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SHOT Show 2013 Special Edition: Firearms Industry News (Jan 19, 2013)

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Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed follow-up reports on news affecting the firearms industry, gun ownership, gun regulation, and other topics.

NRA Television Ad Asks if President is Hypocrite

Obama Misses Target Deliberately With Anti-Gun Agenda, Says CCRKBA

President Barack Obama has deliberately missed the target with his proposed gun control scheme, announced Wednesday at the White House, because it is now clear he wants to blame law-abiding gun owners for the actions of criminals and madmen, according to the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

“Suddenly Mr. Obama wants to get more criminal and mental health records into the NICS background check data base and get a permanent director for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms,” observed CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Where has he been for the last four years?” Gottlieb noted that these proposals have been suggested in the past and supported by the firearms community, but they have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears. But now, as he exploits the Sandy Hook school tragedy, these items are high on his anti-gun agenda.

“Perhaps he was too busy during his first term, while his administration was running thousands of assault rifles, millions of rounds of ammunition and countless high capacity magazines to violent criminals and drug cartel thugs through his administration’s Fast & Furious program,” Gottlieb observed. “Now he wants to take away our Second Amendment rights when he and his friends have put more assault weapons in the wrong hands than all of organized crime?” “The measures being proposed by the president will not prevent a repeat of the Sandy Hook tragedy, and he knows it,” Gottlieb said.

Several State Legislators Say No to Federal Gun Control Laws ABC News: No sooner had President Barack Obama laid out his gun control proposals Wednesday, than some states responded, saying they would move to block the laws’ enforcement. Some state legislators were even working feverishly to block the measures before the president proposed them.

Christie calls NRA commercial ‘reprehensible’ A day after President Obama called for new gun control measures, Gov. Chris Christie today said he would create a task force to study ways to reduce violence in New Jersey and called a National Rifle Association advertisement about the president’s daughters “reprehensible.”

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  1. I realize Gov. Christie may have problems with gun violence in his state and wishes to use use aggressive methods to control those problems. However, I don’t feel banning assault type weapons or magazine capacities are the answer. If it were, then perhaps we should ban all vehicles and/or alcohol in view of the great number of people killed or injured by DUI’s. Oh! wait a minute. Didn’t we try that with alcohol in the 1920’s. All Prohibition did was create a “Black Market” for more alcohol not to mention the “Gangster Era” which cities like New Jersey and Chicago were a large part of.

  2. I’m not seeing an apology or even an explanation on why CTD stopped selling firearms recently.

    Ive been a long time customer and thought this was a cool place, but after seeing CTD voluntarily join a moratorium, I wonder if i should shop elsewhere…

  3. I love your product line and your prices but your shipping and handling are rediculous, i.e. I ordered a pistol mafazine for aroun $14 your H.I.S. was around $17 the postage was $2.30. That is the reason I have not ordered anything else from you. Do you see this changing anytime soon?

    1. @Mike Schaefer — we work with a number of independent warehouses who typically set the shipping rate. Bulk orders are where you will save money on shipping. We are not set up to manage shipping single items economically.

  4. My answer to the Gov. statement is this. We live in the United States of America! Not cuba or any third world country that is ran by a dictator, where everytime you say something about the commander in chief they arrest you and/or kill you. Are our constitutional rights being threatened? First the limit our rights to bear arms and now they want to limit our Freedom of speech! Well Gov. this is why the second ammendment exist when you threaten my rights i have the right to defend them! The Truth Hurts doesn’t it!


  6. Well this ban on mags should include that idiot in office guards as well. See I’m a dad and a husband. I have guns to protect as well as to put food on the table, so if someone wants to take them than try your best.

