Solid as a Rock and Bang for Your Buck in Rock Island Armory

We have called Rock Island Armory’s 1911s at one of the best-kept secrets in the 1911 world. Rock Island Armory builds a solid, reliable 1911 that it is well worth its price point. Much like your old G.I. model 1911s, the Rock Island Armory’s 1911s come quite paired down without many bells and whistles. Knowing you will upgrade your grips and sights anyway, Rock Island Armory keeps costs down on their standard model 1911 with smooth wood grips, and standard sights. The Rock Island Armory standard 1911 is the perfect starter 1911.

Owners have been singing the Rock Island Armory praises for years now. The company has really flown under the radar as far as the 1911 to have, but with its new product releases for 2012, I do not doubt that Rock Island Armory starts becoming a household name in affordable and reliable 1911s.

The XT 22 Standard comes as cheap shooter in .22 Long Rifle in a 1911-style configuration. It is made of all steel with a 5-inch barrel and holds 10 rounds. In typical RIA fashion, it has a parkerized finish.

If you want the best of both worlds for training and tactical, the XT 22/45 combo includes both a .22 Long Rifle and a .45 ACP barrel. The .22 LR barrel holds 10 rounds and the .45 ACP holds eight rounds.

RIA has added to and upgraded their tactical line, calling these models the 2011 Tactical Series. Available in .45 ACP or 9mm is the High Capacity with new adjustable sights, ambidextrous safety, combat hammer, and an extended beavertail. The Tactical 2011 VZ Grip has two-dot adjustable rear LPA sights, a TruGlo front sight, slide serrations, and all new VZ grips.

If a 1911 chambered for 9mm is more your thing, than RIA has the answer. The new Micro Mag TCM series includes a 9mm and a .22 LR barrel. To convert between the two calibers, simply swap the barrel, recoil spring, and then adjust your sights. The Micro Mag TCM is available in either a Standard or a Target version.

All of RIA’s firearms come with a lifetime warranty.

Last year, Rock Island Armory opened a production facility in Stevensville, Montana. This year the company remains focused on excellent customer service and a more simple structure.

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  1. i have the 22 tcm.if you ever shoot one it will be a mistake because you will have to have one.I let other people shoot it they all had smiles on their faces and said they had to get one.Ive shot about 250 rounds thru it no problems yet.Need more ammo

  2. I also have a RIA 1911- A1 FS. It is my first 1911. It isn’t the fanciest, but it’s a shooter. Good trigger, smooth action. A real combat-piece. Two years of med use and nothing has failed. Any new part was for enhancement. My plan was to get a good base model, and add on as needed. So far, I’ve only added an EFK-Firedragon recoil-spring spring guide and Trajicon night sights. This gun has exceeded my expectations in every way. The book recommends “BALL” only. I have used Win Rangers with with noticing just a slight hesitation., It does digest just about anything. I was told to use good mags and found Wilson’s work flawlessly. My interests are target, home-defense and plinking.

  3. Come on guys, make a few Micro Mag TCM’s and get them on the market. Cash in hand ready to buy, now!!!!!

  4. I absolutely love my Rock, which I coincidentally purchased from CTD about a year ago 😉 ..I’m waiting on an email from the guys at VZ Grips to see if they’re planning to make grips for any other RIA’s ….if ONLY I could make those VZ P14 grips work!

  5. CTD, c’mon now! The Micro Mag TCM is chambered for .22 TCM with a 9mm spare barrel. The .22 TCM is a brand new bottlenecked cartridge and is reported to shoot a 40gr JHP to 2,000fps+. I am wondering when you’re going to stock this ammo, I am seriously considering making this pistol my next handgun…

  6. I have four, after the first one i was hooked,exactlyn the same as a pre 80s 1911,have one decked out as nice as one from new york for one third the price and love it

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