SHOT Show 2015 Special Edition Day 4: New Optics

Konus KonuSpot-60 Spotting Scope

Guest post By Robert Sadowski, courtesy of SHOT Daily.

This year will see the continuation of two trends. First, you’ll see new red-dot and holo sights specially designed for close-range use with modern sporting rifles; second, since long-range shooting seems to be a trend with real legs, you’ll see plenty of options in that discipline as well. In addition, manufacturers are rolling out crossbow sights, new binocular lines, and spotting scopes in nearly every price range.

Aimpoint ACO SBDD215
The Aimpoint ACO is designed to mount out of the box on an MSR platform and provide absolute co-witness with iron sights.



The ACO (SRP: $393) is an entry-priced optic designed to mount out of the box on an MSR platform and provides absolute co-witness with iron sights. The Micro T-2 sight (SRP: $849) features a new housing that allows use of flip covers. Beefed-up turret protection and internal electronic components are also now on board.


The SWAT-AR riflescope line expands with a 6-36x52mm with an illuminated red/green mil-dot reticle. Its compact size and low profile pair perfectly when mounted to a flattop modern sporting rifle.

Barska SWAT-AR 6-36x52mm Riflescope
Barska’s SWAT-AR riflescope line expands with a 6-36x52mm with an illuminated red/green mil-dot reticle.



The Digital Panoramic Reflex Sight (SRP: $87.95) has four red/green illuminated reticle options. The 10–50x56mm Long Range Scope (SRP: $309.95) uses a 30mm tube and features a large parallax-adjustment wheel mounted on the left side of the turret.

BSA Digital Panoramic Reflex Sight
BSA’s Digital Panoramic Reflex Sight has four red/green illuminated reticle options.



The Elite 4.5–18x44mm (SRP: $2,100.45) Long Range Hunting Scope (LRHS) features a first-focal-plane G2H or G2M reticle and RevLimiter zero-stop elevation turret.

The Banner Rimfire 4–12x40mm (SRP: $188.34) riflescope features a reticle calibrated to the .17 WSM with a holdover of up to 350 yards.

The SportZoom 8–24x25mm (SRP: $194.95) binocular is sleek and compact and comes in black, green, or white.

Bushnell Long Range Hunting Scope
Bushnell’s Long Range Hunting Scope uses the RevLimiter turret.

Bushnell Banner Rimfire
Bushnell’s Banner Rimfire is calibrated for .17 WSM.

Bushnell SportZoom Binocular
Bushnell’s SportZoom bino is a sleek, compact optic.
Carson HookUpz Universal Adapter
Carson’s HookUpz Universal Adapter connects a smartphone to any optical device, allowing nearly instant sharing of an image.

Carson Optical

The HookUpz Universal adapter (SRP: $89) connects any smartphone to any optical device in seconds. (631-963-5000;

Celestron LandScout Porro-Prism 12x50mm Binocular
Celestron’s LandScout line of Porro-prism binos will now be available in four models, including 12x50mm, shown.



“Tough and durable, with quality glass” describes the LandScout line of Porro-prism binoculars. All have multicoated lenses, BaK-4 prisms, and durable aluminum housings. The four models include the 7x35mm (SRP: $89.95), 8x40mm (SRP: $99.95), 10x50mm (SRP: $109.95), and 12x50mm (SRP: $119.95). (310-328-9560;

Crimson Trace

The small CMR-206 (SRP: $229) Rail Master with green laser fits all rail-equipped firearms and features tap-on Instant Activation with three modes. The LG-360G (SRP: $229) with green laser is now available for popular S&W M&P pistols. The LG-443G (SRP: $229) Laserguard with green laser fits the Glock 42 compact pistol. The Ruger LCR revolver series includes the red laser LG-415 (SRP: $299) and green laser LG-415G (SRP: $399) Lasergrips.

Crimson Trace Rail Master Green Laser
The Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master fits all rail-equipped firearms.


EOTech 558 Holographic Weapon Sight
EOTech’s 558 (shown) Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) feature quick-release bases and side-button functionality.


EOTech’s 518 (SRP: $539) and 558 (SRP: $629, shown) Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) feature quick-release bases and side-button functionality; they’re powered by AA batteries. Both models are compatible with the G33 magnifier and laser battery caps.


