SHOT Show 2014 Special Edition Day 2: New Ammo & Accessories

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed reports on new ammunition and accessories introduced at the show. For ammo, here’s a look at what 2014 has to offer from Hornady and Remington, including new lines of lighter-recoiling rifle hunting loads and shotgun slug loads.


Hornady Custom Lite ammunition provides 25 to 40 percent reduced felt recoil and muzzle blast for kids, women, and any shooter looking to keep recoil to a minimum while still enjoying the use of their favorite rifle. Loaded with either the Hornady SST or InterLock bullet, Custom Lite ammunition delivers less felt recoil and a modified trajectory that still provides accurate, deadly and dependable performance. It will be available in 20-round boxes in the following loads: 87-grain SST .243 Win. (2,800 fps $26.99), 120-grain SST .270 Win. (2,675 fps, $26.99), 120-grain SST 7mm-08 Rem. (2,675 fps, $26.99), 139-grain SST 7mm Rem. Mag. (2,800 fps, $47.51), 150-grain Interlock RN .30-30 Win. (2,100 fps, $21.99), 125-grain SST .308 Win. (2,675 fps, $26.99), 125-grain SST .30-06 Springfield (2,700 fps, $26) and 150-grain SST .300 Win. Mag. (2,800 fps, $47.51).

Hornady Custom Lite Family

The new Custom Lite Shotgun Slug provides hunters with a reduced-recoil alternative for their 20 and 12 gauge rifled-barrel slug guns. Ideal for youth, women, or anyone looking to tame the recoil, these produce 25 to 40 percent (20 gauge and 12 gauge, respectively) less felt recoil compared to standard 20 and 12 slug options.

The 12 gauge American Whitetail Slugs are designed for fully-rifled barrels and are loaded with 325-grain Hornady InterLock bullets at 1,825 fps. This hollowpoint serrated design initiates rapid expansion upon impact, and a tough lead alloy core is lethal out to more than 200 yards. The rigid polycarbonate sabot ensures accuracy capable of taking the biggest whitetails. Packed in a five-round box. SRP: $14.20.

Hornady American Whitetail 12 Gauge Slug
Hornady American Whitetail 12 Gauge Slug

The 135-grain Flexlock .357 SIG (1225 fps) is the latest addition to the Hornady Critical Duty line of ammunition. This load meets FBI established protocol standards for penetration and terminal performance through all FBI test barriers. The FlexLock bullet features the Hornady exclusive Flex Tip technology that enhances barrier penetration and prevents clogging for terminal performance. A massive jacket-to-core InterLock band locks the jacket and core together for high weight retention. The Critical Duty line features low-flash propellants and nickel-plated cases with sealed primers and case mouths. SRP: $30.32, per box of 20.

The new 20-gauge addition to the Heavy Magnum Turkey ammunition lineup further expands the options available to turkey hunters. The three-inch, 20-gauge shell is loaded with 1 3⁄8 ounces of No. 5 nickel-plated lead shot. The thickest nickel-plating in the industry minimizes shot deformation, which reduces fliers and produces dense pellet patterns. Patterning is controlled via a Versatite wad, which typically patterns best with an improved cylinder or modified choke. The wad strips cleanly from the pellets in flight without disruption, resulting in a shorter shot string that delivers more collective energy on impact. At 1200 fps the 20-gauge Heavy Magnum Turkey load allows hunters to achieve lethal results out to 50 yards. SRP: $17.81, 10-round box.

The Custom Ammunition line sees the addition of the 140-grain Interlock SP (2,680 fps). SRP: $44.65, 20-round box). Also in the line is the 250-grain Interlock SP-RP .338 Lapua (2,900 fps). SRP: $101.99, 20-round box.

The Superformance Ammunition line is joined by the 250-grain GMX Superformance .375 Ruger (2,900 fps, SRP: $86.81 20-round box) and the 250-grain GMX Superformance .375 H&H (2,890 fps). SRP: $90.44 for a 20-round box.


The Hog Hammer rifle-cartridge line has earned high-performance marks for the deep penetration achieved by the Barnes TSX bullets. The ammo has also earned recognition for its reduced flash propellants and nickel-plated cases. For 2014 the .450 BM with a 275-grain TSX bullet will be added to the line.

Remington Hog Hammer
Remington Hog Hammer

Later in the year, Remington anticipates expanding the line with TSX bullets to include an 85-grain .243 Win., 110-grain SPC 6.8 Rem., 140-grain .270 Win., 140-grain 7mm-08, 123-grain 7.62×39, 180-grain .300 Win. Mag., 250-grain .338 Win. Mag. and 300-grain .45-70 Gov’t.

In the HyperSonic line, Remington will add a 160-grain 7mm Rem. and 180-grain .3

Remington Hyper Sonic

08 Win.

Compact, short-barreled handguns are among the most popular choices for concealed carry, yet those shorter barrels result in a reduced velocity that can negatively effect the performance of many handgun loads that were designed for optimal performance from full-sized duty handguns. Remington’s new Ultimate Defense Compact Handgun line is designed to produce optimal performance from compact handguns.

The new line uses the same brass-jacket technology as its proven Golden Saber line, but incorporates new spiral nose cuts, along with a softer lead core to assure expansion at lower velocities. The cartridges are assembled in nickel-plated cases for smooth feeding and corrosion resistance and feature flash-suppressed powders and waterproofing on the case mouths and primers. They will be available in 102-grain .380 ACP, 124-grain 9mm Luger, 125-grain .38 Spl+P, 180-grain .40 S&W and 230-grain .45 ACP.

Do Hornady and Remington have something new that piques your interest? Vote for your new favorite in the comment section.

Our staff articles are supplemented with reporting by SHOT Business Daily, reprinted with permission. SHOT Daily, produced by The Bonnier Corporation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, covers all facets of the yearly firearms-industry show.  To view a 2014 digital version of SHOT Dailyclick here.

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  1. We have a real hog problem on my Texas ranch. I have used my deer rifle .3006 with 165 gr. loads that I use for Mulie and white tail, but could never get a blood trail on a big hog. I bought the Hog Hammer and have not lost a hog since (12 big hogs in the last month). I love this ammo and would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Sir, I kind of new at this. I would like to know why it is that I cannot find any 22 Mag. ammunition to buy for pistol I recently bought? Where can I buy the ammo?
    Thank You!
    Sam McCreary

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