SHOT Show 2015 Special Edition Day 3: New Shotguns

CZ-USA Sharp-Tail Side-By-Side, Model 812 Waterfowler

Guest post by Chris Christian, courtesy of SHOT Daily.

The 2015 new shotgun offerings range from expensively exquisite models to everyday workhorses. In addition, an increasing number of smoothbores have been downsized to accommodate smaller-statured or younger shooters. It’s a very interesting year, and there’s a good chance you will find a new gun you like.

Beretta USA

Beretta’s A300 Outlander
Beretta’s A300 Outlander ($775 to $875, depending on stock option) is a field-grade 12-gauge gas-operated semi-auto. The buttstock features a fitted recoil pad and an adjustable shim system.

An array of new smoothbores, ranging from workhorse semi-autos to upper-level over/unders and a new side-by-side, enter the Beretta product line this year. The A300 Outlander ($775 to $875, depending on stock option) is a field-grade 12-gauge gas-operated-action semi-auto that handles 2¾ or 3-inch shells and is built on an aluminum-alloy receiver that results in a 7.1-pound empty weight. The 28-inch vent rib barrel uses the Beretta MC3 interchangeable choke tube system and features a front, metal bead sight. The stock is available in black synthetic, wood, or a Max-5 camo finish that also covers the metalwork.

The A400 Xtreme ($1,745 to $1,895) is a gas-operated 12-gauge built on an aluminum-alloy receiver that can handle all shells from 2 ¾- to 3½-inch. The vent-rib barrel selection includes 26-, 28-, and 30-inch models and uses the OBF-HP interchangeable choke tube system. Each comes with a fiber-optic front sight. The stock and forend are available in black synthetic, Max-5 camo, and Optifade KO finishes. The two camo finishes also cover all metalwork. The buttstock is equipped with a Micro-Core recoil pad with an adjustable-shim system, and the stock and forend feature overmolded grip panels. Empty weight is 7.8 pounds, and it ships with a carry case.

The A400 XPLOR Action ($1,550 to $1,750) is a slimmed-down version of the gas-operated A400 semi-auto design and is available in right or left-hand versions. Chambered for 12 gauge, it handles all 2 ¾- and 3-inch shells. The vent-rib barrels feature a fiber-optic front sight and uses the OBF-HP interchangeable choke tube system. Barrel lengths are 26, 28, and 30 inches. The receiver features a bronze finish, and the stock and forend are select, checkered walnut with Beretta’s Xtra-Grain technology with an oil finish. The buttstock wears a Micro-Core recoil pad and features an adjustable-shim system. Empty weight is a trim 6.7 pounds. The A400 XPLOR ships with a carry case.

The new 690 Field III ($3,495) is a high-end over/under chambered for 12-gauge and 3-inch shells. The oil-finished stock is grade 2.5+ walnut with checkered pistol grip and forearm. The forearm is a semi-beavertail with aluminum forend iron. The pistol grip is also available in a left-hand palm swell design, and the buttstock sports a Micro-Core 20mm recoil pad. The receiver features a double-top shoulder design and is roll-engraved with game scenes. Mechanically, the 690 Field III features adjustable extraction/ejection, a single selective trigger, and an automatic safety. Available in barrel lengths of 26 and 28 inches, it sports a 6x6mm flat ventilated rib with a front bead sight and uses the Optima-HP choke system. Tubes are supplied in C, IC, M, IM, and full. Average weight is 7.4 pounds.

The 12-gauge Beretta Silver Pigeon is well-known among competitive shooters and is a frequent visitor to the winner’s circle in international competition. For 2015, the 686 Silver Pigeon will make an appearance as a sub-gauge. The Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting Sub-Gauge ($2,899) will be available in 20 and 28 gauge, as well as .410, with the receiver scaled to gauge. All gauges feature 30-inch barrels (2 ¾-inch chambers in .410 and 28 gauge, 3-inch chambers in 20 gauge) with a wide sporting rib. They use the flush-mounted MobilChoke system. The wood is oil-finished Select Grade checkered walnut. The forearm is a Schnabel-style in 20-gauge, a rounded model in .410 and 28-gauge. The safety is the manual model preferred by competitive shooters, and the trigger is single selective. The buttstock is equipped with Beretta’s B-Fast Adjustable comb and a Micro-Core recoil pad.

