Silencer Association Calls for O’Reilly Retraction

The American Silencer Association (ASA) wants Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly to immediately make on-air corrections of factual inaccuracies he made about current firearm regulations during his July 24 interview with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). The debate, which focused on the validity of additional gun control measures in response to the tragic events in Aurora, CO, found O’Reilly calling for stricter oversight of the firearms transfer process. ASA pointed out that O’Reilly consistently misstated current gun-law requirements. ASA pointed out that O’Reilly used the nonsense term “heavy weapons,” which O’Reilly defined as “mortars, howitzers and machineguns.” These three items are defined and strictly regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934, which falls under the jurisdiction of the BATFE. Under the NFA, mortars and howitzers are considered “destructive devices” because they fire projectiles through a barrel which is larger than one-half inch in diameter.

“Machineguns” are defined as “any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.” In addition to machineguns and destructive devices, the NFA also regulates suppressors, short-barrel rifles, short-barrel shotguns, and “any-other weapons.” In the Chaffetz interview, O’Reilly also stated that “you can buy a machine gun and the FBI doesn’t know,” reiterating his point by claiming that at gun shows “you can buy any weapon you want there and there’s no reporting anywhere.” In a release, ASA pointed out that these statements are entirely and unequivocally untrue.

For a civilian to purchase any item that is regulated by the NFA, the item must be legal in that person’s state of residence, and the buyer must submit Form 4s to the ATF. A Form 4, or Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm, includes a stringent background check that is conducted by the FBI.

In addition, applicants must submit a $200 non-refundable transfer tax, duplicate copies of passport photos and fingerprints, and receive a signoff from a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) in their jurisdiction. From start to finish, this transfer process takes anywhere from 30 days to one year to complete.

Additionally, civilians are only eligible to purchase machineguns that were manufactured and registered with the ATF prior to May 19, 1986, the day that President Reagan signed the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act into law.

Also, ASA pointed out that throughout the Chaffetz debate, O’Reilly used the term AK-47 interchangeably with machinegun. The ASA release pointed out that while fully automatic AK-47s are machineguns, referring to semi-automatic variants as machineguns is inaccurate.

The fully automatic versions that O’Reilly refers to are subject to the strict transfer requirements of the NFA, the ASA release said. Thus, O’Reilly’s statement that “you can buy an AK-47 in this country, and no federal agency will know you buy it” is false, unless the AK-47 is semi-automatic.

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  1. Saw the incredibly unprofessional interview. I was surprised at O’Reilly’s lack of knowledge and the complete absence of research. Every time Caffettz presented a fact that conflicted with O’Reilly’s uninformed opinion, he was shouted down by the host.

    Any respect I had for O’Reilly is gone. Haven’t watched the show since.

  2. A FOX News commentator misrepresented the truth, didn’t fact-check his story, and made up “nonsense terms”? Shocking!

    (The “shocking” part is that anyone who has watched FOX news would be surprised by this. That’s pretty much their modus operandi, isn’t it? Kind of like the television version of the “National Enquirer”. I hope the Enquirer doesn’t sue me for defaming them…)

  3. Bill O’riley is very arroogant and full of himself. This person reminds me of some in the current regieme. I believe he could learn a little bit if he would listen every once in a while, and do a little research bedore he speaks

  4. Bill o’riley has become very arriogent I. Have not waatched his show in several months I don’t know why fox still has him on. I would like ro see someone else onthat searches for facts instead of being so arrogant.

  5. I stopped watching O’Reilly for the reason he so clearly demonstrates. Shoddy research, ignoring facts, constantly interrupting and talking over the guest speaker as well as assuming a selfrighteous arrogant attitude.

