SHOT Show 2015 Special Edition Day 4: New Accessories

Minox SLIM Wildlife Camera

Guest post by Peter B. Mathiesen, courtesy of SHOT Daily.

The aisles at the 2015 SHOT Show are chock-full of the extras — lights, calls, packs, blinds, coolers, flashlights, game cameras and more — that hunters and shooters crave. Here are few we noticed.

Alps Outdoorz

With an array of pockets, the Traverse X pack has ample room to store everything a hunter needs in the field. The two wing pockets are lined with fleece, which helps keep a spotting scope and other valuable gear tucked away quietly. The pockets also have easy-access slots for a shooting stick and a tripod holder. The front organizational pocket is an ideal storage space for calls, knives, lights, and other small gadgets.

The Traverse X has a drop-down pocket that can securely carry a firearm; a built-in stowaway meat shelf (which attaches to the front of the pack) securely holds any meat you’re packing out. A blaze orange flag can be unfurled for safety.

Combined with a comfortable waist belt and shoulder-strap system, this pack includes lashing straps as well as Hypalon material at stress points to carry extreme weight. The exterior is a tough and rugged ballistic fabric. SRP: $229.


The perfect gift for the future waterfowl hunter, the Duck Commander Kid’s First Blind will not only entertain the youngsters in the playroom or yard, but it will also conceal them in the duck swamp. The blind has a 36-inch footprint and is 36 inches tall. A spring-steel design allows for easy setup and takedown. The blind comes standard in Realtree Max-4 Camo. SRP: $39.99.

Birchwood Casey

Hopper Spit from Birchwood Casey was designed to provide long-term extreme rust and corrosion protection for firearms. The spray is specifically formulated to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the corrosive effects of harsh conditions and long-term storage. In laboratory testing that used salt spray to attack metal, Hopper Spit significantly outlasted the competition on metal surfaces. And when it’s time to put the firearm back into service, it’s quickly and easily removed. SRP: $14.40.


Though the Browning Black Label Disrupter flashlight is no bigger than a can of soda, it can pump out a stunning 2,800 lumens of white light that reaches out 500 yards. Its rugged all-aluminum construction houses a 10400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Built on an anti-roll bezel profile with heat-dissipating fins on the lamp head, the light’s scratch-resistant glass lens is constructed for years of rugged duty. Three super-bright white Cree LEDs provide illumination from 75 to 500 yards, and three red LEDs and three green LEDs are also featured for stealth, safety, and night use. The user can select from high, medium, or low output on white LEDs in addition to a green, red, and fast strobe; a thumb switch for momentary or continuous lighting is also featured. It will be supplied with household (AC) and vehicle (DC) chargers. All cords, including USB, will come in a rugged polymer carrying and storage case. SRP: $425. (800-322-4626;
The Billy 1700RT lumbar pack, featuring the Hyposonic System, is perfect for the sneak in any hunt. The pack fabric is durable, ultra-lightweight and quiet. All openings use Browning’s Whisper Closure. This innovative zipper is water-resistant and virtually silent due to welding methods and toothless fabrication. The Mountain Crawler asymmetrical belt design allows for cockpit belt access to key items while maintaining a balanced movement when hunting and hiking. Its durable range-of-motion belt technology allows for full dynamic movement and maximum comfort while on the move.

Features like the CG Lumbar create a center of gravity and enhance the wearer’s ability to move with more comfort under a heavy load, which allows the individual to travel further, longer, and faster. All padded areas use a Tri-vent fabric system. This three-layer approach creates a breathable, comfortable, and cool back panel. The Billy is hydration ready with a water-bladder storage pocket. SRP: $189.89. Booth: #15129. (800-553-1098;

Bullseye Camera

The AmmoCan Sight-In Edition a software-supported, wireless, target-camera system. It will show a bullet’s impact and placement up to 300 yards away via a laptop or mobile device. This self-contained camera weighs only 5 pounds. It is an excellent choice for shooters practicing or sighting in at 300 yards or less.

Simply set the unit downrange, flip the switch on, and start shooting. The system is weather-resistant, has a 12-plus hour battery life, and supports iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as well as Windows-based laptops. Multiple users can connect to the system to track their individual shooting progress. SRP: $349. (541-357-7035;


The new 14MP Trophy Cam Aggressor offers industry-leading reliability and rugged performance to provide game monitoring that hunters can depend on. The super-fast .2-second trigger speed will capture moving game with a one-second recovery time. The Aggressor HD provides maximum clarity for improved nighttime images. It will produce high-def images, as well as 1080p HD video with audio.

