Sound Off: No CCLs Apply to Live in Colorado Gun Dorm. Why?

The University of Colorado announced in August that it would ban firearms in dorms, but would also create a segregated residential area for students who are concealed-carry permit holders. Now more than three months after the rule change no students have asked to live in the segregated residential area that allows guns on the Boulder or Colorado Springs campuses, The Denver Post reports.

“I’m not surprised,” Students for Concealed Carry spokesman David Burnett told the Post. “You’ve proven you’re legally, responsibly, and morally able to carry, then the college comes back and tells you you’ve got to move. What would you do?” The University of Colorado announced the change to students’ housing contracts for the Boulder and Colorado Springs campuses on August 16. The new rule states that students who hold a Colorado concealed-carry permit can no longer keep a handgun in the dorms and could be asked to relocate to a university apartment or a residential area set aside for concealed-carry permit holders over the age of 21. If the student is found with a firearm in their dorm room, they may be released from their residence hall contract, according to a press release from the University of Colorado Boulder.

The amended CU contract also requires permit holders to store their gun in a safe in their home when the gun is not being carried.

Is the university complying in good faith with the court decision? Or, is the university attempting to ostracize gun owners? Does that fact that no permit holders have applied to live in the “gun dorm” on campus simply reflect that there aren’t that many carrying students who want to live in the dorm? Or are concealed-carry permit holders smart enought to avoid an area that identifies that they have firearms in their dorm room?

“I believe we have taken responsible steps to adhere to the ruling of the Colorado Supreme Court, while balancing that with the priority of providing a safe environment for our students, faculty and staff,” CU-Boulder Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano said in a statement in August.

In this statement, is DiStefano implying that segregating gun owners into their own dorm is the only way to provide “a safe environment”? Why are all CCL holders avoiding the University of Colorado “gun dorms?” Let us hear your views in the comments section below.

— Cheaper Than Dirt! Chronicle Staff

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  1. Ok john, try this. I went back and wrote down the actual url or website info, so just enter this like you’re going to google it. http;// It’s dated September 29, 2010 by CTD Blogger. Sorry about that. My phone screws up a lot, but I tried it myself and it worked, so try it. I think you’ll find it interesting. I was in the backyard cutting down a big tree and just camr in for a break. I’ve got to get back out there, I left my old 4wd Suburban running, hooked up to the trunk after I pulled it out. I’ll check back in a bit.

  2. I searched and nothing pulled up that looked like a thread on that subject alone. Is there an article title that could help me find what you are talking about?

  3. Sorry John, I meant to type;”Defensive Ammunition For Shotguns,” I believe that’s actually how it’s worded.

  4. Well John, I mean it’s hard enough trying to learn from a topic as you read sometimes, when you may not understand either the fundamentals of the topic, or some details of it. Then, while you’re trying to glean what you can, the next person who checks in to post takes it off into some unrelated direction. Go to the little search bar in the upper right hand part at the top of this thread, and type in; ” Defense Ammunition For Shotguns”, and read through the whole thing, and I think you’ll see what I mean. I use the option to be notified when someone adds a comment such as you did here. Generally, it keeps the flow going between people posting, and is usually well worth doing, and interesting. But please, check it out and see if you can tell just what the Hell went wrong. I realize we’re off topic here, but thanks for your comments and rely, and please, indulge me.

  5. Oh, I hear ya John, mine does this, and a whole list of other crap all the time. I don’t understand a lot of the posts in here. Love this Blog, but I really get tired of reading on the curve. A mis-spelled word now and then, or improper spacing….. I’m guilty myself, but sometimes I’ll re-read a post mutiple times to no avail. Some of these people act as if they learned English in Afganistan….. On the run! Many times, the sentence structure way overshadows the spelling or punctuation. It’s hard to take somebody seriously, much less piece together which way the topic is headed.

  6. The dorms at CU are about as far from “assisted living” as you can get. What are you talking a out?

  7. Some universities allow concealed carry on campus and they don’t have trouble with those folks.

    But, reality shall not intrude into CU’s policy.

