Sighting in the Hensoldt Fero Z24 Scope and ZF Model One

Dark gray metal scope

Once you get your scope mounted on your rifle, you need to sight it in at the range. Start at a shorter range like 50 yards.

Dark gray metal Hensoldt scopeFire your first shot while holding center on the target and take note where it prints. If your rifle isn’t printing on paper at this distance, move to a shorter distance like 25 yards.

  1. Starting with the elevation turret (top turret) loosen the 2 small screws in the center of the turret. This will allow the outer ring with the increments marked on it to turn freely.
  2. Using a coin, turn the inner part of the turret in the direction you need the bullet impact to move.
  3. Turn it clockwise to raise the impact, counter clockwise to lower the impact.
  4. Adjust until the impact is centered on the target.
  5. Use the same procedure to adjust the windage turret, the turret on the side. The direction of impact is clearly marked.Note: on the Fero Z24, the windage turret is on the right side. On the ZF Model One, the windage turret is on the left side. Leave the outer rings loose at this point.

Move your target out to 100 yards or meters. The scope is designed for meters although the difference is barely noticeable.

  1. Holding the reticle centered in the target, fire a shot.
  2. Follow the same procedures you used at the shorter range to move the bullet impact.
  3. Adjust the scope so the impact is centered on the target.
  4. Now, while holding the outer ring of the elevation turret so the number 1 is lined up with the reference mark at the rear, tighten the 2 small screws in the center of the target. The windage turret should be set at 0 when it is tightened down.

The scope is now zeroed for that distance. Using 147-grain military ball ammo, or equivalent, you should be able to use the numbered increments on the elevation turret for the corresponding distances.

For instance, if you move out to 300 meters, simply turn the top turret to the number 3.

How do you sight in your scope? Using this process or something else? Share your tips and thoughts with our readers in the comments section.

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Comments (3)

  1. if you sell a zf-24 please let me know. p.s. an h&k 91 is designed for 165 grain bullet, anything else you can forget about a 5 inch group, instead you will be shooting an 18 to 22 inch group.

  2. PLEASE add to #1 in the above that you must first set both the Windage and Elevation dials to “0” and “1” respectively, before you begin sighting in.

    Thank you.

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