The new cam unit is available in two Low-Glow IR models and two No-Glow models with Black LEDs that are invisible to game and other hunters. When you combine the extended nighttime photo range with the extended battery life, your customers may never miss a shot. The eight-AA battery case provides up to one year of operation. SRP: starts at $222.95.

Coast Products

The new HP7R and HP5R feature Coast’s exclusive Flex Charge Dual Power Rechargeable System, including the Pro-Tek Charging Port. The tail caps pop up to reveal a micro USB port for the charging cable. That means there are no parts to lose, and the system stays clean of dust and debris.

Lithium rechargeable batteries are included, however, so the lights also run on standard alkaline batteries. Batteries can be charged inside the flashlight or outside. A spare cartridge is also included, so users can always have a fresh battery ready.

The HP7R and HP5R models offer water-resistance, along with impressive light output and run times. Both lights use Coast’s new Long Range Focusing Optic. The HP7R will produce over 200 lumens and an effective beam distance of 306 meters; that’s more than the length of three football fields. The Long Range Focusing Optic also provides superior beam consistency from spot to flood, which offers users the advantages of both a long-range spot beam for distance illumination and a flood beam for up-close work and ground searches.

An ideal flashlight for tactical, rescue, and law enforcement professionals who want a pocket-sized light, the HP5R boasts a run time of nearly four hours. Its extraordinary beam illuminates from up to 564 feet. SRP: $125.49 to 147.49

Code Blue

Years of product development at a leading animal research university have resulted in the next generation of deer attractants: Platinum Standing Estrous. The product has been tested and proven to be 63 percent more effective in the field, the highest buck response rate ever recorded by the company. Platinum Standing Estrous is collected at the precise time in which a buck attempts to breed. Due to the unique process involved, there is a limited availability of estrous, which is why it is premium-priced product. SRP: $39.99, 1.5-ounce bottle.

Daniel Defense

The SLiM Rail—for Slim, Lightweight, Modular—from Daniel Defense utilizes the KeyMod accessory attachment system. This configuration is lightweight and offers superior cooling, ergonomics, and modularity, while maintaining the strength and durability of a heavier system. KeyMod is a recoil-resistant two-part direct-attachment method for accessories that provides an outstanding return-to-zero when accessories are removed and reinstalled.

The SLiM Rail features the battle-proven Bolt-Up System. This configuration provides modern flat-top upper receivers with a free-floating, continuous, uninterrupted upper rail platform for simplified alignment to the upper receiver of the host firearm. The long, 15-inch rail gives operators the option to have the support hand extended out close to the muzzle. This allows them to drive the gun more precisely and helps prevent overtravel when transitioning between multiple targets.

Ambidextrous sling-swivel attachment points are integrated into both the left and right side rails at 11 and 1 o’clock. The SLiM Rail is available in 12- and 15-inch models. SRP: $279.


The new Gunslick Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner 3.2-quart stainless-steel tank holds firearm parts to remove grease, dirt, and fouling. Use the keypad and display to select one of five preset temperature settings, then set the timer from 5 to 30 minutes. For best results, use with Gunslick Pro Ultrasonic Weapons Cleaning Solution (sold separately). A sensor indicates when it’s time to change the solution. SRP: $179.95.

Hunter’s Specialties

The Penny Snood Feeder decoy adds realism to any turkey hunter’s decoy spread. The decoy’s relaxed feeding position puts both gobblers and hens at ease as they come into your calls. The lifelike lightweight decoy uses a realistic head and feather detail and is painted with specially formulated no-flake paint for lasting durability season after season.

A built-in air valve allows the decoy to be quickly inflated and set up. The decoy is constructed with a durable, expanded rubber that resists creases and dents while allowing it to be folded for easy transport. It is engineered with a self-balancing stake tube for fast placement, even in the dark. SRP: $79.99.

IMR Powders

IMR Powders has created a new line of temperature-tolerant extruded powders that feature a built-in copper-fouling eliminator. The powders use small-sized grains for easy flow. IMR 4166 is a versatile match-grade propellant for such cartridges as the .308 Win/7.62mm NATO, .22-250 Rem., and .257 Roberts, among others.