Beretta 692
Beretta’s new 692 over/under series in 12 gauge with 3-inch chambers incorporates the Beretta Steelium Plus barrel system that features a forcing cone lengthened to 360mm as opposed to the common 65mm length.

The new 692 over/under series in 12 gauge with 3-inch chambers is a major product launch, and incorporates the Beretta Steelium Plus barrel system that features a forcing cone lengthened to 360mm as opposed to the more-standard 65mm. Beretta claims the extended forcing cones produce better pattern performance, improved recoil reduction, and a decrease in muzzle rise. A wider receiver is also incorporated; it places more weight between the hands for improved handling. The Beretta B-Fast System is also included in the 692 series. The device allows a complete drop-and-cast adjustment with extreme ease and quickness. Additional features include a newly designed safety/barrel selector, replaceable locking shoulder, and a new opening lever. All 692 Series models also feature a select walnut stock with a hand-rubbed oil finish, Micro-Core recoil pad; manual safety; single, selective, adjustable trigger; tapered, ventilated rib with a mid-bead; and a Bradley-style front sight.

The new 692 Series will offer the following models: 692 Sporting ($3,520) with 30- or 32-inch barrels and a standard field comb (a left-hand model is also available); 692 Sporting with the B-Fast adjustable comb and 30-inch barrels ($3,870); and the 692 Skeet ($3,870) with the B-Fast comb in barrel lengths of 28 or 30 inches (left-hand models come with 30-inch barrels). The Sporting Series Models utilize the OCSP-HP interchangeable choke-tube system that includes M, IM, IC, C, and Skeet tubes. The Skeet Series models use the OBSK-HP package that includes M, IM, IC and two Skeet tubes.

A distinctly different addition to the 692 Series is the 692 American Trap (X-Trap). This over/under offers all the other features of the series but includes a B-Fast adjustable Monte Carlo buttstock and grade 2.5+ walnut stock with a rounded forearm. Other features are a large pistol grip and palm swell, a vented mid rib, Optima HP flush-fitting choke tubes, and a two-position adjustable one-inch-high rib.

Last, a newly designed side-by-side is also joining the Beretta family. The 486 Parallelo ($5,350) is built on a round-body action with the new Triblock barrel that provides the same feel as the demiblock barrel while providing more strength and eliminating visible welding lines. Beretta claims its new captive trigger group featuring leaf springs will provide a crisper trigger and faster lock time. It also will let shooters easily switch from automatic to manual extraction. The stock is Turkish walnut with a hand-rubbed oil finish and is available in two configurations: a pistol-grip buttstock with a beavertail forearm, and an English-style straight grip with a splinter forearm.

The 486 Parallelo will be available in 12- and 20-gauge with 3-inch chambers and 28-inch barrels that use the OBHFP-486 interchangeable choke tube system (F, IM, M, IC, and C tubes supplied). An additional 12-gauge version offers 30-inch barrels in fixed IC/Mod chokes. All feature a single selective trigger, 10×5.5 conic rib with a single, steel, bead front sight, and automatic safety.

Browning Arms

Over/under shotguns dominate Browning’s new 2015 product offerings. The Browning High Grade program moves into its third year with a pair of Citori 725 12-gauge Sporting models. These over/unders receive as many as 30 hours of hand-engraving and touch-up prior to being precisely set into finely wrought, high-grade walnut.

The new Citori 725 Sporting Grade V will feature a receiver with deep-relief engraving in a silver-nitride finish and a 30- or 32-inch barrel. The stock and forearm feature an oil-finish Grade IV/V walnut with close-radius pistol grip and palm swell. A fitted canvas/distressed leather case is included ($5,339.99).

The new Citori 725 Sporting Grade VII has a blued receiver with deep-relief engraving and gold accents. The stock and forearm feature oil-finish Grade VI/VII walnut with close-radius pistol grip and palm swell. A John M. Browning Signature fitted case is included ($6,269.99).

Browning Citori 725 Sporting Grade V
The receiver of the Browning Citori 725 Sporting Grade V (top) has high-relief engraving. The Citori 725 High Rib Sporting (middle) comes with an adjustable comb. The Cynergy Micro Midas 20 gauge (bottom) features a 13-inch length of pull for smaller-statured shooters.

