SIG Pro SP2022: The Worst Kept SIG Secret

In 1998, SIG SAUER announced they had developed a polymer-framed version of their SIG “classic” design that started with the P220 way back in 1975. The SIG Pro was a full-sized service pistol designed for military and law enforcement, featuring a smooth double action/single action trigger and the familiar sights and ergonomics of those legacy SIG pistols. SIG joined Glock and HK as one of the few major firearms manufacturers to embrace a polymer frame at that time.

In one way, the SIG Pro was way ahead of its time, featuring a replaceable back strap to change the thickness of its grip to fit both large and small hands. The next time you read a manufacturer’s claim that their gun features new innovative replaceable grip inserts, remember that SIG did it almost 15 years ago.

The SIG Pro has evolved a bit over the years. When first introduced, there were many competing designs for methods to attach a light or laser to a pistol, then. a decade later, the 1913 Picatinny rail became the standard. The original SIG Pro had a SIG-designed light mount that looks similar to the ones on the HK USP and S&W Sigma.

By 2003, the Picatinny rail had won out. When SIG released their latest version of the SIG Pro that year, designated SP2022, it featured the standard rail molded into the frame as well as a few other improvements, including a decocker that is easier to manipulate.

The SIG Pro always seemed to be the “ugly duckling” of the SIG SAUER product line. It certainly did not have the allure of the flagship P226, The Pistol Used By The Navy Seals. Many SIG Pros were chambered in .40S&W and .357 Sig, rounds once thought to be the ultimate in law enforcement calibers and whose popularity is now waning.

Rightly or wrongly, the SIG Pro got a reputation as the SIG you can still buy when you aren’t able to afford a P226. When SIG introduced the P250 series of polymer-framed, modular pistols in 2009, the marketing hype surrounding those guns made it easy for potential customers to forget SIG had already been making polymer guns in the same calibers for a decade.

It seemed like the SIG SP2022 was destined to be one of the best-kept secrets of pistol world. Then an odd thing happened.

The P250’s double-action-only trigger is proving unpopular with many shooters and, despite the fact that you can get a new P250 for the price of a used Glock, they have not caught on with many law enforcement agencies or any military units. At the same time, the street price of the all-metal “classic” SIGs, like the P226, has skyrocketed to hundreds of dollars more than it was just a few years ago.

So many polymer-framed pistols are on the market now that they are the rule rather than the exception, and this has helped wash away the stigma of the SIG Pro as a “poor man’s P226.” With its solid performance history, traditional feel and competitive pricing, the SP2022 slowly began to climb up the sales charts until we recently realized that its in Cheaper Than Dirt Top 20: our top 20 selling firearms so far this year.

Now the secret is out—the fully matured SP2022 is one heck of a pistol for the money you’ll spend to get one.

Specifications and Features

  • SIG Sauer SP2022 semi-automatic handgun
  • .40 S&W caliber
  • 3.9″ barrel
  • 12 round capacity
  • Single/double-action
  • 10 pounds trigger pull double-action
  • 4.4 pounds trigger pull single-action
  • Four point safety system
  • Black polymer grips and frame
  • Stainless steel slide with black Nitron finish
  • SIGLite night sights
  • Accessory rail
  • 7.4″ overall length
  • 5.7″ tall
  • 1.4″ wide
  • 5.9″ sight radius
  • Weighs 29 ounces unloaded

So what do YOU think? Is the SIG SP2022 still the “poor man’s P226” or are you seeing it’s many features? Share in the comments section.

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Comments (66)

  1. I have the 40S&W and have had a few issues with failure to feed about 3 or 4 rounds into the magazine I have cleaned and lubricated the weapon many times all to have the same result either upon the initial racking or a few rounds in and then it will under feed with steel or brass casings

  2. Working with the SEAL teams I was brought into the dog world with the 226. I regularly used a 220 I personally bought though. Loved both sidearms despite the fact I hate the 9mm the 226 was chambered in. Recently bought a 2022 in .40 and I like it. So does my wife with minimal experience. It’s a good sidearm. Which I still miss my P220, was stolen and destroyed by california PD. Any gooddealson a 220 around?