  7. Hi guys, Watcha think old Ovomit is doing while your concentrating on protecting your gun rights? Remember, you have to watch those Friday night info dumps by the UHH HMM, White House. Look up executive order 211. This gives old President Big Ears the authority to take all our food, water, farms, ranches, cattle, energy, oil and merchandise of any kind (including our homes) to people’s he deems fit, in order to protect the country in case of a catastrophe or disaster. Trouble is, what does The great Obamanation think is a catastrophe? I remember when he called the Fort Hood shooting, in Texas, a MAN-MADE DISASTER. Isn’t it amazing how utterly evil Liberals are!!! Please don’t make the mistake of thinking they are naive, ignorant, stupid or gullible. They know the truth and don’t care, that makes them evil!!! There are literally hundreds of Executive orders being passed in the dark of night, all of which weeken and corrode our personal freedoms. Let me run this by you kids. What if we went after the media? The Founding Fathers were counting on the media to be fair and truthful to us and expected them to properly vette ALL political candidates. It is comical that any Conservative would still believe, that channels such as NBC,MSNBC,CNN,ABC,CBS,NPR,Huffington Post and even the Weather Channel are legitimate news organizations. When you are openly biased or campaign for one political party over another, you have lost all credibility!!! The national media have betrayed this country!!! They should be removed from their positions of trust and as far as I am cxoncerned, criminally prosecuted!!! When you openly LIE or fail to cover stories that tell the American public the truth, all to protect your political views, you have committed treason!!! Think I’m stretching it? Ask the families of the Americans in Behghazi or Border Agent Brian Terry!!! Ask them if I’m over doing it!! If we don’t fix the media and I mean RIGHT NOW!!!! America will fall like Rome!!! Who will represent the Visisgoths as with Rome, that will cross our borders to enslave us? Well CookieMonsta, that won’t happen cause if they come on my property, I’ll fill them full of lead!! Not if you don’t have any guns, ammo or magazines to shoot them with, you won’t!!! I ask you all sincerely, when is it time to say enough, is enough??? When do we stand up, like the Patriots of old and fight for what is right? Or do we go into the dark winter of night without even a whimper? Could we be the next greatest generation? I’m hoping and praying that all of you are the men that I think you are. Liberals are bullying this country and it’s government with words and legal mumbo jumbo!!! This administration is perverting everything good about our political system and due process of law. When I watch the news, it’s like I’m watching the Star Wars movie, “Revenge of the Sith”!! “This is how Democracy ends, with thunderous applause”. I would like to say one last thing before I leave you. I am sure all of you have heard the phrase, “What Would Jesus Do”. It is a phrase I believe in and try to follow everyday and in know way do I wish to demean those great words. However, for current political purposes, I would like you to ask yourself this question. If our first President, George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, were alive today and saw what was going on, fill it in for me…….. “What Would George Washington do”? “What Would Abraham Lincoln Do”? Now, again please, one more time, fill in the blank. “What are You _____ _______ Going To Do”? The GREATEST thing about America is, that just ONE MAN, standing up for that which is right, can be our next George Washington or Abraham Lincoln!!! Now, I’m not asking you to be violent, I’m asking you to do something much harder, beat them at their own game. Not by lying or deception as those political heretics do but, with guile and the might of right. In the Bible there is a scripture I like, “Be ye as wise as sepents but, as harmless as doves”!!! Good Night men!!!

  8. Christie’s response was reprehensible to me. The ad asks the simple question of whether or not our children should be subjected to a Soft Target area. While expressing the obvious that political figure’s children are more subject to direct threat (kidnapping, etc), Christie neglected to even mention ours as if we are worth nothing, just something to trample on!!!!!!! Yep, he might be the GOP nominee for 2016.

  9. I could write a book that would make some of these morons cringe and crawl back into their toilets.I was forced to work in the garbage state for 10 years and watched the beautiful people get as sinful and ugly as one could never imagine.Ill leave it at that.
    The governor of NJ has zero room to whine considering the condition the dump of a state is really in. NJ doesn’t have gun laws they have nazi rules.Every gun shop in NJ is staffed by obnoxious bastards that know everything about nothing.

    They have toll roads in poor condition and taxes high as a kite. Most of the homes hammered by the storm are still in disarray.Teachers in NJ schools cant handle their internal violence as it is.NJ should focus on priorities instead of running with the lemmings to be heard……….
    cheaper than dirt should be pounding money into the nra. If it wasn’t for the drama created by the media and the sheep buying in panic mode this wasted space would be used for running a sale to entice business instead of a residual space after selling 8 dollar p mags for 60 bucks….. Christie made a smart move by remaining silent while his voters still go without water and power…..and CTD made beaucoup off of what used to be magazines worth more than crack rocks on the street

  10. Here’s a short video from a General, former Green Beret and Special Forces member. Best we pay attention to what he has to say.

