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Project Childsafe is just one of those things that we can all support—no politics, no ulterior motivations. Partnering with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and several prominent manufacturers, not only can you support Project Childsafe, you can win some pretty cool gear as well. Here is the full release.

Banner with Project Childsafe, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Own It logos Kicking off this week, Project ChildSafe, with the support of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and its partners, is excited to launch the third annual Friends and Family campaign! Over the course of the next four weeks, we will be giving away amazing prizes from our partners to help spread the message of safe storage and responsible firearms ownership.

Share Project ChildSafe resources, messages, and gun safety tips for your chance to win. There are many ways to enter, check out our campaign page today and get involved. Terms and conditions apply.

Our first two prize winners will be announced Today at 3 p.m. ET. Enter for your chance to win!

Campaign Week 1: May 30 – June 2, 2017

Prize 1: .22 LR AR Conversion Kit, Bravo, w/3 Magazines, courtesy of CMMG Inc Prize 2: Crimson Trace CMR-205 Rail Master Pro Universal Red Laser Sight, courtesy of Crimson Trace

Campaign Week 2: June 5-9, 2017

Prize 1: Nikon’s BLACK FORCE1000 Riflescope, courtesy of Nikon Prize 2: Nikon’s MONARCH 7i VR Laser Rangefinder, courtesy of Nikon

Campaign Week 3: June 12–16, 2017

Prize 1: ShotLock Shotgun 200M Solo-Vault, courtesy of ShotLock Prize 2: ShotLock Handgun 200E Solo-Vault, courtesy of ShotLock

Campaign Week 4: June 19–23, 2017

Prize 1 & 2: RFiD Hand Gun Safe, courtesy of Winchester Safes

Campaign Week 5: June 26–30, 2017


Bandit 9 Gun Safe, courtesy of Winchester Safes Winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter each Friday during the campaign period at 3 p.m. ET and followed up with via email.

Good luck! The Project ChildSafe Team

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Comments (4)

  1. Project Childsafe sounds like a nobil cause. BUT, if someone is running a contest, shouldn’t there be an actual link to enter the contest ???

    1. There is a link. Go to the Campaign Page. For there, it will ask you to log in with a Facebook Account, email, etc. ~Dave Dolbee

  2. I tried to get my city’s police on board with teaching a basic gun safety class to the under 10 crowd. Maybe pass around a locked unloaded duty weapon and maybe showing a video about what you do if you see an un-secured gun.
    The range was good for the demo, as were a few Vacation Bible Schools every Protesant church has a day camp(either full day or half day) for a week in the summer around here. Parents have to work, so it doubles as daycare.
    I live in a city that has LEOs on most blocks working the more crimeridden cities within 100 mi from here. I was surprised that the chief would not allow that. There are definatly more guns in our socal town than any other, and some LEO’s kid just might find one, it only made sense.
    It’s not going to happen on his watch.

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