  8. Once again we see nothing about kids in your BS, none of you gun-nuts talk about kids, so I figuring you have none, or care little or nothing about them. As an adult in the mist of such blind, if not narrow visioned folks I wonder how you have stood up to upgrades in our democracy without all being jailed. None of you winners have any 21st century thoughts, you dwell on the UN taking your guns away! Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds?
    In a country that has been arming itself for over 250 years? It would take 20 years just to collect the ones registered, 5%? Either you believe it or not, the southern gun nuts are not the only armed folks, your left just realize a reality that escapes you. If even one of your neighbor knows what you got, the authorities, when they come will know who has what, just remember that the next time you rednecks think all veterans that are democrats have left themselves vulnerable in a country with a large crazy segment armed to the teeth waiting for our army, once again.
    Authorities will be focusing first on the obvious loud group threatening the powers to be openly! That is unless their is a real clear and present danger by one of their kind in office like her bubba bush the war criminal, then it seems the militia for all their blister and noise disappear. Those who care more about appearances then their children to me have ignored responsibility, at least in a democracy, in a theocratic state that the south seems to want you would have no guns, no other religion but what the authorities told you and your children would not be yours and you could not care for them.
    You guys might want to think about what you say these days as well, the powers to be under her bush wiretap, monitor you web sites and even your mail looking for info to put us each on a list. [tried to warn] If you go from protecting to occuping a country it is what you have to do. So what I prepose should happen here is for all americans left and right to get together one issue at a time, 1st go after all who support corporations and the corproations as well as these sleasy security sneeks being paid for with our tax dollars.
    Especially when our citzens have so many real needs that need to be solved, but like all americans becoming one to face a threat from without, or peace in our time, or the UN taking our guns is all smoke and mirrors to our citizens and I fear we will continue to act against our own best interest. So we could be helping each other, not calling out insults and driving more wedges between our people but we seemed trapped in our dogmas! 🙂

  9. When I write it is obvious I am not an intellectual, and yet I have two Degrees and am working on third via internet, and before I leave this earth I hope to of received an education. College and universitys today are no more than degree peddlers; students are told they are receiving an education and they believe it.
    What they receive is what they want, training for a higher paying job placement than twithout that degree can attain.
    What in the large part we end up with is graduating students who are even less educated than when they first entered.
    They either have job skills or are trained in “Diciplines”.

  10. Please excuse the fat fingers on my phone….I bumped the submit button too soon. As I was writing….

    One of the things that made our country great was our founder’s vision that each state had (and has) its own unique identity. Why force your views on other states’ residents?? Why does having a different view make me a nut-job? Are you one of “those people” that thinks freedom is whatever you define it as and that I, a southern gun-toting nut-job who is also a highly trained medical professional, need to have an open mind toward your views but you can demean mine freely??

    Regarding the CO University dorms….if it is legal to carry on campus then dorms should not be segregated. Unless we are willing to have segregation by on any fleeting politically correct viewpoint we have to accept the freedom to integrate all views fully into our little chunk of society. Don’t like it?? Don’t send your child to CO. Maybe Berkley is a better choice.

  11. Man, what have I missed guys. I’ve been over on Dave Dolbee’s thread on Knight and Hale’s predator calls all evening, and reminded myself of some hunting trips of long ago, and well…… No one else was posting, so I kinda got carried away. It’s a pretty interesting manifesto though, I can’t help myself. Y’all still at it about the school thing? Sorry, but I said my piece earlier, and probably said too much anyway, I’m not the least bit political, and never had a good business head, but man I used to live for huntin’. I keep thinkin’; “what would the guys on Duck Dynasty do?” It’s almost 02:30, and I’ve got to finish puttin’ my toys away, and get some sleep. We can resume the intelectual feud shortly after sunrise. Later guys.

  12. Joe6pk, why are you reading this forum since you are obviously opposed to the second amendment? If it is to merely antagonize those of us that DO support our nation’s long history then you are contributing to the devisiveness that is shredding our society like never before. You may see it as fun or as a game. Ok.

    What exactly do you hope to accomplish with your stereotyping and name-calling?? If it is to make you feel better then you really need to talk to a mental health professional about it. All that supressed anger is not healthy. I really do not think you are foolish enough to believe it will change anyone’s mind about their views. So please, for your own well-being, let us know.

    I, for one, am thrilled that you like living in of the things that made our nation great

  13. Joe6pk,

    Thank you so much for the compliment. I should aspire to be called by God Himself to work full time in His ministry, but I surely do not deserve that honor. But thank you for the compliment regardless.

