SHOT Show 2015 Exclusive! The DP-12 in Action!

DP-12 Shotgun right profile black

We have the DP-12 out at Media Day at the Range. The DP-12 is a 12 gauge, double-barreled, pump-action shotgun. Watch it feed and eject shells flawlessly. The DP-12 will soon be available exclusively at Cheaper Than Dirt!

The DP-12 has two, 7-round magazine tubes that feed into the barrels (for a total of 16 rounds). Two rounds are chambered—one in each barrel—with one pump. Pull the trigger once for the right barrel and then again for the left barrel.

The shells then eject. Pump the forearm to chamber two more rounds. The DP-12’s receiver is machined from a solid piece of aluminum. The shotgun has a vertical foregrip for easier and quicker pumping.

This DP-12 bullpup shotgun has a trigger traditional to double-barreled shotguns, but the feeding mechanics of a pump. The controls are fully ambidextrous and the safety is similar to the safety on an AR-15. The barrel is threaded and there is a rail for optics and accessories.

Previous to the official announcement of the DP-12 double-barreled pump-action shotgun, the industry grumbled. “It will never work,” they said. However, the DP-12 knocked the competition out of the water and surprised everyone at the range with its 100 percent flawless functioning and unexpectedly mild recoil.

For more on the DP-12 read, “First Look: The DP-12 Double-Barrel Pump Shotgun.”

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  1. I took my used DP-12 to the gun range. It performed flawlessly. No jams, and some neighbors asked questions. It feels like my Rem 870 Wingmaster but shorter stroke & two barrels. I will never sell it.
    Standard Mfg is the only maker. Glad to have it. Was about $950 used I believe. Worked great with low brass shells.

  2. I heard someone say that 30,000 DP-12 Shotguns, were already available to CTD. I’d be surprised if any of them were actually available for sale. Most, if not all are probably going to be “Give-Away’s”, such as Presentation Guns, Promotional Guns, Employee’s of CTD, and Affiliates. I’d be surprised if the first actual sale occurs before 2016, if even then…

  3. A New York Minute is defined to be about 1/600th of 1 standard 60 second minute or 1/10th of a second. So, a CTD “SOON”, let suppose is opposite of a New York Minute. Or simply put 3 standard 30-day months = ~150-years (CTD’s SOON). Personally, I’m not going to wait that long…

    1. @Secundius

      Thanks for the info. My goal is to let it come out, see what public opinion is, and see where the price goes. Are you still trying to be one of the first in line for it?

    2. @ ss1.

      I’ll probably do the same, let other’s field test the gun and then get their opinions of the shotgun. Before actually make a purchase myself…

  4. I’ll be looking for this every time I order ammo from CTD from here on. Over the last year, I’ve been trying to decide between the UTAS or the Kel-Tec. I think the DP-12 just made the decision for me.

  5. @ ss1.

    I don’t know about you, but I think a @#$%storm of distractions are about to hit us. Ten NEW forums in just the last hour. I think there going to use distractions in order to cover delays in the production of the DP-12 Shotgun.

    I’ve talked to Pete in Alaska, and he say’s shotgun is too expensive for him and going to use money for something else…

    1. Secundius I didn’t see your message sent to me yesterday until now. The new forums are because of the show in Las Vegas. There’s some interesting stuff. I don’t like most of the forum topics, but I wouldn’t have discovered the DP-12 if I hadn’t clicked on every forum.

      Did you see the new DP-12 forum/video sent early this morning? The factory rep knows how to shoot fast. Also, he demonstrates that it’s very quick to load.

      My worry is that, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is not a big manufacturer with a long track record. What about warranties? What about replacement parts?

    2. @ ss1.

      What I know about Connecticut Shotguns, is they Specialize in High-End or Expensive Shotguns. They have ~50 employees and only produce about 375 shotguns per year. My sepculation about the DP-12 Shotguns is, Demand is Far Greater then Production Output. CTD, is trying to Catch-Up with Demand, and there doing all that great. The demand is Exponentially greater then Production Run. So it’s going to be very, very slow productions…

    3. @ ss1.

      Sorry about that batteries died on me. As I was saying, it’s probably going to be at least 2-years just to Fill current production orders. Someone of CTD, SCREWED UP ROYALLY. They didn’t think DEMAND was going to be OFF THE CHARTS. They need to open a second and possibly a third production line just to meet demand’s…

    4. @Secundius:

      Thanks for giving me so much pertinent information about what’s going on with the company. I agree with you about worrying about cutting corners for production demand.

      I see you found, and posted to, the Rock-and-Rolling with the DP-12 forum, which I think has the better video.

      This gun is definitely in my top 3 wish list now. I’ll just wait and see how it rolls out.

    5. @Secundius:

      I didn’t understand your last post about “they keep asking the same questions”. Who is that?

      Hey check out this old forum. Look at that monster magazine on the Saiga. This is #1 on my wish list. Not the stock one, but the customized and hotrodded ones.

      Here’s what I’m talking about when I say customized Saiga’s. Hopefully this link works.

    6. @ ss1.

      How MUCH, what’s the PRICE, when is it AVAILABLE. Don’t people read anymore. It took me less than 30-minutes to get the price…

    7. @ ss1.

      At first you threw me with your “Rock-and-Rolling” comment, I thought you were refering to one of the other DP-12 sites. Just got the CTD Chronicle and saw the reference, and went for a look see. I never posted the comment to that site, CTD must have re-posted the comment from one of the other sites…

  6. MSRP for the DP-12 Shotgun, has been set at $1,395.00 USD. Availability date is still the STICKING POINT. CTD say’s soon, but what SOON actually means is the $64,000.00 question…

    1. Secundius,

      You and I have talked before about your wheelchair shooting and the bullpups you like. I believe this would be an excellent gun for you, correct?

      Are you going to buy one?

    2. @ ss1.

      Yes I remember you too, haven’t seen may of your posting’s for a while. I guess different Discussion Groups. Disposable Income, kind of tight right now. Maybe by Summer, depending if Shotgun is available by then. But when you consider any information about the shotgun is ALL, off site and getting information from CTD is like “pulling teeth” (i.e. NO communications). But I’m also considering C-More M26 MASS Shotgun/Carbine configuration, as well. Bottom-line, ball is CTD court. But won’t wait forever…

    3. @Secundius:

      I looked up images of the M26 and I saw an unusual photo of 1 gun underneath another. But I also found a photo of just a shotgun assault rifle. Can you see the photo below?

      I like the shot shell magazine concept. You can have multiple mags. But I also like the simplicity of the DP-12, and 14 shells is a lot of firepower.

      Have you looked into the Saiga shotgun with a magazine? Last year I was all hyped up about some company advertising on GunsAmerica that hotrodded the Saiga, like blueprinted it, and made it into one screamin demon!! But I shot my wad on a Desert Eagle AE50 instead.

      As far as CTD goes, hey I’ve bought 4 guns from them in the past year, including one 2 days ago. I’m a big fan of CTD for buying, but sometimes these forum articles (the political ones) get me annoyed. I don’t comment on many because they just turn me off.

    4. @ ss1.

      Total agreement with you, I hate it when it turns Political or turns into a Recruitment Drive. Yeah, that MASS is slightly bigger than a Short Shorty. Another Shot/AK combination I might try to get is called the TSNII TochMash TOZ TP-82, Double 12.5x70mm (32-gauge) Over w/Single 5.45×40/39mm Under. But under the current Putin/Russian government, it is probably going to be hard to get…

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