Your First Shotgun – The Remington Model 870

The best single tool ever devised and utilized by law enforcement, sportsmen, soldiers and home defenders. It has saved lives, protected those in blue, opened terrorist doors and bagged a days worth of doves. It can be behind the door tact-out and in 30 minutes or less be ready for the bird blind with a few part changes. That tool is the Remington Model 870 shotgun.

Remington Model 870 Express – Your Starter Kit

I have heard this said, Every gun in my house is there to get me to my shotgun and it is the absolute truth in my home. There is no better gun for most home defense situations than a shotgun and there are few which can compete with the quality and versatility of the Remington Model 870.

If you are looking for an all-round shotgun that can go from a great home defense gun to a gun you can take to the field for game bird hunting then this is it. There are so many options with this gun-it can be like LEGOs for big kids. Change out stocks and barrels in less than 20 minutes with this all-purpose shotgun.

Remington Model 870 Tactical-Build One For Yourself

Start with the basic model Remington 870 Express and buy add-ons as you need them. Here at Cheaper Than Dirt we have an entire section devoted to this great gun. From barrels to stocks, sights to chokes, it is a Remington 870 toy store. Order one today and have it by Christmas.

Be sure to contact Cheaper Than Dirt technicians if you have any further questions at 1-800-421-8047 Or you can, Click here and chat with them live.

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  1. Good advice! Remington 870 Express is a good starting point. You can build a setup that you like and change accessories from time to time. Don’t forget to test all new upgrades on a shooting range.

  2. My first was a Win defender and the action was a lot slicker that the 20ga. 870 (my first 8700 that I got last spring. Can’t shoot skeet with the 870 it’s so slow. My Mossbergs were all great and the safety is in the better location, tho a metal replacement is a good idea. Best shotgun ever, in over fifty years of shotgunning, was the 11/87 tricked out for ‘practical’.

  3. With the shooting today in Conneticut, you may want to forego the rest of Christmas shopping, and get colapsable stocks, flash hiders, high cap mags, a Ruger 10.22, or Marlin Glenfield model 60, Remington 742, or any black, scary looking gun you’ve been eye-balling for awhile now, cause with all the coverage all day long on all the TV channels, and obama ordering flags at half mast, and that British Stick In The Ass, Piers Morgan calling for immediate gun control in America, the present laws may sooner than later be tested.
    I have two great Wingmasters; a .410 improved cylinder with beautiful Walnut stock/forearm, vent ribbed 24″ bbl, and one that’s a Magnum Light Weight in 20ga, with a 3/4″ Remington pad, 26″ vent rib 3″ chamber bbl, and very nicely figured Walnut stock/forearm. Both have real bluing, the kind that was applied to guns years ago, when these were lovingly created. I don’t have one in 12ga though, that’s a bedside blaster, a Savage 350 Security,(think Ithica 37). I still want the Norico 982 of the same design, just because of my love for the 870, but I can’t see chopping, and de-bluing a beautiful Wingmaster, and those newer Express HDs just aren’t a comparable gun.

  4. I recently received a Remington 870 Tactical from my wife for my birthday in October. It’s a great weapon, very high quality, shoots great.

  5. bought one this year the finish on it was so
    bad it started rusting after one day I had to spray paint it black or it would have. rusted. to death

  6. A Remington 870 was also my first shotgun (870 Express in 12g), and, yes: it’s still in my gun cabinet as well. Solid, dependable, and versatile – it makes a fine first (and only) shotgun. I have since bought a Saiga-12 semi-auto and that’s a decent shotgun in its own right, but the Remington 870 will always have a place in my cabinet.

  7. 870 Remington WingMaster 2-3/4 ” was my 1st Shotgun $75.00
    Along with that 70 Winchester.270 w/Weaver 3×9 scope $125.00
    Both outstanding and are in my gun cabinet right now.

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