    As far as polished memos, my 5th grade English teacher would probably only give that a B. Mostly because I failed to use an expansive vocabulary. I was attempting to serve you by not using too large of words. I would like to compliment you on the improvement in your grammar from your first post on this thread until your last. There is still opportunity for improvement, as some of your points are still incomprehensible. Try to complete a point prior to moving on and separate thoughts with a carriage return as this blog does not support indentation. Please also understand that spell check does not correct poor grammar. That can only be done by paying attention in English class or doing some remedial work.

    I will say that there is something I would like to encourage you to do. Please remember back to the oath that you took when you joined the service. It goes something like this, “”I, Joe6pk, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”.” You and I can still show our patriotism by continuing to do just that. While we served, our tasks were more focused on the “foreign” enemies and now I believe we must focus on the “domestic.” You have a special opportunity to be a voice in your own state where the 9th Circuit Court has done more in the last decade to shred that Constitution which you and I swore to defend than has occurred in the previous two centuries.

    I hope that you understand and appreciate the value of that Constitution. If you served overseas, or have ever visited a third world country, you know full well what living under a dictator or a despot leader does to the human spirit. Those people generally worry more about their next meal than they do about how they can build a brighter future for themselves and their children. Our founding fathers were so thoughtful and bright. They understood all too well that men are not inherently good, but evil and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore they limited the power of the government and afforded the people the right to bear arms. You wont see that in those third world countries. Their leaders wouldn’t dare. We owe it to our children and those who have paid the ultimate cost for our freedom to uphold these tenants of freedom and liberty.

    I must get back to work now. I have to keep my business afloat in this poor economy so that a few families who prefer to work for a living can do so rather than accept a handout from our “Robin Hood” President and Senate.

    I am also glad that you served. I will leave the last word to you, but I do feel ignored. Please try to leave our brothers in the south alone in your next post. You can pick on us Northerners. I live in Wyoming. You should be able to find some material to stereotype me with from there. One thing you won’t be able to attack though is the fact that my state has a balanced budget. How is that going in Cali by the way?

  14. John the preacher,
    You can save your polished memos from fix-news and the Rush, in that you said nothing of the real world, except for that perceived notions by those of you who support panic at every turn and deal with all problems with weapons, it would not be much of a conversation. That you obviously took more time in spell check is obvious as well. To the point of the matter, why would you introduce problems in a teaching environment if you did not have to John?
    Is it your complaint that all students should be forced to be armed while supposedly learning how to peacefully deal with the world? In California we do not allow guns on campuses, we have less shooting per million then most of the southern states do. Many, including myself attribute that to a culture in the south of racism and a very gun happy attitude about fire arms.
    One thing that must be common in the south is this belief that these tests for having a concealed weapon is something that would weed out nut-bags, criminals or gun nuts who think because the second amendments exists they can pretty much do what they want with guns, it just is not true. When in the military there was a instant response if you violated rules, and they did not hesitate to take weapons away from people who showed immature emotions.
    Especially while entrusted with weapons. You might take a moment preacher and read back throughout your fairly insulting diatribe only a redneck could be moved by and see where my children or someone else’s is mentioned in your ramblings about your fear of being stripped of some right. While I would not for a minute care whether you carried or not, if anyone puts my children at unnecessary risk I speak out, an act.
    Mindlessness, even posing as a preacher does not make it anything but over reaction to a supposed danger [your rape or murder cases], which in some places would consider your position and the other gun nuts psychos, which in some states are outlawed from owning a weapon, it is a felony. That and I must say breeding another generation of folks who use guns to solve problems is not high on any America agenda these days. You’re sure right about the appreciation veterans get, the only folks the kids want to listen to our officers! [Can you imagine, an officer over a Sergeant for war information?]
    Know this is waste of time, but you might find some insight reading material on why guns and Americans in the public are not quite as cool as you seem to be trying to promote. A great American writer called Mark Twain spent many an hour writing about Americans and guns, his quotes of his time trying to warn folks about the obsession are even worth reading even today. He keeps making the point that no good will come from guns use. So don’t give up your day job John, appreciate how much time copying that diatribe from fix-news put you through, but really think about the kids, 21 years of age today is like 15 back in the 1960’s.
    The difference of opinion favors peaceful solutions, a 7 year old can fire a weapon, that does not mean anything, but thinking your way of a problem could save your kid if he is not armed and is confronted, if both are armed the situation has no place else to go. Do not think guns should be in schools, don’t care who owns what, I know that in a occupied country one never tells others what he is holding, the argument is as old as the republic we live in, it will not be solved in our lifetime. But glad another served, don’t feel so ignored 🙂

  15. Joe6pk,

    I’m not sure that spending time attempting to teach you how things work in the real world would be worth my time, but since others who read this might glean some insight, I will go ahead and respond to your comments.

