SHOT Show 2014 Special Edition Day 2: New Rifles

Winchester Model 1873 Color Case Hardened

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed more reports on new rifle introductions made at the show, and this edition includes coverage of major manufacturers such as CZ-USA, FNH-USA, and Winchester.



CZ’s popular 455 bolt-action rimfire will see four new models this year. The 455 Training Rifle (SRP: $374) moves the popular .22 LR training rifle into the 455 bolt-action rifle platform. Like its predecessor, it has a 24.8-inch barrel, tangent rear sight that is adjustable for distance and beechwood stock with a Schnabel forend. The biggest difference is the ability to change the barrels and stocks; a trait possessed by all 455 models. The 455 Training Rifle is shipped with a five-round polymer magazine, but a single-shot adapter and 10-round magazines are available.

The 455 Precision Trainer (SRP: $940) is designed to provide the same look and feel as a full-size tactical bolt-action rifle while allowing for economical .22LR training. It features a Manners Composite T4 stock (made up of multiple layers of carbon fiber and fiberglass hand-laid in high-temperature epoxy resins that are vacuum heat cured) with a new camouflage paint pattern and .866-inch diameter heavy barrel.

CZ-USA 455 Varmint Precision Training rifle
CZ-USA 455 Varmint Precision Training Rifle

The 455 American Synthetic Suppressor-Ready (SRP: $421) features a 16.5-inch barrel in .22 LR that is factory-threaded to accept muzzle devices using ½-28 threads. The stock is black synthetic with a soft-touch finish. The 455 Varmint Tacticool Suppressor-Ready (SRP: $549) sports a 16.5-inch varmint barrel with a factory-cut ½-28 thread pattern that accepts many aftermarket suppressors.

The CZ 557 bolt-action is a new addition to the line, and a departure from the Mauser-style bolt found on the company’s 550 models. It features a short extractor and plunger-style ejector, commonly called a “push-feed system,” that provides smooth operation with enhanced ejection and also makes it easier to load single rounds into the chamber—a feature many shooters prefer for range work. The new receiver is machined from steel billet, and has CZ’s integral 19mm dovetails for scope mounting. Equipped with a two-position safety, the bolt can be cycled while the safety is in the “on” position. The trigger mechanism is fully user-adjustable to tune pull weight, creep and overtravel. The 557 will be available in both short- and long-action models, depending upon caliber and in three distinct model variations.

The 557 Sporter Manners (SRP: $1,268) is available in .30-06 Sprg., .270 Win. and 6.5×55 mm. It features a 20.5-inch barrel (without sights), hinged floor-plate magazine with four-round capacity, and the Manners composite carbon-fiber stock in Coyote Tan. Empty weight is 6.7 pounds.

The 557 Sporter (SRP: $792) will be available in .30-06 Sprg., .243 Win., .270 Win., 6.5×55 mm, and .308 Win. It features a classic walnut stock without a cheekpiece and a 20.5-inch barrel without sights. Empty weight is 7.8 pounds.

The 557 Carbine (SRP: $812) is available in .30-06 Sprg., .243 Win., .270 Win., 6.5×55 mm and .308 Win. It features a walnut stock with cheekpiece as well as a 20.5-inch barrel with an elevation-adjustable fiber-optic front sight and a windage-adjustable rear sight.

CZ-USA 550 Magnum Western Badlands rifle
CZ-USA 550 Magnum Western Badlands

Four new models enter the classic Mauser bolt-action 550 line this year. The 550 Badlands (SRP: $2,599) is chambered for the .338 Lapua and designed to deliver massive energy at extended ranges. At 800 yards the .338 Lapua 300-grain hunting loads deliver more than 2,000 foot-pounds of energy, making it more than adequate for any North American game as well as most African species.

The 550 Badlands action is anchored in an American-patterned Kevlar-reinforced stock with a full-length aluminum bedding block. The premium 25-inch medium-weight barrel is equipped with a custom muzzle brake to reduce recoil and redirect muzzle blast. A thread protector is included for those who choose to dispense with the muzzle brake. Empty weight is 9.2 pounds.

The 550 Sonoran (SRP: $3,199) is built to be more of a long-range hunting rifle than a lighter-weight mountain rifle, but the empty weight is kept under 8 pounds through the use of the Manners composite stock and fluted barrels. Designed for rough use, the Sonoran is ferritic-nitrocarburized inside and out. That results in a Rockwell hardness of R72 while providing exceptional corrosion resistance. The stock is an olive drab Manners carbon-fiber composite, with all metalwork finished in flat black QPQ nitride.

