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The Other Side Begins Calling for Action Against Gun Owners

The gun-rights debate is taking a nastier-than-usual turn, wherein members of the anti-gun-rights crowd are publicly calling for the federal government to move against gun-rights supporters — in particular, the NRA and its leadership — and arrest, jail, try, rendition, or otherwise attack outspoken gun-rights supporters.

New NRA President James W. Porter is coming under heavy fire for his hardline approach defending gun rights.
New NRA President James W. Porter is coming under heavy fire for his hardline approach defending gun rights.

Examples: Dr. Christopher Swindell of Marshall University wrote “Gun safety debate is B.S.” in the Charleston (W.V.) Gazette: Watching the celebration at the NRA convention over the defeat of background checks was the most nauseating experience of the day.… The NRA advocates armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States of America. That’s treason, and it’s worthy of the firing squad. The B.S. needs a serious gut check. We are not a tin pot banana republic where machine gun toting rebel groups storm the palace and depose the dictator. Normally, I am a peaceable man, but in this case, I am willing to answer the call to defend the country. From them.… It’ll be an M1A Abrams tank, supported by an F22 Raptor squadron with Hellfire missiles. Try treason on for size. See how that suits. And their assault arsenal and RPGs won’t do them any good.… Keith Darling-Brekhus, wrote in “Flirting with treason: The insurrectionist ideology of the NRA leadership”: If the men and women in the NRA leadership and their Congressional supporters want to fantasize about waging guerrilla warfare against the federal government they have the freedom to do that and nobody has yet taken the guns away from Wayne LaPierre, Ted Nugent or Don Young despite their incendiary rhetoric. However, when they throw their tantrums and launch rhetorical firebombs at the government, we do not have to accept their claims of patriotism and let them wrap those arguments in the American flag. In a functioning democracy, armed insurrection is not a form of patriotism it is treason and the NRA leadership is flirting with treason when they embrace paranoid insurrectionist fantasies and abandon all reason in the process. It is time we call it what it is and stop treating such arguments as intellectually valid or morally defensible. Dave Perry, Aurora (Colo.) Sentinel editor, wrote in “We Can Only Save Ourselves From Kidnappers At The NRA”: No more due process in the clear-cut case of insidious terrorism. When the facts are so clearly before all Americans, for the whole world to see, why bother with this country’s odious and cumbersome system of justice? Send the guilty monsters directly to Guantanamo Bay for all eternity and let them rot in their own mental squalor. No, no, no. Not the wannabe sick kid who blew up the Boston marathon or the freak that’s mailing ricin-laced letters to the president. I’m talking about the real terrorist threat here in America: the National Rifle Association. John Aravosis, editor of AMERICAblog, wrote in “Stephen Colbert on the NRA convention & gun nut bullet conspiracy theories”: A friend recently wrote me on Facebook and asked if it didn’t seem as if the gun-nuts were getting awfully close to advocating sedition. I think he’s right. There’s far too much talk from the “Second Amendment” types about needing their guns to fight some imminent war, probably against the US government. If these guys were brown, they’d be arrested and flown to Gitmo. Washington Monthly contributing writer Ed Kilgore wrote in “None Dare Call It Treason”: Am I perhaps being unfair to these people in suggesting that they are behaving like America-haters and are flirting with treason? I don’t think so. Has criticizing the government for anti-gun legislation become sedition in the eyes of gun opponents? Gun owners already know the 2nd Amendment is under attack, but is the 1st Amendment no longer active? What should gun owners do when we are called traitors and terrorists? Let us hear your opinions in the comments section below:

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  1. Anti-gunners and pro-gunnes, do they have anything in common? I think they do, at least most of them. Exculde the high leavel govement officals who may have an agenda to disarm its citizens with gun bans which then gets them one step closer to consfication. I think people on both sides of the gun issue are sickened by the growing numbers of murders in our country. That is what we have in common. There have been milions of dollars spent on anti-gun ads that promote the notion that if there are no guns there will be no crime. So I throw out this thought for you to chew on. If there came a time when the government could, with changes to the constitution, require its citizens to turn in their guns, who would turn them in? Who obeys the law, the responable citizens or the criminals? Here is another thought, how safe would our streets and homes be if criminals were the only ones with guns? Look at Australia for example. Crime has risen since gun confiscation was enacted. Maybe we should look at the possibility that the cause for such heinous crimes as mass murders is not the gun but rather the anti-depressant drugs that are doled out like candy to millions of people each year. We do have something in common, us anti and pro gunners. We would both like to see an end to crime and violence, but the guns are not the problem.
    Nobody hates war as much as the warrior.

  2. Dr. Swindell wants to use military grade weaponry against American citizens then calls us terrorists. Sounds like another wimpy liberal communist wanting someone else to do their dirty work for them. Yeah, like we have millions of US military ready to wipe out 2/3 of our own population just because your having a tantrum. Geez they’ll let anyone become a teacher.

  3. NO tyrannical society has ever treated those who yearn for freedom as anything BUT treasonous. The fact that they’re ‘going there’ makes it clear which side of history they’ve already decided to side on.

    We are not fearful — but instead, quite disgusted.

  4. I like what you said above and believe it is true that no law has the power to strip away one’s right to self defense. Let’s hope it works out for George Zimmerman. His right to self defense seems to be leaning towards giving him a “manslaughter” charge, which with a gun involved, will land him upwards of 10 – 15 in prison for “defending himself”. I like the way they keep trying to say that his injuries were “insignificant”. Let me slam that lady’s head in court that keeps saying this against the ground and see how “insignificant” she thinks it is before she cries for someone to shoot me. I have seen numerous accounts of one single punch to the face killing men. No major tissue damage. No large amounts of blood, but a blow to the head hard enough to jar the brain into “stop functining” mode. Just because there is no serious external damage doesn’t mean the internal damage isn’t severe, or PERCEIVED to be severe enough to warrant the use of deadly force. A simple fist fight stops and deadly force begins when someone takes the boots to someone that is “down”, or when someone continually slams their head into the concrete. That goes from simple fist blows to the use of deadly force, or deadly intent which is indeed viable to be met with counter deadly force. It’s just that George’s deadly force worked faster and more efficient than Trevon’s method. George won… let’s hope he wins in court too or we can ALL kiss the ability to use deadly force to protect ourselves good-by because this very well could set a precident for all future cases where someone had to kill someone else in order to survive a brutal beating. Age and size has nothing to do with it. I’ll show you PLENTY of young 140 Lbs guys that can EASILY kick the living crap out of a 200+ Lbs older man. Watch boxers and prize fighters. Many of them are smaller frame with lean muscles. You think one of those smaller guys couldn’t easliy killa man much larger than them? Who’s to say Trevon wasn’t skilled in general fighting where George wasn’t? At 17 years old, Trevon is pretty much as grown as he’s going to be other than “filling-out” even more as he ages. If George wins, kiss “self defense” as we know it good-by and say hello to black rioters like we saw in the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, because that’s what I see stewing.

  5. I simply suggest that all of these literary geniuses simply go and try to explain this opinion to the men at Lexington and Concord. I will not waste my time respecting God, as they obviously do not believe in one (Other than Mr Obama, that is) but I will simply quote a noted philosopher of the time:

    Sir Robert Foster: “The right of self-defense is founded in the law of nature, and is not, nor can it be, superseded by any law of society.”

    Defending ones self and family from the tyranny of an overbearing government is NOT unheard of in our history, and it sets good precident that is witnessed by the existance of the second amendment.

  6. ALL of you who wrote such ludicrous and non-sense about the NRA are uneducated in history and the constitution.
    You hate gun owners and the NRA and weapons, you are naive, do you really BELIEVE the govt or police will save you if we have a real problem in America? That is just plain stupidity! When katrina hit louisiana the police took flight and left town, now where’s your help against riots, looters and roaming gangs,who always get their guns)?
    Have Hollywood actors give up their body guards, have the congress yield up their guns, because based on what you write nobody needs them, have the pope give up his guns and have o bAM A GIVE up his guns too, he doesn’t need them. in fact, have everyone including law enforcement give up their guns too,(and when they retire) police can use tasers or mace. Your arguments reflect education in ignorance in its highest form. What color is the sky in your worlds? Mind your own business, its the LAW, that gun ownership is both legal and right. The true treasonists are those who want to impose their ideals on law abiding gun owners and hunters, to which you will never win. and to the dim witted person who wrote about Anericas’ strong weaponry being used on its own people , you are sick. seek out a doctor and if you don’t like people having guns in America… then leave it and move to Russia!All of you hate mongers.

