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Shot Show 2017: Accessories: The Best for the Best

Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuff

Accessories always move. Here’s a look at what’s new this year.

By Peter B. Mathiesen

If there’s one thing that retailers know, it’s that accessories sell—no matter which firearms are hot. With plenty of handguns and MSRs driving foot traffic in 2016, retailers also reported high accessory turns for rails, flashlights, and waterfowl decoys. Women’s specialty products were up, and there were plenty of deer-hunting items making the register ring. For the 2017 SHOT Show, there are literally miles of accessories to view. Here’s a look at what’s new on the floor this year.

Alps Outdoorz

Champion Workhorse Electronic Trap
The Workhorse Electronic Trap runs off a single deep-cycle battery, and the detachable magazine holds up to 50 clays. The trap is adjustable and can throw clays with three different launch angles up to 75 yards.

This Wetland Seat is built using a single aluminum leg designed with a wedge that can be driven into marsh soil to deliver a firm foothold. At the bottom, two side feet extend parallel to the ground to prevent the seat from sinking into the terrain, even in the muddiest conditions. It’s a clever idea for hunting flooded timber or keeping a low profile in marshes. The padded oval seat is 12×8 inches and has a non-slip surface. It comes with a shoulder carry strap for hands-free transport. SRP: $49.99.


The No-Latch Ambi Charging Handle eliminates the need to squeeze a small latch to charge the rifle. And it’s welcome news for left-handed shooters, as the innovative design gives full ambidextrous control. The distinctive over-molded handle provides a larger pull point from both sides, easily clearing low-set optics, and the no–latch design control point speeds reloads and clears malfunctions faster. Machined from 7075 aluminum. SRP: $39.95

Champion Targets

The Workhorse Electronic Trap fits in the trunk of almost any vehicle and can be unloaded and set up by one person. It runs off a single deep-cycle battery, and the detachable magazine holds up to 50 clays. The trap is adjustable and can throw clays with three different launch angles up to 75 yards. The quick 2.5-second reset keeps the action fast and fun. SRP: $359.95

blue Coyotes scent attractant
Blue Coyotes can’t resist this scent.

Code Blue

Perfect for extended hunting and trapping seasons, the Howli Heat Coyote Attractant Code Blue is the result of years of research. This effective combination of coyote urine and coyote estrus creates the unmistakable impression of a female coyote in heat.

Duck Commander

Made and assembled by hand in West Monroe, Louisiana, the Hi-Ball acrylic duck call provides versatility, whether the hunter is trying to reach high-flying ducks or is soft-calling to birds that are on final approach. Made with a shortened poly barrel and reed combination that requires less air, each call is precision-tuned and nearly indestructible. SRP: $39.95


The Nomad N32 and N56 lights have evolved from FoxFury’s popular Nomad NOW Series, which has provided scene lighting for industrial professionals and first responders since 2010. They’ve proven to be durable and provide reliable lighting in some of the worst-case conditions imaginable. The new cordless Nomad N32 and N56 lights are fully submersible and feature a built-in rechargeable battery system. They are stackable and tripod mountable, allowing photo and video professionals unmatched freedom and speed, and new opportunities in the field. SRP: $899

Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool
The Center-Drive Multi-Tool aligns the full-size driver in the center of the tool.


Fitting most bows up to 39 inches (cam-to-cam) by 13 inches (limb pocket to draw string), the heavy-duty Safe Shot Double Wall Bow Case uses a double-wall air pocket to ensure safe transportation. There are removable foam trays that keep a bow completely secure without tie-down straps. An additional, removable 10-arrow customizable storage chamber keeps arrows secure and prevents movement. The case includes Flambeau’s proprietary Zerust anti-rust plaque for rust-free storage in the airtight environment. The case is lockable, meets TSA and airline requirements, and weighs approximately 22 pounds. SRP: $179.99


Gerber’s new Center-Drive Multi-Tool offers an innovative Center Axis Tech that aligns the full-size driver in the center of the tool to yield improved torque and rotation, just like a traditional screwdriver. A 30 percent larger outboard blade and one-thumb-opening sliding jaws enhance productivity as well. Until now, no multi-tool has ever offered a full-size driver on the center axis with a standard bit. SRP: $89


The Full-Force reservoir is equipped with an easy-to-use squeeze bulb that sprays water on command—whether you’re dousing yourself, cleaning your gear, or hydrating your dog. It’s fast filling, leak-proof, and fully reversible for easy cleaning. This 100 percent BPA- and PVC-free reservoir offers a Slide-Sea Top that opens wide for easy filling. It seals tight for one-handed dispensing. Available in 2- and 3-liter versions. SRP: $48 to $52

HydraPak Full-Force reservoir
The Full-Force reservoir is equipped with an easy-to-use squeeze bulb that sprays water on command, whether you’re dousing yourself, cleaning your gear, or hydrating your dog.