For 2015 Browning will also expand the Citori 725 target shotgun lineup to include the new Pro Sporting and Pro Trap models that will feature a Pro Fit adjustable comb and Pro Balance system in the stock that allows shooters to fine-tune the balance point for a perfect mount and swing.

Other features found on all Citori 725s include the Fire Lite mechanical trigger system, full-width hinge pin and tapered locking-bolt design, and Browning’s new Invector DS choke-tube system.
The Citori 725 Pro Sporting will be offered in 12 and 20 gauge with a 30- or 32-inch barrel ($3,999.99). The Citori 725 12-gauge Pro Trap features a high rib and a 30- or 32-inch barrel ($3,999.99).

A new 725 Feather 20-gauge features a lightweight alloy receiver with steel breech face and hinge pin. The receiver has accented high-relief engraving with a nitride finish and a gloss-oil finish Grade II/III walnut stock with close-radius pistol grip. This new lightweight model will be offered with a 26- or 28-inch barrel ($2,549.99).

The new Cynergy Micro Midas 20-gauge over/under has a 13-inch length of pull designed for smaller shooters. It features the MonoLock hinge system, low-profile receiver design, reverse striker ignition system, soft Inflex recoil pad, and three quarter-inch spacers, with a 24- or 26-inch barrel ($1,869.99).


This year ushers in a new era for CZ shotguns. Many of the manufacturer’s existing over/unders will now be made with a CNC one-piece milled receiver. The result is more interchangeability among parts, less laborious hand fitting, and more consistent operation.

The side-by-side Sharp-Tail replaces the Ringneck line and is built on an entirely new action that is smaller, lighter, and uses coil springs instead of leaf springs. It features floating firing pins and newly designed sears. It will be available in 12, 20, and 28 gauge, as well as .410. Three-inch chambers are standard on the 12, 20, and .410, while the 28 has a 2 ¾-inch chamber. All feature 28-inch barrels, single extractors, selective triggers, checkered walnut stocks, and come with five flush-fitting internal choke tubes. They ship in a plastic case. SRP: $1,022 to $1,229.

The Sharp-Tail Target ($1,298) is designed for the clay target shooter who prefers a side-by-side. Offered in 12 gauge, it features 30-inch barrels (3-inch chambers), six Kicks extended choke tubes, a checkered walnut stock, a single extractor, a barrel-­selector switch, and a 14.75-inch length of pull. It ships in a hard plastic case.

CZ-USA Sharp-Tail Side-By-Side, Model 812 Waterfowler
Top to bottom: CZ-USA’s Sharp-Tail side-by-side is built on an all-new action; the Model 812 Waterfowler semi-auto uses an inertia recoil-operating system; the Sterling Southpaw is a true left-hand shotgun; and the 612 Magnum Turkey pump-action is chambered for 3.5-inch shells.

The over/under Sterling model gets a twin with the addition of the Southpaw Sterling ($999). Built as a true gun for lefties, it features left-hand cast-off in the buttstock. It features a 29-inch barrel, five flush-fitting choke tubes, checkered walnut stock, mechanical trigger, and a safety with a barrel selector.

CZ’s first recoil-operated shotgun, the Model 812 Waterfowler ($699), uses an inertia recoil operating system. The wood stock is fully clad in a waterfowl shadow grass camouflage finish. It is shipped with five extended black choke tubes and features a 28-inch barrel chambered for 2 ¾- and 3-inch shells. A plastic case is included.

Three new pump-action models also make an appearance this year. Trap is one of the few, if only, clay target games where a pump-action shotgun can enter the winner’s circle. The new CZ 612 Trap ($499) is designed for the trap-shooter, at an affordable price. It features a 32-inch ported target barrel, five extended interchangeable choke tubes, a parallel comb on the walnut Monte Carlo buttstock, dual-action bars, a spring-loaded ejector, and a gold-plated trigger. Offered in 12 gauge only, it is chambered for 3-inch shells.

The pump-action CZ 612 Magnum Turkey ($429) is chambered for 3.5-inch shells, sports a 26-inch barrel, and ships with two choke tubes—Extra-Full and Modified. The pump-action CZ 612 Magnum Waterfowl ($429) features a 12-gauge 3.5-inch chamber and 28-inch barrels. It is finished in a waterfowl camouflage pattern.

Cimarron Firearms Co.

