SHOT Show 2014 Special Edition Day 1: New Ammo & Accessories

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed their first reports on new ammunition and accessories introduced at the show. With ammo makers utilizing all their capacity, and running virtually 24/7, to feed the 2013 buying frenzy, you wouldn’t expect to see a significant number of new offerings this year—but you would be wrong. Although new load development has been somewhat curtailed to meet existing demand, there are some exciting new products making an appearance this year. Here’s a look at what 2014 has to offer from ammo makers Barnes Bullets, CCI/Speer and Federal, and optics maker Burris is rolling out a new riflescope line and a new CQB sight.

Barnes Bullets

The .300 AAC Blackout has become a popular load for the modern sporting rifle; for 2014 Barnes will introduce an all-copper polymer-tipped 120-grain.


Whether it’s plinking, small-game hunting or discreet pest control, shooters can get the most from their suppressed .22-caliber firearms with the new CCI Suppressor 22 Long Rifle ammunition. Designed for suppressed firearms, the advertised velocity of 970 fps is sub-sonic, which further reduces the sound signature. The 45-grain lead hollowpoint bullet was designed to expand reliably at that velocity. Clean-burning powders reduce blowback and suppressor fouling, and the load provides consistent function in semi-auto firearms.

CCI Suppressor 22 Long Rifle
CCI Suppressor 22 Long Rifle

Although designed for suppressed firearms, the load will function reliably in non-suppressed guns, and its sub-sonic velocity provides a reduced sound signature that can be an asset in semi-rural, discreet pest control. The Suppressor .22 LR load is packed in a durable plastic, 50-round box. SRP: $5.95.

Federal Premium

Those favoring the 10mm Auto will find a serious hunting load in Federal’s new line up while slug shooters will find some useful line additions in Federal’s proven TruBall slug line. When loaded to its full potential, the 10mm Auto offers significantly more power than the best .357 Magnum loads, treading closely on the heels of the .41 Magnum. That makes it eminently suitable for taking deer-sized game at ranges under 100 yards. Reloaders can realize that power, but those who rely on factory ammunition have had a problem finding 10mm Auto loads at that full-power level. Some factories download 10mm loads to performance levels that barely exceed the .40 S&W.

The new Federal Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded 10mm Auto now provides an over-the-counter load that produces all the game-harvesting power the 10mm has to offer. The Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded 10mm Auto load uses a new Trophy Bonded 180-grain soft-point bullet designed for hunting. Based upon the proven Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullet design, it features a heavy jacket that provides a formed inner profile that pre-programs expansion and controls it to ensure deep penetration with maximum weight retention. The soft-point design ensures reliable feeding in semi-auto handguns.

Federal claims 1275 fps with the 180-grain Trophy Bonded bullet, and the cartridges are assembled in nickel-plated cases that provide easy extraction and prevent case corrosion during long-term storage.

The Federal Premium TruBall slug was designed to provide maximum accuracy from a smooth-bore barrel. The design features a specifically engineered plastic ball that sits between the wad and the slug’s rear cavity. This centers the rifled slug as it travels down the smooth-bore barrel, yet provides a clean separation of the slug and ball after they exit the muzzle. This technology has produced groups as tight as 1.4 inches at 50 yards, and two-inch groups are not uncommon—excellent accuracy from a smoothbore slug gun.

Federal Premium TruBall 3-inch Slug Load

Originally offered in 2 3/4-inch 12 gauge, it will now be available in three-inch loads in 12 and 20 gauge. The three-inch 20 gauge load features a 3/4-ounce slug while the 3-inch 12 gauge load uses a one-ounce slug.


The venerable Champion 36-grain copper-plated .22 LR hollowpoint gets a new home this year in the Fresh Fire Pack. Carrying 325 rounds, the Fresh Fire Pack (SRP: $19.99) consists of a round, stackable nitrogen-sealed can that is weatherproof and waterproof for long-term storage. This prevents tarnish and corrosion and keeps the loads fresh and ready for use. A resealable plastic lid allows repeated access.


Burris introduces the new  Veracity riflescope line and a new CQB sight, the AR-1X Prism, made for shooting in intense competitive or tactical situations.

Veracity riflescopes feature a five-times-zoom system, providing a larger field of view at close ranges and better target acquisition at long ranges. Multi-Turn Target Knobs found on 4x-20x and 5x-25x models offer up to 15 MOA adjustment per rotation with multi revolutions of adjustment. They also feature Zero Click Stop to quickly revert back to your original yardage setting without counting revolutions.

A finger-adjustment zero is offered for both windage and elevation on the low profile E1 Hunter Adjustment Knobs found on the 2x-10x and 3x-15x models.

Veracity reticles feature a Front Focal Plane (FFP) design and the new PTC Technology. FFP reticles keep reticle measurements accurate at any power. The Ballistic E1 FFP reticle features trajectory compensation out to 600 yards, with cascading wind dots to help compensate for wind. The Ballistic E1 FFP Varmint rifle offers trajectory compensation out to 700 yards and adds MOA tick marks to aid in distance measurement and target size determination.

Progressively Thick Crosshairs (PTC) provide very fine central crosshairs that become thicker as they move away from the center.

The following models are available in the Veracity family of riflescopes:

2x-10x-42mm Ballistic E1 FFP
3x-15x-50mm Ballistic E1 FFP
4x-20x-50mm Ballistic E1 FFP Varmint
5x-25x-50mm Ballistic E1 FFP Varmint

The AR-1X Prism has a highly visible reticle design for close quarters shooting, and provides trajectory compensation out to 600 yards. It has 1X magnification and perfectly with magnifying devices like the Burris AR-Tripler.

The new Ballistic CQ 1X reticle is an illuminated reticle available in three colors — red, green, or black. Push-button activation lets the user quickly transition between colors and brightness settings. One high-end lithium AA battery will yield up to 5,000+ hours of service. Easy-to-see reticle hash marks offer trajectory compensation out to 600 yards and are designed to aid in target size determination at distance. The sight is also night vision compatible for extreme versatility.

What new ammunition and accessories are you interested in? Tell us in the comment section.

Our staff articles are supplemented with reporting by SHOT Business Daily, reprinted with permission. SHOT Daily, produced by The Bonnier Corporation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, covers all facets of the yearly firearms-industry show. To view a 2014 digital version of SHOT Dailyclick here.


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  1. Your solicitation for what we want to see (new) in ammo is a 20 buck brick of plinking .22 s. I am reloading and “plinking” with .45 ammo at the present cost of .22 LR , when one can find it to buy. This has to be coordinated plot of the manufacturers to fill their bank accounts before the next bubble burst.

  2. With the Brains in the USA we will find a material that will do the job
    We Americans have always had problems solved we will have this one solved also
    What will the gun haters say then?

    Tom NM.

  3. Yes Boomer, it very well might go that way. Yet another dependancy for the U.S. Ballistic tables, and loading manuals will have to be re-written. Hot/cold reliability, and high cold cranking amps may be another thing of the past in vehicle batteries, and there are many other uses for lead which will affect us all, even the anti-gunners. The concept to make it futal for the smelter to comply just to eleminate ammo for gun owners, will surely affect us all.

  4. @Boomhower; My bet is they will continue to use recycled lead and when that starts running low if it ever does; it will simply be shipped up from Mexico or down from Canada (if they have the ore and/or smelter).

    Car batteries use a ton of lead, pun intended, and they are recycled now by law. The battery industry will probably feel it long before the ammo industry. Plus copper is being used more and more for indoor shooting.

  5. Now that the government has shut down the last lead smelter, what direction will we take while the residual supply depleats? Are there any answers this early, there at the SHOT show?

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