SHOT Show 2017 — Products are Flying off Shelves, and Being Stolen

Facebook video still of man stealing a Trijicon MRO

Social media is wonderful; it brings some of the best and worst from people. One things for sure though, acting like a jerk, send something unsolicited or inappropriate to a female admin, or cases of stolen valor, and the entire community will rally around making you famous—and not in a good way. Here is a case where we need to make someone famous. Facebook video still of man stealing a Trijicon MRO Normally, we would not advocate this, but this could be an exception. Trijicon makes some of the best optics offered today, and we all want to get our hands on them, but we are not out steal them. However, that is exactly what happened in the New Products Showcase. American Defense MFG was displaying one of its guns when a show participant apparently walked up and snatched the Trijicon MRO right off the gun.

With the SHOT Show being in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Sands Exposition Center, you know cameras are watching every inch, so this individual is not only a thief, but… well y’all have fun filling in the blank and help American Defense MFG get the word out.

This is from American Defense MFG’s Facebook page: Do you know this person? On 17JAN2017 He stole a Trijicon, Inc. MRO and American Defense MFG mount off of our UIC9, in the new product display. Please help bring this person to justice!!!! If you know the identity of this person, please call Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Headquarters reference Case# 170118-2493 at (702)828-3683. We would like to thank event security and the local authorities for their swift response. Share wide and far!

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  1. Been a while since the last time I was a Gun Show! Even at that Gun Show, there were Electronic Security Barriers at the Entrances. All the Weapons and Accessories I saw had Security Tags! Were ANY of these Weapon and Accessories Security Tagged at this show, and I NOT, WHY NOT.

  2. Considering they haven’t found the Guy by Now? Its Sounding More and More like a “Staged Event”! The Guy HAD to Have Stayed Somewhere? Whether AT a Resort, Grand Hotel, or Even a “Mom & Pop Motel. He should Have Been Found by Now. Someone Running Down a Isle at a Gun Show and Nobody Even TRYING to Slow Down the Guy. Suggest this was a Planned Event, for the Very Purpose of Checking the Events Security System, or Lack of One…

  3. They should find & prosecute that man, then blackball him AND everyone associated with him getting that SHOT Show pass. It’s a closed show,only FFl holders. Some Company paid for his pass. Then publish the information throughout the gun industry.

  4. What good was the camera if no one was watching. Would you leave your gun on a display with no one watching it ? I think we need to share the fault. The world will always have thieves. Just like protecting our rights, we need to be more vigilant. Shame on us.

    1. By your logic we should blame the woman who was raped because she was too attractive or the person with an unlocked window the robber used to get in the house. Give me a break, it’s always the criminal who is to blame. We should be able to leave our doors unlocked but because of scumbag criminals it’s not a good idea. The victim is never to blame for the acts of the criminal that much is certain.

    2. Speak for yourself dude. Shame on us!? Cause some little punk POS stole something that was on DISPLAY at a MASSIVE GUN SHOW!? News flash buddy, things get left on display at gun shows so that trusted people can go around and get a close look/hands on at said things. I’m not taking blame for anybody but myself and for you to be so ignorant and act like it’s “our” fault some turd jacked a sight from a show, shows that your probably not a 2A kinda guy. Your logic doesn’t make sense at all… So if someone broke into your house and stole all your stuff you’d feel as if YOU are to blame??? That’s the kind of liberal babble bs that honest trustworthy people don’t want to hear… Kinda sounds like YOU are that thief… Since you want to take blame an all… Turd

  5. What a Dick Face!! It’s assholes like this who make events a thing of the past. I cant wait for the police to catch up with this prick, so I can make targets out of his mugshot

  6. What a Dirtbag.
    Did anyone think to zoom in on the ID badge hanging from his neck with his name on it? I would hope the the LVPD would have used their considerable resources (“brain-power”) to do that already, right?
    You’re welcome.
    I hope they throw the book at him…

    1. Wow. The LVPD should hire you as a consultant immediately. What’s next? Call up the FBI and ask them if they thought to look up D.B Cooper in the phone book?