  3. Ever since I could pick up a gun and shoot I’ve always heard of Sig. Through out the years I’d buy different guns, I never once bought a sig. My first pistol was in .40 cal and I continued to make purchases at that caliber. Then I moved up to the .45 when I got my first 1911, I was hooked on that caliber for along time. I switch between the two but I never have owned a 9mm. I have shot the 9mm but in all honesty, it isn’t far from a .380 caliber and I don’t like them. I don’t think the .40 is “snappy” on recoil as others do, in fact, I can’t ever tell the difference between the .40, .357 sig, or the .45. It’s all on how you hold that depends on what you allow the recoil to do. I don’t plan on having any 9mm handguns anytime soon, but I just went and picked up a new sig sp2022 in .40 and I’ve put 700 rounds through it within a few days and its functioned flawlessly. The first sig I’ve owned, probably wont be the last.

  4. Love my Sig SP2022 .40 S&W, but have not been able to really enjoy it due to failure to chamber issues. I have only been able to fire about 4 full magazines without having it jam. I’ve tried different target ammo brands, reloads and home defence ammo to no avail. I finally decided to send it back to Sig. Very dissapointed so far, but I can’t wait to get it back and try it again.

  5. I stumbled across a used SP2340 in a gun shop years ago, didn’t recognize the model, liked the look and the fact it was a poly SIg, and bought it for < $400. I now own four- SP2022 in 9mm(German gun) and .40, 2340s in .40 and .357.

    At least 2000 rounds thru al of them, with not one failure beyond bad primers. Of the 50 or so pistols I own, one of these in .40 sits on my nightstand.

    The bottom line is this- if I had to pick up an unknown pistol to defend myself, it would be a Sig, and of the Sig models, preferably a SigPro.

    On the recoil issue- I find it is largely mental, then pistol design. Tell a new shooter about the .45's horrible recoil, and he/she will close their eyes, turn their head, and flinch hugely. Don't mention it, and they probably won't. Case in point- I introduced my 130 lb. girlfriend to pistol shooting starting with .22, then 9mm, .40, then .45. I never mentioned or discussed recoil, and neither did she. Her choice for her first purchase for a personal pistol? Kimber Ultra .45. On the other hand, I own two Sig P6/225s, whose recoil I find uncomfortable.

    Shoot what you like and, more importantly, can hit with.

    Enough rant out of me- have a great day at the range!

  6. I had one loved it would shoot after being in the mud it would shoot after being in the rain it was a very good gun but it would not take a trailer fire ha ha I’m trying to get another one right now. I like the 9mm the best it’s what I had.

  7. The first time I heard about the SP2022 I assumed that it was a Sig that was designed to fire .22 long rifle for training purposes. I think that the reason that the SP2022 is unpopular and therefore cheap – is that a lot of people share this misconception.

  8. It’s probably easier to recognize now, then back when this article was published – but it is correct that most agencies are now going with .45 or 9mm. This is a change from some years ago when the .40 and .357sig were at their height of popularity. One state department recently went with 9mm with the option for .45. Common reasoning nowadays is the .40 has too much recoil which makes the 9mm more accurate in the most number of personnel in an agency. Plus, some will always want a .45 mo matter what, and so the .40 is not a .45. So believe it or not, it is now viewed as fitting neither need – instead of the perfect answer it was 10 years ago.
    Face it, 9mm with the right ammo (Hornady Critical Duty) can’t be knocked for effectiveness, and if more badges shoot it more accurately then the .40cal has lost out on most of the recent agencies’ decisions. I like the idea though, of letting badges choose a .45 if the prefer the wider cartridge.
    Interesting how caliber preferences ebb and flow. Both in LE and citizen arenas.

