SHOT Show 2013 Special Edition: New Shotguns (Jan 19, 2013)

Reports keep rolling in from Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers at SHOT Show 2013 in Las Vegas. Here is the second installment about new shotgun introductions made at the event. You can read extended reviews of selected products by clicking the links in this list: UTAS Introduces Corrosion-Resistant UTS-15 The 2013 SHOT Show saw the introduction the UTS-15 Navy. It’s a new version of a shotgun introduced at the NRA Show in 2012. The UTAS UTS-15 pump weighs 6.9 pounds empty, with weight savings due in part to the 100% polymer receiver. The gun’s overall length is 28.5 inches, and the UTS-15 has a 3-inch magnum chamber. It can hold up to 14+1 rounds. The Navy version incorporates a specially formulated dark marine blue base camo coat over black-and-gray non-glare digital camouflage. There is special corrosion-resistant satin-nickel plating, and all metal parts are black chromed or treated to use at sea.

It comes with a Picatinny accessory rail, and other options include a flash suppressor and screw-in chokes. The gun utilizes fully adjustable sights and dual magazine selection. Options include a pushbutton high-intensity spotlight and a laser sight that installs inside the UTS-15 just under the barrel.

utas-15 Shotgun Notes Browning’s new High Grade program will add two high-priced firearms to the company’s annual lines. Highlights include additional engraving, gold accents, high-grade wood. For 2013, there are two Citori 725 models, a Grade III and Grade V in 12 gauge. The Grade III 725 receiver features high-relief engraving, the stock is III/IV walnut with gloss finish and sharp 20-lines-per-inch checkering. MSRP: $3,730. The Grade V 725 High Grade receiver features full-coverage high-relief engraving and Grade V/VI walnut with 22-lpi checkering. MSRP: $5,600. Other adds: Citori 725 Feather 12-gauge, MSRP $2,650; and A5 12-gauge semi-auto with new Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo, MSRP $1,560; new BT-99 Micro Midas 12-gauge trap and BPS Micro Midas 12-gauge pump models, MSRPs respectively are $1,430 and $650 to $690. Also new: Maxus Ultimate and Maxus Sporting Golden Clays models for 2013, $1,870 and $2000, respectively.

CZ-USA adds eight new models for 2013. Pumps: CZ 612 HC-P (MSRP: $349), is a 3-inch 12-gauge with full-length black synthetic pistol-grip stock. The CZ 612 Home Defense pump shotgun, MSRP: $290, is like the HC-P but with an 18.5-inch fixed Cylinder choke barrel and a plain-bead front sight. Hunting pump: CZ 612 Waterfowl Magnum, MSRP: $409. New semi-autos include a new CZ-712 ALS, $562, with fully adjustable ATI Akita stock, and the CZ 920 Semi Auto, $541, and 20 gauge with bright alloy receiver with a high-gloss black chrome 28-inch barrel. O/U Lineup for 2013: CZ Sporter Standard Grade, MSRP $1,799, Upland Sterling, $979, with a CNC-milled steel receiver, and the CZ Super Scroll Combo Set, $3,899, a switch-barrel package that provides both a 20-gauge and 28-gauge set of barrels, along with forearms matched to the gauge.

Cimarron’s new 1878 Coach Gun is a 12-gauge side-by-side. Has exposed working hammers, double triggers, and period-correct extractors. American black walnut stocks. Weighs 7.5 pounds, $575 to $594.

Legacy Sports new Escort 20 features a 26-inch nickel chrome moly-lined barrel, 3-inch chambers, and comes with five choke tubes (Skeet, IC, M, IM, F). The gas gun weighs only 6.5 pounds, $603. Other Notables: Legacy Sports Escort Youth and Ladies 20-gauge, $549.

Fabarm’s Elos is a 20-gauge upland-bird o/u. Has a trim, round-body action, oil-finished Turkish walnut stock and forend, a Tri-Bore tapered barrel bore, automatic ejectors, and chrome-lined barrels. $2,295.

Remington’s new Versa Sportsman 12-gauge, $1,025 to $1,175) comes in at a lower price-point than the Versa Max semi-auto 12-gauge. Ships with one Pro Bore choke tube a new box rather than a case. Various waterfowl and turkey models are available, $365. Also, new Versa Max Zombie, $1,599, comes in a Gargoyle Green camo version and Explosion Pink camo. Pumpguns: The new 870 Tactical is fitted with a Magpul Stock and Forend, $872. Has an 18.5-inch barrel with an extended tactical choke tube and CeraKote coating on the barrel and receiver.

For 2013, Stoeger offers a recoil-operated 12-gauge semi-auto Model 3000, 3-inch chamber; and Model 3500, 3.5-inch chamber. The M3000 APG Pistol Grip 12/24 Camo Turkey Gun is priced at $649. The M3000 Black Synthetic Pistol Grip 12/18.5 has a $579 price. The M3500 APG Pistol Grip 12/24 camo Turkey Model has a $759 MSRP, the M3500 Black Synthetic Pistol Grip 12/18.5 is $649.

Winchester Repeating Arms’s Super X Pump is a 12-gauge 3-inch Field model, which will feature a hardwood stock and forearm in satin finish. Will be available in 26- or 28-inch barrel lengths for $399 MSRP. The new Super X Pump Marine Defender has an 18-inch barrel and is priced at $370, and the Black Shadow Deer 12-gauge 3-inch model comes in at $520.

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  1. Let me know when the UTS-15 NAVY becomes a retail reality.
    I need a boat gun.
    Looks like a great item if it delivers as promised.

  2. Where are the links for “can read extended reviews of selected products by clicking the links in this list”? I don’t have anything click-able in the entire post.

  3. I would like to see the RAAC MKA 1919 Shotgun available on CTD with more information as to the performance and reliability of this 12 guage semi-automatic.

  4. NutnFancy did a review of this shotgun and put it through the paces with several types of ammo and it failed many times. Your prices are way too high for a weapon that failed to shoot due to many misfeeds. The Kel-Tec is a far better buy unless you improve it’s function when being fired. I have fired many weapons as I am retired US Army and was a light weapons expert for the 7th Group so I was taken back when I saw the review of this weapon.

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