    I havn’t purchased a(ANY)gun but in the event I did, it would certainly be due to an attempt to add more gun control.
    A lot of innocent people have been murdered because there was no one there that could stop it.
    If the anti-gun zealots actually beleive more stringent gun laws will work. I suggest they remember 70 or so people shot down in Norway. They have very strict gun laws and it happened anyway. If I want a gun I’ll get one and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Gun laws or any laws are nothing but ink on paper, that simple fact is what no one seems to get.

    1. Hi Stephen, a couple of comments on your post:

      1). You said ” remember 70 or so people shot down in Norway. They have very strict gun laws and it happened anyway.” – I don’t think any intelligent person is claiming that gun laws will prevent ALL gun deaths. The FACTS are: Norway had .04 gun-related homicides per 100,000 people, while the US had 2.83 per 100,000 people. That’s over 70 times as many – still think gun control laws have no value? (source: Wikipedia –

      2). You said “If I want a gun I’ll get one and there is nothing anyone can do about it” – I would recommend that you go out and buy a gun without following the legal process, I think you will find that there IS something that someone will do about it. Or are you claiming that you are a ‘gansta’ with access to illegal weapons?

      3). You criticize O’Reilly for “Shoddy research, ignoring facts,” – I would recommend that purchase a mirror. You might just see someone guilty of exactly that.

      4). You said O’Reilly was constantly “assuming a selfrighteous arrogant attitude”. You follow that up with “arrogant, self-righteous” comments of your own (numbers 1 & 2 above). Again, buy the mirror.

      I’m an NRA member, and unlike you, I AM a legal gun owner. I also don’t believe that serious problems are solved by simple catch-phrases (when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, etc.).

  6. What a clueless pompous piece of dreck O’Reilly is.It was 6000 rounds not 60,000.Every gun purchase is gone over like a rectal exam.If this tool ever bothered to purchase one, he would know first hand instead of mouthing this utter BS.There is nothing more infuriating than some loudmouth jerk screaming down the walls that has his “facts” completely wrong and insists he’s right.I hope your hemorrhoids blow up in your shorts!

  7. I recently read that the AK-47 and its variants are generally referred to as Kalashnikovs in Russia and other countries, after the designer of the weapon. Since the AK-47 was only one specific model, it makes sense to refer to them like the other countries do. People like Bill O’Reilly really show their ignorance by making outrageous statements the way he did on that program. He’d do himself a big favor to go get educated on the subject and not use the Brady Campaign website for any of his information.


  9. O’Reilly is also very anti-Big Oil. He has some interesting and troubling liberal tendencies, despite his overall conservative views. I think he’s an arrogant ass, although I usually watch his show, in spite of my revulsion at his overbearing style and talking over all his guests. Fox is otherwise great, but I wouldn’t cry if O’Reilly were hit by a bus.

  10. I watched Fox all the time including O’reilly and was watching that night, but after his rant i will not watch anymore, when O’reilly comes on I will switch channels. Bill no more dumba$$ talk admit your wrong!

  11. I wrote O’Reilly during that segment and told him just how misleading and inaccurate his statements were. He did not have the courtesy to rescind them. He knows next to nothing about firearms, and should not speak about them. I still watch him, as the rest of his program is interesting.
    He has his own opinions, which is why it is called an Opinion show.

  12. Rifles capable of preventing tyranny were precisely the arms, the founders intended to protect the right of the people to keep and bear. The second amendment is not about anybody’s hobby.

  13. He is an idoit. Heavy weapons? what a bone head.. the shooter’s doctor tried to warned them .. O’ reilly is so dumb it aint even funny.

