SHOT Show 2014 Special Edition Day 4: New Shotguns

Weatherby GH2 with 24-inch barrel and pink spiderweb pattern

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed their final reports on new shotguns introduced at the show. This edition details Remington’s expanded VersaMax line, and two new 870 shotguns in the Tactical line. Also, Weatherby has a new SA-08 28-Gauge Deluxe, more  WBY-X shotguns, and a semi-auto version of the PA-459—the SA-459 Black Reaper. Winchester’s 2014 entries include the SX3 12-gauge 3.5-inch Long Beard turkey gun and a new offering in the SXP pump shotgun line, the Field Compact.

Remington Arms

The VersaMax Tactical 3 Gun (SRP: $1,699) is designed to be a serious competitor in the increasingly popular 3-Gun events. Built on the proven 12-gauge VersaMax gas-port action, it features a 22-inch barrel, green Cerakote receiver with an enlarged feeding port for faster reloading, enlarged bolt closure, safety button cocking handle, and adjustable XS rear sight for increased accuracy with slugs while still providing proper shot load placement. It is equipped with an 8-round, one-piece, carbon-fiber magazine tube with a two-shot carbon-fiber extension tube that can provide a 10+1 capacity. QD sling swivel cups are provided on stock and forend.

Remington Arms VersaMax Tactical 3 Gun with green Cerakote receiver
Remington Arms VersaMax Tactical 3 Gun with green Cerakote receiver

The new VersaMax Wood Tech provides the look of wood with the ability to adjust comb height via interchangeable comb inserts in low, medium and high comb. The 28-inch barrel features extended Pro Bore choke tubes. SRP: $1,630.

The VersaMax Waterfowl Pro (SRP $1,730) features a 28-inch barrel that uses extended Pro Bore choke tubes, tactical bolt handle, bolt button, and safety for easy use with gloves, and a flat-faced carrier. The shotgun is fully covered in Realtree Max-5 camouflage and comes standard with a sling.

The VersaMax Left Hand (SRP: $1,630) offers the same 28-inch barrel, VersaMax action for southpaws, and is covered in Water Fowl camouflage. An additional left-hand model is available in a black synthetic stock with a 26-inch field barrel. SRP: $1,427.

Remington Arms VersaMax Wood Tech
Remington Arms VersaMax Wood Tech

Two 870 pump-action 12-gauge models join the Tactical line. The 870 Magpul FDE (SRP: $898) features an 18.5-inch barrel with an extended tactical ported choke tube, one-piece magazine tube and fully-adjustable XS ghost-ring sight rail with a removable front white bead sight. The receiver and barrel are covered with an FDE Cerakote coating.

The 870 Tactical Pistol Grip (SRP: $496) features an 18.5-inch barrel with an extended tactical ported choke tube, Pachmayr pistol grip stock, bead front sight, matte black finish and one-piece magazine tube. It ships with a black synthetic stock.


Weatherby’s new SA-08 28-Gauge Deluxe (SRP: $849) offers upland hunters a light-recoiling smoothbore with reliable wingshooting performance and distinctively handsome look. This SA-08 model features a frame that has been scaled down to a true 28-gauge size. Weighing in at a petite 5.5 pounds, it will be available with a 26- or 28-inch barrel and a 2¾-inch chamber.

Weatherby SA-08 28-Gauge Deluxe shotgun
Weatherby SA-08 28-Gauge Deluxe

The SA-08 28 Gauge Deluxe sports a select-grade walnut stock with 22-lpi precision-cut checkering. Other key features include a CNC-machined receiver constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that reduces overall weight without compromising strength, drop-out trigger system that removes quickly for cleaning, chrome-lined bore for durability and easy cleaning, lengthened forcing cones for improved pattern and a slight reduction in the already modest recoil, ventilated rib and brass front-bead sight. Each gun ships with three interchangeable choke tubes in Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full.

Weatherby has expanded its popular WBY-X line to its shotgun lineup. The WBY-X concept features established Weatherby models covered in edgy and unconventional camouflage patterns for those shooters who favor a distinctive look. (In that respect, the concept is similar to that used by some competitive shotgunners who decorate their firearms in bright colors and eye-catching wrap-on scenes.) The new WBY-X shotguns feature either the Kryptek Typhon pattern, Proveil Black Reaper, or an attractive black stock with pink spiderwebs. Four new WBY-X models appear in the 2014 smoothbore lineup.

Weatherby GH2 with 24-inch barrel and pink spiderweb pattern
Weatherby GH2 (a member of the WBX line) with 24-inch barrel and pink spiderweb pattern

The SA-08 GH2 (Girls Hunt 2) is the established SA-08 semi-auto model, but with a shortened (12.5 inches) length of pull and a 24-inch barrel. It features a full black stock with an attractive pink spiderweb pattern (SRP: $699).

The PA-459 Typhon TR (SRP: $549) and the PA-08 Typhon TR (SRP: $399) are pump-actions, available in 12 and 20 gauge, designed for home defense. (TR stands for “Threat Response.”) The guns feature 18.5-inch barrels and are finished in the Kryptek Typhon camo pattern.

The SA-459 Black Reaper (SRP: $749) is the semi-auto version of the PA-459 and is also available in both 12 and 20 gauge with an 18.5-inch barrel. It will be finished in Proveil Reaper Black camo.

Winchester Repeating Arms

New in Winchester Repeating Arms’s SX3 semi-auto shotgun line for 2014 is the SX3 12-gauge 3.5-inch Long Beard. Unique features found on this turkey gun include a Briley X-Full Long Beard Invector Plus extended choke tube designed for Winchester Long Beard ammunition, pistol-grip stock with three interchangeable recoil pads to adjust length of pull, and three interchangeable comb pieces to adjust drop on the comb. Other features include a TruGlo fiber-optic front sight with an adjustable folding rear sight and Weaver-style cantilever scope-mount-rail design on the barrel. With a 24-inch barrel, it’s offered in Realtree Xtra Green camo. SRP: $1,269

Winchester SX3 Long Beard shotgun with Realtree Xtra Green camo and truGlo front sight
Winchester SX3 Long Beard

Winchester’s new offering in the SXP pump shotgun line for 2014 is the Field Compact. It has a compact, 13-inch length-of-pull that is scaled down to fit younger shooters and those of smaller stature. The SXP 12-gauge Field Compact (chambered for 3-inch shells) will have a satin finished stock and forearm with traditional checkering to maintain a sure grip. Other features include black chrome protection on the bolt and other components—it lasts longer than traditional bluing—and a hard chrome chamber and bore. It uses the Invector-Plus choke tube system, features .742-inch Back-Bored barrel technology, drop-out trigger group and InFlex recoil pad. Available with a 24-, 26-, or 28-inch barrel. SRP: $399

Which shotgun tickles your fancy—tactical, waterfowl, turkey, 3Gun? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Editor’s Note: Our staff articles are supplemented with reporting by SHOT Business Daily, reprinted with permission. SHOT Daily, produced by The Bonnier Corporation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, covers all facets of the yearly firearms-industry show. To view a 2014 digital version of SHOT Daily, click here.

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