    First of all let me address the part of your statement that I actually agree with.

    You stated, “the young people today have no peaceful conflict resolution”

    Though this statement is over generalizing, I have to agree that there has been a huge decline in younger generations handling conflict with less lethal means than earlier generations in this country. I would disagree with you however that restricting the rights of law abiding citizens is the way to get these kids to grow up. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    You also stated, “I oppose anything that moves potential [weapons]closer to recklessness [juvenile immaturity].” That makes perfect sense and a CCL student would have to be vary careful which events they would attend while carrying. Laws are in place should they or anyone else do something foolish. I know that when my kids went from 18 years old to 21, there was a lot more maturity naturally. I suppose it is a good thing that CCL’s are not permitted for those under 21. Maybe we should change the voting age too. That might help us in Washington. (I say that tongue in cheek as our troops under the age of 21 should be able to vote.)

    It seems, from your comments, that you misunderstand the situation and believe that the University of Colorado is promoting gun ownership on campus. The truth is that the university, which exists in the middle of the People’s Socialist Republic of Boulder, falls in lock and step with the liberal line of thinking found in institutions of “higher” learning throughout this country. The segregated dorm is the result of the university overstepping it’s bounds and trampling on individuals rights by banning guns on campus. The Colorado Supreme Court stepped in last March and told the university that they had to allow students who had the right to carry legally to do so. The university then set about this new policy attempting to segregate those students.

    Let me take your last post, one point at a time.

    1) “I oppose any unnecessarily threat put in institutes (you must mean “institutions”) of higher learning.” — So you equate a college student with a CCL as an “unnecessarily” (I assume you mean unnecessary) threat. I believe that you are exhibiting the same lack of thought in that statement as we see in liberalism throughout this country. Remember that laws are only obeyed by law abiding citizens. If we are to maintain law and order, we must prosecute those who break the law and I would argue that any student, 21 years of age or older who has taken the time to get a CCL(regardless of the number of requirements to do so) is more likely to be familiar with, and obey the law than anyone who might actually pose any real unnecessary threat.
    2) “Mostly my dislike of guns is…” I have no dislike of guns. I do like some more than others though.
    3) “the few shootings for the number of people attending colleges do not justify radical solutions.” So if your child was raped on campus (take a moment and look up how prolific that problem is) wouldn’t you want them to be able to protect themselves how ever they felt comfortable doing so, so long as long as they obeyed all laws? I would hardly call a law abiding citizen exercising their right to carry a “radical solution.”
    4) “More I would not feel much more comfortable with all veterans armed on campus.” Wow, where to begin? I guess that is the scene we will see when students stand up against segregation (e.g. Greensboro SC, 2/8/68)
    5) “grandparent entrusted with raising an adult in the society we live in” I hope I am misunderstanding you. No grandparent should have to raise an adult. Adults should already be raised.
    6) “If we are going to include remotely similarity into this guns in college deal” I have no idea what this means, maybe too much coffee or too many six packs perhaps.
    7) “remember most of these shooters in other schools could have passed any tests required, if they are ever required.” Yes, I believe that this is my point. These “shooters” didn’t obey the law and get a CCL, they just went in shooting. You sir, are lumping law abiding CCL’s in with the likes of these evil law breakers.
    8) “Also take note 90% of what were mostly college kids that were from religious families and had life-long documented records on mental problems and still they could get guns.” This appears to be an uneducated statement. I’m sure you wish you could retract it. If a person has “documented records on mental problems” they would be unable to pass the required FFL checks for purchasing a weapon from a business. Yes, anyone can purchase a firearm from another individual, but as you stated earlier, litigation alone should keep them from selling to anyone that appears unstable. I assume you have anger issues in regards to “religious families.” I am unable to find any credible correlation between them and “mental problems.” You will have to explain the “ 90%” comment further. It sounds like an attempt to sound as though you have some sort of statistic that supports your position, but I can’t understand what that number represents the way you have structured this statement.
    9) “As veterans we were use to having weapons, but our services gave us strict rules, even in war zone. They taught us to use them responsibly” I believe that this contradicts any support for your statement that I listed as number 4. It also points out that some 18 year olds can be trusted with weapons.
    10) “the old NRA like saying inspired “if a gun was not available, they would not be dead”.” I am not familiar with this quote, but it seams that on college campuses in the past, “they” have been made dead without a gun. I believe that alcohol is the number one killer on college campuses today.

