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SHOT Show 2014 Special Edition Day 3: New Optics

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed third-day reports on new optics introduced at the show. The big challenge for a shooter these days is matching the right optic to the right firearm at the right price. Fortunately, manufacturers have been busy adding features to lower-end models to make them more appealing to a broader range of shooters. And at the top end, you’ll be able to find truly astonishing high-end glass. Here’s a look at new riflescopes, dot sights, lasers, and other optics coming this year.


ATN Thermal Imaging Optic TICO
ATN Thermal Imaging Optic TICO

The TICO-Series thermal-imaging optic mounts in front of a daytime scope, enabling thermal vision in day or night operations. The TICO-336 (SRP: $6,195) has a 336×256 microbolometer sensor and a frame rate of 30 or 60 Hz, and the TICO-640 (SRP: $6,195) has a 640×480 sensor and 30 Hz frame rate. The display is a color OLED matrix with video output capabilities.


The AR6 1–6x24mm (SRP: $299) riflescope is designed for short- to mid-range tactical shooting and hunting. The 30mm tube design and fully coated optics provide high light transmission for a bright, crisp image.


The 17 Super Mag Scope Series includes two models, a 6–24x44m (SRP: $159.95) and a 4.5–14x44mm (SRP: $139.95), that are designed for the Winchester 17 Super Magnum cartridge with a ballistic ranging reticle for 20- and 25-grain bullets. The Tactical Weapon 30mm Tube Scope series offers a mil-dot reticle and a fixed parallax setting at 100 yards. Models in 1–4x24mm, 2.5–8x36mm, and 3.5–10x40mm are available. The Tactical Weapon 223 Scope series has five additional models: a fixed-powered 4x30mm (SRP: $89.95), 1–4x24mm (SRP: $117.95), 2–7x36mm (SRP: $149.95), 3–12x40mm (SRP: $169.95), and 6–18x40mm (SRP: $184.95). Designed for military and law enforcement, the line includes two sets of interchangeable turret caps calibrated for .223 Rem. or .300 AAC Blackout.


Bushnell Elite Tactical 1 Mile AR -Laser Rangefinder

The Elite Tactical Hunter line expands with the Elite Long Range Hunting Scope (LRHS) in 3–12x44mm (SRP: $1,499.99). This is the first hunting riflescope offered by Bushnell with a first-focal-plane reticle. It gives hunters the ability to range targets at any magnification using the G2H mil-based reticle.

The Elite Tactical 1-Mile ARC laser rangefinder (SRP: $599) has 7X magnification and ranging capabilities out to 1 mile with 1-yard accuracy. The new Excursion HD open-bridge-design binocular is available in two configurations: 8x42mm (SRP: $179.99) and 10x42mm (SRP: $199.99). Three new night-vision optics in the Equinox Z monocular line include a 3x30mm (SRP: $299.99), 4x40mm (SRP: $349.99), and 6x50mm (SRP: $399.99). They feature digital zoom, image capture, and video recording. The new Gen I night-vision 2.5x40mm (SRP: $599.99) binocular weighs only 17 ounces and has a built-in infrared illuminator (IR). The Truth Laser Rangefinder (SRP: $279.99) uses ClearShot Technology to help bowhunters range through branches and other objects from 7 to 850 yards. It can be calibrated to correspond with the speed of the bow via the sight system.

Carson Optical

The HookUpz adaptor (SRP: $25) connects a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone to a full-size (32mm–50mm objective lens) binocular to take pictures or video directly through the binocular. The HookUpz adaptor for CloseUp Monocular (SRP: $30) also works with a Samsung Galaxy S4.


The Regal M2 series of spotting scopes includes three models: the compact 65ED 16–48x65mm (SRP: $499.95), the 80ED 20–60x80mm (SRP: $699.95), and the 100ED 22–67x100mm (SRP: $849.95). The Regal M2 series all have extra-low dispersion (ED) glass and a dual-focus mechanism for coarse and fine focus.

