On the Sixth Day of Christmas, My True Love Shot Her 9mm

More shooters are choosing 9mm Luger over other calibers than ever before. .22 LR is the king of cheap, but misfires and lack of terminal effectiveness keep it from consideration for anything other than recreational shooting. .45 ACP, the all-American manstopper, has gotten downright pricey, and of course you lose some ammunition capacity unless you buy a big-framed pistol. .40S&W is still quite popular, but it costs more than 9mm, recoils quite a bit more, still cuts down on capacity, and boasts only about fifteen percent more muzzle energy than 9mm, depending on the loading. Whatever the reasons, statistics indicate that 9mm is more popular than ever.

Speer Lawman 9mm
Accurate, clean shooting, new production, and affordable. Merry Christmas.

Here at CTD, we love the 9mm. Yup, we shoot it all the time, through Glocks, Berettas, M&P’s, you name it, even a Taurus 1911 in 9mm. A couple of us have sweet Sig P226s too. So we thought we’d share the 9mm love by offering a discount on some really good, new production Speer Lawman 115 grain FMJ 9mm ammunition. Speer’s “Total Metal Jacket” completely covers the bullet in jacketing, leaving no lead fouling in your barrel. The powder burns very cleanly and the CCI primers ensure reliable firing. Best of all, Speer Lawman ammo has a great reputation for accuracy, and that’s what we’re looking for in an inexpensive FMJ cartridge for target shooting. During the 12 Days of Christmas Sale you can get six boxes, that’s 300 rounds, of Speer Lawman 9mm for $66. Merry Christmas, 9mm fans.

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  1. i have just read the article about 9MM and am a big 45 fan and have been for ever. However as far as 22lr,22MAG, and other varyents of this caliber are not only less expensive to plink with but with a long rife it’s a very acurate round to take out just about any undesirables { noun 2. a person or thing considered undesirable: a collection of malcontents and undesirables.}That might encroach where their not wanted. Even in a 4-6″ pistol form it’s still one of the most privetly owned and used caliber for such things we don’t speak of in puplic. That being said I still will pay the extra few dollars for my 45 caliber rounds for home defence and just plain range round up fun. After that the 223 or 5.56 NATO round would be my second choice for the same. In long gun or even pistol form as in the keltec PLR-16 with all accesories avalible for it. I have fired a pretty large assortment of firearms and I like the power and feel of a SIG357 MAG. Semi Auto pistol.
    The big news is the .357 SIG. A .40 Smith & Wesson case necked down to 9mm, the .357 SIG offers impressive ballistics. A 125-grain bullet at 1,368 fps is the average of several factory loads I have tested. Cor-Bon’s 115-grain load broke a sweltering 1,500 fps from my Glock. My personal Glock 22 is fitted with a Bar Sto Precision .357 SIG barrel. It will place five shots into less than 2 inches at 25 yards, if I do my part. The .357 SIG seems to be more accurate than either the 9mm or the .40. Here we have something. SO In closing we all have our own personal preferances to loads, Calibers and what we fire them from. The thing we all need to remember is how precious this freedom is and not to let anyone take it from us.

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