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Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD Available in FDE

Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 MOD in flat dark earth

Half of the fun of building or modifying your AR is enhancing the performance to squeeze out every bit of accuracy and performance. The modular nature of the AR platform makes it the ultimate Lego for adults. The other half is the customization; style points count! Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 Mod offers the best of both worlds—enhanced performance with plenty of style.

Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 MOD in flat dark earth
Bump firing is the capability that uses the recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to fire multiple shots in rapid succession, safely and accurately.

Here is the full release from Slide Fire Solutions.

Slide Fire Solutions, a veteran-owned, U.S. designer and manufacturer of the patented bump fire technology has announced the SSAR-15 MOD is now available in Flat Dark Earth.

Bump firing is the capability that uses the recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to fire multiple shots in rapid succession, safely, and accurately. The MOD is a practical bump fire stock that is based around the precision shooter’s needs. The design was engineered from the ground up, connecting practical semi-automatic fire with Slide Fire’s patented rapid fire mode. The SSAR-15 features dual-locking mechanisms that provide the most stable foundation possible for precision shooting. With the stock locked in place, a flip up of the Stabilization Switch clamps the chassis tight to the buffer tube; when unlocked, tightened tolerances within the stock allow for unmatched bump fire performance.

“Since the release of Slide Fire’s SSAR-15 MOD series, we have seen a high level of interest and orders through our retail partners,” Ken Jefferies, President of Ken Jefferies & Associates stated. “The Flat Dark Earth finish for firearms and accessories is still trending.”

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Comments (2)

  1. The slide fire device is really cool! Granted. I have one on my AR-15 in 5.45 x 39, but do you REALLY need one? First of all it is a waste of money that could be utilized in many different places. Since automatic fire is highly inaccurate, unless you get a ‘bang’ out of having to continually fill empty magazines, this ‘ccolness’ will quickly fade. If you must indulge, I’d suggest that you use someone else’s and save your hard earned cash, for say, another weapon.

  2. I own a Fostech Defendar-15 aluminum bump-fire stock, so I’m signing up here to see how the discussion goes.

    The Slide Fire SSAR-15 shown here looks REALLY COOL, but I’m happy with what I have.

    The Slide Fire that came with my AK when I bought it from CTD looks pretty basic and boring, but still performs pretty well.

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