IMR Powders

Utilizing green technology, IMR Powders has developed a new series of five popular burn-rate powders. Each was designed to match current shotshell bushing charts, so the handloader will already have the appropriate bushings available for each load. This new technology burns clean and provides accurate metering and top performance characteristics. The powders are also REACH compliant, meaning the propellants are not harmful to the environment.

The IMR Target is a fast-burning, fine-grained, small-flake pistol powder for pistol cartridges like the .25 ACP. The IMR Red is designed to be an efficient, clean-burning 12-gauge target powder for Cowboy Action reduced loads. IMR Green, slightly slower burning than the IMR Red, is perfect for Trap Handicap and Sporting Clays enthusiasts. IMR Unequal combines small-sized flakes for a wide range of shotshell and pistol cartridges. IMR Blue, the slowest burn speed of the bunch, has excellent application for heavy 12-gauge 2 ¾-inch, 3-inch, and 3 ½-inch field loads.

The new powder series is available in 1-pound, 4-pound, and 8-pound containers. IMR Red, IMR Green, and IMR Unequal are also available in 14-ounce containers. SRP: starts at $29.95


A perfect match for the 300 Blackout, CFE BLK Powder performs impressively in many smaller capacity cartridges as well. It provides top performance in varmint cartridges, such as the .17 Hornet, .17 Ackley Hornet, .218 Bee, and .221 Fireball. Other top performers include the 6.8 Remington SPC and the 7.62x39mm Russian cartridge. The fine powder leaves no copper residue. It extends accuracy for longer shooting periods and makes clean-up a snap. Available in 1-pound and 8-pound containers.

CFE BLK Powder copper fouling eraser
CFE BLK Powder performs well in a wide variety of popular cartridges.


Although Hoppe’s Black High Performance Gun Care system uses a formula designed specifically for MSRs and other high-round-count firearms, it will work with any other firearm. It’s also been designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -65 degrees F to 540 degrees F. Hoppe’s Black consists of a gun cleaner, precision oil, copper cleaner, grease syringe, and a lubricating cloth. SRP: starts at $6.94

Knight & Hale

Designed for the wariest of predatory animals—including bobcats, coyotes, and foxes—the Ultimate Predator Distress Call I coaxes stubborn, overcalled animals into range. The call’s barrel design offers an ergonomic look and feel, and features a new wedge, soundboard, and reed that lock into place. This allows the call to be reassembled to factory specs every time. The result is a compact yet distinctive-sounding call that generates intense volume while still being user-friendly. SRP: $14.99

MOJO Outdoors

Mojo’s new patent-pending spinning-wing concept—Flock a Flickers—mimics a flock of ducks. The small hand-size circular spinning wings are packaged in half-dozen lots. Each Flicker has a timer that produces momentary, random flashes of spinning, designed to look like a group of ducks. Created for use in dry fields or in the water, they are equally effective on doves and pigeons. They operate up to 30 hours on three AA batteries, and the package includes six units pre-programmed with random on/off timers. SRP: $99.99

MOJO Flock a Flickers decoy
The patent-pending spinning-wing concept—Flock a Flickers—mimics a flock of ducks. The hand-sized circular spinning wings are packaged in half-dozen lots. Each Flicker has a timer that produces momentary, random flashes of spinning designed to fool ducks.