  9. Purchased a Sig 2022 found out gun shot way low contacted Sig they said they sight there guns in using a combat sighting method . They said I needed to buy a number 10 rear sight to correct this inaccuratcy and send the slide back so it could be exchanged. Ok here we go 450.00 for the gun 50.00 for taxes 50.00 for the sight 40.00 to change the sight and 40.00 for field testing oh and I forgot they dont make or sell a number 10 rear sight with plain white dots so your forced to buy night glow so now you have to buy the front sight also 50.00 and 40.00 to change it.
    My opinion of the sig 2022 is its a piece of junk and sig sauer is an eye gouging company. Do your homework about combat sighting. First and last sig

    1. Joe, so sorry you had issues with the sig pro. I own two of them and they are absolutely great accurate guns out of the box. Let me give you some tips about sights in general and specifically the sigs & sig pro’s. From factory sig zeros guns for 15 yards for most guns. They use a dot on sighting method. If you use a stop sign method with the bullseye just below target you will shoot really low. So use the front sight dot cover the target center. Next if you shoot low with a sig it is because the line of sight is very close to barrel center. You are holding gun too low in your stance and actually looking over the sight a little. Hold your stance higher and really look straight over sight picture. You will ping target every time. You don’t need a sight swap. I got that from the dumb customer service guy too. Talk with sig pro shooter there or the gun smith. They tell you the correct story. Sig laser sights every gun to be accurate within 2-3 inches before it ships. The gun is fine sorry you got jacked around. Talk to sig gunsmiths in service next time. The sig pro is a fantastic weapon for 400 bucks. Double action trigger out of box is the lightest and smoothest of any gun. Also start shooting a new sig at 15 feet standard defense range and work your way back to 25 yards.

    2. Oh by the way sigs take about 500 rds to fully break in. Keep barrel wet with oil so the slide and barrel top polish and lap. Your sig pro will shoot under 2..0 inch groups at 20 feet. Gun will get more consistent as you use it oil it and shoot it. Use breakfree Teflon oil to lube your gun. Shoot it wet during break in slide and barrel.

  10. I enjoy a well built weapon. The SIG SP2022 is one of the best in .40 cal that I have seen. Many rounds and a year after buying mine I would do it all over again. Not one jam or stuck shell, operates smoothly and like I would want it to. It’s only as accurate as the shooter, so I get what I practice, you get what you practice. It does have a little more kick than a 9mm, but it is acceptable to anyone who has fired a .45 cal. There are several holsters out there that are made for the 2022, so look around. I currently also have a Hi-Standard .22 match w/6″ barrel, Rugar LC9, a S&W M&P9C, a S&W .357 revolver, and a STAG AR-15.
    I am 69 years old and have fired many weapons and I reload my own ammo, all calibers, except .22 cal.

  11. had mine for over a year and i love it .40 cal any brand ammo and never a problem. got mine used from a police force. and is super accurate. purchased 2 xtra 40 cal mags on e-bay 2 for 40.00 brand new and they work fine ever have the ensignia.

  12. I love my Sig P228 and SP2022! I have carried both of them and have never had a problem with either. My only gripe is with the Sp2022 and finding mags that aren’t $40-50 each! Outrageous! If anyone knows of or has some Mags in 9mm they would like to get rid of, let me know!

  13. I love my 40 cal SP2022, but like most I wanted some extra magazines. Man, they are scarce as hen’s teeth. I also own a 40 cal Tarus PT-100 and as I looked at the magazines they looked suprisingly similar. To my delight the PT-100 mag will work in my Sig Pro! The Sig will not however work in the PT-100. I purcahased two 15rd Mec-Gar Mags for the PT-100 and am now using them in my Sig Pro. I have not encountered any issues.
    Is there anything I might need to watch for that might be detrimental to the function of the gun?

  14. I love the the SP2022 chambered in .40 s&w. I finally found a good holster – it comes with belt paddle attachments. It’s the Blackhawk serpa CQC holster. It fits nice and snug.

  15. This really is a great product, no matter what price. I’ve owned two of them 9mm and 357 sig and did terrible things to them. They run and run with no hiccups, told anybody who would listen that these are a great first gun. For some reason they seem to have less perceived recoil than other handguns in same caliber. My only gripe was I have small hands and never felt great in my hands. Holsters are hard to find, but once you do the thing can fit about any other handgun you put in it? thanks Kirb Marriott

  16. Bought my SP2022 .40 cal last year after months of looking at, shooting and reviewing numerous brands. Local shop had one and they showed it to me, picked it up and it just felt right! Yea, it’s a bit of a hand cannon at first but now after hundreds of rounds, i’m getting very used to it. Not one problem with it! I would just like an extra mag for it!