CenterPoint Outdoors Varmint Laser and Light Converter


The Laser and Light Converter (SRP: $80) is designed to be used with an existing laser or flashlight to help a user see farther at night. Five additions to the CP Tactical Optics line include the compact AO Lite Open Micro Reflex Sight (SRP: $90), the ultra-compact AE Lite Enclosed Micro Reflex Sight (SRP: $62.99), the SE Lite Enclosed Reflex Sight (SRP: $96.99) with an integrated class IIIa red laser, the Small Battle Sight (SRP: $74.99) with a 3 MOA dot, and the Large Battle Sight (SRP: $49.99).

Crimson Trace

The Rail Master Pro Universal Fit Laser and Light CMR-205 (SRP: $279) combines a red laser with a 100-lumen LED light in a 3-ounce compact package that will fit any Picatinny or Weaver rail. Booth #16731.

Halo Optics

Halo Optics is a new brand that offers laser rangefinders. The X-Ray 600 Laser Rangefinder (SRP: $149.99) boasts 6X magnification and a maximum range of 600 yards. It includes AI (Angle Intelligence) technology that accounts for shooting up or down slopes. The X-Ray 900 (SRP: $209.99) ranges out to 900 yards. It also has AI technology. The XRT model (SRP: $129.99) ranges out to 500 yards.



The 1X TAC-DOT (SRP: $129.95) is suitable for a variety of firearms—MSR-style rifles, big-game rifles, shotguns, handguns, and even modern muzzleloaders. An integral clamp works with both Picatinny- and Weaver-style mounts. Target acquisition is fast with the 4 MOA red-dot reticle. The LER line of long eye relief scopes now includes a 2–7x32mm LER Scout with BDC reticle ($199) that’s calibrated for the .308 Win. cartridge and designed for use on the Ruger Model 77 Gunsite Scout rifle. The 3–9x40mm M40 Tactical Hunter ($419) has been refigured for hunting with an improved rangefinding capability. The 3–9x40mm M40 USMC Sniper scope ($419) re-creates the famed optic used on the M40 sniper rifle from the Vietnam War. It features an etched-glass yardage scale and an olive drab anodized finish. The M73G4 (SRP: $359) is a replica of the famed scope used on the M1903A4 sniper rifle and countless centerfire and rimfire rifles. This 3/4-inch tube scope has been enhanced with a modern optical erector unit and fully multi-coated lenses for maximum light transmission.


The T30 series expands with the compact T30 3x–12x50mm (SRP: $499.99) with a 30mm tube, multi-coated lens, and glass-engraved mil-dot illuminated reticle. The M30 2.5x–10x52mm (SRP: $629.99) has a dual-illuminated BDC reticle, anti-canting level bubble, and side parallax wheel. The fast-focus PTS1 3x32mm Prismatic Sight (SRP: $399.99) offers an illuminated sight in four colors (red, blue, green, andblack). The SightPro Atomic QR Tactical Sight (SRP: $229.99) has an integrated 1-inch riser for use on MSRs.


The latest in the TGL series of laser sights is the UTA-TA (SRP: $104.95) designed for the Taurus 738 TCP and 709/740 Slim pistols. It fits into the gun’s housing seamlessly, matching the dust cover and trigger guard.


LaserMax Green Guide Rod Lasers

Guide Rod Lasers for Glock pistols now feature Native Green technology (SRP: $388 to $399). This feature is designed to enhance visibility under daylight shooting conditions.