    I’m not big on conspiracy theories but much of what this General says has happened.

    Lt Gen Boykin was the commander of “Delta Force” and later commander of theUS Army Special Operations Command. He is a true American hero.

    A Bone Chilling video– PASS IT ON BEFORE IT IS BLOCKED

  11. Lets stop saying that it is government that is trying to eliminate,it is a view held by majority of liberals democrats and. Others who are trying through the political process to disenfranchice a huge block of our society of being worthy enough to be part of their society.
    It is elitist to the extreme, yes there are just as many paranoid scitzophrenics on .
    the gun owners side as well.
    It is not consences debate they are after but dictatorial power through the political system.
    It is personal, they do not trust gun owners, concider them delusional misfits and lacking the ability to fit into society.
    They are willing to criminalize millions of honest and honorablly inclined citizens.
    They will permanently vhande and eliminate Right that has stood since naipns founding s one that once lost will never be regained.
    We see them even denying a basic human instinct, survival, in their quest for

  12. Christie is just sucking up to get re-elected,typical politician. those are the ones we need to get out of office. I didn’t see anyone complaining when Sara Palin’s kids were brought into the last campaign. if they wanted to stop some of the gun violence then why don’t they start by disarming all the gangs in America instead of putting restrictions on legal gun owners. I think they are afraid to take on the gangs because they will fight back. it’s just easier to take them away from law abiding citizens. Hey Nick this is not about being a democrat or republican it’s about our rights and it seems to be ok for the anti gun groups to say what ever they want about gun owners and they are always crying about whats fair, well I think it’s time for the NRA to take the gloves off or the 2nd amendment will just be a distant memory. sometimes we hear things that we don’t want to hear and are to painful to think about but that is where we are today and if it’s ok for them to throw crap then let the crap throwin begin. I mean fair is fair right? SEMPER FI! DOES EVERYONE UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS???

  13. To Nick, Post #11.

    There are 11 security officers at the Sidwell Friends School which are there not as part of the president’s secret service security. See from there web site:

    Notice the titles of some of the security team like, “Security, Special Police Officer.”

    These security officers are there as part of the their standard staff, and are in addition to the Secret Service Agents protecting the President’s daughters (and whomever else’s children receive Secret Service protection).

    Forget the Secret Service for a minute. My children who attended public schools did not, and my grandchildren who attend public schools do not, have 11 security officers (Special Police Officers) to protect them.

    I do not know if any of these Special Police Officers are armed or not. Are they there just to take pot away from their kids? Who knows? That information wasn’t on their website.

    But I’m sure the parents (Washington DC elite?) who can afford the $34,000 dollar tuition must surely be happy that there are 11 security officers on staff to protect their babies.

    I know I would be.

  14. Our local news did a story this morning about a homeowner who shot 2 intruders attempting to burgarize his home. Of course this will not make the national news because the media is more concerned with only publicizing the negative side of firearm ownership.

  15. “#1. Bushmaster .223 caliber– model XM15-E2S rifle with high capacity 30 round clips”
    First off, shouldn’t a police department know the difference between a clip and a magazine?
    Secondly, aren’t 30 round MAGAZINES standard capacity for an AR15?

  16. The bottom line is that there is no way to stop someone from killing. If it is 1 or 1000 to die all that is needed is the motivation. The tools are always there. Guns keep people safe. Our government is out of control and all they want to do is make a criminal out of an honest man. Congrats boys , one more gun on the street is still gonna have 16 in the clip and 1 in the hole. Legal or not, I do it for family and self. Let the rich butt holes in washington deal with mr I hate america alone I will keep all my guns and ammo and magazines, legal or not. Good luck taking them from me. I hope they try, because it has to start somewhere. I fought for this country. I’ll certainly fight for my rights and family’s safety.

  17. Gov. Christie’s calling the NRA ad about President Obama’s daughters “reprehensible” is completely correct. The NRA’s move from “tone-deafness” into the realm of of idiocy is now complete. First, attacking the president by invoking his kids as part of a political campaign is reprehensible. Second, security for the presidents family is a matter of national security, just protecting he president himself. Comparing the guards for his kids to spending billions for armed guards in all schools is not by any stretch a fair one. I am a Democrat and a gun owner. I will NEVER consider membership in the NRA, so long as the likes of Wayne La Pierre are involved in that organization. The fears about rational approaches to reducing gun violence are crazy. Never overestimate the intelligence of the public is all I can say!