  14. Sadly, Bill had some leftwing nutjob on a year or so ago that told him that anyone could go to a Gun Show and buy ANY weapon he wanted and no one would know it and that Bill, is plain ole BS. All Gun Shows require you to sign the same paperwork you would sign anywhere else to buy a weapon. Now, the problem is, is that the PUBLIC is allowed to bring their own weapons and sell them i or out of the show w/o paperwork, however, they can do that from home so this really has nothing to do with Gun Shows. Also, to the MANY uniformed, just b/c you own an AR15, a M-4 or an AK47 does NOT mean that you own a Machinegun or automatic weapon. ALL AR15’s should be Semi Automatic unless a gunsmith has altered the weapon. The automatic maticversion of the AR-15 is the grandaddy, the M-16 hich is auto but cannot be owned by the average person or a class 3 license must be applied for to the NFA to try to own one. The AK-47 within the US is NOT automatic but semi automatic. To ALL of you that believe these weapons should ONLY beowned by the military, you’re full of B.S. The military would laugh at you if you tried to get them to buy an AR-15 or semi Auto AK47. I truly with that ALL of you tha feel the need to spout off about Gun Control, at the VERY Least become educated as to what you are talking about.

  15. Not the first time O’Rielly spun the gun issue in his spin zone. I was so disgusted with his ” macine guns and bazookas” chant to shut Wayne Lapierre up years ago, that I forever turned off his show. O is a fraud. He’s a back stabbed to his friends (both conservatives and especially other commentators). And people really need to turn to other more honest less pompous and less bloviating personalities to get fair and balanced conservative news from.

  16. O’Reilly really has no idea what he is talking about. It’s very evident. Bill, Your ignorance, in these maters is appalling. I believe you really believe the crap that’s coming out of your mouth. For crying out loud man, get your head out of your ass. To you and your sponsors and Fox “in the hen house” News, I no longer subscribe to your publications. You all no longer have much of any credibility any more. Come on down here to Alabama and get with some of us folks and we’ll sit down over a large pitcher of iced tea or beer, and have a good talk and we’ll edumacate you regarding these things. And then you will know and understand the error of your ways.


  17. I use to like oreilly but I’m tired of he’s pompous east coast elitist atittude. he’s a liberal who acts tough, and there isn’t a shred of modesty in this man. Everyone is free to believe what they want, but unforetunely he has a large audience. Although when he spews anti 2nd amendment garbage out of ignorance then it’s our duty as Veterans, LEO’s, hunters, and sportsmen to keep him in check. He needs to be educated that this great country is free because of us and that we need to train with firearms. And if he doesn’t want to listen then it’s our duty to boycott him. JO

  18. I really liked O’Reilly. I am a premium member of his website, been to see him live, and own every book he has every written including some autographed. I was watching the night this aired with Congressman Chaffetz. O’Reilly was very rude to Rep Chaffetz and showed his ignorance and misguided facts. I was literally screaming at the TV that night. If he doesn’t correct himself publically and apologize, I am done with him. I have not watched his show in 3 weeks!!!!

  19. After reviewing the video again I find that Jordan, the brother of one of the victims, has more integrity than O’Reilly. Bill acts as if you can buy an automatic weapon at a “gun show”, but the TRUTH is that those types of arms have been strictly controlled since 1934….. I am disappointed in FOX for allowing this segment to air and think they need to put a “TRUTH CHECK” on ALL of O’Reilly’s future rants. NEXT time he LIES they need to FIRE him. Bombast and BS can NEVER be allowed to replace TRUTH, or FOX will be as FALSE as ABC, NBC, and CBS. Keep telling us “We report it, you decide….”, when people decide you are liars you’ll be gone, Good luck with that!

  20. I thought Bill had a BRAIN, but it is obvious that he knows NOTHING about currrent gun laws and has sold out to the likes of Mikey Moore. Shouting down a guest with BS that is not even TRUE is foolish. Bill is on my NO WATCH list until he LEARNS what the current laws require and issues an apology to his guest and his viewers for his ignorance on the topic and his POOR MANNERS during the “interview”. (Diatribe off)

  21. O’Reilly, like so many people who are completely ignorant on the subject of firearms, just can’t help spouting out that ignorance

  22. Maybe if enough people complained to the Vice President, Corporate Communications at Fox Broadcasting company, Gaude Lydia Paez, something could be done with this brain dead clown.

