and is the main reason why we have not been stripped down of our weapons a long time ago. You youngsters don’t have to believe in every word the NRA has to say, but if you have an ounce of brains or common sense you best back them up as they have your back all the way. Just take a look at the present leader ship of our country, we have a Vice President saying to share a couple 12 gauge shot gun blasts out the window to scare away the bad guy and that an AR-15 is to difficult to handle. This is pure garbage talk from an individual that has no common sense what so ever. Next time you are in walking distance to a Dictionary, look up the term ( Assault ) it means to attack, that is the proper term when you are attacking something or someone… our case for Americans, the term should be the Defender as we use it to defend ourselves from our enemies, who ever they may be. My final thought for you, is what ever the situation, in order to protect yourself, you must have equal fire power, if your enemy has a full automatic weapon, you should have nothing less. For those that say we do not need the AR-15 for hunting deer, I most certainly agree, its not for the deer hunting that our Vet’s believe we should have them with us at all times and be ready to be called upon to use them when the time comes.
    If I had my way, I would state to you and everyone else that as our country gave us the responsibilities at the tender age of 17, going to war to protect our country, and placing assault rifles (M1’s) in our hands, then our country should right now give each and every GI that came out of the military service with an honorable discharge and has a clean record, the ability to purchase an AR-15, have several 30 round clips and a least 1000 rounds of ammo on hand and ready to rock and roll. This move would give our National Guard a back up of millions of trained soldiers ready to go. This ready made Army would cost its citizens or the Government not one penny. Yes, you are right in what you are thinking right now, many of us are half blind and hard of hearing from being to close to combat zones and getting involved with thousands of rounds of ammo and incoming shells, I pray that many of you will never have to go thru that kind of ordeal and will still have the right to make up your own minds as to whats right and wrong. At least us old guys did give it a try and now its up to you young bucks to sit up straight and get your feet wet. Use your heads and get involved with the NRA, they are indeed your best friends. I appreciate what they did for me and my friends many years ago and certainly thank them with all my heart now. Their training might well have made the difference between my coming home alive or being wiped out in a foreign land. I have been a life time member for well over fifty years and will continue to be loyal to them and our United States of America. Thanks for listening, thats the end of my story.

  110. A “shill for the gun manufacturers??” Where’s your evidence? You people complain about the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, et. al., and crow that the NRA needs new leadership, yet you don’t show any evidence that would back up your complaints or present any ideas of your own as to how the NRA could be improved. As for those who have valid complaints, such as not receiving subscriptions you paid for, don’t complain on this forum—complain to the NRA. The NRA represents YOU, and if you just sit on your duffs and do nothing except complain, other NRA members who take an active part in making it better don’t need you to drag down a still great organization.

    I just received the 2013 ballot package from the NRA and will make my vote based upon past performance of the incumbents, plus policy platforms from the other candidates—not from some bogus “shill for gun manufacturers” accusation that seems to be going around….more than likely spread by anti-gun organizations and the national news media which is little more than a “shill” for the Obama administration.

  111. I stopped my membership to the NRA, they are a schill for thegun maufcturers and have no interest in gun safety or the 2nd amnedment they have changed so much I nolonger reconize them. IMHO.god bless America !

  112. Every one be clear. The lists DO NOT matter. The new AWB states any semi-auto rifle with any type of front hand guard is illeagal. All semi-auto rifles will be banned!!
    That 1 phrase bans them ALL . Read it ! We have to stop it. No matter what.


  113. Oh, and all they sent me in the mail was an unwanted insurance policy, and a bill for it, presuming I’d want it.

  114. I’m sixty, and never belonged. About 2 weeks before the big re-election,(still can’t find anyone who admits to ever having voted for him…….ever) I bought myself an AK-47 for what’s about to happen. The day after the kids got shot, I called them up and enrolled for $70.00 for 3 years. They asked which magazine I wanted, and I chose the Rifleman, cause I don’t hunt anymore. That was that. So far, I’ve recieved two issues. Now, I wish I’d bought more ammo, instead of furniture that won’t fit my gun.

  115. Did you ever feel like you have the best horse and the worst jockey? THE nra needs new and better leadership. Unfortunately, it is probably too late to win this battle.

  116. I’ve called several times to arrange membership of 3 years duration for my daughter and grand children and no one seems to know how to make that happen. I had also,several years ago,suggested that when renewals were due that not only the member but the original gift giver be notified. I’m a life member and don’t always agree with what the NRA is doing but consider them the stongest proponent of 2nd Amendment rights in America and where I need to put the effort to confront the anti-gun folks. Donald R. Hohman CWO USA (Ret) POW

  117. Thank you for doing this. I also appreciate the way you worded this opportunity. You are to be commended for doing so. Hopefully this will be taken advantage of, and will further positive efforts on these issues at a critical juncture in our nation’s history.

  118. I would upgrade my membership to lifetime if the NRA will certify the promotional items are not more crap from China. Further, Mr.LaPierre is doing a terrible job representing the pro gun lobbyists. If he continues on his current course, the war is lost and contributing more money is useless.

  119. Thanks for posting the offer. I just applied for a life membership in the NRA, after having been a member since….well…..a long time ago. I have proudly installed NRA decals on my cars and motorhome.

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