Moultrie Feeders

The S-50i Game Camera allows for 28,000 images to be taken on 12 AA batteries. It features outstanding 20-megapixel images and true 1080p HD video with audio. With a swift trigger speed of 0.3 second and a 100-foot flash range with the nearly undetectable invisible infrared flash technology, the S-50i can reach farther and capture images faster. The camera has a 2-inch full-color display and is fully compatible with the Moultrie Mobile wireless scouting system. It’s also backed by Moultrie’s two-year warranty. Finished in Realtree Original. SRP: $199.99


Barrel Badger Bore Cleaner is cleaning simplified. Just drop the brass weight into the chamber and feed it through the barrel. The Barrel Badger’s two brushes loosen fouling and buildup as it’s pulled through the barrel. It has significantly more surface area than a traditional patch, giving you a quick clean in no time. Use it dry or with Outers gun-cleaning products. Available in 10 sizes, from .22 to 12-gauge. SRP: $9.99

Pelican Products

Designed to traverse tough terrain with ease, the Pelican ProGear 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler has 8-inch heavy-duty wheels and an extended pull handle. Additional features include a built-in bottle opener, lid-integrated fish scale, and raised anti-skid feet. The 45QW wheeled cooler is also certified bear-resistant, with a polymer exterior and an industry 2-inch polyurethane foam core. Made in the U.S., it comes with a lifetime guarantee. SRP: $379


The Ultrasonic Case Cleaner-2 includes significant changes from the previous model. The new version is nearly 100 percent larger. In addition, the 6.3-quart capacity is twice as big, and a second ceramic heater and transducer help deliver clean brass cases and firearms parts. The LCD is easily programmable, and the timer can be set for up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning. The 240 VAC model is EU/UK/AUS compliant and includes a drain hose. SRP: starts at $399

TruGlo Carbon Hybrid Micro Bow sight
The Carbon Hybrid Micro Bow Sight transfers less vibration, which increases the durability of the sight.


The Wild-Her Backpack has been tailored to fit a women’s build. It offers a contoured hip belt and shoulder straps to enhance overall comfort on long days in the field. The single-hand forward-pull hip belt adjusts for a perfect fit and features a buckle that lays flat for additional comfort. Weighing 3 pounds 2 ounces, and offering 2,016 cubic inches of storage space, the pack uses a single aluminum stay and HDPE frame-sheet suspension system. This pack also boasts a stowable, versatile firearm-carrying system, allowing transport for a bow or rifle. Available in the Kryptek Highlander camo pattern. SRP: $159

Summit Treestands

Compatible with Summit and most other stand manufacturers, the Heated Tree Seat will improve the comfort and staying power of any stand hunter. A rechargeable battery pack allows the seat to stay warm throughout the day, and it recharges in a few hours. SRP: $79


The new MR450 uses rubber armoring for a confident grip. A zone of protection indicator allows the user to visually confirm that the unit is up to temperature and forming a bug-free zone. Each butane cartridge lasts up to 12 hours. SRP: $34.99.


The Carbon Hybrid Micro Bow Sight is the first, and only, micro-adjustable bow sight. Constructed with a combination of carbon composites and aluminum, it provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and durability. The design transfers less vibration and increases the durability of the sight. In addition, the extended length of the bracket increases your sight radius, which grants you more vision when acquiring targets. The Pro-Brite pin design adds toughness to the extra-long fibers and improves brightness in all shooting scenarios, and the Tru-Touch reversible bracket allows for greater vertical adjustment range, allowing a wider variety of shots. The tool-less design makes sight adjustments much easier in the field or at practice. SRP: $99

Knight & Hale Ultimate Predator Distress Call I
Designed for the wariest of predators—including bobcats, coyotes, and foxes—the Ultimate Predator Distress Call I coaxes stubborn, overcalled animals into range.

Urban Carry

The G2 Holster has been updated. Improvements include a silhouette that channels the firearm directly to your hand and tailored leather that reduces the break-in period. There is a powerful magnet at the base of the holster to keep a firearm secure and steady. Colors include black and brown. SRP: $65


The Big Blast Target Inflator makes an exploding target out of a plastic bottle. Produced in two different sizes, the first fits soda bottles from 12 ounces to the 2-liter size. The second fits a variety of other water bottles. Each cap has a valve in its center. Just put the cap on the bottle, insert an inflator needle and pump air into the bottle. Shoot it with any type of projectile traveling at 600 feet per second for a big boom. For visual effects, fill the bottle with flour, colored water, or soda. There are 10 reusable caps per pack. SRP: $16

Wiley X

The Climate Control Series WX Boss Model #CCBOS12 features a wraparound-style frame outfitted with polarized Venice Gold mirror lenses. The advanced glare-cutting capability and amber tint make them a versatile choice near water, snow, and other reflective environments. The frame features a soft, removable facial cavity seal that blocks out wind, debris, and reflected light. The result is a comfortable, climate-controlled environment for the eyes. This WX Boss frame is dressed in Kryptek Highlander camouflage. The product meets stringent ANSI High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards. Rx-ready, using the company’s exclusive Digiforce digital Rx lens technology. SRP: $100, non-polarized; $150, polarized.