IMR 4451 offers top performance for .30/06, .270 Win., and .300 WSM. IMR 7977 is a true magnum-cartridge propellant for calibers such as the .300 Win. Mag., 7mm Rem. Mag., .338 Lapua, and more. SRP: $29.99 per 1-pound canister; $207.99, per 8-pound keg. (913-362-9455;

Knight & Hale

For 2015, Knight and Hale has created a realistic-sounding grunt call that looks like an antler. Da’Bone is an exhale-only call that produces the deep tones of a mature whitetail buck. The resonating high amounts of volume will reach great distances—even in windy conditions. The call is made of a soft, pliable material to eliminate unwanted noise in the stand. SRP: $19.99.


The UTG Pro Model 4 13-inch-long free-float hand guard is designed to help improve the ergonomics of any modern sporting rifle. The lightweight rail system reduces fatigue while the slim contours eliminate snag points and provide comfortable hand support. The modular, removable rail sections can be placed anywhere along the length of the rail at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. This will allow a nearly endless placement of accessories for shooters. Everything needed for installation can be found inside the package. Made in the USA, the Model 4 is available in carbine, mid, and rifle lengths with the option of black anodized or Cerakote FDE finishes. SRP: $129.97.


The DTC 400 SLIM Wildlife Camera is only about 1 inch thick and is slightly curved so it fits tree trunks neatly and snugly. The camera features a MINOCTAR lens, ensuring a nearly distortion-free recording with every movement in sharp, high-contrast detail. It can record HD videos from 10 to 60 seconds long. Even at twilight, a powerful IR-flash with a range of up to 49 feet provides reliable images. The fast trigger-release (less than a second) and long battery life (up to six months) help make the DTC 400 a reliable recording device for prolonged outdoor use. All data is saved on an external SD memory card and can be displayed directly on the 2-inch true-color TFT display. The sturdy, waterproof plastic body helps protect interior electronics from moisture and dust. The camera comes with a fastening strap, an SD HC card, and a USB cable.

MOJO Outdoors

With help from the legendary Rob Roberts of Custom GunWorks, Mojo Outdoors has created the new Fatal Shot Choke line. The choke set, made of 17-4 stainless steel, can handle all shot types and sizes of pellets. The three chokes come in short, medium, and long to cover all types of upland game and waterfowl. All chokes are made in the USA with state-of-the-art CNC machining. Since the chokes are knurled, they do not require a wrench to install or remove. SRP: $275, set of three. Booth #1452.

Moultrie Feeders

Moultrie’s latest deer attractant is the Camera Candy, developed specifically to help capture that perfect game-cam shot. Using strategically positioned Camera Candy in conjunction with your game camera will not only increase the number of photos you capture, but most importantly, the quality and angle of those photos. The 4-pound hard-cooked block attractant can easily be positioned at the exact level of the camera with the unique CamStrap. This allows the camera to capture a buck squarely in the center of the frame. SRP: $19.99.

Phantom Calls

With the Mini Phantom Remote, hunters are ready for any situation by using up to two interchangeable Mini Phantom Sound Sticks at a time. You can choose from up to a total of 10 sounds with the push of a button. Just slip in two of the Predator Sound Sticks and start calling. This remote caller can use any of the Extreme Dimension Sound Sticks, including Whitetail, three Predator sticks, two Deer, two Moose, Bear, Gobbler, Duck, Elk, Snow Goose, and Crow.

The Mini Phantom Remote has a 150-yard wireless range with up to 120db volume. The hand-held transmitter has an LCD display with easily navigated buttons. The receiver/speaker has a telescoping antenna for extended range as well as a decoy output port. SRP: $89.99.

Pelican Products

The lightweight Pelican 7000 LED weighs in at a mere 5.6 ounces, with batteries, but is capable of providing four lighting modes. Powered by two CR-123 lithium batteries (included), the high-efficiency LED shines a clear, brilliant light for up to 1.5 hours in high mode and up to 16 hours in low mode. The flashlight can also be operated with optional rechargeable cells.

The Type II hard-anodized-aluminum construction, combined with an IPX7 water-resistance rating, makes the light extremely durable. The anti-slip, knurled pattern allows for all-weather usage. In addition, the Pelican 7000 LED offers a removable clip for convenient pocket storage and easy transport. SRP: $99.95. Booth: #20221.