  7. It’s sad that the Dave Perrys and Stephen Colberts engage in their disingenuous and self-serving forms of journalistic prostitution solely to sell newspapers and gain viewers. I cannot believe for one second that they believe their own rhetoric but it is clear that they do garner headlines and do mislead a lot of well-intentioned and ill-informed people. If we fear there are traitors among us, should we look first to the journalists who sell their half-truths and flavor-of-the-month sensationalism for profit? Or do we look to the politicians who long ago abandoned doing their jobs in favor of keeping their jobs and scrambling up the political ladder leaving the muddy footprints of ill-conceived, ineffective an unenforceable laws in their wake? I think there is a much better chance of rooting out treason among those who trade on rhetoric than in groups of people who want nothing more than to enjoy the rights afforded them under the Constitution.

  8. Is Dr. Swindell going to man these tanks and pilot these fighters himself? These anti-constitutional thinkers need enforcers to carry-out their empty threats. I guess it’s possible for somebody to be so ignorant to believe that the entire composition of the U.S. military is full of thoughtless drones incapable of formulating an opinion of their own and opting to execute an unlawful order to wage war on their constitutionally-bound brothers. It is now a known fact that a majority of this nation’s police force have stated that they will not enforce “laws” that are clearly unconstitutional. That should foretell how that idea is going to work out. So, good luck to that plot. Also,I can’t believe how hypocritical they are. The anti-gunners calling for deadly force against the pro-gunners. Truly twisted. They seem to not understand that part of the purpose of the second amendment is a checks-and-balance measure to prevent tyrannical government. It seems to me that they are the domestic enemy.

  9. Here is a comment I left on Facebook regarding this matter, Guess I am being watched anyway…

    If anyone has not been keeping track of the political arena over the past few weeks you have been missing out on some extraordinary things… It would appear that if you do not kneel down in an act of submission to the elected officials and stand up against what you feel may be infringement of your rights as a citizen you may now considered to be committing an act of treason. I.E. the shared link.
    Although the Whistle Blower may have provided classified info we have all been under surveillance through our phone and internet records under the disguise of NSA activities
    Our Leader made a speech stating no one is listening or watching you but all of your activities are simply being followed… DUH???
    ( if no one is listening or following why is it being done???)
    The press has been under surveillance also under the disguise of security.
    Some times you need to put the American Idol mentality in check and really listen to what is being said that will impact your freedoms ( what little are left ) For those friend that have the ability to conduct critical thinking practices you understand that if you listen closely to what id being said about several issues you start to see between the lines… I love my country and the basis for which it was established. The Constitution, Constitutional Rights, and the freedoms it represents are under attack…
    This concerns me greatly…
    Freedom of the press, Freedom of privacy, The right to bear arms, Freedom of speech, and numerous other Freedoms have been side stepped and danced around to the point no one really knows where we stand …
    There are issues that need visitation however if we start chopping up the rights and liberties set forth by our founding fathers and allow our governing body to dispense their will indiscriminately where will we draw the line???
    We have given so much to a governing body that seems to willfully disregard the people it serves and impose it’s will upon those who speak up. .
    Freedom of religion???
    Freedom of Expression?

  10. have you ever tried to reason with a liberal? it is impossible to reason with. They talk in cirles like the sheeple Govt. robots that they are.

  11. I didn’t read all of the comments so someone may have mentioned this already but it sure would be nice if the anti’s would wake up and realize that it’s not just our gun rights we fight for but for all the rights due all American’s period.

  12. This is the first time I’ve ever offered a comment to any column. Comment columns on news articles are usually characterized by spittle-spray, cynicism, and stupid nonsense that underlines the notion that comment columns are nets, thrown wide.

    Personally, I think we can safely ignore the rants of people like Mr. Swindell. Don’t let him get to ya, brothers. His rant won’t convince anyone on the fence of 2nd Amendment rights, nor anyone who thinks like us, which only leaves him preaching to the choir of those who believe the 2nd Amendment should be repealed, or anyway gutted by progressively legislating away our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I truly believe that the Founders knew precisely what they were doing when the 2nd Amendment was submitted and subsequently ratified. And I agree with those of us who believe a central purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to arm the people against the rise of tyranny. But let’s step back a moment…

    Taken as a package, the issues of abortion, domestic spying, our 2nd Amendment, politicizing sexual preference, the IRS and a host of supporting issues provide more than sufficient cause to wage a disciplined, focused rebellion… on the battlefield of the ballot box; the high road.

    Unfortunately, our country’s polarization on these and other issues has reached a point where little, if any room for compromise now obtains. In other words, it may be too late to work it out peacefully at the voting booth. Evidence: States are now nullifying Federal laws on everything from the 2nd Amendment to marijuana use. That, my friends, is the gauntlet thrown down. It comprises nothing less than a full-blown Constitutional crises of the first order. The current lame duck chief executive won’t touch it; he’s leaving that for his successor… and us.

    Nullification in America has an interesting history, and began during the short pre-Constitutional era of the Articles of Confederation. The most recent American historical period when nullification arose as a serious political ploy ended with the Civil War. That’s all I have to say; thank you for listening.

  13. The majority of members and advocates of these anti-gun-rights who want the 2nd Amendment removed or want guns taken away from normal hard working American owners are basically afraid of guns. Anti-gun people who I have met or spoken to don’t want to see or touch a gun. They tell me “rifles and pistols make them sick”. I guess this is similar to a person who is afraid & gets nauseous when they see a mouse. Most of these people never grew up with families who routinely hunt, fish and target shoot. I am a life member of the NRA and NEVER read an article indicating the government is at threat via normal American gun owners. Every country in the world has citizens that form anti government groups. Why not, in many countries political leadership is stealing (e.g., free vacations, free luxury cars, 2nd retreat homes, clothing, etc..) from the tax payers, being paid without working, passing idiotic decisions without the public’s consent or voting “themselves” ridiculous annual salary raises when a country is under severe economic stress. So, why not be angry with these political leaders. However, violence doesn’t solve these problems. A history of factual evidence to the media and other “trustful” people or groups can resolve and stop these problems.

    Why does the security carry guns who protect ANTI-GUN television/music stars, famous or wealthy individuals, politicians, etc…? What will they do if the 2nd Admenment is taken away? Please note: the USA President and Vice President are exempt from this statement. Their secret service agents definitely need all types of weapons & security controls!

    The articles above are just opinions. Potentially they misread or heard information. I don’t believe any sentence in each article is cited. They’re executing their rights of the FIRST Admenment. Should we take that away? I don’t appreciate the very frequent use of the ‘N’ word in hip-hop music that I hear playing on city streets by individuals. Yet if you call that person the ‘N’ word an instant fight or argument breaks out. Is that person hypocritical or just plain STUPID!

    Why not focus on upgrading the USA immigration system and stop the REAL terrorists from entering the USA? The killings & significant injuries that occurred at the Boston Marathon are very said to the victims and their families. All of a sudden the media is not discussing any actions the govenment is implementing concerning the USA’s immigration system to prevent the recurrence of a similar event.

    I fully paid for my children’s college educations including master degrees. Why were the Boston Marathon terrorists/murderers provided free college present and future educations?

    This whole 2nd Admendment thing is just plain silly. Let me enjoy the guns God provided to me! God owns everything a person has.

  14. Some people are assuming that American firearms owners are contemplating insurrection against our government. Someone, above mentioned a functioning ‘Democracy’… We have NEVER been a Democracy, functioning or otherwise.