  23. UNBELIEVABLE!!! IVE HAD IT WITH FOX NEWS…..if you dont get rid of this moron o reilly im back to cnn….at least supervise the idiot for accuracy…..he has no idea what hes talking about on the gun subject….ak 47’s are heavy weapons? it doesnt get reported? this elitist asshole needs to get kicked out to the ny times.

  24. The last sentence of this article I believe is incorrect. Every firearm purchase requires an NCIC check which is ran by a federal agency to the best of my knowledge. 4473 have to be kept a well so if they want to know about your purchase they can find out. Secondly, a media personality that reports on anything without doing a little research is an idiot.

  25. Bill O’Reilly is a puffed up bag of wind and exhibits a lack of common sense and lack of knowledge about the firearm industry.
    I suggest we all listen to GBTV (Glenn Beck) and put Bill O’Reilly in the unemployment line where he evidently deserves to be placed. I thought Fox News was an informed media outlet but this uninformed attack on firearms in America by O’Reilly is very troubling and unforgiving.

  26. I was SCREAMING at O’Reilly that night ,watching an opinionated know-it-all, sooo misinformed!!! Get The Facts, Bill! never saw a fully automatic AK 47 for sale at Cabellas’ yet, but I’ll be one of the many to be in line to protect myself from the East coast elites like you.

  27. O’Reilly is so wrong the nutcase bought 6,000 rounds not 60,000 rounds and hes so wrong on who owns and purchases full automatics, mortors and any other heavy weapons hes a dumbass

  28. Watched Bill make an ass out of himself that night. I was hoping he would apologize the following night but – NOPE – NOTHING. His super inflated ego would NEVER allow him to admit he could possibly be wrong. I would love to have Kudlow take his place on Fox!!!!

  29. Unfortunately, Bill is one of the PROTECTED New yorkers and has no clue what we here in the Midwest states cherish. Come out to the farm sometime Bill (any farm) and you’ll see a whole different life style than what you see in NY. We have need for any of the firearms you have a fear of out here. And some of us use them daily (for whatever reason). I doubt you have ever purchased a firearm, so you have no idea the PAPERWORK and the legal hoops that needs to be filled outand jumped through to just obtain one. Somewhere You drank the anit-gun cool-aid and now drunk with the warped view point of these crazed loons.

  30. Oreilly started out with a great show. Over time, he became more and more arrogant and he constantly interrupts people during his interviews. He claims that he is “stopping the spin.” I disagree – he is stopping the dialog that disagrees with his view of the world. After several months of watching his show, I have reached the conclusion that he is VERY ignorant concerning a number of topics, but he is NOT CONFUSED. He THINKS that he is so much smarter than everyone else that he cant possibly be wrong about a topic. I will bet a large sum of money that he owns no firearms and has probably NEVER fired a gun in his life. The only thing that he shoots off is his mouth. I have completely lost respect for him and his show. I no longer watch it. He is a complete buffoon as far as I am concerned. Getting him to “retract a statement about a silencer” is akin to getting a 1 year old to stop pooing their pants. It takes time and it smells bad.

  31. I meant to say the Bush vs Kerry Presidential Race of 2004. It was evident to see that John Kerry had no business standing in the presence of real heroic Swift Boat Vets.

  32. Think about it, if O’Reilly was this misinformed about the gun laws in this nation and then to try and speak intelligently about them on a prime time news outlet, he has no business holding the position he does at Fox News. O’Reilly wasn’t misinformed, he was either outright lying or was totally unprepared for the interview and tried to come across in typical arrogant O’Reilly fashion portraying his knowledge of the subject matter. I noticed a character flaw in O’Reilly back in 2000 during the Bush vs Gore Presidential Campaign when he would carry the “Fair & Balanced” bull-crap of his too far by denigrating the integrity of the Swift Boat Vets. I couldn’t agree more with the posting of Thelma Lightspeed, “Why does the word pompous always come to mind when viewing Bill O’Reilly?”

