SHOT Show 2014 Special Edition Day 2: New Handguns

GLOCK 42 .380 ACP pistol

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed their second-day reports on new handguns introduced at the show. In this edition are details of Browning’s A1 Desert Tan and Compact Desert Tan 1911-22LRs; CZ-USA’s P-09, a full-size polymer 9mm pistol offering 19+1 capacity; and Glock’s Gen4 Tactical .45 ACP and the new Glock 42 .380 ACP.

Browning A1 Desert Tan 1911-22LR pistol
Browning A1 Desert Tan 1911-22LR


The A1 Desert Tan and Compact Desert Tan 1911-22LR models feature a new composite frame in the popular color. The 1911-22LRs are scaled down to 85% of John M. Browning’s original .45 ACP Model to make them ideal for plinking, hunting and target shooting. These new lightweight models are even lighter than the aluminum frame 1911-22LR models: The Desert Tan A1 weighs 14 ounces and has a 4.5-inch barrel, while the Compact Desert Tan version weighs 13.5 ounces, with a 3 5/8-inch barrel. Both feature machined aluminum slides in a matte black finish. SRP: $579.


The CZ P-09 is CZ’s full-size polymer 9mm semi-auto pistol offering 19+1 capacity with a flush-fitting magazine in a standard service-size pistol. Featuring the versatile Omega DA/SA trigger system, the gun is shipped with decocker levers installed, but can be converted to a manual safety-system pistol with the included parts and instructions. The CZ P-09 also includes interchangeable backstraps (small, medium and large) that allow the shooter to customize the pistol’s grip to his or her hand size for the optimal trigger-finger positioning. An integral Picatinny 1913 rail on the dust cover allows the use of lights or add-on lasers.

CZ P-09 Suppressor-Ready pistol
CZ P-09 Suppressor-Ready handgun

The P-09 Suppressor-Ready (SRP: $577) is available in 9mm. It has low sights and an extended muzzle that is threaded with ½-28 threads to accept a variety of aftermarket suppressors. The P-09 Flat Dark Earth (SRP: $596) features a flat dark earth frame coupled with Tritium three-dot night sights.

The CZ P-07 is the updated version of the compact CZ 75 P-07 Duty. The debut of the full-size P-09 last year brought refined lines and interchangeable backstraps to the CZ Omega polymer pistol line, and this year the P-07 follows suit. Available in 9mm (SRP: $510) and .40 S&W (SRP: $524), the CZ P-07 offers the same ability to shift from a decocker to a manual safety in mere minutes and simple tools. It features a new nitrate slide finish and a snag-free hammer. The entire pistol has been dehorned to remove any sharp edges to make it comfortable for all-day carry. Interchangeable backstraps (small, medium and large) allow shooters to fit the gun to their hand for the proper trigger reach. The newly-designed trigger shape improves shooter control and comfort. A 1913 dust cover rail, metal three-dot sights, front and rear cocking serrations, and beefed-up magazine spring complete the upgrades.

CZ 75 B Omega pistol
CZ 75 B Omega

The new CZ 75 B Omega (SRP: $544) features a simpler and more robust version of the CZ-75 trigger system. The interlocking design of the new trigger system allows for easier detail stripping without the need for tools. The trigger parts themselves are made from more durable materials for enhanced service life.

Under the Dan Wesson banner, 2014 will see a new high-end 9mm competition pistol and a compact carry model. Serious action-pistol competitors get a new high-capacity double-stack-magazine 9mm 1911 that offers 21+1 rounds on tap with the DW Elite Series Chaos (SRP: $3,829). Hand-built on a double-stack frame, the Chaos features a black matte finish, fiber-optic sights with a fully adjustable rear sight, front and rear cocking serrations, a 1913 Picatinny rail and match-tuned trigger.

Glock 41 Gen4 .45 ACP pistol
Glock 41 Gen4 .45 ACP

The DW Guardian (SRP: $1,558) is a Commander-size 1911 with an anodized-aluminum bobtail frame and mainspring housing, black Duty finish, tritium night sights and Commander-length steel slide. While this was already available in 9mm and .45 ACP, 2014 sees the introduction of a chambering in .38 Super.


Two new models join the Glock product line this year: a new Gen4 Tactical .45 ACP and ultra-compact .380 ACP. The new Glock 41 Gen4 .45 ACP is a practical/tactical pistol designed to maximize the sight radius and barrel length while maintaining light weight and balance. It is built with a G34 slide on a G21 Gen4 frame. At 24 ounces empty weight, it is 1.5 ounces lighter than the G21 Gen4.

GLOCK 42 .380 ACP pistol
The Glock 42 .380 ACP is the smallest pistol Glock has made to date.

The G41 Gen4 features a 5.31-inch barrel. The sight radius is 7.56 inches with polymer sights. The width is 1.28 inches. The standard trigger is the 5.62-pound module, and the double-stack magazine holds 13 rounds. It features all of the standard Gen4 features, including the Modular Back Strap design, rough-textured frame surface and dual-recoil-spring assembly. Overall length is 8.90 inches. Height is 5.47 inches with the magazine inserted.

That is for a full-size pistol, but for those who want something smaller, the new Glock 42 .380 ACP should do. It is the smallest pistol Glock has ever made. This ultra-compact .380 pistol weighs in at 12.35 ounces empty. Overall length is 5.94 inches; barrel length is 3.25 inches. It features the standard 5.62-pound trigger module, polymer sights, and six-round magazine capacity.