    Our Founders envisioned a possible scenario, where-in our Constitutional Republic would cease to function, as it was established and become a Tyranny. It was against such a vision, that our Founding Fathers went so far as to codify, in our Constitution, our God Given Rights to not only defense of Self, but of our Families, homes, communities, and even our Nation. IF such a time should ever come, I’m almost Certain, that the majority of our Military would Stand Down and refuse to fire upon American Citizens. Mr. Barry Soetoro/Obama/Bounel (or Whatever his Real Name is) must be worried about that, as he’s been giving the Boot, to Military Officers who won’t swear to fire upon American Citizens.
    Guess he has something in mind for us Patriotic Citizens… Sure glad I’m getting old and decrepit… I wouldn’t last long, if the SHTF… Then again such things are for younger men to pursue.
    My weapon of choice, now-a-days, is a keyboard.

  15. I think what the anti second amendment traitors need to realize is that what they’re advocating is sedition & treason, not the other way around. Every military member & politician & even cops swear an oath to GOD to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign & domestic.

    When they instigate their attacks on the Constitution it’s the duty of every person who ever swore an oath to God to defend the United States Constitution against domestic enemies to take up arms against them if the government fails to do so.

    There is a process to amend the Constitution. I do not believe the Bill of Rights can be amended but that is for the Supreme Court to decide; any end around or outright attack against the Constitution is treason to the Republic.

  16. According to the the above theory, following is just a small sample of incriminating statements from the persons who should be tried as traitors and sent to Gitmo:

    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

    “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    “The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that… it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.”
    – Thomas Jefferson to John Cartwright, 1824.

    “Americans [have] the right and advantage of being armed–unlike citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust people with arms.”
    – James Madison

    “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.”
    – Alexander Hamilton

    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun.
    – Patrick Henry

    “To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them…”
    – Richard Henry Lee

    “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    – George Washington

    “The simple truth — born of experience — is that tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people.”
    – Alex Kozinski, a federal appeals judge and an immigrant from Eastern Europe, 2003.

  17. These are the same fools that want the Government in every aspect of our lives … they have given up all rights to free thought and the idea of freedom in general … the scary part is with the liberal mainstream news media behind them their voice is loud … add the fact that most Americans have a short attention span they count on us forgetting what is happening and then its too late … I for one pay attention and will not become a sheep. God Bless Free America!

  18. Sedition and insurrection would be far more accurately defined by elected and appointed officials who act against the clear and definite language in the constitution. Not by debate or discussion, but by vote. We have those individuals now across the country in state legislatures as well as congress, yet still they walk our nations streets free people after their attacks on our country. If correcting the attacks on our society and maintaining our rule of law is something we want to pursue and demonstrate, federal charges against these individuals would be the correct first step.

  19. Someone needs to explain to Keith Darling-Brekhus that given the rights grabbing by the current administration, the killing of untried citizens of the US and the attempted seizure of our rights of self defense, we may no longer be in what he said was a “functioning democracy” especially if he would deny the right to peaceful assembly and the right to work with the congress to advance the causes that’s important to future generations.

  20. If defending my right and the rights of free men and women as stated in the United States Constitution is being a traitor, I stand before this group GUILTY and secure in the knowledge that I have done right. I do not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, use illicit or illegal substances, go to strip clubs, solicit or accept Government “entitlements” (food stamps or unemployment) or bother anyone who doesn’t bother me first. I am retired from one career and close to retiring a second time. I have been faithful to the same woman for 35 years of marriage and proud of it. No one handed my wife or I anything in this life. What we have, my wife and I obtained the ole fashioned way…we WORKED for it. We enjoy the privilege, right and option to own and practice our skills with legally purchased and lawfully owned firearms. Again, if this makes me a traitor, admittedly, I am GUILTY on all counts. So, to all freedom loving men and women in this country, from one traitor to another, WE THE PEOPLE stand firm.

  21. And one more thing. I happen to know a few of those fighter pilots and tank drivers, police officers and National Guardsmen, private and general officer alike, and I can promise you that it won’t be so easy to muster a willing and competent force to put down a determined WE THE PEOPLE, should, in the course of human events, it once again become necessary. Should all else fail…

  22. The comment above (#4 by some character named DSLAM) is the usual commentary of liberals. They are what one expects from the uninformed, ignorant masses who buy into the feel good, illogical, tripe that’s meant to influence those who fancy themselves as educated and enlightened. If those so enlightened fools truly were educated and informed, they would know that our founders, each one of which was more intelligent than all the liberal combined, rebelled against the tyranny of the King of England, and explained their ‘treasonous’ acts stating, ‘when in the course of human events it becomes necessary…”. Look it up – read it, or get someone to read it to you. Then perhaps you will understand. But know this – guns ARE a second religion because we believe as our Founding Fathers did, that the people are sovereign, not a bunch of pompous, self important politicians, WE THE PEOPLE. And to insure that it forever remains that way, WE, THE PEOPLE, will retain our arms – yes our AR-15, etc, etc. And for anyone, especially some fat cat, career liberal politician who swore an oath to uphold and to serve the Constitution, to refer to those of us who absolutely demand adherence to the entire contract, including the Bill of Rights (the very cornerstone of our democracy) as traitors, is proof of his abject ignorance, or outright tyrant (treason). In either case, anyone who feels that way has no business in American Government. They and the ignorance they represent are the greatest threat to our national security. Before you spout off about something you know nothing about, do actually try to get a little bit of education – from a reliable source (that rules out all liberals who further their progressive cause on the backs of the ignorant and uninformed like yourself). You and those like you, who will be the first to forfeit your arms and follow the liberal agenda like sheep to the slaughter will be the first to whine about the socialist lifestyle and the loss of your freedom.

  23. Marxists like Swindell, Darling-Brekhus, et. al, in addition to being the absolute worst filth this country can produce, are the very reason I own firearms in the first place…

  24. The press in America is no longer free. Large corporations own the newspapers, as well as the televised news. The press is no longer unbiased. It has an agenda, and it is liberal. The press has become a propaganda machine, reporting only what it sees fit for human consumption. Anyone, or group opposing the liberal agenda are considered terrorists, especially those who swear to support and defend the ENTIRE Constitution of the United States. Do I really think it will come down to a war with our Gov’t? Probably not. Do I stand ready to defend my freedoms, ALL of my freedoms from a tyrannical Gov’t? You bet. Why? Because for many years I swore an oath to support and defend America against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. If our Gov’t tries to take away Rights granted us by the Constitution, THEY ARE IN VIOLATION of their oath of office, and no longer truly represent our Gov’t, but instead someone posing as such to take over America. As a Veteran and STILL an American Fighting Man and Patriot, I will defend our great nation against tyranny…Wherever it may come from. I stand ready!

  25. During a recent stay at a hospital, I became friends with a doctor who was originally from Greece. Dr. George said it best: “There will never be a dictator in the USA, as long as its citizens have the right to keep guns”. He wants to become a citizen of the US, but is having a difficult time with the “progressives” threatening the elimination of the Second Amendment and now trying to stifle the First Amendment rights of those who believe our constitution is law.

    I believe the time for a political solution to our problems may be gone.

  26. Do americans deserve to own a weapon is the question, and I say maybe.
    The only question after that is; Who shall determine if you deserve?
    You big moths who talk of fighting tyraany are all hot air and no brains or guts and no more worthy of owning a gun than a 9 year old playing computer games.
    You live in la la land and actually think the military gives a flyn about your hot air?

    The Constitution is dead and new rules are in order you and your parents sold out for far too long and with the tech of today hello Brave New World.
    Gotake a pill or toke amd mellow out.

  27. the liberal media and gun control advocates are the ones going against the will of the american people not the nra….the liberal media should be arrested for treason

  28. I am truly impressed by the intelligent comments of these posts. Contrast that with the “Dr” and the “editors” brain dump (probably the best they can do) and you have a hint of the differences between the “intellect” of liberals who hate the constitution and conservative patriots who love this country and the foundation the United States of America was founded upon: God and common sense. Our founding fathers relied upon these two to formulate a foundational document for this republic that has stood the test of time, wars, and over two hundred years of Congresses and supreme courts. The pestilence in office now (both parties) is the greatest challenge yet to us who have that common sense patriotism and to the constitution itself. And ultimately to the continued existence of the republic as it was outlined by the founders.

