Springfield Armory Releases Flat Dark Earth Color For M1A Rifle and XD-S Pistol

Springfield Armory is introducing a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) color-tone variant in several categories, starting with the M1A Loaded Precision Adjustable Stock Rifle and the XD-S 3.3-inch pistol in 9mm and .45 ACP chamberings.

The Precision Adjustable Stock FDE M1A comes in two barrel materials: Model Number MP9820FDE has a medium-weight National Match 22-inch stainless-steel barrel; the MP9220FDE variant has a 22-inch Parkerized carbon steel barrel.

Model Number XDS9339DEE is the designation for the FDE color variation of the Springfield Armory XD-S Single Stack compact-carry pistol. It’s a distributor exclusive, which you can order from Cheaper Than Dirt! “We’re responding to the demand that we’ve seen in the marketplace,” said Chad Dyer, marketing director at Springfield Armory. “The Flat Dark Earth tone is ideal for military operators and professional shooters. Now, the general public has an opportunity to own one of our production guns in this color tone.”springfield-armory-FDE_Combined_Horizontal

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Comments (4)

  1. Having shot many Colt’s over the years form stainless, flat black,
    cameo and a variety of other schemes I have seen a couple in
    the Dark Earth coloration and must admit they will be next on my
    list to obtain. Now if they do that in a Stainless weapon it will be

  2. Would have loved that configuration on my M-14 when I was ‘humping the boonies’, back when. (Our C.O. didn’t believe that the M-16s at the time were reliable). They were 1st generation, no forward assist that came on later generation 16s. Will have to look into acquiring one in the near future.

    1. I bought an M1A in black. Very nice gun. Never regretted it, but it might be fun to have one in Dark Earth.

  3. My XD .45 is in the Dark Earth with a black slide, and I’m personally not that crazy about it. It was just the color scheme available on the sale I bought mine through.

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