Bamboo has a higher compression strength than wood, brick, or even concrete, and its density helps produce extremely loud and crisp yelps and cuts. That’s the foundation of the new Bamboozled pot call, which combines bamboo and select hardwoods. Mounted on a crystal surface, the laminated wood striker makes for a nearly indestructible call. SRP: $24.95.


For 2015, SilencerCo will add several models to its new aftermarket pre-threaded, pistol-barrel line. While rifle barrels can easily be threaded to accept a suppressor, most pistols require the purchase of a threaded aftermarket barrel to take advantage of the benefits that a silencer can offer. The barrels are milled from 416R stainless steel and are finished in black Nitride. SilencerCo began sales with most common Glock models in 2014, and will add select SIG Sauer, Spring-field XD, and Smith & Wesson M&P models in the first quarter of 2015. SRP: $220. (801-417-5384;

Summit Treestands

The Seat-O-the-Pants STS Fastback Harness is designed for both comfort and safety. Each harness includes a lineman-style climbing belt, an adjustable design, and leg straps that won’t cause groin injury in the event of a fall. All harnesses also include a bungee tether, an elastic dummy line, and an ammunition holder. Using a prussic hitch, the safety rope is adjustable and can convert to a lineman’s climbing belt. Available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) with a furnished extra clip. SRP: $99.99. (256.353.0634;


Trulock Super Waterfowl Extended Choke Tubes (.30, .40, and .50) are available in a black oxide finish. Specifically designed for use with steel and other alternative shot, the chokes are tough enough to handle the hardest tungsten or nickel specialty loads. Manufactured from 17-4 PH grade stainless-steel, the heat-treated chokes resist staining and rust. SRP: $139.99.

Uncle Eddies

The new Big Game Gut Glove is a reusable glove made from tough, synthetic rubber. Designed to allow a hunter to work more quickly, firmly, and assuredly with less fear of accidental cuts during field dressing, the synthetic rubber also avoids the risk of latex allergies found in common medical-type gloves. An anti-microbial cotton liner is permanently attached to the glove’s interior, providing extra comfort and warmth.
These extra-long gloves come with a self-tightening shoulder grip to keep them from slipping down your sleeve. Available in five sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large. A sizing chart online shows how to measure your hand for proper fit. SRP: $29.99. (847-544-8806;

Wiley X

Like all Wiley X Climate Control models, the new WX Tide features the company’s patented, removable, soft-foam Facial Cavity Seal. This exclusive design blocks out wind and dust and prevents reflected light from entering from any part of the frame. The result is improved visual performance for shooters, hunters, or tactical operatives. For times and situations where this additional protection is not needed, the Facial Cavity Seal can easily be removed and stored in the provided carrying case.

The WX Tide also meets stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards for protection against a wide range of hazards. The WX Tide comes in a Black Ops Collection model (#CCTID01) matching a matte black frame with versatile smoke-gray lenses. These glasses are a favorite of law enforcement officers and security details. For high-glare environments (such as hunting near water), Wiley X offers two WX Tide models that feature the company’s advanced Filter 8 polarized lens technology. Model #CCTID09 combines a gloss black frame with Wiley X’s polarized Blue Mirror lenses; Model #CCTID04 pairs Gold Mirror lenses with a matte hickory brown frame. Like almost all Wiley X eyewear styles, the new WX Tide is also prescription-ready. SRP: $100, non-polarized; $150, polarized.

YETI Coolers

YETI Coolers extends its commitment to creating durable, high-quality products with the introduction of the portable Hopper 30 cooler. Constructed of 840-denier DryHide fabric, similar to the material used in whitewater rafts, the Hopper has a capacity of 6.5 gallons. The HydroLok Zipper, borrowed from survival suits and HazMat protective gear, is the ultimate in waterproof and airtight zipper technology. ColdCell Insulation provides a deep and lasting chill thanks to 1 inch of insulation in the sides, 1.5 inches on the bottom. The heavy-duty EVA foam bottom and RF-welded seams provide waterproof construction and unmatched durability. SRP: $349.99. (512-394-9384;


With all the new accessories available, which ones are you grabbing and taking with you on your next hunting trip? Share in the comment section.

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