  29. It is a shame that we have given Liberty up for security or at least it was done to us that way. The whole concept behind the 2nd Amendment is not to commit treason but, to over throw the dictator who violates our rights given to us through the Constitution and Bill of Rights.The term ”Well Regulated” in the Second Amendment meant ”Well Manned and Equipped” in 1791 as was determined in the 1939 United States v. Miller case after referencing the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The concept of Government Regulation, as we understand it today, did not exist at the time. United States v. Miller also determined that the term “Arms” refers to “Ordinary Military Weapons”. American Citizens have the right to Keep and Bear, which means Own and Carry, any weapons that a soldier carries into battle. That includes past, present and future weapons. A Militia consisted of armed volunteers willing to fight with their personal arms and not under government control. The American people still have some work to do with regard to taking back all of their rights.

    At the time of the writing of the Constitution of the United States of America, every individual had the right to own every weapon that was available to government. The Founding Fathers were very comfortable with this balance of power. Any attempts to increase the gap between the defensive capabilities of individuals and that of government is contrary to what the Founding Fathers desired. Allowing individuals to own large capacity magazines and even machine guns is following the prescription given to us by the Framers of our Constitution of keeping government fearful of the people. The Second Amendment extends to any weapon that an “individual” can carry and operate. This includes historical weapons, current weapons and future weapons. The Founding Fathers of this country had the foresight to look ahead many generations beyond their immediate difficulties, we should do the same.

    Freedom comes with a price. It is a price of blood that must be continually paid. The Founding Fathers foresaw this and accepted it as a condition of being free. This is not only a price that must be paid on foreign land as we attempt to keep foreign threats at bay… it is also a price that must be paid at home. Freedom requires that we be willing to face the day to day threats in our own neighborhoods that arise out of our own rights. The framers of our constitution had a similar dilemma as they witnessed firearms being sold to Indians by rogue merchants. In those days Indians were regarded a threat similar to drug cartels today. Given a choice between armed Indians or future tyrants, they choose the lesser of evils… which was the wide spread availability of firearms to oppose tyrants.

    When the threat of a future tyranny on a national level is weighted against the the occasional localized act of violence, the localized threat is by far the lesser of evils. We must have the courage to accept this and reject all attempts of restricting the Second Amendment. There are two possible motivations for any attempts of gun control on the the American people… either cowardice or a malicious plot to strip away freedom from the American people a little at a time.

    We should also be fearful of laws that seem to have the good intention of disarming “only” criminals. Joseph Stalin in particular was very fond of labeling all his political adversaries as criminals… disarming them… and later arresting and executing them. Adolph Hitler preferred to label his political opponents as insane. Laws that seek to disarm real criminals today will be used in the future to disarm political rivals and patriots. In order to enslave an individual or a society… they must first be disarmed. No one would ever submit to slavery as long as they have the means to defend themselves. The Right to Bear Arms is the only grantee of individual liberty.

    “Those that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790)

  30. I have a saying,” The ignorance of the world increases exponentially every second.”
    Also, it is interesting to note that the Word of God uses the term “right” for those seeking after God’s righteousness. This line of thinking seems to hold true in general. Now i know that the right wingers are not perfect but the left wingers have mostly advocated laws and actions contrary to what God considers right. This is why God’s judgment is falling on the USA and the world. We are morally swimming in sewage.
    One more note. Christ’s disciples were armed with the weapon of choice for their day – the sword.

  31. now is the time to counter. we must encourage our friends in the political realm to introduce legislation(a new amendment) that will strengthen the second amendment so it can never legally be challenged. we must remember the old adage stand together or fall.

  32. When an individual citizen refuses to respect the laws legitimately enacted within the provisions of the supreme law of the land, to wit our Constitution, he becomes an outlaw and can be made to forfeit his rights as a citizen to the point of being imprisoned or even put to death. This is as it should be and is a principle reason why governments exist. It is the only alternative to anarchy. In our country this principle also applies to the government. The Constitution serves as both the supreme law of the land and the contract between the people and the government. It is what makes our nation unique, exceptional and, yes, better. If either party breaks the contract and refuses to abide by the supreme law of the land the other party has a right and a duty to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution. This principle is firmly established in our founding documents and enshrined in the portion of the Constitution we call the Bill of Rights. Armed rebellion is always a last resort and is only justified when the government loses its legitimacy by refusing to abide by the contract and tramples the legitimate rights of the citizens. History is cyclical and replete with examples of this. King George learned this lesson the hard way in the American Revolution as did Santa Ana in 1836 when he abolished the Mexican Constitution and declared himself a dictator. The Mexican people rebelled but were unable to effectively resist because they were for the most part unarmed. Santa Ana encountered few if any real problems until he marched into the then Mexican state of Texas where he encountered a well armed populace with the courage to stand and fight. Times change, but some basic principles don’t. They are just forgotten and must be relearned. Lastly, a “democratic election” does not confer automatic and perpetual legitimacy. Adolf Hitler came to power via a “democratic election”.

  33. Swindell , in my opinion, is the only one out of all of this discussion that is actually committing treason . He is doing so by attacking the US constitution and the American people with slanderous and inflammatory garbage falling out of his mouth.
    Nobody is advocating revolution or a government overthrow. They are advocating, defending,the American peoples rights and life. Swindell needs to do a gut check of himself and try to figure out which drug he is on that’s causing his problem.

  34. Ooh, “Dr. Christopher Swindell of Marshall University wrote “Gun safety debate is B.S.” in the Charleston (W.V.) Gazette:”, His BS about attacking gun owners and the NRA with; “It’ll be an M1A Abrams tank, supported by an F22 Raptor squadron with Hellfire missiles.” That’s scary, NOT! Has he ever considered that over the past couple of decades that we’ve been in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, with America’s finest, best equipped military, we haven’t been able to hunt down or wipe out 10,000 – 20,000 or sou uneducated, unskilled, half assed armed towel headed taliban, so what makes him think those same men and equipment would be able to do any better going against 80 – 100 MILLION armed and quite pissed off US citizens who many of ARE highly skilled and trained (current and former LEO’s and military). He’s out of his mind, not to mention… what does he think they are going to do, run an F22 Raptor with Hellfires down a city street, knocking down buildings to get the couple of armed citizens while in the proicess, wiping-out all of the other people ion the building? He has watched too many Rambo and “Call of Duty” shows and isn;t keen to reality of war, OR war tactics. Good luck to you Mr Swindell, you’re going to need it. Oh, and did I mention “Oath Keepers”? You know, current and former LEO’s and military who vow to refuse to follow orderws to fight against or to disarm US citizens? There are literally millions of curent and former military members. Some “official members”, and other’s as sympathizers / supporters who didn;t pay to be actual members. Try to get anything done when law enforcement and militaryares being taken down and sabatoged from the inside.

  35. First of all, Keith Darling, we do not live in a functional democracy (might say we now live in a dysfunctional democracy). We live in a Constitutional Republic. That means our governing body is elected by the citizens and the fundamental law to which the governing body is responsible is the Constitution. The First and Second Amendments to the Constitution were written in that order for a reason. Freedoms are recognized and guaranteed in the first and the Second is to protect the first. You may not like the rhetoric of the NRA but it is a guaranteed right, not treason, terrorism, or sedition etc. Gun owners have as much right as anti-gun fanatics to speak even if “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them…” The elephant in the room is thought of the very last resort which no one wants. Not even gun owners.

  36. Seems like we need to align with the Sheriffs and Military to formulate a plan to clean house. Did you hear that NSA and Mr. Muslim in Chief?

  37. Here is the bottom line! The constitution is the source document from which the federal government draws it authority from the people that ratified. The 2nd Amed states that the “RIGHT” cannot be infringed. This means that congress lacks the legal authority to legislate gun control and it also means the executive branch cannot control through executive order as executive orders can only direct federal agencies on how to operate and cannot legislate. So, if they want gun control then do it the legal way which is by ratifying a new amendment to the constitution to repeal the 2nd Amed. Any action other than this is illegal and when citizens are faced with illegal activity they need to perform the civic duty and apprehend the offender!

  38. Successful fighters observe the enemy’s tactics and use them when they present an opportunity. Leftist groups successfully boycotted large advertisers of Glen Beck. Perhaps if 5 million NRA members boycotted advertisers in leftist newspapers they would disappear.

  39. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

    “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the Government.”