    Here is a little homework assignment for you. Go rent Ben Stein’s “Expelled” and watch it tonight. Then do a modicum of research to determine if the movie is making a legitimate statement. Then you will better understand what I was attempting to illustrate to you in my first comment.

  16. Yeah, thanks for serving Joe6pk, and John. I’m deeply grateful for your service, but I’m 60, not college age, and I see your point, many of those kids may not be capable of understanding and appreciating your cost for our freedom. Hell, many adults aren’t. Maybe I’m a bit naive, but since I’ve managed to pass for serving with the local Police as a Code Blue volunteer,and for my CCL, I assume it’s authentic, and never have any problems buying weapons, short of paying the high prices. I’m not sure about the “who you know”comment though. I certainly don’t “know” anyone. And, I don’t know anything about grants from gun/shooting oriented companies either, it’s just a thought that struck me earlier. Maybe, when you’re as young as 21 there should be an exrta hoop or two to have to jump thru, as you don’t yet have much background to check, Hell I don’t know. Based on what I see in print here, there are a lot of people whom I wouldn’t issue a license to, and I’m presuming them to be well more than 21. But still, I feel that if they demonstrate logical sense, a forthright respect for athority, and have a clean record,and can pass required curiculum, they should have the right to carry, and the responsibility to protect and defend. This world is about to become their world by the time they’re old enough to posess a license, and you guys should know btter than me if you’ve served in the Military with many of the kids in this age group.

  17. John,
    Not real sure I made my position clear, I oppose any unnecessarily threat put in institutes of higher learning. Mostly my dislike of guns is because the young people today have no peaceful conflict resolution capabilities and the few shootings for the number of people attending colleges do not justify radical solutions. More I would not feel much more comfortable with all veterans armed on campus. I oppose anything that moves potential [weapons]closer to recklessness [juvenile immaturity]. My opinion is based on being a veteran, parent and grandparent entrusted with raising an adult in the society we live in, not the one we think we want. If we are going to include remotely similarity into this guns in college deal, remember most of these shooters in other schools could have passed any tests required, if they are ever required. Also take note 90% of what were mostly college kids that were from religious families and had life-long documented records on mental problems and still they could get guns. As veterans we were use to having weapons, but our services gave us strict rules, even in war zone. They taught us to use them responsibly.So I suppose my gut reaction to guns in college is a distrust of untrained/undisciplined persons with weapons, I feel it is like handing a 5 year old a frag grenade. And the old NRA like saying inspired “if a gun was not available, they would not be dead”. Keep your powder dry….we may be needed one more time. Joe6pk

  18. Joe 6pk first off let me say thank u for ur service
    and for the rest of ur comment all i can say is we will just agree to disagree

  19. Joe6pk,

    As I recall, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris did not have Concealed Carry Permits. (That is obviously tongue in cheek, as they were high school students.) But we all know that the University of Colorado Police will protect the students against such people. Maybe even better than the Littleton Police did in 1999.

    I’m quite embarrassed to say that I graduated from CU(The US Navy paid for that), but they lost my support long ago when they hired the likes of Ward Churchill. Maybe you think that such institutions with radical agendas are supportive of what you call “science.” I suggest that you need to learn what the scientific method is and think about whether or not those agenda driven institutions give that method any credence. I assure they do not and there is plenty of real science out there which would support those you call “science deniers.” The only deniers are the ones who don’t take the time to research anything themselves and lazily accept what they are told by over paid, under thinking, university staff members. I sure hope that you don’t send any of your children to one of these indoctrinating “schools,” thus wasting your hard earned money so that they can come home and tell you that you need to work harder to support them while they refuse to work.