  33. I was an O’Rielly fan and still am to an extent after this interview. I have met him in person and found him to be an extremely inteligent man. Knowing Bill and his controverial techniques, reading between the lines of his intentional un-truths and purposly skewed facts is what he uses to create yet another controversy. Being a conservative, this interview made him look like a liberal ass when it comes to gun control. Come on Bill, 6000 rounds not 60,000… Calling for a watch dog sector of the federal government on heavy arms sales and then compare a howitzer to an AK. again, you are mis-informed, then talking about the purchase of machine guns which are already registered and a tax stamp paid to the fed ATF, again, under educated. He refuses to acknowledge the corrections and truths because that does not meet his agenda of controversy. While I will still tune into his program, some of my respect has been lost…

  34. What I found disgusting about watching the original live, was that Chaffetz is WELL informed on gun laws, and O’reilly just shouted him down with his complete lack of any knowledge of what he was talking about. Bill, if you don’t know the subject AT ALL, and you have an accomplished, informed guest on your show, try listening. LISTEN and ask questions if you want, don’t stack up your lack of knowledge (ignorance) by screaming over the guest with obvious uninformed (dumb) rantings.

  35. Has Bill O’Reilly been hanging out with Juan Williams too much? How obnoxious and arrogant Billy has become. Interrupting Rep.Chaffetz every time he spoke. How can the network let him make inaccurate statements……..60,000 rounds O’Really. He needs an enema because he is undoubtedly Anal Retensive. I will no longer watch his program. Sean Hannity has become my favorite at FOX.

  36. There is nothing surprising about quality of these comments. O’Reilly routinely invents “facts,” assassinates character, and is generally obnoxious. Heck, these things are what spurs his ratings and make him the darling of Fox News viewers.

    What is surprising is that he is using his patented liberal-baiting techniques in a context dear to the political right.


  37. Me personal opinion of Bill O’Reilly is he so misinformed about the gun laws in U.S., his staff of people who are supposed to research such information, and give him the information before his show goes on, so he knows what the hell he is talking about. He believes he’s so right he wouldn’t give Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) a chance to speak. To Bill O’ Reilly; you and your staff should do your research before you open your big mouth about gun laws. Better still why don’t you go to one of these gun shows and try to buy a fully automatic weapon like you say and let’s see how far you get before the law is on you ass!! Carlo

  38. I rarely watch him any more. He constantly interrupts the guest over and over. Thinks he is the only one with the right answer even when he’s interviewing an expert in the field. Just wants to argue and put down the other person. Big swollen head and an ego you couldn’t fit into the Super Dome. Obviously known NOTHING about guns.

  39. O’Reilly repeatedly tells the congress man that he is wrong all while spouting that the gunman had 60,000 rounds of ammunition, which is blatantly WRONG. Then shut the congressman up on every reply…….What an idiot….
    Also no one wants to think that the guy could buy 200 rounds here and 500 rounds there and 50 rounds and so on and STILL get as many rounds as he wants and not raise an eyebrow even if their “purchase laws” were in place.

  40. Bill O’Reilly is sadly misinformed on this issue. Or perhaps he is a closet anti-freedom fighter with an expensive suit and a big microphone. While he can make sense on some substantive issues, he needs to have a big staff meeting with his people who get him his information on this issue.

  41. Personally, I don’t watch this forked tongue slime. Think of all the other subjects this misinformed piece of garbage lies about on a daily basis.

  42. I quit watching the arrogant Irishman a long time ago….how dare you say “the one” could possibly be wrong about anything? He has ALL the answers…just ask him LOL…….wadda buffoon!

  43. I too am not going to watch O’Reilly any more. This is the last straw in a long line of let downs by a show that could be used for good information, instead, just him yelling at people on his show.