  17. To my knowledge, every non-DOD federal LEO agency standard issue sidearm is chambered in .40 S&W (some offer the choice of personally-owned/purchased weapons in various calibers, but issued duty weapons are always .40 cal.)
    Given that and the scarcity of available rounds on the free market, I’d say the cartridge is hardly “waning” in popularity.

  18. Went shopping at Academy a couple of years ago for a 9mm that my wife could handle on her own. The 2022 is what we ended up with. She can rack the slide easily and loves to shoot it. The only complaint is that it’s too heavy in her handbag.

  19. I carry a 9mm SP2022 everyday I love it I have recomended it so many times. One of the best handguns you can start out with, my opinion one of the best first handguns.

  20. I’m thinking of picking up the Sig SP2022 when I get my taxes in the next couple of weeks but I want a nice holster and was wondering if blackhawk makes anything for it or is there anything similar to a blackhawk holster out there in terms of durability safety?

  21. @william The trigger isn’t resetting properly. Could be a spring hanging up or the mechanism just needs to be lubed and worked in a little. That’s something that a local gunsmith should be able to take care of.

  22. I just bought a sig sp2022 and the first time i
    Took it to the range it would fire 2-3 rounds
    And the trigger would fail. The trigger would
    Not catch anything just hang there.
    When it happened i would drop the hammer
    And it would fire 2-3 times and repeat the
    Same thing. Anyone know why?

  23. I bought my 9mm 2022 last year, have put over 2000 rnds through it without a misfire or any other issue.
    I bought 5 new in package sigpro 40 cal 10 rnd magazines for $15 apiece from a classified ad on and they work like a charm & they hold 13 rounds of 9mm!! (No biggie if you don’t live in California.)
    Great gun all around & the more I shoot it the smoother the trigger gets. It’s lots more accurate than my ruger sp9, and has a hammer.

  24. Got my SP2022 9mm in 09. Haven’t had any problems. Have a P250c, great gun as well but doesn’t like certain types of ammo. The 2022 will eat any ammo you feed it and spit it out with amazing accuracy. It double taps nice with the SA trigger. Mine has the night sights which are darker and a little harder to see than the standard contrast sights when your in a lighted situation.

  25. I recently purchased a used SIG Pro SP2009 with 3 magazines that was a Law Enforcement trade in.
    The Gun is scary accurate! Phenomenal reliability will eat any ammo I put in it and the lock up is as tight as any semi automatic pistol I have owned and believe me I have owned many.

  26. I have owned my SP 2022 for approx 6 years. I love love love this gun I have shot probably 6-7 thousand rounds though this gun and it has never failed me. I have shot reloads and junk ammo and she fires everytime.

  27. I’ve owned my SP2022 for about ten months now and find it to be an excellent gun. I’ve gone thru about 1500 rounds of many brands and have not had a single issue at all. Extremely accurate and a pleasure to shoot. It easily matches my buddies S&W M&Ps and Glocks for at least $100 cheaper. Poor man’s Sig? Nope. Smart man’s Sig.

  28. I loved it so much I bought another one for the wife. I also don’t see it mentioned but you can use the 40/357 magazines with with the 9mm. I can not say enough about these hidden treasures.

  29. I have a P250 and a 2022…like’em both! The P250 has a slightly longer trigger pull but it is as smooth and consistent as any that I’ve tried. The 2022 seems to have the same long initial trigger pull in DA but substantially quicker follow up in SA. The trigger reset seems slightly “rough” but nothing that impeeds accuracy. Nice fit and finish, easy to take care of.

  30. Gunner,
    the rail is built in to the poly fram, you can’t remove it.

    We love this gun…(me and all my students)
    Its Sig’s answer to the Glock with all the safewy issues address. AND I sell them for 405.00 a peice.

  31. the 2022 sounds good, and i’ve been happy with the “old style, non rail” p220 and p226, but i don’t hang gadgets on my guns, so if i bought a 2022 the first thing i’d do would be to contact sig about having the rail removed.