Cimarron specializes in Old West period shotguns that are a favorite with Cowboy Action shooters. There are many replica shotguns from the 1883–1899 period, but the new Cimarron side-by-side double barrels are “modern” inside while being “period” outside. Four new wood-stocked models join the product line this year.

The Model 1883 Double Barrel features a sidelock-style construction, a splinter forend, a straight English-syle grip, and a single trigger. It will be available in .410 with 18- or 26-inch barrels (SRP: $812.50) and in 12-gauge with 28-inch barrels ($687.50).

The Model 1889 Double Barrel Shotgun is available in .410 with 18- or 20-inch barrels. It features a period-style pistol grip, single trigger, and a longer splinter forearm. The Model 1889 Double Barrel Shotgun 22 ($617.50) offers the same stock design as the .410 model, but is chambered in 12 gauge with 22-inch barrels. The Doc Holliday Shotgun 20 ($1,605.46) is as close a copy of the shotgun (in 12 gauge) that Doc Holliday used at the OK Corral gunfight. It features 20-inch barrels, exposed hammers, and double triggers, with the same stock stock design as the Model 1889 Double Barrel Shotgun.

Iver Johnson Arms

Iver Johnson brings three new shotgun models into its product line this year. The new Model IJ500 (SRP: $420) is designed as a field hunting semi-auto shotgun. It is available in 12 and 20 gauge and handles 2¾- or 3-inch shells. The 28-inch barrel features a vent rib and brass bead front sight. Threaded for interchangeable choke tubes, it ships with three (IC, M, and F). Capacity is 4+1. Metalwork is finished in black. The walnut buttstock and forend are checkered, with a rubber buttpad, and sling-swivel studs are provided front and rear. Overall length is 49 inches; empty weight is 7 pounds 2 ounces.

The Model HP18 is a semi-auto 4+1 capacity home-defense shotgun. Available in 12 and 20 gauge, the shotgun can handle both 2¾ and 3-inch shells. The 19.5-inch barrel features a muzzle brake. Riding atop the receiver is a Picatinny rail with an adjustable Ghost Ring rear sight and a fiber-optic front sight. The black-finished two-piece synthetic stock provides a full pistol grip on the buttstock portion, a checkered forend, and sling swivels front and rear. The overall length is a compact 40.5 inches. Empty weight is 6 pounds 6 ounces. SRP: $420.
The Model IJ600 ($535) is a field-grade over/under shotgun that will be available in 12 and 20 gauge and .410. All versions feature 28-inch barrels and 3-inch chambers. Additional features include the customer’s choice of black or silver receiver, a checkered buttstock and forend, a barrel-selector switch, vent rib, brass bead front sight, sling swivels, and internal choke tubes. Overall length is 44 7/8 inches and the empty weight is a comfortable 7 pounds 5 ounces.

Legacy Sports International

Two new models and a new camo finish highlight Legacy Sport’s new shotgun offerings for 2015. The new Escort Pump Shotgun ($349) will be available in three models: a 12-gauge and 20-gauge adult-size version and a 20-gauge Youth model. All are equipped with 3-inch chambers. The adult models are available with 26- or 28-inch barrels and a 14.5-inch length of pull, while the Youth model features a 22-inch barrel with a 13.5-inch length of pull. The 12-gauge ships with five interchangeable choke tubes (F, M, IM, IC, and Skeet). The 20-gauge models ship with three tubes (F, M, and IC). The Escort V3 choke tubes use the same thread pattern as the Remington Model 1100 and will accept additional tubes in that thread pattern. All models feature a Turkish walnut stock and forend with a satin finish, large slide-release buttons, a fiber-optic front sight, and sling-swivel studs.

The new Pointer Slug Gun Set is a two-barrel combo available in either pump or semi-auto. Both models ship with a chrome-lined 28-inch barrel and three Mobile choke tubes. A 24-inch rifled slug barrel joins the set and features a tang scope mount. Magazine capacity is five, and the Pointer Slug set will be offered in both 12 and 20 gauge.

Lastly, a new camo finish will be available in the Escort line of semi-auto shotguns. The Escort Yote camo finish, as the name implies, looks like a coyote and is suitable for many background types. It will be available in the Yote Camo Synthetic Stock 12-gauge ($589), which offers a 28-inch barrel, five interchangeable choke tubes, and a 14-inch length of pull. The Yote Camo Synthetic Stock 20-gauge ($475) has similar dimensions but just three choke tubes. The Yote Camo Synthetic Stock Youth model ($485) has a 22-inch barrel. Length of pull is 13 inches, and the gun comes with three choke tubes.


