SIG Sauer Introduces New FMJ Practice and Competition Ammo to Elite Lineup

Black and gold box of ammo from SIG Sauer

Jump on any firearms group or chat board and before long, someone will pose a question about which model or which brand of handgun is best. These posts are a great way to gauge the pulse of the market and vet one brand against another. There are brands that will hold their own against SIG, but none that will flat out it. Why? Because SIG Sauer’s “To Hell and Back!” reputation is more than a slogan, it is a flat out statement proven time and again.

Given the performance of its pistols and long guns, when SIG introduced it would be manufacturing its own ammunition, enthusiasts paid attention—much more than simply SIG enthusiasts included. In fact, anyone looking for premium defensive ammunition could rightfully put his or her mind at ease after loading SIG’s premium ammunition. However, premium ammo fetches a premium price.

Black and gold box of ammo from SIG Sauer
The distinctive packaging illustrates performance in line with the author’s testing.

While most understand and pay a premium for a round on which they bet their life and those of their loved ones, practice and competition are quite another story. For high volume shooting, you need a round more in line with budget ammo. Then, you can afford to shoot and practice regularly for skills training and once or twice a year run a magazine or two of premium ammunition for load testing. While a solid concept in principle, at the introduction, SIG only introduced and offered its Elite Performance Ammunition. Happily, all of that is changing with SIG’s announcement of SIG’s full metal jacket (FMJ) centerfire pistol cartridges for practice and competition shooting.

These new FMJ rounds are the perfect combination of affordability and performance. Sig Sauer’s ammo approximates the performance of corresponding jacketed hollow point (JHP) loads, making the transition from target ammo to carry ammo seamless.

The SIG FMJ pistol ammo is now available in the following calibers and bullet weights:

  • 100-grain .380Auto
  • 115-grain 9mm Luger
  • 124-grain .357 SIG
  • 180-grain .40 S&W
  • 180-grain 10mm
  • 230-grain .45Auto

“With the SIG FMJ ammunition, we now have extremely accurate and reliable rounds designed specifically for practice and competition shooting,” said Bud Fini, vice president of marketing for SIG Sauer. “We wanted to give our customers an affordable premium target load that feeds as smoothly as our JHP ammunition and also performs and feels almost identical to the JHP load when shooting. We designed our copper-coated lead bullets to have the most precise, uniform profile and the result is consistent accuracy.”

Silver-and-black box of SIG ELITE Performance ammunition with white and gold lettering
The distinctive packaging illustrates performance in line with the author’s testing.

Manufactured to meet or exceed SAAMI specifications, the SIG FMJ centerfire pistol cartridges feature solid brass cases and durable copper-jacketed bullets that stay with the lead at impact. For reduced barrel fouling and more reliable functioning, SIG uses dependable primers and clean-burning powders. Like all Elite Performance Ammunition, SIG Sauer manufactures the SIG FMJ in the United States to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles.

Have you had a chance to put SIG’s ammunition through a range test? Share your opinions in the comment section.


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  1. Bought a brand new p226 scorpion elite and 2 box of bullets at outdoors, I shot 9 and the 10th bullet did not go through my barrel. I couldn’t get it out and this was the first time I had shot it, what a disappointment. Then I gave the bullets to my brother in law to shoot it and had no problems what so ever. Probably have to buy a new barrel now definitely will not buy sigs bullets again.

  2. The sig ammo is made in America specifically for sig by Americans. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet some of the people making this ammo during some of their development. I can say, that the manufacturer holds a high standard and they are particular with regards to their quality control.

  3. I under stand when you say target ammo and live ammo there is a big differance. I use too be an armorcar guard and an armed personal guard, so I look forward too trying this ammo

  4. I saw a cover on this ammo on Gun Talk TV a while ago. The Sig rep on the show says they make it all in house. They covered all the same rounds as listed in this article and said they would have rifle ammo out soon too. I have not seen any on shelves so I don’t know how much it cost or how it shoots, but the hollow points seemed pretty consistent on the show.

  5. Yes, it does matter who really makes the ammo. For example, if its just PMC ammo that has been rebranded as sig ammo with a price increase of a few dollars more a box, then i know not to buy it because i can just buy the PMC ammo in the PMC box.

  6. Anybody have an idea what a box of this ‘ Practice & Competition ‘ ammo sells for ? In 9MM or 45ACP ? Guess it’s safe to assume these are Good Brass cases and reloadable, , , True ?

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