    “Without God Liberty will not last.” These are all quotes from Thomas Jefferson.

    “Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right to bear arms. This is not to say that firearms should not be very carefully used and that definite rules of precaution should not be taught and enforced. But the right of the citizen to bear arms is just one more safeguard against a tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.” — Hubert Horatio Humphrey, 1960

    “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily lives, and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.” — John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    “I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people … To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” — George Mason (who opposed ratification of the Constitution without the Bill of Rights)

    These are all quotes of founding fathers and other U.S. statesmen old and new that advocate for the right to keep and bear arms. I stand by these and other patriotic souls.

  40. With the RISE of LIBERAL SOCIALISM and with the ‘imposter in chief’ in the Whitehouse doing all he can to create division and wage social and ideological segregation/warfare, the liberals have been given a voice like never before. What he’s done is allow the socialists, who need their FREE crap and gay agendas, a platform from which to scream their puke. They have run the morale AND MORALS of this once great country RIGHT IN TO THE GROUND. The division and bias is SOOOO thick right now all the way up to the highest level that I believe the REVOLUTION…is INEVITABLE. I AM SO READY!

  41. These gun haters assume all of the military will be on their side. No. A lot of the military believe in the 2nd Amendment. All of them, after all, did swear an oath to the Constitution. But, of course, there will always be myrmidons, thus a long, drawn out civil war may result. I’ll bet you that if a conflict results, almost all of the gun haters will be hiding. And as for those few who take up arms against us, why . . . why are they now embracing guns? Are they hypocrites?

  42. Unfortunately, all comments that invoke God or refer to morals based upon religious teachings will fall on deaf ears. The leftists are “useful idiots”, to quote Lenin. We have essentially allowed the Marxist-Fascist-Socialist-Communists to infiltrate our education system from Grade 1 through higher education. We are very close to having the Supreme Court of our land dominated by these democratic-socialists. The mainstream media has been co-opted by their ideology. Our so-called entertainment culture drenches young minds in violence and oftentimes immoral behavior. Stalin had once said, “If I could control Hollywood, I could control the world.” That’s paraphrased, of course. Indeed! I wonder why this president continues to pander to Hollywood?

    It should not come as a surprise that propaganda is a major tool for control of the citizenry. The empty rhetoric and broken promises of this administration have been shown to be nothing more than propaganda intended to sway an uneducated voting populace.

    All the so-called paranoid concerns about a then unknown presidential candidate have been found to be verified. Creeping Socialist-Communism is here. The decades of progressivism in our colleges and universities have born fruit in the form of massively over-reaching federal regulations and intrusions in our lives.

    Isn’t the word “Progressive” such a nice and innocuous sounding term? Everyone wants to be considered to be progressive instead of regressive, right?

    Wrong, Progressivism is a mask for control. You’ll notice that the current administration controls the IRS, EPA, DOJ, DHS, NSA…etc.! The recent scandals reveal that the most powerful political position in the world is rife with corruption. The tyranny of a president who essentially strives to destroy his political opponents is quite evident in his administration.

    The next step is to take away your means of self-protection. All U.S. citizens have the right to protect their families and possessions from criminal or violent actions, which also includes unlawful or tyrannical government actions.

    We must stand up for our civil rights.

    I urge you all to watch the chilling movie: “AGENDA: Grinding America Down”. The inevitable conclusion is that the Socialist-Communists are now in control of our government.

    Unfortunately, the move in this direction has been “progressive” over the last 100 years. The “useful idiots” Lenin referred to also include the uneducated, non-productive entitlement voting block that has effectively elected this president, twice. That group also includes the “Greenies” and the so-called educated elites. My thoughts have nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with ideology. Do we want an immoral, tyrannical government? Of course not!

    There is hope. We, as conservatives, must use the same tools to fight to retake the country back from the leftists. Those tools are: social media, support & election of conservative politicians. We must continue to interconnect and exchange ideas and maintain a grass roots conservative society.

    We have to re-instill and maintain a secure and moral-based conservative society; starting with our families.

  43. Everyone should stand against Obama for not resolving the illegal gun sales throughout the USA and via other countries, FIRST. Every news channel shows killings by gangs daily. Hunting is a sport and EXCELLENT organic food for the family and the homeless. Rarely does the news report a hunter killing another hunter or public citizen. Target shooting and competition events are extreme fun & entertainment for 100’s of thousands of USA citizens. Heck, it’s part of the Olympics!!! I still haven’t seen the approved Federal Bill (8 years old?) stating any person without the required paper work or FBI check stating that person owns the “gun” receives an instant felony, 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Appraised antique guns are exempt. Obama is cutting education throughout the USA creating thousands of people w/o jobs. Why? That’s the USA’s future. Spend the time & money wasted on gun control meetings with lawyers and politicians on education and make sure the damn minorities go to school when required. Stop the homeless, jobless drug addicts worthless gang members from having children w/ the support of tax payers hard earned money. I believe the asian’s from various countries inserted some device into these types of people and positive changes have already occurred. Legalize the least dangerious drug “marijuana” (alcohol is a drug 100 times worse for the body plus how often does the news report marijuana caused the manslaughter of an individual or a vehicular fatality) and within a year or so create a $13 billion income for the federal government, $10 to $100’s of millions for each state and get rid of those F-IN GANGS and create thousands of new jobs. Just for the record, I don’t take marijuana or drink alcohol. Our military forces (I believe ~75% or more support the 2nd Amendment & LOVE hunting and recreational shooting. I have a permit to carry. If a bad person(s) (w/ an illegal gun of course) enters my house and already has premeditated murder decided if opposed, I will use whatever it takes to protect my family. Heck, by the time the police arrive my family and I would be dead without 2nd Amendment rights!! The recent couple mass killings are ABSOLUTELY horrible, however, isn’t it the responsibility of parents, physicians or observers (e.g., acquaintances) to investigate or report odd behaviors to prevent the event from occurring? I support our 2nd Amendment Rights and LOVE hunting, fishing and competition shooting events or gun clubs. It’s healthy for the mind and body, builds confidence & new friendships and defintely prevents potential depression. I could go on forever, but this half hour is enough to get people actually THINKING. Support our troops, love everyone per the bible and PEACE to all! I’m only middle aged and hopefully will stay healthy and alive for another 50 years! Bill

  44. We dislike certain politicians and disagree with certain laws that are being pushed for or are already in place. And we demonstrate our discontent peacefully, with the most violent responses so far being strongly worded letters to said politicians that they may get a paper cut on. So this makes us gun owners worthy of being branded as “terrorists” or “America-haters” ? REALLY? Not to mention the fact that at most all we are calling for is certain politicians to be pulled out of office (something that is perfectly acceptable in a democracy) and the guys on the other side of the debate call for our imprisonment or worse our heads? I guess they don’t see the how that is an over-reaction.

  45. It’s not treason to own guns to protect yourself from criminals and your government. It’s in the constitution if you actually take the time to read it. The real treason is trying to take away our constitutional rights especially the original 10. Now we have anti-gun people talking about using armored vehicles and aircraft to stop gun owners, isn’t that hypocritical. Your stupid if you think the NRA and other pro-gun groups are trying to start an armed rebellion. No they are trying to get people to realize that if you try to take away our rights then you will have a fight (not violent) on their hands.

  46. Adverse to the claims of the anti gun attacks, it is their desire to void the Constitution of the United States of America, which in actual fact shows their true colors and illustrates who the INTERNAL TERRORISTS REALLY ARE!
    Anyone who attempts to subvert the rule of law and upholding the Great Documents is an internal terrorist and a traitor to their country.
    Its difficult to understand why they even live in America if they dont want to follow those doctrines set forth by the founding fathers. There are plenty of other nations, whose citizens constantly decry, “Dont let them take your guns” available to them for migrate to.
    So many people fail to see the big picture when it comes to these issues. We are the most successful republic on the planet and there is a reason for that. Authors of the Constitution just coming out of bondage from the Crown, have seen much more than any of us and wrote doctrines to avoid that bondage from ever being able to come about in America.
    These crazed gun grabbers are the true internal terrorists against our freedoms and against the Constitution and if I remember correctly, we shoot traitors dont we?
    If the current ‘leadership’ has them mesmerized, maybe they should consider who it is they are following.

