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Slice Your Way into the New Year

Cold Steel Throwing knife with paracord wrapped handle

There is nothing like opening up a brand new knife on Christmas. If you are looking for a last-minute gift idea for that special someone, consider giving him or her a new knife. There is a million reasons to own a knife, just take a look at what that person’s hobby is. If they are a hunter, there are tons of hunting and game cleaning knives available. These knives tend to be affordable and most are of high quality.

AR-15, M16 and M4 Bayonet
AR-15, M16 and M4 Bayonet
I have used the same knife to field dress deer for the last twenty years, it works like the day I bought it. If they are the tactical type of individual, maybe a throwing knife will work. The Mini Bo-Kri Throwing Knife comes with a leather sheath and the manufacturer designed and balanced it for throwing at the target of your choice. If your special someone is a bit of a handyman, you should consider a multi-tool. They are among the most useful things you can keep in your pocket. Some of these devices have up to 22 tools on them! It’s like carrying around a full toolbox in your pocket. The Guppie tools give you the versatility of a crescent wrench, along with the usual screwdrivers, LED lights, and bottle openers. For the military man in your life, a bayonet is always a good choice. We carry bayonets for the AR-15, the AK-47, the M1 Garand and more! There is nothing like running across a field and skewering a watermelon with the tip of your battle rifle! Whether it is for hunting, target practice, cutlery, or combat, every outdoor lover could use a new knife.

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