The big news in Remington shotguns this year is the introduction of the new V3 gas-operated 12-gauge semi-auto. The new V3 handles both 2 ¾- and 3-inch shells using the compact SASG2 Gas System. This gas system places the gas ports directly in front of the receiver; this not only provides a self-cleaning action, but it changes forend design to produce a central, between-the-hands balance point that Remington claims promotes more instinctive point-and-swing characteristics. It also allows the use of a more compact receiver. Addi­tional features include a rotating bolt head for superior round control and increased reliability, a reduced bolt retraction force, and a buttstock that does not feature a recoil spring (and thus allows more flexibility in buttstock design, including upcoming folding tactical stocks). A light-contour ventilated rib barrel, with twin bead sights, further optimizes swing characteristics. All models are 12-gauge, use Rem. Choke 2 interchangeable choke tubes, and feature a 14 ¼-inch length of pull. Empty weight is 7.2-pounds.

Remington V3 12-Gauge Semi-Auto Mossy Oak Shadow Grass V3
Remington’s all-new V3 12-gauge semi-auto (here shown in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass camo) uses a compact receiver designed to improve balance.

The V3 will be available in the following configurations: The V3 Field Sport 12/28 RC VT SYN-BLK ($895) features a black synthetic field stock, a 3-round magazine capacity, and a 28-inch barrel. The V3 Field Sport 12/26 RC VT SYN-BLK ($895) is the same gun with a 26-inch barrel. The V3 Field Sport 12/28 RC VT SYN-BLK ($995) offers the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades finish on the receiver and stock. The V3 Field Sport 12/26 RC VT SYN RT APG ($995) features a 26-inch barrel with a Realtree APG finish on the stock and receiver. The V3 Field Sport RC VT ($995) is available with a satin-finish walnut stock in 26- and 28-inch barrels.

Savage Arms

A pair of new quick-handling but modestly priced over/under shotguns and four new 20-gauge pump actions make their appearance this year under the Stevens banner. The Stevens 555 ($692) over/under is available in 12 and 20 gauge. Both guns are chambered for 3-inch shells and feature a Turkish walnut stock, a single selective mechanical trigger, shell extractors, a tang-mounted safety, and chrome-lined barrels threaded for interchangeable chokes tubes. A selection of five tubes is supplied. The actions are built on aluminum-alloy receivers, with steel inserts, and are properly scaled to the gauge. The 12-gauge 555 features 28-inch barrels with a 143/8-inch length of pull and a 2 1/8-inch drop and comb. Overall length is 44 7/8 inches; empty weight is 6 pounds. The 20-gauge model features a 26-inch barrel and a 14 3/8-inch length of pull. Drop at comb is 2 ¼ inches. Empty weight is just 5.5 pounds.

The Stevens 320 pump-action series has quickly built a reputation for solid and affordable performance in a 12 gauge, whether the tasks are wingshooting or home defense. For 2015, Stevens adds four new 20-gauge models to the series. All offer the same features as their 12-gauge counterparts, including dual-slide bars, a rotary bolt, synthetic stock, and a 5-round tubular magazine capacity. The 320 Field Grade ($235) features a 26-inch vent-ribbed barrel and standard field stock. The 320 Youth Field Grade ($235) features a 22-inch vent-rib barrel. The 320 Security ($234) features a 18.5-inch barrel with a full pistol-grip buttstock.The 320 Security Ghost Ring ($260) offers the same features, but is equipped with a Ghost Ring sight.


A new over/under and additions to the pump and semi-auto shotgun lines highlight Weatherby’s new 2015 offerings. The Orion I over/under ($1,099) uses the proven Orion low-profile steel receiver with a 12-gauge 3-inch chamber, features a walnut stock, and comes with a 26- or 28-inch lightweight, chrome-lined, vented barrel. Other features include a brass bead front sight and Weatherby IMC chokes in IC, M, and F.