The economical Pro F30 tactical scope comes in two configurations: 6–24x52mm (SRP: $1,139.99) and 8–32x56mm (SRP: $1,279.99). Both feature a front-focal-plane reticle with an internal level bubble. The KonusPro 3–9x50mm IR (SRP: $239.99) riflescope has a 1-inch tube and a blue/red-illumination glass-etched reticle. The SightPro R8 (SRP: $309.99) electronic sight has eight reticle patterns in red/green illumination. The battery is rechargeable.

The value-priced 15–45x60mm KonuSpot-60 (SRP: $169.99) spotting scope has a 45-degree eyepiece for extended viewing and includes a table-top tripod, lens covers, and carrying case.

Konus SightPro R8
The Konus SightPro R8 has eight reticle patterns.

Konus KonuSpot-60 Spotting Scope
The Konus KonuSpot-60 is a value-priced spotting scope.


The Micro laser system (SRP: $199) now comes in a green laser; it weighs less than half an ounce and can be mounted to any accessory rail. The Guide Rod Laser line has expanded to include Beretta 92/96 FS, Taurus PT 92/99/100/101, and Glock Gen 4 G20/G21/G41 pistols. Green and/or red lasers (SRP: $449) are available depending on the pistol. The Rail Mount Laser (SRP: $149) fits Ruger’s SR22, SR9c, and SR40c handguns and features a pulsating and constant mode beam with ambidextrous on/off activation.


The UTG T8 Series MRC (Multi-Range Combat and Competitions) scope line now includes a 2–16x44mm (SRP: $349.97) that offers 8X magnification zoom, a Side Wheel Adjustable Turret (SWAT) from 10 yards to infinity parallax, and an etched-glass mil-dot reticle with 36-color Illumination Enhanced (IE) multi-color mode. The 4x32mm Wide Angle Fixed Power Scope (SRP: $129.97) features an ultra-wide-angle field of view—50 percent more than a typical 4X scope. The 30mm 36-Color Crossbow Scope features the PRO 4-Step Projectile Drop Compensation (PDC) reticle. Point-of-impact can be adjusted for crossbows with velocities between 275 and 385 fps. Two additional add-on parallax-indexing wheels include a 60mm (SRP: $16.97) and a 100mm (SRP: $19.97).

Leica Ultravid HD-PLUS 42mm Binocular
The new Ultravid HD-PLUS 42mm binocular series comes in 7x42mm (SRP: $2,399), 8x42mm (SRP: $2,449), and 10x42mm (SRP: $2,499) models.


The new Ultravid HD-PLUS 42mm binocular series uses HD/HT glass elements with AquaDura coating to protect against water, dirt, and fogging. Three models are offered: a 7x42mm (SRP: $2,399), a 8x42mm (SRP: $2,449), and a 10x42mm (SRP: $2,499). (800-222-0118;


The unique D-EVO (SRP: $1,874.99) is Z-shaped to allow the unit to be mounted behind a reflex, holographic, or red-dot sight without obstructing the view. Shooters can shift their focus from the 1X view of the red dot to a 6X precision optic. The 1X LCO (SRP: $1,249.99) red-dot sight delivers a wider field of view than other red-dots on the market while also providing a clean, crisp 1 MOA aiming dot. The RX-1200i TBR with DNA laser rangefinder (SRP: $419.99) has ranging capabilities out to 1,200 yards for hard targets and 800 yards for soft targets. TBR calculates the angle of the shot while the DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) engine provides accuracy to the nearest one-tenth yard.

Leupold D-EVO
The Z-shaped Leupold D-EVO (SRP: $1,874.99) optic allows the unit to be mounted behind a reflex, holographic, or red-dot sight without obstructing the view.



The MeoPro HD roof-prism binocular series debuts with four models: 8x32mm (SRP: $747.49), 10x32mm (SRP: $804.99), 8x42mm (SRP: $997.49), and 10x42mm (SRP: $1,034.99). All sport rubber-coated magnesium bodies. The MeoPro riflescope line has been expanded with six new models. The 3–9x40mm R/M (SRP: $517.49–$574.99) is suitable for rimfires and muzzleloaders. The 3–9x40mm (SRP: $517.49–$574.99) is for centerfire rifles (three reticle options are offered: #4, Z-Plex, and BDC). The MeoPro 4.5–12x44mm and 4.5–12x44mm T (SRP: $804.99–$919.99) are designed for medium- to long-range hunting. The T model features oversize MeoTrak TRZ target turrets. The 4.5–14x50mm and 4.5–14x50mm T (SRP: $862.49–$919.99) are for long-range hunting and target shooting. Hunters who want a mid-range price-point spotting scope should look at the new MeoPro HD 80 (SRP: $1,724.99). It features an angled body and integrated 20–60X eyepiece along with the CentricDrive mid-body focus control, which is easy and fast to use in the field, even while wearing gloves.