    I am a veteran as well and I can tell you that there are damn few in Boulder who respect you or me for what we or our fellow men at arms have done for them.

    As far as handing out CCL without background checks, I have passed many of them, but that doesn’t mean much in my opinion. I believe that so long as a person has not committed a felony, they should be allowed to carry concealed and states like Wyoming seem to agree. I would venture that the fella who shot up the theatre in Aurora, CO would have passed a background check up until that evil night.

    Just saying.

  20. First off the CCL does not mean these people have been checked out background wise, in most bubba states like Texas it is a case of who you know. Also as a Veteran and father/grandfather I would want to know which schools operate this kind of stupidity, sure would not send any of my children to a college with a bunch of kids with guns permits or not. As far as contributors to colleges I have never seen or heard any NRA funds to higher learning institutions. Most of the people who back the NRA are science deniers,reality deniers if their rhetoric in their pamphlets are any clue to a thought process at all. This veteran says absolutely no to bringing guns, hidden guns to a situation at a college filled with kids. It is like lighting a match near and almost empty can of gas, your not going to like the results, and your going to feel real stupid when it does. Still waiting for the insurance companies say on this obvious trouble looking for a sponsor, can almost guarantee this school will have a choice to pay millions, or stop this nonsense, wanna guess who the winners are going to be? Bill from Texas the likelihood for more Columbines would grow geometrically if they even allow this separate dorm for these folks, think about what you know about those with weapons, especially in the unregulated CCL in your state, it is not rocket science.

  21. If these students are intelegent enough to pass the writen exam, proficient enough to pass the shooting exercize, and clean enough to pass the background check, this is because of ideals instilled by their parents and up-bringing, not because of anything that a university or Dean can lay claim to. To put it frankly Mr. Dean, they’re not your problem, but well may be part of the solution. Guess we’re never too old to learn huh?

  22. This may be a first ! Twenty ( 20 ) comments in a row on The Shooter’s Log, and I agree with all of them. It really shows the complete lack of intelegence of a place of higher learning. What a way to loose the respect of well meaning students and their parents. Make it even easier for incedents like the movie theater in Boulder, or Columbine to occur. If there weren’t criminals who dis-respect the laws out there, there wouldn’t be a need for students to be armed, whether conforming to university policys or not. But the fact is that by having met all the requirements to carry, as well as showing responsibility as gun owners, I know I’d feel much better if I had kids enrolled there, just knowing that a bad guy might only have time to fire one or two shots before being stopped. That’s what they teach in defensive firearms class Mr. Dean. I suppose you shouldn’t count on any grants from the firearms or shooting related communitys huh? So, when does learning stop, when you make Dean?

  23. The first rule of CCL is you do not talk about your CCL.
    The second rule of CCL is you do not talk about your CCL!
    So they want people to live in a designated gun owner sector. That just announces “I own fire arms! Come get them while I’m in class or wait for me to come back so you can force me to show you where it’s kept!”
    It’s not smart to make it known that you own weapons, cash, jewelry, or other valuables in your place of living.

  24. Outside of my alma mater (U of Orygun) and U Cal Berkley, University of Colorado is one of the looniest, most repressively lib-tard state indoctrination institutions in the nation. Whaddaya expect?

  25. The people who run our schools and teach our kids are some of the most stupid and ignorant people in our country. They won’t grow up. Do they really think we or our children look up to them? They are making all higher education institutions a bunch of jokes.

  26. It would be like living in a dorm for designated trust fund babies that carry large sums of cash but must put the money in a safe in their room when not carrying. Beyond that, if it’s a school owned safe, someone in administration has the combination or master key code. No one wants to return home to find all their legally owned guns have arbitrarily been collected while they were away at the whim of the current or newly appointed college dean..

  27. This is not at all surprising considering this CU campus is located in the heart of The Peoples’ Republic of Boulder. They don’t get much more radically left wing than this community, except maybe for San Fran, but that’s a much bigger city.

  28. Maybe it has something to do with the word “concealed”. If you are made to live in a area that ids you as a concealed carry license holder, then your not really “concealed” any more!!! Duh!