  44. I used to be an O’Reilly fan…I can no longer stand the man. All his show consists of now is bullying his guests and talking over them when they try to present facts or a differing opinion. Bill’s “facts” in this segment are so far from reality it’s scary. Whoever is on his research staff needs to be fired and Bill needs to wake up and check his facts himself because as of late he looks like a left wing puppet.

  45. I agree with alot and most of what all of you have stated.

    But PLEASE remember,

    ITS NOT REALLY THE SUBJECT MATTER of what he is lying about thats important.
    ITs his lies are portrayed as FACTS, and this will cause “people” to tighten the noose on your rights because they think more “controls and reporting” will MAKE AMERICA SAFER!

    Its the fact he is on National TV lying, I SAID LYING, HE was not misinformed, not got his facts wrong, someone didnt tell him a lie or a mistake, or his gum made him slur his words and we thought he said something else, HE WAS ON PURPOSE BALD FACED LYING.
    I dont think he’s on the ANTI GUN side, I think he just ran his mouth on a TOP NEWS SUBJECT to get the ratings and figured he could “Handle” the congressmen, maybe he didnt like the way the interview was going and he let one of his hourly lies flop out of his mouth and couldnt get it back in his mouth quick enough.
    Then to cover his first lie he tried changing the spotlight on his other 2 lies, and had to burry all them with them next few LIES. And then he thought about it and I SAW THE MOMENT HE REALIZED HE SCREWED UP ON HIS FACE (It was early in the interview).HE just lied about a subject(Firearms and their laws in general)and he knew that the gun community would show him out for the lying IDIOT he is. HE scrambled like a PRO QUARTER BACK WHO FUMBLED, Dodging his own lies while another and another lie flew out of his mouth.
    And He never said “Well I thought the laws was this way or that way”
    He KNEW HE DIDNT KNOW SQUAT, HE made off the cuff statements about 43 states, Types of heavy weapons, and numerous other bullshit THAT HE DIDNT KNOW A FRIGGEN THING ABOUT.

    Watch the video 3 or 4 times, look at his face, his hands, the man knew he was busted and kept on adding more lies.

    And he could care less that he did it, or care less that his lies will have people pushing for new “ANTI Gun” or “GUN Reporting Laws”

    Please folks dont get suckerd in by the subject matter of what he lied about.
    Its the actions that others will take BECAUSE they believe lies that we need to be worried about.

  46. The media is full of misinformation about a lot of topics & yet they go around spouting 1/2 truths slanted toward their agenda or whom ever is in charge of them. We don’t have many clear thinkers anymore that are in position to make sensible decisions or laws, as if we need more of those. Spout what people want to hear & get their vote.
    The gun issue like so many others,blacks & whites, men & women for example will never end because someone will always be pushing to make it into a fight. Now I can understand everyone being horrified & upset about the recent shooting but that isn’t a true reflection of the majority of gun owners that you never hear about cause they don’t do these things.
    Laws & legislation will never make people morally responsible or stop criminals. We have so many now the best thing is to use those & not make deals,feel sorry they had a bad life or excuse their actions by says “allegedly” as catch phrase. We know the guy shot those people, no guessing there & there are many other examples like him.
    We now prosecute teenagers as adults,do they know any better than someone that does a mass murder & then claims to be mentally incompetent? Make the rules stick, no multiple appeals,shorter time on death row, send the message, we’re tired of all of this crap.

  47. I noticed that Bill widened his definition of “heavy weapons” over the course of the interview. He started out calling heavy weapons machine guns, mortars, howitzers, etc. By the midpoint of the interview, that definition had expanded to include semi-automatic weapons and large bulk ammo purchases.

    Bill is ignoring at least one perfectly legitimate reason for making such large bulk ammo purchases. People who participate in competitive shooting, or just really enjoy target practice at the range, either buy their ammo in bulk or reload it by hand.