The BX-1 Yosemite binocular line now has a 10x30mm model (SRP: $129.99) designed to adjust to fit smaller faces. In addition, it has an eye relief suited for novice users or those with eyeglasses or sunglasses. Two additional mid-size roof-prism binoculars in the BX-2 Acadia line are the 8x32mm (SRP: $214.99) and 10x32mm (SRP: $249.99) models. The BX-3 Mojave line of binoculars is expanded with two lightweight 8x32mm and 10x32mm models (SRP: starts at $464.99). The next generation of the DeltaPoint, the DeltaPoint 2 (SRP: $499 to $564), retains the patented motion-sensor technology, which instantly detects motion and activates while automatically adjusting the brightness to the environment, but now also includes a manual brightness adjustment for users who prefer brighter or dimmer dots. The premier VX–6 riflescope line now has a 4–24x52mm side-focus model (SRP: $1,749.99, $1,874.99 with CDS). The VX-6 line features a powerful 6X zoom. CDS (Custom Dial System) models give users the ability to match the cartridge to the scope.


The next generation of the MeoStar riflescope series is the R2 1–6x24mm RD (SRP: $1,595) with a 6X zoom. The illuminated reticle options—either the K-Dot 2 or 4C-RD—allow for fast target acquisition and are well suited for dangerous game or close-quarter-combat situations.


The affordable DMS (Designated Marksman Scope) 1–6x24mm DMS-2 (SRP: $399.99) has been reconfigured with multi-coated optics and the second focal plane BCR-1. The illuminated BDC reticle is calibrated for .223 Rem./5.56 NATO ammunition.


The ZA 5 HD riflescopes have been redesigned with high-definition optics, the RTA (Rapid Target Acquisition) optical system, and 5X zoom. The three HD lines include the ZA 5 HD, ZA 5i HD, and ZA 5 HD TAC. The ZA 5 HD riflescopes have seven variants: 1.2–6x24mm, 2–10x40mm, 2–10x50mm, 3–15x42mm, 3–15x50mm, 3–15x56mm, and 5–25x56mm (SRP: $589 to $959). The ZA 5i HD is available in the same configurations as the ZA 5 HD, but with illuminated reticles (SRP: $689 to $1,039). The ZA HD TAC line offers three models: 1.2–6x24mm, 3–15x50mm, and 5–25x56mm (SRP: $899 to $1,099). The TAC models have lockable, quick-target adjustment, and illuminated tactical reticles. Minox’s ZV 3 line of economical riflescopes now includes a 3–9x50mm (SRP: $299 to $349) and 4.5–14x44mm (SRP: $299 to $349). The BL-HD binocular line is a lightweight open-bridge design. Models include 8x33mm (SRP: $499), 8x44mm HD (SRP: $559), 10x44mm HD (SRP: $579), 8x52mm HD (SRP: $659), and 10x52mm HD (SRP: $689).

Nightforce Optics

The latest addition to the NXS Compact riflescope line is the 2.5–10x42mm (SRP: $1,800), which incorporates a larger objective lens so it is effective in low light without compromising weight and size. It uses DigIllum digital reticle illumination technology and is compatible with night-vision equipment. The competitively priced 4–14x56mm SHV riflescope (SRP: $995, non-illuminated; $1,195, illuminated) uses the same glass and internal components as the NXS series riflescopes. The SHV line (Shooters, Hunters, and Varminters) has a lower retail price due to limited options and configurations. Nightforce Optics’ first spotting scope, the TS-82 Xtreme Hi-Def 20–70x82mm (SRP: $2,600), uses APO fluorite glass for truer colors and razor-sharp resolution with no distortion from edge to edge. An iPhone 4 or 5 can be attached to take photos or videos. Straight or angled eyepieces are available.

Nikko Stirling

The Target Master line now includes five new models: 1.25–5x20mm (SRP: $199), 2.5–10x42mm (SRP: $219), 4–16x44mm (SRP: $250), 5–20x50mm (SRP: $279), and 6–24x50mm (SRP: $299). These scopes have a glass-etched mil-dot reticle.