Meopta MeoPro HD Roof Prism Binoculars
Meopta MeoPro HD Roof Prism Binoculars (8x32mm, 10x32mm, 8x42mm, and 10x42mm) are built with lightweight, durable rbber-coated magnesium bodies.



Night Optics Observer 320
The Observer 320 from Night Optics can be used day or night. It is available in two models.


Night Optics

The Panther 336 336×256 (SRP: $6,499.99) and Panther 640 640×480 (SRP: $8,415) thermal riflescopes come with 2x50mm high-grade germanium optics and a quick-release weapon mount. They feature 1X, 2X, and 4X digital zoom, 600×800 high-resolution AMOLED display, and more than four hours of continuous use on two CR123 batteries. The Observer 320 features a 640×480 OLED display and real-time object tracking and can be used day or night. The Observer 320 comes in two models: a 25mm (SRP: $6,799.99) and 50mm (SRP: $7299.99). The Explorer 320 series 384×288 thermal imagers are available in two variants: an LED (SRP: $4,199.99) and Laser (SRP: $5,599.99). Both of these pocket-size imagers include a 384×288 high-resolution thermal core, a 640×480 HD display, 60hz real-time refresh rate, and white-hot, black-hot, and three red-hot polarity options. The improved Magnus 790 6X (SRP: $4,779.99) long-range night-vision riflescope incorporates state-of-the-art optics and coating technologies to improve range, contrast, clarity, and light transference. (800-306 4448;

Nightforce Optics

The affordable SHV (Shooter Hunter Varminter) line has added a 3–10x42mm SHV (SRP: $900) with two reticle options and side parallax adjustment. The ACTAR line gets additional models with the high-magnification 5–25x56mm F1 ATACR (SRP: $2,800) riflescope with a first-focal-plane reticle configuration and several reticle options. The 4–16x42mm F1 ATACR (SRP: $2,400) offers extreme optical quality, clarity, and performance and a first-focal-plane reticle in a compact package that is just 12 5/8 inches long. (208-476-9814;

Nikko Stirling

The Panamax Series features a one-piece tube, Microlux ETE Gen III lens coatings, and a dual red/green illuminated half-mil-dot reticle. Models include 3–9x40mm, 3–9x50mm, and 4–12x50mm AO (SRP: starts at $119). The Diamond Series has expanded to include six additional models: 1–4x24mm, 1.5–6x42mm, 3–9x42mm, 3–12x42mm, 3–12x56mm, and 3–12x62mm (SRP: starts at $219). All feature 30mm one-piece tubes, low-profile turrets, and a dual-color red/green illuminated reticle. (800-553-4229;

Nikon Prostaff 7 Binocular
Nikon’s Prostaff 7 binocular comes in four models; all feature multilayer-coated lenses and phase-correction-coated prisms that help deliver sharp images.


Predator hunters take note: The Active Target Special line now includes a 3–9x40mm (SRP: $249.99, matte black; $279.95, Realtree Max1 or Mossy Oak Brush) and 4–12x40mm (SRP: $299.95, matte black; $329.95, Realtree Max1 or Mossy Oak Brush) that are designed to be more effective on moving targets by using the BDC Active Target Special reticle. The Prostaff 7 lines features five models: 2.5–10x42mm (SRP: $299.95), 2.5–10x50mm (SRP: $349.95), 3–12x42mm SF (SRP: $349.95), 4–16x42mm SF (SRP: $449.95), and 4–16x50mm SF (SRP: $499.95). Each features a 30mm body and a wider maximum internal adjustment range of 90 to 140 MOA, depending on the model. The Prostaff 7 binocular comes in four models: 8x42mm (SRP: $189.95), 10x42mm (SRP: $199.95, black; $219.95, Xtra Green), 8x30mm (SRP: $189.95), and 10x30mm (SRP: $199.95). Multilayer-coated lenses and phase-correction-coated prisms help deliver sharp images with superior resolution and clarity. The Arrow ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder (SRP: $279.99) combines optics with laser rangefinder technology for bowhunters and measures from 5 yards to 600 yards.


The new Pinnacle first-focal-plane riflescope series features two models. The 1–6x24mm TMD offers a multi-purpose tactical mil-dash reticle and fully adjustable ballistics-tested BDC dials for 5.56x45mm 55-grain and 7.62x51mm 180-grain loads. The 1–6x24mm AAC includes a CDC-300 reticle for 300 BLK ammunitions.