The Sonoran is available in 7mm Rem. Mag. and .300 Win. Mag. with 26-inch No. 4 contour fluted barrels. Empty weight is 7.8 pounds. It is also available in standard chamberings (.30-06 Sprg. and .270 Win.) with a 24-inch No. 3 contour fluted barrel. Empty weight is 7.6 pounds.

CZ-USA 557 Sporter with Manners stock
CZ-USA 557 Sporter with Manners stock

The 500 Magnum H.E.T. II (SRP: $3,929) is a redesign of the High Energy Tactical precision long-range platform. A 550 Magnum action rides in a Manners tactical series stock with an adjustable cheekpiece and is covered with a molded-in midnight camo finish. It is fed by Accuracy International detachable magazines that are secured in the chassis by custom Badger Ordnance bottom metal. A low-mount Picatinny rail provides the optics mounting platform. The 25-inch barrel is fitted with a Badger Ordnance FTE muzzle brake. Chambered for .338 Lapua, CZ claims sub-MOA accuracy with quality ammunition. Overall length is 48 inches, and empty weight is 14 pounds. Length of pull is 13.75 inches.

The 550 Varmint Tacticool (SRP: $924) is the CZ 550 Varmint platform upgraded with a Boyds foliage-green Tacticool stock. Chambered for .308 Win., it is fed from detachable magazines.


For 2014, FNH USA announces the release of a new modern sporting rifle line. It consists of the FN 15 Carbine and the FN 15 Rifle.

The FN 15 Carbine features a 16-inch chrome-lined barrel and is chambered for 5.56mm NATO. A black two-piece, ribbed, round polymer forearm and a six-position collapsible buttstock are standard and provide a length of pull from 9.9 to 13.2 inches, with an overall extended length of 35.2 inches. It uses a 1:7 twist barrel and an A2-style compensator and A2 fixed front sight. The rear sight is a removable A4-style carry handle rear sight. Empty weight is 6.9 pounds.

FN 15 Carbine
FN 15 Rifle

The FN 15 Rifle features a 20-inch chrome-lined bore in 5.56mm NATO chambering (1:7 twist) with an A2 fixed front sight and compensator and an A4 removable rear sight. It also has a two-piece ribbed round polymer forearm, but this version sports a fixed A2-style buttstock. Length of pull is 10.6 inches. Overall length is 39.5 inches, and the empty weight is 7.9 pounds.

Winchester Repeating Arms

Last year Winchester Repeating Arms announced the return of the Model 1873 lever-action rifle touted as “The Gun that Won the West.” For 2014 Winchester Repeating Arms will expand its offerings in the Model 1873 to include a new color case-hardened model, along with adding the .44-40 Win. and .45 Colt calibers. The receiver and steel crescent buttplate on the new model have a color case-hardened finish with walnut straight grip stock and forearm in a satin oil finish. This short rifle version of the Model 1873 has a blued, 20-inch round barrel with full-length magazine tube, as well as a semi-buckhorn rear sight and Marble Arms gold-bead front sight. It will be available in .357 Mag./.38 Special as well as the new calibers noted above. SRP: $1,579.99.

Winchester Model 1873 Color Case Hardened
Winchester Model 1873 Color Case Hardened

Also new in the company’s line of historical rifles is the Model 1885 Hunter Rimfire single-shot. For something a little unusual, this low-wall rimfire edition of the 1885 rifle is chambered in .22 LR, .22 WMR, .17 HMR, or the new .17 Winchester Super Magnum. The new 1885 Hunter Rimfire will feature a checkered walnut pistol-grip stock and Schnabel-style forearm with an oil finish. The 24-inch barrel is button rifled for outstanding accuracy. The receiver and barrel have a blued steel finish. SRP: $1,469.99.

Winchester 1892 Large Loop Carbine
Winchester 1892 Large Loop Carbine

Another Winchester Repeating Arms historical rifle that will be re-introduced for 2014 is the Model 1892 Large Loop Carbine. It will feature a walnut straight-grip stock and classic carbine-style forearm in a satin finish. A round 20-inch barrel with a full-length magazine is also featured. The receiver, barrel, steel carbine strap buttplate, and steel barrel band are all in a blued finish. The large lever loop adds to the authentic look of this classic carbine. Available in .357 Mag., .44 Rem. Mag., .44-40 Win., and .45 Colt. SRP: $1,259.99.

2014 is off to a great start with the introduction of several new rifles. Do you have a favorite? Share it with us in the comment section.


Editor’s Note: Our staff articles are supplemented with reporting by SHOT Business Daily, reprinted with permission. SHOT Daily, produced by The Bonnier Corporation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, covers all facets of the yearly firearms-industry show. To view a 2014 digital version of SHOT Dailyclick here.

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