The new SA-08 Waterfowler ($799) is a lightweight (6.5 pounds) synthetic-stocked semi-auto in 12-gauge fully covered in Realtree Max-5 camo. It is offered with 26- or 28-inch barrels, and IMC choke tubes (IC, M, and F) are included. The SA-08 Kryptek ($699) is a 20-gauge semi-auto designed for younger shooters. It has a 12.5-inch length of pull, a 24-inch vent-rib barrel with a brass bead front sight, and the supplied choke tubes are IC, M, and F. The synthetic stock is fully dipped in a Kryptek Highlander camo finish. The SA-08 Volt ($699) is the same shotgun with a bright-green spatter paint finish. Each weighs a trim 5.75 pounds.

Weatherby PA-08 Waterfowler
Weatherby’s PA-08 Waterfowler is a pump-action chambered for 12-gauge that’s offered with 26- or 28-inch vent-rib barrels. It boasts a synthetic stock in Realtree Max-5 camo and comes with three choke tubes.

In the pump-action line, the PA-08 Synthetic Compact ($399) offers a synthetic stock and a 12.5-inch length of pull for younger shooters. It is chambered for 20 gauge and has a 22-inch vent-rib barrel and brass bead front sight. It ships with IC, M, and F choke tubes. The PA-08 Waterfowler ($429) is a pump-action chambered for 12 gauge that is offered with 26- or 28-inch vent-rib barrels. It boasts a synthetic stock in Realtree Max-5 camo and comes with choke tubes in IC, M, and F. The PA-08 Turkey ($429) is essentially the same gun as the Waterfowler, but with Realtree Xtra Green camo and a 22-inch barrel. As such, it comes with a single Full choke tube.

The SA-08 Turkey ($799) is a semi-auto available in 12 or 20 gauge with a synthetic stock covered in Realtree Xtra green camo. The 22-inch barrel features a vent rib with a fiber-optic front sight; a Picatinny rail mount is included for mounting optics. It ships with one XF choke tube. The PA-08 Turkey ($599) features all the attributes of the SA-08 Turkey, but in a pump-action.

Winchester Repeating Arms

Winchester Repeating Arms will now offer its SXP pump shotgun in 20-gauge models for 2015. A SXP Field 20-gauge and SXP Field Compact 20-gauge will feature a satin-finished stock and forearm, an alloy receiver in black-matte finish, and an Inflex Technology recoil pad ($429.99). The new SXP Black Shadow in 20 gauge ($399.99) will feature the synthetic stock and forearm with textured gripping surfaces with black-matte finish.

Winchester SX3 12-gauge Ultimate Defender
Winchester’s SX3 12-gauge Ultimate Defender features a black synthetic stock in matte finish with textured gripping surfaces.

Also new for 2015 are the SXP Ultimate Defender ($499.99) and Marine Defender ($539.99) models in 12 gauge. Both feature black synthetic stocks in matte finish with textured gripping surfaces. A Ghost Ring rear sight is integrated into the receiver-mounted Picatinny rail. Front-mounted Picatinny rails allow mounting optional tactical lights or lasers. A Breacher choke tube is also included. The Ultimate Marine Defender will feature matte hard chrome plating on the barrel, magazine tube, slide arms, and other tactical components.

The new SXP Turkey Hunter model will be offered in 12 and 20 gauge. Both have synthetic stocks and each will feature the new Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo pattern and 24-inch barrels with Truglo fiber-optic adjustable sights. The SXP Turkey Hunter 12-gauge ($519.99) has 3 ½-inch chambering; the SXP Turkey Hunter 20-gauge ($549.99) features 3-inch chambers.

Winchester SX3 Long Beard
Winchester’s SX3 pistol-grip Long Beard is a 12 gauge set up for 3.5-inch shells. An Invector-Plus Briley Extra-Full extended choke tube is included.

The Mossy Oak Break-Up Country pattern will be available on the SX3 Universal Hunter semi-auto 12- and 20-gauge models ($1,239.99). The camo will also adorn the SX3 NWTF Cantilever Turkey in both the 12-gauge 3 ½-inch and the 20-gauge 3-inch versions ($1,199.99), as well as the 12-gauge 3 ½-inch SX3 Long Beard Turkey with a pistol-grip stock and Invector-Plus Briley Extra–Full Long Beard extended choke tube ($1,269.99).

With all the new rifles at the SHOT show, which one has you most excited? Share with us in the comment section.

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