Whether it is a .22 LR or Glock’s newest mini or something from Dan Wesson, what are you most looking forward to in a new handgun this year? Call out one of these models or something else that excites you in the comment section.

Editor’s Note: Our staff articles are supplemented with reporting by SHOT Business Daily, reprinted with permission. SHOT Daily, produced by The Bonnier Corporation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, covers all facets of the yearly firearms-industry show. To view a 2014 digital version of SHOT Dailyclick here.

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Comments (13)

  1. Glad to see the Glock 42 made it to the shot show. I bought my wife one in June. It is the most accurate sub compact I have fired. Recoil is unbeleiveable low. It is hard for me to keep .380 around the house. She is a very small woman. 4’11” 95 lbs with small hands. She use to carry a Walther PK380 to help with recoil management. She would only shoot about a box a range session. Last time at the range with the G42 she shoot 2 and 1/2 boxes. Love the gun. I don’t carry my Bobyguard anymore. I steal her G42 when I can.

  2. I will be intseted to see how long it will take Glock to get the g42 distributed to the point of sale (dealer). Are dealers going to be demanding higher than MSRP prices due to a slower production and high demand. When trying to by a .380 Colt Mustang I was relived to find one at Cabela’s in Dallas. The MSRP was at $599.99 then. I called to inquire. Cabela’s store was $650.00.they were hard to come by I was told! I am now glad that Glock has stepped up . I am sure that an array of after market products will soon follow!

  3. I love my Glock 21 and was excited when I heard Glock was introducing a .380 sub compact, but, 6+1, very disappointing! If it were a 10+1 double stack, I would have bought it hands down, no questions asked! Too bad. I guess I’ll stick with my 1st choice, S&W Bodyguard. The Bodyguard is much smaller with the same capacity.

  4. Michael Whitman,

    Just for the record I saw the bullet hole in the car with my own eyes.

    You have a point regarding someone pointing a gun at you, but the Glendale Police Dept. has filed felony charges against the vigilante. This is a lesson to be learned for all of us who like to carry guns around. We have to use our best judgement when a situation confronts us. I don’t know how I would have reacted because I couldn’t see (on the TV news) what the vigilante saw through his own eyes.

    The Phoenix TV news treated him rather well. It was KFYI, our CONSERVATIVE talk radio station, who called him a dumb___ this morning.

  5. Richard from Az. Before you pass on what the anti-gun media reports, please check the facts. Most of what was reported in the media about the mall parking lot shooting has been proven to be false. No cars were hit and a hysterical anti-gun women claims she “felt” a bullet pass over her head. The bullets hit nowhere near any bystanders. When someone points a gun at you, you don’t have time to analyze if it’s real or a toy.

  6. David thanks for informing us about the movie theater gun. I have a Ruger LCP .380 and sometimes I get upset when I’m in a situation where I need to carry the Ruger instead of my 9mm or 10mm, so it’s good to know about the stopping power. However, yes an incredibly sad story at the theater that never should have happened. We had one over here in Arizona last week where a shoplifting woman was running AWAY from a security guard in a mall parking lot, and she waved a TOY gun at him, and some vigilante went hog wild with his 9mm and shot up some innocent people’s cars, almost hitting a shopper in her car.

    As far as the Glock goes, yes 6 rounds is pretty weak. What a buzz kill.

  7. The Glock 42 is a approx. 6″ long x 4″ high x .94″ wide SINGLE stack pistol [smaller than most men’s open hand]. It will be easy to conceal in a pocket, unlike the other thicker chunkier ‘baby’ Glocks. It is about the same size as a S&W .38spl airweight revolver w/ a 1.8″ barrel …. which fits easily in a man’s front jean pocket… only the Glock 42 is thinner.

    And, it also has the advantage of much less felt recoil than what a 9mm would have… thus more easily brought back on target after each shot.

    I wish people would stop bellyaching about the .380! If you don’t like them, then don’t buy or carry one. People have bought 10’s of thousands of .380 LCP’s & KelTec’s so obviously there is a market for a reliable Glock .380 as well.

    As for stopping power… while it is a very sad story… the man who was killed this last week in a movie theater during a argument over text messaging… collapsed immediately and died within approx. a minute of being shot 1 time in the chest by a single .380 bullet… fired from a small mouse gun. So the .380 is a effective round. There have been numerous news stories over the years of people who were killed by the .380 round. If a person can’t do any good against a attacker with 7 aimed & quickly fired rounds of .380 JHP, then they probably shouldn’t be carrying a gun.

  8. glock does make a .380 in a double stack. model 25 atf says it doesnt make the score so they wont allow importation of that model.

    The GLOCK 25 in low-recoil .380 Auto was introduced in 1995 in Germany. This small-dimension firearm was developed for markets where civilian personnel are not allowed to possess handguns featuring military calibers. In the USA, the G25, and all of GLOCK’s .380 Auto pistols are reserved for law enforcement agencies only.

  9. I LOVE Glocks, but I’m not impressed with the new .380. Only 6 rounds? A double-stack magazine and you can only do 6? Of .380, which already lacks the penetrating power of 9MM and above? Might as well carry a revolver. Same capacity, bigger caliber and with the possibility of many malfunctions removed. Yes, you can reload the Glock quicker, but reloading sucks even if you’re good at it. I think this one will fall short. Could have been a home run if they could have gotten up to 8-10 rounds of .380.

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