      Obviously the camera did not have the resolution, frame rate, or sufficient lighting to make out the info on the badges. Otherwise this story would be about how they busted him instead of asking for help identifying him.

    2. What’s the matter, Trey O?
      Butt hurt?
      LVPD employee, maybe? Or keyboard warrior?
      I am a small business owner/operator so I don’t have time to help as a consultant for the LVPD, but thanks for the recommendation.
      I can clearly see the names on others’ badges in the video, without enhancement, so I wasn’t trying to be an asshole, unlike you…
      By the way…
      D.B. Cooper was an alias, jackass.

    3. Oh come on now… I’m the butthurt one? Have a sense of humor…
      You asked if the LVPD thought to look at the ID around his neck?
      That’s funny.
      The DB Cooper comment… That was funny.
      Am I wrong here people?

      Sorry it rubbed you the wrong way. I bet you’re a hoot at parties too.

  7. I don’t think it was “Stolen”, but a “Test” to see if Anyone was Paying Attention. The “Thief” was Methodical in taking what he wanted, and Didn’t Raise any “Eye Brow’s” while doing it.

  8. Loser. I bet if we remove one of his hands, he can’t pull that stunt again. Too bad someone wasn’t there to hit him in the face. I’m SICK of thieves!

  9. If this was worth more then $500 then he might have committed a felony, which means he will not be using it long on any gun.

    Probably a drug user and sold for $50 worth of crack.

  10. I would think the Police or ATF can enlarge and enhance the image of this scumbags credentials. Hopefully that can lead American Defense to the lowlife as well as his company or sponsoring company for further actions.

  11. There’s no “acting” like a jerk here…he IS a jerk! He is worse than that, he is actually a lowlife scumbag who deserves to to be publicly shamed/humiliated, preferably by a news broadcast mugshot after his arrest for theft! All it takes is one idiotic individual demonstrating zero morals/ethics like this to ruin it for all the other responsible firearm enthusiasts who act responsibly and enjoy all ShotShow has to offer. He should be banned from ever attending another ShotShow, or any other gunshow. He has demonstrated he cannot be trusted around unsupervised displays.

  12. People like that deserve to loose a hand or fingers so they can remember why. We put up with alot of people getting away with no more than a slap on the wrist. When is the last time you left your house unlocked?

  13. Honor, courage, and commitment! Words we live, breath, eat, and abide by in the US Navy! This first class S@#tbag needs to be chastised and band from all public events period! He took so from American workers, there families, there kids, he has disgraced himself, his family, set a horrible example for his kids, as well as embarrassed all Americans who stand up proudly for our country, our flag, our honor!

  14. So, he walked up and grabbed whatever he wanted. Sound familiar? Hey, if it’s good enough for Mango Mussolini, it’s good enough for the rest of us.
    Welcome to Drumpf’s America!

    1. Sorry, does “M” stand for Moron? (I see you have the courage to sign your name.) But, yeah, you’re right, no one in America ever stole anything until “Drumpf” won the election. Q: Why are you posting on a gun blog anyway, since you don’t own any? Troll much?

  15. If its a trijicon its over $500 which puts him in felony territory if convicted. I hope he is and he deserves to lose his right to own a firearm if he becomes a convicted felon. Real a$$clown..

  16. My favorite gun store in LA, long gone now B&B Sales in North Hollywood got relieved of their Crimson Trace laser right off the display revolver tethered to the counter.

    If you don’t have the thief mentality you can’t understand why some people will steal. All we can do is segregate criminals from the rest of us to minimize our risks. Pray this new administration revives Project Exile and similar law enforcement practices to keep crooks and killers in prison for as long and as far away from friends and family as possible.

  17. 200,000 views already, I’m sure they’ll find him. Jerk is right. No idea what that optic goes for, but even if it’s twenty bucks he deserves to be charged, and more importantly be publicly branded and outed for the POS thief that he is. There’s always someone who ruins it for everyone else, and next time their display will probably be in a locked case.

  18. I hope this JackWagon is caught and his name and mugshot is plastered on many firearm related sites so others know he is to be shunned and NOT trusted around others.
    Especially firearm related products.
    You can run but you can’t hide for long, jerk!

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