  32. I got my wife this gun in .40. She really loves her gun. I really love this gun as well. It shoots the crappy tulammo like its nothing. This is my wife’s first handgun, and for being a little bigger gun she can shoot it better as the weight helps with recoil. Plus, we usually shoot the 165grain whitbox ammo. Great gun!

  33. Geez! What a great gun! I recommend to a lot of people when asked what type of gun to buy for a first pistol. Love it, love it, love it. I don’t understand why but it seams like Sig doesn’t even want to market the gun. When I go gun to shows the guys at that are licensed to service Sig brands don’t even list it as a gun they service and the amount of accessories that area available are very limited. I wish that Sig would push this gun more. I agree best gun for the price.

  34. I have owned my Sig Pro 2022 9mm going on a year now and after 1500 rds the weapon performs flawlessly.
    I have fed it a wide spectrum of ammunition without fail.
    Magazines are a bit tough to find for the right price but if the SP2022 keeps gaining in popularity availability should increase
    and prices should drop.

    Best polymer pistol on the market IMO and I have fired and owned more than a few brands.

    As for holsters I have found more than a few that work fine although I have not looked for any that will accompany a
    mounted light which I consider to be the same thing as waving my hands in the air and yelling, “Over here!”

  35. My buddy gave me a holster (nylon) that originally was for a glock .40, and it fits the 2022 like a glove.

  36. As far as holsters for the 226 go, the Blackhawk Omega IV will fit the 226 with a light. It is not, however a concealment holster. It’s a drop leg tactical holster. Blackhawk makes the excellent SERPA holster for light-mounted pistols. However, they are designed to work with Blackhawk’s light modules so I don’t know if they would fit Streamlight or Surefire lights.

  37. I bought a 2022, put 6 rounds through it and the entire gun locked up. Turned out that the frame was off spec and it had to be sent back, unregistered to me in CA and destroyed. About a month later I got a new one. I’ve put about 1000 rounds through it and works great.

  38. Sounds like a pistol worth checking out. I currently have a P250 Compact and I have to say that I am quite pleased with the DAO feature and the overall performance. Thank you for the review on this model, time to add to the collection.

  39. Remember there are two versions of the 2022 trigger guard a round and newer squared version. This means there are two different holsters available.

  40. I have the sig sp2022 in 40 and found that if you are looking for an IWB holster you can get one from Crossbreed. Kinda pricey but well worth the money.

  41. You state that the 40 S&W is losing popularity for use as a LE round. I’m curious where you got that info. Its my understanding that the .40 is still the standard for most LE departments. Were you referring to the .357 Sig instead? Thanks!!

  42. Chevy: I’d recommend Raven Concealment Systems, the link in my website. They will custom mold a Kydex holster to whatever pistol you have, and there are several different mounting options. Might take awhile–it’s a small company and they get lots of orders–but the quality is worth it. I bought two: one for my P226 and HK P2000, they’re phenomenal.

  43. Thanks Wtex, I inquired about the blackhawk which is what I have for a duty holster but no one was sure it would fit. Thanks as well Doug I will check the Binachi out as well.

  44. I just bought a sig 226 is there a holster out there that will accommodate the under-mount laser? If so who makes it?

  45. Chevy, Bianchi makes a tactical holster for the SP2022 W/mounted light. I think the model Number is 6700 size 2. This is a really nice Tactical Nylon matrix holster with a leg strap. Very sturdy. Has quick release thumb strap and mounts to any belt. Good luck.

  46. I have one and it is great. It seems i can’t miss with it. 😉
    I use it in my local IDPA matches and she always runs flawlessly, even with crappy TulAmmo. Highly recommend this one.

  47. I recently purchased a SP2022 and really like it. I own several other Sig models in 9mm and .45 and find the trigger on the SP2022, 9mm to be very smooth in double action. My only regret is that I’m having a difficult time finding a polmer holster availble for it. Some manufacturers have a holster for the older model but not the newer models. Other than that it shoots well like all the other Sigs. If any one knows of a company that makes a polymer holster for this newer model I would like to know who it is. Thanks

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