  48. We don’t watch Bill’s show either, it’s not even up to the same (low) class as Jerry Springer.

    When I hear his name, words like narcissistic and dimwit, to name a few, come to mind. He is a Limbaugh “wanna-be”.

  49. O’reilly is just a another A hole passing gas. The Irish jerk off is no better then the rest of these main stream media scumbags.

  50. Bill sowed his real views of we the peoiple. He don’t trust us. The question I would ask is why we should then trust him? We no longer watch his program and skp to Hannity at 9 PM. What difference does it make if someone has 200 rds or 1 million rounds. You can only shoot 1 at a time with each pull of the trigger. Bill talked over his guest and did not aloow him to speak. Demand the Fox Newsmake O’Reilly to retract and apologize to all gn owners and America at large.

  51. Why should Bill O’Reilly be any different from the rest of the talking head media that doesn’t know their head from a hole in the ground. Why let the facts get in the way of a slanted opinion.

  52. This is great I still cant get over just how many people believe these propagandists. ALL of the news networks are corporate owned and do nothing but spread propaganda for our fascist system and are very good at it. And yes I said fascist because that is exactly what we have, fascism. The corporations, military industrial complex, big ag whatever, own our government. The banks are on the top of it all. Dont believe me, just go back to sleep and turn on the tv.

  53. I agree with you TOMMY all the way up until the “The MSM wants to shout out about how much ammo the kid had, instead of where an unemployed grad student got the money to pay for all the stuff he had on him and at home…”

    WHOcares where or how he (the shooter) got it, Wouldnt bother me if the Goverment gave him the money and aliens landed and drove him to all the places to buy it. and terroist showed him how to use all of it.
    I dont care if the weapons were leagal, stolen, imported, military, hunting or had paperwork.
    I dont care if he (the shooter) is retarded, molested, misunderstood, or he’s just plain old school crazy.
    I dont even care about the shooter.
    I DO feel and care for the ones who got shot, witnessed the shooting, and the families too.

    My concern is a WELL KNOWN TV PERSONALITY is totally maliciously LYING and spreading BAD INFORMATION ON PURPOSE!!
    AND all with the help and blessings of FOX.

    By Allowing dipsh!t O’wronglys lies and statements to be heard by people who dont know that Oreilly and Fox want nothing more than to have “SHOCK AND AWE” so called high ratings reporting (this = BIG MONEY) and care nothing about lying to get these big ratings, and could care less about the truth, these people who believe the lies that drip from his mouth will end up having a “meeting” or calling their congress person, or some kinda get together with other people who believe his and Foxes LIES and they will search till they find a bigger “GROUP” like the ANTI Gun cults and all those people get in a bigger group and sit around a NON CARBON EMITTING SIMULATED POLITICALLY CORRECT FAKE CAMP FIRE and discuss ” WE need to make America safe and raise TONS of money to help the BIG ANTI GUN, ANTI FREEDOM, ANTI HUNTING and ANTI ALCHOHOL/TOBACCO LOBBYIST pass laws to add more gun control or BAN guns and change the rights and freedoms of AMERICANS”

    and then when it happens, It will of been strongly helped by AN IDIOT who spews lies and people believed him.

    O’Reillys blatant use of constant lies to further his career could possibly be another Proverbial “Nail in the Coffin” to the rights and freedoms of EVERYONE.

    Even though I hate to say it, O’reillys views and bullsh!t lies directly affect peoples actions.
    And when he lies to the Americans watching his show about “you can buy a machine gun and the FBI doesn’t know,”
    The SHEEPLE believe him and then the camp fire happens.

    He should either Be OFF THE AIR or dont portray his show as a “NEWS” type “REAL INFO” INVESTIGATIVE INTERVIEW show.
    a big horn should blow and Closed caption should come on the screen saying


    THEN and ONLY then would I think it would be safe to watch his show.