    Criminal Activities at the Highest Level? You decide.
    1. Allowed bail out bill to be authorized costing each household about $50,000.00

    2. Didnt close Gitmo.

    3. Is not directing his appointed Attorney General to prosecute known law breakers on Wall Street instead, allowing him to say he wont prosecute them. Where is the rule of law in the Obama administration?

    4. Is ready to allow NATO to disarm Americans under the “Arms Treaty”

    5. Vacations while Rome burns.

    6. Cant afford so many things for needy Americans but his wife spends millions of taxpayer dollars on vacations.

    7. Although it may have been his appointed Secretary of State, the buck should stop at the oval office in the Benghazi killings of Americans,

    8. Obamacare: Enough said about that disaster.

    9. As President of the United States, does a 180 to check out a young girl’s butt. Photos available.

    10. Where is the money for rebuilding New Orleans?

    11. Where is the FEMA insurance money for the east coast storm repairs?

    12. Why do we have 150 ‘civilian concentration camps’ in the US?

    13. Why are there Russian troops and heavy Soviet military weapons on US soil?

    14. Why has DHS bought over a billion rounds of military ammunition?

    15. Why does the President refuse to present a budget to Congress that includes reductions in spending?

    16 How can you legalize lawbreaking illegal aliens just to get votes, with the billions in costs to Medicaid unless you are a socialist with no concern for the democratic, capitalistic form of government?

    17. Did a complete turn around on the pipeline just because his pal Warren Buffet bought the railroad to move the oil from the new fields in North Dakota to the Gulf.

    18. “Didn’t know” about the IRS delays of anti Obama groups prior to the election so they couldn’t collect money to fight back.

    19. Didnt he allow the ‘criminalization’ of news reporters just doing their jobs as they have done for hundreds of years.

    20. Do you know he allowed spying on American citizens phones and internet communications without proper Constitutional oversight.

    21. Who approved murdering an American citizen with a drone strike without due process.

    22. Would you have appointed an ex Monsanto exec to a top position regulating our food supply who had been involved in the GMO program and now with the knowledge his former employer has clandestinely added chemicals to their products to kill honey bees which are the lifeblood of all life on the planet so they could control the marketing of terminator seeds which will not reproduce/germinate and using the development of their ‘super bees’ which are immune to the toxins?

    23. Do you think that if you were the President such illegal activities as the IRS delaying approval of non profit organizations status for the purpose of stopping them from working to defeat your election chances would have gone unnoticed by you or your staff members?

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

  47. 1st off, NRA is an organization that represents Gun Owners, a Lobbyist group. not a political action PACT.
    They are solid backers of Police and Military men and ever since their founding have worked with and elevated yhe membership of those two organiztions into U S Saint Hoods
    At this date they still do support them; T he two groups that are most criminal of all in violating their oaths of office.
    They have never defended the Constitution and ever since nations founding it has been the common man having to reign in the abuses of both those groups.
    We live and have always lived in the land of “Make Believe, in regards to both those orrgs purposes.
    Police Forces huard the systems arvhitecture not your lowly butts; crimes against the state, robbery is such not an individual crime.
    That today we have a Government that is no longer anywheres near being held accountable to any Of our “Original constitutional Bounds” should be quite obvious.
    That men with guns are going to go with the ones who pay their salarys and those individuals that are within government are not going to destroy their livelihood should also be obvious

    There are no longer any valid reasons to have a 2nd Amendment Debate; the Amendment was to defend ALL THE CONSTITUTION, OBVIOUSLY THE ANTI CROWD DO NOT WANT THAT CPNSTITUTION TTHAT COVERED “ALLOF US” and prefer a form of priveleged Special Interest by their Betters in its stead.
    Wether they, antis and pro, deserve to be shot for treason I do not see any difference between college professors soccor moms and americans iin general than the uncivilized being killed and exploited by their chosen nation.
    Hell yes kill snyone that disagrees. peace through the bullet as you cannot trust the ballots no matter how fn educated you are.

  48. I am a Proud American and NRA member. The argument that the NRA is somehow responsible for the actions of criminals is outrageous! The anti-gun-rights crowd needs to go back and read our constitution and get their heads out of their behinds. They should talk to some German citizens about what it was like when they gave up their guns and rights which enabled Nazi Germany to rise. They lost their nation to the anti-gun nuts but I am not willing to lose mine to them. They can demonize me and our founding fathers all they like for our recognition of our unalienable rights, but they will never take my freedom!
    The anti-gun-rights people should be placed in mental institutions where they belong. If they are so insistent on their gun-free zones, why don’t they put signs in front of their houses that state the house has no guns inside?

  49. I have no problem being called what the liberal lunatics spew out. It places me in good company with those of the 18th century whom were called traitors when they opposed King George III. Remember Nathan Hale was tried and hung for treason against a government who ruled through tyranny. I would never oppose the government of the United States which stands for the protection and freedoms framed in our constitution. What I do oppose are those people whom willingly distort the foundation in which this country was built and those “Tories” whom follow lockstep with the mentality of government control over free people and the greatest “governmental experiment” that has graced the face of this earth. I would think that the “individual” whom referenced using his M1A and F-22’s would find it difficult when most people who are the “drivers” of those tools have the same mindset and true loyalty to the constitution as the ones he accuses of treason. Surprisingly he would find an NRA card in most of their pockets. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  50. This is just the next step in the attack. They cannot win the debate based on ideology because the facts just don’t support gun control. So its all about changing the “narrative” once again to make gun owners out to be some kind of sinister antistate force. The frequency, severity, and timing of these no-name hacks publishing these wild claims imply some level of coordination behind the new narrative. MAIG anyone? so what can ‘we the people’ do? Fire back with in a cooridinated manner vis-à-vis complete economic boycott of the papers and media outlets that hire and support these journalists. Remember the left wing professor who berated the chick-fil-a drive through worker? He lost BOTH his jobs, at the university and his corporate job, because of the public outrage. Last time I checked, Americans on both sides of the spectrum take exception to military equipment and drones being used against us. Inundate the employers of these so called journalists and DEMAND their termination. Free speech does not mean freedom from accountability over that is said or written.

  51. Of Dr. Christopher Swindell’s statement “I am willing to answer the call to defend the country. From them.… It’ll be an M1A Abrams tank, supported by an F22 Raptor squadron with Hellfire missiles. Try treason on for size. See how that suits.”
    This is the typical mindset of the “we the ruling elite know better than you the ignorant serfs” attitude that is permeating our republic. The arrogance!
    And in true form he is not willing to put his OWN life on the line to stand up for what he believes, but IS willing to expend whatever troops are necessary to maintain his narrow view of the world- Perfectly willing and ready to bring the full power of the US military down on whoever does not agree with his agenda! If this is not the definition of Fascism then what is?
    Isn’t this exactly what all fascist/socialist dictators do? I think his own statements make it obvious that Dr. Swindell is the one guilty of treason! Don’t mess with the constitution.

  52. What it comes down to is a big thing called the Bill of Rights (the first 10 ammendments to the United States Constitution). Some people need to further there education on a subject matter before they attack it. However the Bill of Rights is created to protect the people and our civil rights.

    In fact the same Bill of Rights that grants the protestors and for that matter all the people the right to freedom of speech so they can express there ideals without being jailed, beaten or killed; well it also gaurantees the people our right to keep and bear arms.

    So before you go bashing the Bill of Rights and its ammendments remember, it is the reason you have the right to even express your beliefs about this great country, I tis one of the reasons this country is so great, it is what helps us maintain a democracy, everyone should stop and think for just a little bit about how life could be if we were not protected by this great doctrine, the Bill of Rights,

    Respect our way of life, for the same sytem that allowed us to make it this far wiht our freedoms is the only reason most of our country is still around.

    Regaurdless of your beliefs you have to admit without it our country would not be the great country it is. Also remember our country is democratic so if you dont like it your free to leave for one you prefer.

    Just some food for thought.

  53. Did Mr. Perry actually suggest we subvert our justice system–based upon what HE thinks is “right”? Just send people HE disagrees with to GITMO? He is criticizing gun owners for advocating their rights based upon the CONSTITUTION. Some folks simply cannot be reasoned with…because they HAVE no reason.

