On the Sixth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me, 6 Boxes of Federal Power-Shok Buckshot

Federal Power-Shok 12 Gauge Buckshot

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love that knows me so well stuffed my stocking with boxes of Federal Power-Shok. Nine pellets of #00 buckshot (approximately .33 caliber) will certainly get the job done—if it hits the intended target. Simply loading a few rounds of buckshot is a half effort unless you are loading accurate buckshot. Federal’s Power-Shok is available in a 2.75-inch shell and features the accuracy enhancing Triple Plus wad system. This advanced offering gives the shooter better shot alignment and a granulated plastic buffer to keep shot pellets uniform in shape. The advantage is tighter downrange patterns and increased stopping power.

Federal Power-Shok 12 Gauge Buckshot
Federal Power-Shok should be a staple of any hunter or home defense enthusiast’s ammo stockpile.

Federal Power-Shok 12 gauge 2.75-inch loads send its payload down range at 1325 fps. As the name implies it is a favorite for deer-sized game or predators—both the four- and two-legged variety making it a hunting round that will serve double duty for personal protection or law enforcement.

Federal Power-Shok should be a staple of any hunter or home defense enthusiast’s ammo stockpile and at sale prices such as this, it is the perfect stocking stuffer that’s sure to put a smile on the lucky recipients face (recipient in the stocking not the business end of a 12 gauge). Federal Power-Shok is sold in boxes five rounds, but 50-round cases really screams Xmas… Get it here.

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, six boxes of 12 gauge Federal buckshot, five machetes, four boxes of Armscor .223 Remington ammo, three LaserLyte Plinking cans and a LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit, two Allen tactical rifle cases, and a Cheaper Than Dirt Gift Card.

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