  54. While I was also disgusted at O’Reilly’s abuse of the facts, I find it a little troubling how a couple people here are using O’Reilly’s comments to try and discredit the entire Fox News Network. Frankly, Fox is the only channel that covers issues that all the others blatantly ignore if the story doesn’t advance the Progressive agenda or support the current White House occupant. And while Bill is certainly arrogant…and wrong on this story, he at least covers stories that are important and germane to the success of this country.

    Simple fact-checks will expose which networks lie the most and Fox is far from likes of other major networks. You can call Fox Right Wing, Republican, conservative, whatever…sadly, anything or anyone that doesn’t adhere or openly profess an acceptance of liberal orthodoxy is considered a right-wing, hate-monger. Look at the networks that manipulated the 911 tapes and lied about the facts in the George Menendez shooting case. Bill did make several factual errors in his report; sadly, those errors are often the same facts that many of the other networks employ routinely after every shooting as they (mis)report and mislabel the weapons used and the laws that govern their use.

  55. The man I call O’Really is a tool, a total idiot and a Conservative in name only. He spouts on about Holmes having 60 THOUSAND rounds of ammo (it was 6,000 Bill) as if that had anything to do with the Aurora shooting at all. He OBVIOUSLY wasn’t carrying anywhere near that amount of ammo on him, so what is the big deal about how much he had at home. It’s just another item brought out for the SHOCK VALUE to the uninformed general sheeple. The MSM wants to shout out about how much ammo the kid had, instead of where an unemployed grad student got the money to pay for all the stuff he had on him and at home…

    Hopefully maybe of few of the ignorant people out there will see that O’Reilly and FOX are doing and will also NEVER WATCH THEM AGAIN.

    Bill O’Reilly has NOOOOOOO IDEA of what he talks about, and needs an electric dog collar strapped to his nuts and attached to a “Lie Detector”.
    This way he could sterilize himself with his own bullsh!t and lies and hopefully he wont reproduce and infect the rest of the earth with his ignorance.
    Maybe also a good idea to attach this device to politicians while in office too!
    ill post the link to his ignorant interview where he TOTALLY LIES beyond belief, then the awesome thing is you can see it in his face and hear in his voice that HE REALIZES that he might be full of BullSh!t, then POW! HE REALIZES he HAS now shown everyone how ignorant HE is (on national TV) and instead of just saying ” I was mistaken” he keeps on TELLING THE LIE and adds more LIES (inacurate info) ontop of his already quickly rising steamy Sh!t piles of lies.

    There is NO way now he or anyone could EVER say ” HE was mistaken, or his information was bad”
    He clearly on purpose fabricated out of thin air a pile of lies to cover his first lie.
    This should go down in NEWS history right above Bill Clintons ” I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN”,, DUMBAZZ LIE AWARD.

    Ill not ever watch Fox or Bill O’Reilly again.

    I used to think Bill O’Reilly was an idiot that just got confused alot on his info, and FOX couldnt control his ignorance,, kind of like watching EX-Pres GW Bush answering a reporter,, It was kinda funny to see what he would screw up on next , but now I KNOW both him and FOX are malicious liars, they know they lie and spread ” BAD INFO”.

  57. I was taken back by this interview. I no longer view Oreilly – even though I used to enjoy it.

    Check your facts Bill.

  58. Ii liked o’riely. When I saw this happen onair I immediately turn his show off and will not turn it back on until he corrects his statements. If he waits too long I will consider him dead to me and never watch again

  59. O’Reilley is a moron on this topic… he was either misled or deceived on the facts on this topic.
    He sounds like some Brady spokesmouth spewing lies and deceitful information which is so beyond what we expect from him.
    If THIS is the path he chooses to take then I have no choice (aside from the DOZENS of letters I have sent correcting him on the facts… to which he has NEVER corrected or retracted) but to stop watching him and encourage all fellow gun owners (100 million strong) to do the same!
    Bill, you were so far off on the facts it was WORSE than MSNBC!

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