The Monarch 5 line now has three additional models: the 8x56mm (SRP: $749.95), 16x56mm (SRP: $799.95), and 20x56mm ($899.95). All feature Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass for clarity. The lightweight body is made of fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate resin that is covered in rubber armoring. The Aculon Rangefinder (SRP: $169.95, dark green; $189.95, XTRA Green) is ultra-compact and lightweight, with a 6X magnification. It delivers accurate readings from 6 yards to 550 yards. The Archer’s Choice rangefinder (SRP: $279.95) is designed specifically for bowhunting and uses ID Technology for angle compensation. The latest generation of the Prostaff line is the Prostaff 7 (SRP: $299.95) with ranging ability out to 600 yards.


Pulsar Quantum LSQ19 Thermal Monoculars

The Quantum  (SRP: $3,599.96) and Quantum HS19 (SRP: $4,199.96) thermal monoculars are designed for optimal heat detection and observation in both day and nighttime operations. The units detect heat signatures, successfully penetrating through fog and smoke.


The latest tactical optics models are the Battlezone Tac.22 2–7x34mm riflescope (SRP: $239.99) and the Battlezone 6–18x44mm. Tac.22 is designed for use with .22 LR cartridges; the Tac-MOA reticle and the turrets are calibrated to .22 LR 36-grain bullets at 1,260 fps. The 6–18x44mm features fully multi-coated lenses, Bullet Drop Compensation System (BDC), and TAC-MOA reticle. The Bullet Drop Compensation System comes with two adjustment dials calibrated in .223 Rem./5.56mm NATO (55-grain bullets at 3,100 fps) and .308 Win./7.62mm NATO (168-grain bullets at 2,650 fps). The Accelerator Reflex sight will work with rifles, shotguns, and handguns, and is designed to deliver a crisp sight picture. It has four illumination settings and an automatic shut-off feature to preserve battery life. The economical Renegade line of binoculars has expanded with a 8x36mm and 10x36mm. Both feature fully multi-coated lenses and premium BAK4 prisms for brightness, resolution, and edge clarity. The Revolution riflescope line now has a Revolution/TAC 3–9x40mm with TAC-MOA reticle.


The Compact Green Laser (CGL) sight (SRP: $179.99) easily attaches to pistols and uses an ambidextrous digital on/off switch.


The Military 8×30 R laser rangefinder is designed for military, LE, and tactical operators. It is compact and ranges from 25 meters to 1,700 meters. The mil-based SUMR targeting reticle provides redundancy to the LRF in the event of battery failure or a target beyond the laser’s range. Nighthunter riflescopes include a 1–5x24mm, 1.6–8x42mm, 2–10x50mm, and 3–15x56mm. All were intially designed for night hunting in Europe and are well suited to North American and African game hunting. They feature Steiner Smart Illumination, an illuminated reticle that offers continuously variable dimming of the red dot. The new generation of Predator binocular in 10x42mm, 8x42mm, 8x22mm, and 10x26mm offers 4 percent better light transmission and is a good entry-level German optic.


The next generation of SLC binoculars includes an 8x42mm (SRP: $1,921), 10x42mm (SRP: $1,999), and 15x56mm (SRP: $2,777). Built on the reputation of the SLC line, they offer advanced state-of-the-art coatings and proven HD optics. CL Pocket Binocular in 8x25mm (SRP: $888) and 10x25mm (SRP: $954) offer big performance in a compact, lightweight package. When folded, the CL is easy to transport; when opened, it reveals a full-size binocular.

Tangent Theta

Tangent Theta, based in Canada, has acquired the assets from the former Premier Reticles Limited. For 2014, it has designed a new series of military-quality riflescopes. Initial product offerings include the Professional Marksman Series riflescopes in 3–15x50mm (SRP: $3,697) and 5–25x56mm (SRP: $4,250). Both have 34mm tubes. A lighter-weight version of the 3–15x50mm (SRP: $2,998) uses a 30mm main tube. All incorporate non-translating windage and elevation knobs, zero-stop mechanisms, and illuminated first-focal-plane reticles.


The VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight) 1–6x24mm (SRP: $2,270) combines the toughness and function of combat-proven ACOG sights with a variable-power optic.