    George Washington said it best in his FIRST annual message to Congress in 1790: “A free people ought not only to be armed but disciplined…and their safety and interest require that they should [become] independent on others, for essential, particularly for military supplies.”

    Following the constitution is NEVER treason. It was written by the ULTIMATE patriots. It is the supreme law of the land, and should guide all that we do in matters of state and law.

  54. I have never “fantasized about waging guerrilla warfare against the federal government”, and I doubt that many people really want that, or would participate in it, unless their lives or freedoms were really in danger. We send our troops overseas to die protecting the freedom of people who don’t want us in their countries, but if US citizens talk about protecting their freedom, they are labeled as “fanatics”. Doesn’t seem quite right, but I’m just an ignorant gun lover, so I obviously don’t know what I am talking about.

  55. Most misunderstand the true reason for the Second Amendment. All one need to do is read the Third Amendment. It’s so one can defend themselves against those that want to take your rights, like the one’s you are mentioning in this article.

  56. 1. Every political discussion or response should begin and end with the Constitution. It is the contract that creates and defines the federal government. The anti-Constitutionalists should be asked to cite the Constitutional justification for their position.
    2. Unlike Congress or the President, the NRA has NO ability or authority to make or enforce law. The NRA is incapable of forcing Citizens to accept any position on any topic. Membership is voluntary. The survival and success of the NRA depends entirely on it reflecting the attitudes and beliefs of it’s membership. Unlike the Progressives that oppose Constitutional governance, the NRA isn’t attempting to force anyone to keep and bear Arms; they are simply demanding that the Constitution be preserved: just as every federal and State Executive, Legislative, and Judicial officer is required to solemnly swear to do as a pre-condition to their being delegated any government authority.
    3. Demands for actions that conflict with the Constitution effectively suborn it. For those whose government authority is founded only their solemn oath, suborning the Constitution demands immediate removal from office because repudiating their Oath, repudiates their authority. Without authority they are incapable of serving.

  57. Stop letting the Left dictate the conversation. We are not 2nd Am nuts. We are constitionalists who respect the rule of law but also understand WHY our constitution says what it does. They will NEVER give in and rationalize with regular people. So lets just keep the message clear, simple and steadfast. If we allow them to structure the debate, we lose. Every response to their accusations and assertives and implications should be met with the same respone: That Free, good law abiding citizens are guaranteed their inalienable rights as outline in the US Constitution. Period. It is OUR duty to make sure we send those to State, local & Federal positions those that agree and remove the ones that dont through the ballot box and any tampering of that system must be met with severity and jail time. The Left has incrementally done this to us because we have sat back, worked our jobs, watched our football and raised our families while they took our power and claimed they did it in our names. END THE CYCLE! Get involved, get educated. At this point in history, public enemies are those who would act or speak to take our voices away: Eric Holder, Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi, Bloomberg, and any Dem or Repub who agrees with them. They are the enemy not your liberal slanting friend and family. I find most left leaning people have singular issues who are otherwise moderate or really conservative. Theyve just been brainwashed so to speak, by the media or their politicians. We can all agree to disagree and those of like minds will gravitate towards each other. But these mini tryants who are supposed to serve us only serve themselves. UNDERSTAND THAT.

  58. There is one little fact missing when people make the argument that the populace cannot stand up to the U.S. Military. Well, Duh! They are right — except for this: if it ever comes to that, most of the U.S. Military will be fighting for us!

  59. Dr. Christopher Swindell claims “armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States of America. That’s treason, and it’s worthy of the firing squad.” He does not apparently understand the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is not to give legitimacy to Tyranny of a duly elected government that has BROKEN FAITH the the electorate, it is to protect the nation from that government. He’d do well to get acquainted with Thomas Jefferson: Thomas Jefferson, “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then.”

    Keith Darling-Brekhus, “In a functioning democracy, armed insurrection is not a form of patriotism it is treason and the NRA leadership is flirting with treason when they embrace paranoid insurrectionist fantasies and abandon all reason in the process.” This gentleman needs to understand that we are not IN a functioning Democracy.. which is little more than Mob Rule. We are in a constitutional REPUBLIC, a government OF THE PEOPLE, not a Government OVER the people.

    If we want to talk about treason, then let us approach boldly to these treasonous preachers upholding the RULE OF LAW, not with emotional cajoling of the public through media manipulation, but Supporting the Constitution and the words of the founders.

    Do not let the Left Control the Dialog with bluster, and emotionalism. Remain firmly planted on the Constitution and do not waver. If they attack with threats, then those threats must be exposed for what they are.

  60. Remember this one truth, boys and girls: The very men and women who founded this country, who fought, bled and died so that we might be free men, were also branded as traitors by the British crown, and yes, by many of their own countrymen. The American Revolution was in many ways the first American Civil War and we need to remember that. It pitted neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother as well as colonist against redcoat.

    When the day comes that true patriots who stand up in defense of the Constitution are called out as traitors by the liberal media who would trample the Constitution underfoot, then the day has come for one thing and one thing only: Revolution. It is way past time that we the people demand candidates that will represent us because that is the only way that we will have leaders that do. If our elected leaders won’t represent us, then they need to be recalled and replaced. Then we will see the liberal media change their tune and shut their mouths, because at the end of the day, they are wishy-washy hacks who parrot what they believe to be the will of the majority. We have been silent for too long.

    And, when the time comes, as I believe it will, that our government attacks the people for our defense of the Constitution, that will be the day for America’s sons and daughters to rise up as one and take up arms, because it will be then that our government will have proven itself treasonous against us and deserving of removal and replacement.

    Our country is cancerous and what is happening today is akin to the tumor calling the surgeon “evil”. We live in backwards land and it is time for us to set things right again.

  61. They have the nerve to call us treasonous???

    We’re not the ones wire tapping everyone spying on everyone’s texts videos and emails arming drug cartels arming Al Qaida in Syria bombing innocent people all over the world and destroying the bill of rights.

    If they want our weapons, let them come and try and take them. We have the moral authority over the fascists progressives in BOTH parties.

  62. These guys have it all backwards. I don’t know if many of you anti-gun types monitor this forum, but if you do then allow me to enlighten you…

    The Second Amendment acknowledges our inalienable right to keep and bear arms so that we may all be free to perform our citizen duties which obligates each of us to protect and defend the Constitution. This fact is not subject to interpretation as affirmed by the Supreme Court.

    Because the Second Amendment happens to also be part of the Constitution, we are in a locked-loop situation whereby you leave us no choice but to assess any act which limits a citizen’s right to bear arms as an act of sedition towards the Constitution.

    In fact, working to undermine one’s ability to defend the Constitution, to any degree, is the most extreme act of treason anyone could perpetrate against our sovereignty as a free nation. Such a provocation can only ever be viewed as nothing less than tyrannical in nature and will be dealt with according to our Constitutional Laws.

    18 USC § 2381 states you shall suffer death for such acts. But on a good day we may imprison you for not less than five years and fine you under this title for not less than $10,000; you also shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    Have a nice day.

  63. Two Americas my friends: those who fear God & adhere to the Constitution AND those who mock God & are Progressing (actually regressing) beyond the Constitution. It’s that simple, self-reliant free men vs. dependent men & their tyrannical rulers. There I’ve said enough for the NSA to take note…not that it matters as the exercise of my Constitutional Rights contained in the 1st & 2nd Amendments (Religion, Speech, Arms) already have me flagged, not to mention all of my electronic footprints (I work in IT/Telecommunications so I never assumed that anything electronic was ultimately private, but I guess most people are naïve & are now shocked that our own government is invading our privacy & trampling our Rights on an unprecedented scale…in our business we have a saying “Everything you have ever typed can & will be used against you!”) If I didn’t believe in a Final Judgment & a Just God the situation would seem hopeless. Nothing short of humbly kneeling in prayer & then standing-n-fighting the darkness can save us now.