For MSR hunters, the 1–6x24mm Predator/Varmint (SRP: $259.95) scope has an illuminated Strike Zone 223 reticle calibrated for 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. loads. The Volt 600 (SRP: $190.95, black; $210.95, ATAC Camo) and Volt 600 Tilt (SRP: $230.45) laser rangefinders offer fast ranging from 10 to 600 yards. The Volt 600 Tilt uses Tilt Intelligence to provide line-of-sight distance plus the true horizontal distance for steep inclines or declines.


Designed for precision shooting, the STR 80 spotting scope offers HD optics and an illuminated reticle, allowing users to estimate distance and identify targets at long range. The illuminated MOA or MRAD reticle has 15 brightness levels—10 day levels and five night levels. The reticle can also be completely removed. (800-426-3089;


The Reactor line of green and red laser sights now includes Glock G42, G26, and G27 and SIG Sauer P238 and P938 pistols. An ECR Instant-On hybrid belt holster is included; it shuts the laser off while holstered and activates it the moment the weapon is drawn. (800-990-9390;


The affordable Crossfire line of roof-prism binoculars has four models: 8x42mm (SRP: $219), 10x42mm (SRP: $299), 10x50mm (SRP: $239), and 12x50mm (SRP: $249). Features include a smooth center-focus wheel, twist-up eyecups, and tough rubber armor coating. (800-426-0048;


The 6–30x56mm Tactical Scope (SRP: $2,099.99) features a 34mm tube and SmartZero turrets, allowing an operator to make multiple elevation adjustments while still providing quick access to the rifle’s absolute zero. The 1–7x24mm Tactical Scope (SRP: $1,739.99) features dual-focal-plane MDR technology that integrates the close-range, quick targeting of a second-focal-plane (SFP) illuminated dot with the medium- to long-range versatility of a first-focal-plane (FFP) mil-dot reticle. The improved Grand Slam series now features the MultiStop turret system, which lets the user configure the color-coded turret for different loads and firearms. Models include a 4–16x4mm (SRP: $1,215.45) and a 5–20x50mm (SRP: $1,425.45).

The Kaspa 3–9x40mm rimfire scope (SRP: $265.49) features interchangeable turret dials calibrated for .22 LR, .22 Win. Mag., and .17 HMR. The Kaspa 3–9x40mm scope (SRP: $265.49) has pink turret caps, adjustment rings, and other accents. The new T-Series XR fixed-power target scopes features a side-focus parallax-adjustment system and precise Micro-Trac Adjustment system for competition-level precision. Reticle choices, depending on model, include fine crosshair, fine crosshair 1/16 MOA dot, or fine crosshair 1/8 MOA dot. Models include 24x40mm (SRP: $949.95–$979.95), 36x40mm (SRP: $959.95–$999.95), and 46x48mm (SRP: $1,399.95).

Zeiss Victory Binocular
Zeiss now has Victory SF Binocular in 8×42 and 10×42 models. Both models use a triple-link bridge design and Ultra-FL lenses.



The 2–7x32mm XB75 Terra 3x Crossbow Scope (SRP: $399.99) uses a ballistic reticle that offers the ability to determine aiming points from 20 to 75 yards based on the speed of the bow. The Terra ED binocular line now has a compact 8x32mm (SRP: $388.88) model as well as a 10x32mm (SRP: $444.43). Thanks to the wide-angle field of view, you’ll be able to locate game quickly. In addition, the Ultra FL lenses deliver superior light transmission. (800-441-3005;


The Victory binocular line now includes the Victory SF in 8×42 and 10×42. Both models use a triple-link bridge design and Ultra-FL lenses. Thanks to the wide-angle field of view, you’ll be able to locate game quickly. In addition, the Ultra FL lenses deliver superior light transmission.


Reporting by SHOT Business Daily, reprinted with permission. SHOT Daily, produced by The Bonnier Corporation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, covers all facets of the yearly firearms-industry show. Click here to see full issues.

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  1. Is this an aimpoint inside a variable optic? What is the weight?

    The 1–7x24mm Tactical Scope (SRP: $1,739.99) features dual-focal-plane MDR technology that integrates the close-range, quick targeting of a second-focal-plane (SFP) illuminated dot with the medium- to long-range versatility of a first-focal-plane (FFP) mil-dot reticle.

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