TruGlo Triton 30mm Lightweight Tactical Tri-Color Red-Dot-Sight TG8230RB

The Triton 30mm Lightweight Tactical Tri-Color red-dot sight (SRP: $149.99) has a 5 MOA reticle in three reticle colors (red, green, and blue). The Tru-Brite Xtreme Dual-Color Tactical Compact riflescope combo (SRP: $159.99) includes one-piece, 1-inch rings and mount, and features a dual-color illuminated mil-dot reticle. The Tactical 3–9x42mm Illuminated reticle riflescope combo (SRP: $179.99) has a one-piece, 30mm tube equipped with a mil-dot reticle and BDC (Bullet Drop Compensating) turrets calibrated for .223 Rem. and .308 Win.

U.S. Optics

The new SR-4C dot sight features 1X power with a daylight-visible red-dot sight rolled up in a lightweight 30mm aluminum body. It has 12 pre-programmed intensity settings, four of which are night-vision-compatible. A new line of Horus Vision reticles will debut in the SR-8, LR-17, MR-10, and ER-25 product groups.


The Razor HD Gen II 4.5–27x56mm (SRP: $2,999) and 3–18x50mm (SRP: $2,599) are all new and built for dialing in precision long-range shots. The L-Tec Turret System has an integrated pop-up-and-down locking mechanism that prevents accidental elevation adjustment. The lockable illumination dial is integrated into the side-focus adjustment knob for easy access and features 11 intensity levels of illumination with off positions between each setting. The first-focal-plane glass-etched reticle ensures subtensions remain accurate throughout the zoom range. Available with MOA or mrad turrets and reticles.


The economical KASPA tactical line expands with the Tactical 3–12x44mm Mil/Mil scope (SRP: $334.95). It features an illuminated EMDR (Enhanced Mil-Dot Ranging) reticle and turrets with .1-mil per click. Dark Earth is the latest finish available for the KASPA tactical 1.5–6x32mm (SRP: $309.95) and 3–12x44mm (SRP: $354.95) models. New to the KASPA hunter line are a 3–9x40mm (SRP: $279.95) and 4–16x44mm (SRP: $319.95), both with illuminated Dual-X reticles. For long-range work, the KASPA 6–18x44mm Long Range Scope (SRP: $319.95) offers side-focus parallax adjustment and three reticle choices: classic Dual-X, precision Ballistic-X, or Varmint Enhanced Ballistic-X. The 3X Prism Scope (SRP: $319.95) features an internal prism and 30mm objective design for a compact optic that’s well suited for hunting, competition, and tactical use. The KASPA 10x42mm binocular (SRP: $129.95, tan; $149.95, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity) is ergonomically designed for easy handling and extended viewing.


The Terra 3X line now has a 3–9x50mm Z-Plex (SRP: $499.99), a 3–9x50mm RZ6 (SRP: $555.54), a 4–12x50mm Z-Plex (SRP: $555.54), and a 4–12x50mm RZ8 (SRP: $611.10). The compact Terra 3X riflescopes are lightweight, with a one-inch tube and MC anti-reflective coatings. The latest addition to the Conquest series is the HD5 3–15x50mm designed for low-light conditions with a large objective and four reticle options: Z-Plex (SRP: $1,144.43), Locking Plex (SRP: $1,277.77), Rapid-Z 600 (SRP: $1,222.21), and Rapid-Z 800 ($1,222.21). Additions to the Conquest HD binocular line include three models with 56mm objectives: 15x56mm (SRP: $1,611.10), 10x56mm (SRP: $1,666.66), and 15x56mm (SRP: $1,777.77). All are designed to meet the needs of Western or mountain hunters, who require increased magnification with detailed resolution.


Editor’s Note: Our staff articles are supplemented with reporting by SHOT Business Daily, reprinted with permission. SHOT Daily, produced by The Bonnier Corporation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, covers all facets of the yearly firearms-industry show. To view a 2014 digital version of SHOT Dailyclick here.

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