Rambler Jugs are made for the outdoorsman who wants to stay refreshed without having to stop and refill. The 18/8 stainless-steel construction, double-wall vacuum insulation No Sweat Design offer the durability and performance for which Yeti is known. The MagCap and docking station mean the cap stays put while you drink. Available in half-gallon and one-gallon sizes. SRP: $99 to $149

Duck Commander HI-Ball duck call
The Hi-Ball duck call is precision-tuned and nearly indestructible.


The Urban Assault Bag is an ideal rolling bag for daily or overnight business travel. The bag features a padded IT compartment for a laptop and tablet, with a zippered full clamshell opening on the main cargo area. The interior lining uses a unique high-visibility color, making it quick to locate items. The back panel has a security pocket for a passport or wallet and a handy zipper side compartment for power cables and chargers. The bag weighs just 2.7 pounds and has 1,950 cubic inches of space. SRP: $189

Howard Leight

The updated Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuff will have the same noise-reduction rating (NRR) of 22dB and the slim profile of the popular Impact Sport. The new earmuff offers improved circuitry and an industry-leading attack time that is 250 times faster than the current model. There is improved amplification, a premium leatherette headband, an AUX cable with in-line microphone, and features such as extra ear cushions and a belt clip. An automatic four-hour shut-off extends battery life. The earmuffs conveniently fold for easy storage. SRP: $100

Packin’ Neat

The Tactical Holster in Khaki Tan is the tactical version of the Packin’ Neat system. It will blend seamlessly into most light-color purses and is an economical, one-size-fits-most solution for concealed carry. As with all the Packin’ Neat holster systems, this product includes a removable holster. The tactical version is made from durable nylon materials. Purse not included. SRP: $79.95

Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuff
The updated Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuff will have the same noise-reduction rating (NRR) of 22dB and the slim profile of the popular Impact Sport.

Keeping Focus

Tempers are hot. Scrutiny is high. Trust between police officers and the community is more important than ever, so transparency is a must. But when the time comes to draw a weapon, every second spent thinking about switching on a camera is a second of lost focus—and an opportunity for something to go wrong. This is why the Safariland Group created the industry’s first holster and body-worn Camera Auto-activation System (CAS). The CAS system does its job—capturing shots-fired scenarios in context—so the officers can focus on theirs.

The CAS works like this: An LED light at the top of the system’s battery tube indicates it is charged and ready for a full shift of video recording and 60 days of life. In standby mode, the camera records 30-second footage bursts and discards them if not needed. When the officer draws the weapon, a wired connection in the holster activates a hi-res camera. The camera saves the previous 30 seconds of footage and continues recording until the officer turns off the camera. The officer focuses on the job at hand, not documentary filmmaking. It’s that simple.

“CAS technology, embedded into Safariland duty gear, ensures the camera comes on when it needs to—even in circumstances where the officer doesn’t have time to turn it on. Our focus is on promoting safety of law enforcement in the field,” says Scott Carnahan, vice president of equipment for Safariland.

The CAS consists of the Safariland 7TSTM holster, the VIEVU LE4 Body Worn Camera, and the VIEVU Solution Evidence Management Software. The camera captures hi-res video in a 95-degree field of vision. The evidence management system is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

Officers can upload videos and other files from the camera to the cloud for encryption. And since multiple authorized users can access that evidence through any web browser, there is no need to run back to home base to see or share the video evidence.

Reporting by SHOT Business Daily, reprinted with permission. SHOT Daily, produced by The Bonnier Corporation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, covers all facets of the yearly firearms-industry show. Click here to see full issues. Product pricing and availability are at of time of publication and subject to change without notice.

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