  64. Let’s be clear, what these people are talking about is punishing individuals and groups for standing up for their Constitutional rights. They are advocating punishing and even executing people who disagree with them. They are good examples of why the 2nd Amendment was put in the U.S. Constitution. Let’s be clear, saying that one of the reasons that you have the RIGHT to own firearms is to protect yourself from Government tyranny is NOT advocating the overthrow of the Government. It is telling the Government NOT to overstep it’s authority, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Considering some of the things taking place in Washington D.C. it seems apparent that is a present and serious problem. Finally, I find it somewhat humorous that if it ever came to the point, and let us all hope that it never does, where M-1 tanks and F-22 fighters are used against U.S. Citizens, the liberal pundits always assume that they will be on THEIR side.

  65. Stay rational. The anti-gun statements above are those of a paranoid liberal mind that operates on the principal of “I think therefore it is.” The NRA should find historical examples of how legal gun ownership and the shooting sports have, in times of war, played a big role in the defense of the country. I heard Chuck Yeager state that something like 90% of the fighter pilot kills in WW II were done by pilots who were bird hunters. They understood the concept of leading your target. If this statement is true, then legal gun ownership and the hunting and shooting sports become great national defense assets that cost taxpayers nothing. The NRA should commission a military historian to develop that thesis and portray antigun efforts as weakening the national defense. Additionally these facts should be made into TV documentaries and aired on cable channels such as Discovery Channel, the Military Channel, and the 2 History Channels

  66. Call liberals for what they are – fascists! They ignore the wisdom of our founders and dishonor their memory. I’m surprised they haven’t yet started wearing armbands.

  67. Have we, as a nation, become so intelectually lazy, that we can no longer see, or care about the conection between the first, second, third, fourth amendements? Our founders did. They came from governments that ours is trying to become!!! Sadly, liberty WILL die, with thunderouse applause, as the people walk willingly and blindly into slavery of a tyranicle government.

  68. This is a setup to declare the Constitution null and void. They scream long enough they’re followers will believe the Constitution has to be overturned. “Treason” is a handy tool to get that done. The Liberals, Socialists, Democrats and Crimimals that are in control of the country now want nothing less than to suspend the Constitution, it gets in their way of total government control … this is a small pebble in the pond but I believe the beginning to an all out fight against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. With the changing demographic in the U.S. they may succeed.

  69. If one substitutes ‘abortionist’ for ‘NRA’ in this childish screed, Holder’s DOJ would be all over this faux intellectual

  70. What these liberals do not ever get, is the meaning of why the 2nd ammendment is in the constitution. It is there to ensure that the citizenry of this republic is armed, not only to defend their families and property, but as a last defense against the possibility of an American government becoming a tyrannical regime that chooses to ignore the Constitution they swore to defend and steal the liberty and freedom from it’s people. The freedom and liberty fought and died for by thousands. And is this very armed citizenry that takes notice and gives clear warning when our leaders decide to ignore the laws of our land. When they try to defy the constitution and the Bill of Rights. And especially, when there appears to be organized action on the part of our own leaders and government, not only to disarm us, but label us as treasonous terrorists when we exercise our 1st ammendment rights just to peacefully argue that the rights and freedoms allready granted to us under the United States Constitution be maintained.

  71. In January of 1980 I took the oath of enlistment and joined the United States Marine Corps. I took that oath seriously and to heart. Most people tat have taken that oath do the same. I honestly believe that our Constitution and Bill of Rights is under attack. We have see, in the past few days, a Federal Government that wants to arm our enemies in Syria, vote to try and take away or guns, send 1.5 billion to a dictatorship in Egypt, and spy on its citizens with drones, phone, and internet.

    We have an election coming up in 2014. I think it is time to unify and vote these socialist rouges out of office. Our country needs us again. We took the oath, let us honor it.

  72. another gun rampage, this time in southern California, shows that we the people need to be able to protect ourselves when the need arises. the crooks don’t care how many rules or laws there are , they ignore or make up their own. ban or worse , take away our protection/GUNS , then we will be at their mercy, if they have any.

  73. The anti gun nuts are just sore losers. They are just having a little tantrum because they didn’t get their way this time. Fear not; they are already getting the next salvo ready in DC. Keep your powder dry.

  74. I read that article in a West Virginia paper, the one written by Swindell. My first reaction was the obvious one; WHAT? Could not fathom why any newspaper would print anything so filled with hate….To the people that responded to the comments section
    the response from swindell was in a couple of instances, a bit overboard. He asked if they were threatening him, told one he should be investigated. He did respond to one that he would “talk” to him as he wasn’t “threatening” him.Can you imagine being one of his students? No the 1st isn’t dead, badly injured yes, but not dead.. I guess harangues like swindell’s aren’t considered “hate speech” so that leaves us to pretty much say what WE want to say. I say don’t mess with the Constitution. Period.

  75. The above comments by the anti-gun crowd are typical of liberals. When they don’t have facts, they use anything that may appear to inflict damage. We call people like that “verbal emasculators”. The founding fathers of America clearly understood the internal domestic threat and that’s why we have inalienable rights detailed in writing. The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are those written documents. Guns are NOT the problem…….the morons misusing those guns are the problem.

    Just like the word of God, these concepts are not subject to continual redefinition every time some liberal wacko decides they don’t like the rules. “Right” and “wrong” were defined by The Almighty long before mankind walked on this earth. He also gave mankind the right to freely choose between “right” and “wrong”….. ……but NOT without consequences. He NEVER gave mankind the authority to redefine facts or rewrite those definitions whenever it seems to suit their fancy. Unfortunately, liberals will NEVER admit nor understand this until Judgement Day. Then it will be driven home with utter finality.

  76. Such foolish people, attacking those that are standing up for their God given rights. While defending an Obama Administration that is doing everything to invade your privacy, deny you your rights as an American, and fighting every corruption scandal that are just now coming out of the woodwork! These liberal fools are a tyrannical presidents dream.

  77. I read some of the comments at the links.

    There was not a single comment that had a balanced view of the second amendment or even a slightly dissenting opinion. The only thing I can think is that none of the balanced comments or pro-2A were left through.

    So if the opinion “makers” aren’t going to respect the 1st why should they have any respect for the 2nd.

    This is the same justification that some of the senators expressed in the hearings on the 501(C)3/4 hearings for why the IRS did what they did.

    Unfortunately the abusers don’t realize that their abuse of the Constitution is causing the issue.

  78. As a gun loving and America loving citizen, I actually agree with all of those quotes you have in the article. They make perfect sense. Treason is not patriotic. Like the conservative often say, if you dont like the country then get the hell out. If you *do* like it then quite making veiled jokes and threats about assassinating government officials and “watering the treat of liberty with the blood of tyranny” because our leaders aren’t tyrants. If you think that then you’ve been brainwashed.
    Gun control is a completely reasonable thing to argue about in a modern society. Some people in the gun community treat the ownership of guns as a sort of religion and they become fanatical, like Islamists. They assume that if they didnt have guns then they have lost everything. They equate guns with life itself, all reasoning has gone out the window.

  79. Defending our rights is treason, trying to take them from us is not? Democrats are losing their freaking minds.

  80. you know it sure is strange that the states with the HARDEST gun laws and NO CCW right’s are the same one’s with the MOST gun crimes..ISN’T it also strange that liberal states are the one’s where POLICE are beating innocent people to death or shoot them,,and NOTHING is being done to them for there MISTAKE’S ??? SOUND’S just like NAZI Germany under hitler or Russia under stalin.. ARE WE GOING TO LET THIS HAPPEN TO OUR COUNTRY ???

  81. The problem is the liberal media, likePMSNBC, gives all the knuckleheads face time and edits the voice of reason. The best response is no response to their rhetoric. Whatever you say will be edited too the point that it actually gives them sound bites too twist in their favor.
    Our best answers to the crap they spew should be total silence, when election time comes, then we speak, thru our ballots. House clean everyone of them back into the unemployment line.
    The ones that should be in Gitmo are the ones seated at the head of the table, they should be held accountable for putting criminals in charge of running this country. When they sell guns to drug lords and it results in the murder of innocent citizens, why are they above the law? How come illegal phone taps, profiling via the social security and pissing on our constitution does not result in indictments?
    The government is making its own rules every day, forgetting that they work for you and I!
    I ask all true Americans to quit whining and start voting, start now by recalling the criminals, pick them off as soon as they break the laws, just do not feed the media.
    Here is your soap box, I’m giving it back.

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