  29. What’s the point of being “concealed” if everyone with one is marked by where they live? The point of Concealed Carry is it’s a game changer. Armored car robberies tend to be violent and the robbers well prepared for what they encounter. A person with CC doesn’t want to be singled out and shot in the head in the first second of a situation. It’s intended to be revealed that they have a gun when the person has the right opportunity to use it in a surprise attack thus returning the odds in favor of the honest citizen. Also if it’s known that each and every room there has guns, and 90% of them will be out during class, they know where to go to find firearms.

  30. The first step in subjugating people is to identify and segregate those that present an ability to resist.

  31. I’m of the opinion that it’s an irrelevant issue if they allow concealed carry licensees in the dorms because:
    Minimum age for concealed carry is 21 and
    Seriously, it’s just not a big deal.

  32. I work for and have three degrees from a state university in Arizona, which places a ban on guns being carried on campus; unless you are a certified police officer. I never lived on campus because I didn’t want residence staff barging in and going through my belongings whenever they felt they had “probable cause” for something. Secondly, I always carry (unless I plan on having a few beers).I have an Arizona CCW, the only time anyone will see my weapon is if I need it. Move out of the dorms, get your permit, know all local laws and regulations, and train with your weapon. If you’re a student or university employee, don’t let your rights be infringed. In Arizona it isn’t illegal to carry a gun on campus, it’s a university policy violation. If you’re a student or a staff member, you can be kicked out of school or lose your job. Petition for your rights and defend yourself legally.

  33. Exactly to all above. The separate dorm idea is a lame attempt to satisfy the law. The lack of use will be used as evidence that it is not really wanted without evaluating the causes behind lack of use.

  34. This is barbaric. History is repeating itself, but there may be a silver lining. I seem to recall a whole host of businesses and industries at one point in this country practiced segregation to oppress the inaleable rights of people and constitutionally protected freedoms. Perhaps this will lead to a modern evolution of the civil rights movement, this time enhancing and protecting the contitutional right guaranteed by the secong ammendment for all. Throw in the looming threat of Obama climbing in bed with the UN about how to conteol guns and yes, we could see a whole new generation push household gun ownership way past the 50% it is now. Btw… my kids wont be going to U Colorado, thats for sure

  35. just look at the numbers.
    96% less than 21 years old.
    of the 4% remaining, 2% are RAs (employeeds) and told where to live.

    Of the remaing 2% consider
    on average, half are out of state/exchange students (no CO CCL)

    of the remaining 1%
    a) The unnamed location is probably the zoo dorm across town, to be avoided if at all possible
    and a bus ride instead of next door from classes/work.
    b) Most upperclassmen move out to apartments after the minimum stay.
    c) Food service varies widely from location to location.
    d) The peoples republic of boulder is not the kind of place where being labeled a gun owner
    gets you dates !

    There is a lot of great things about living in boulder colorado, but the self important,
    elitist attitude gets old after a few years.


  36. There’s also the fact that most dorm dwellers are freshmen and some sophomores.

    Which means the vast bulk are 18-20 years old and can’t get a CCL anyway.

  37. The University must think that gun owners are stupid. I know why the CCL’s aren’t taking them up on their offer. I wouldn’t either. Living in that dorm would mark them as gun owners. That negates the CCL purpose. You don’t want others to know that you are carrying or that you own a gun. They would be marked individuals. Thieves would root around until they found your weapon or accessories. They would look for spare rounds/magazines, lights, lasers, holsters, or other artifacts. University officials just don’t think. Ironic isn’t it. A bright institution that doesn’t think.

  38. Guns in dorms with college kids, sounds like a clusterf#$k being planned to bankrupt the school, and to get somebodies brother or sister killed for BS! Guns on campus is a stupid idea, something some southern pecker-head, chosen for who his relative is, rather than qualifications to run a college decides something like guns on campus was a good idea! What fools americans appear to be when they put clowns in positions of power expecting sanity. Then being surprised when they do such reckless, dangerous things, especially when we have so many important things that really need attention. Went right on line and sent this article to a few of the states insurance carriers. The insurance industry will certainly end this foolishness as soon as they check this out, what this college is promoting, sounds a little like a gold mine for them, because who would insure crazy people for less than a million dollars? Ever been to a college filled with kids and think how much more dangerous that place would be if you knew some were armed with concealed weapons? And none had passed a sanity test? There ya go, stupid is, what stupid does!

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