  18. Throughout history all marxist governments around the world first moved to suppress private gun ownership by its citizens in order to control the people. This has happened in the past from Hitler to countries such as Russia and China. This is why the US Constitution has the second ammendment to protect ourselves and our families not only from criminals but from any government that seeks to take away our rights. Mr. Obama is on the same path as the marxist governments by first attacking our second ammendment rights and then implementing programs a few at a time to avoid decent to redistribute the wealth as well as silence the citizens who speak out against his agenda. I pray the American people wake up before its too late and stop letting our government officials lead us like mindless sheep to the slaughter.

  19. My Gramps only apologized to me one time in the 17 years I knew him, and I knew him better than rest of family combined.
    I took a job for a neighbor who when job was complete only paid me half of the agreed upon rate.
    My gramps gave me hell when I told him about the job and as hhe said the guy was taking advantage of my stupidity as it was worth much more and grown men had. turned it down at far higher than I asked.
    Never the less a deal was a deal and I did what grown men should of done.
    Day I got paid I gave it to gramps to hold until he and I wrnt to the bank.
    He asked what I did with the rest of it and I told him the scam.
    He phoned up the neighbor to chew him out but the neighbor lied saif he’ d paid me in full.
    When Gramps told me what the guysaid and asked once again what I had did with the rest “”The mans a lying Son of a Bitch”
    A flashing backhand sent me across the room,bloddied my nose and split a lip.
    Beingdumb as a rock Istood up and said it once again and told him he was worse than the neighbor for not believing me.
    He went to hit me once more when Granda ma said don’t you dare Ed, you always told the boy to call a spade a spade and you know damn well that guy is worse than a SOB, she didn’ swear.
    Gramps was the man but Grams the powrr and he sat dwn fr a bit and then said I didn’t hit him for lying I hit him for swearing.
    For Gramps that was an apology.
    Yet to this day I remember gramps taking me back to the neighbors house and yelling for that Son of a Bitch to come outside and he better have the rest of my money in his hand when he did.
    The man gave me the cash I gave it to gramps and to this day I call a Spade A Spade and a cad acad a lisr a liar and a thief what they are.
    Damnthis correct and proper bulls..t that makes grown and honorable men have to grgrovel and smile at the feet of lesser men.
    Then I guess they who are afraid to offend should just shut up and take what they are given.

  20. From the Connecticut State PD website:

    Reuben Bradford
    Commissioner Colonel Danny R. Stebbins
    Deputy Commissioner
    Division of State Police
    January 18, 2013

    ** UPDATE **


    In previous press conferences, the Connecticut State Police clearly identified all of the weapons seized from the crime scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    To eliminate any confusion or misinformation, we will again describe and identify the weapons seized at the school crime scene.

    Seized inside the school:

    #1. Bushmaster .223 caliber– model XM15-E2S rifle with high capacity 30 round clips

    #2. Glock 10 mm handgun

    #3. Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun

    Seized from suspect’s car in parking lot:

    #4. Izhmash Canta-12 12 gauge Shotgun (seized from car in parking lot)

    This case remains under investigation.

    Lt. J. Paul Vance

  21. @ Irving Nettles
    The administration would NEVER mislead us. How could you possibly infer that the administration would intentionally suppress the truth that does not fit their narrative. They have been nothing but forthcoming with regard to things like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and ………. Never mind.

    On a serious note, I would not put it past him to try to keep this out of the press. It does not help him politically. He has to keep those “evil black rifles” associated with the slaughter of innocent children. If it comes out that they were not killed with the weapons he wants to ban (even though all rifles account for a very small fraction of crime), support will wane and he cannot afford that. As someone who “claims” to support the 2nd amendment, he has done everything he could at every turn to destroy it (just look at his voting record). With friends like these, who needs enemies.

  22. Early here, now 5AM been up for 2, got all my last ditch SHTF day weapons ready to take out. Made sure everything STRAC and when I get back will put 2 up for sale and like all patriotic gun shop and shopper gouge the hell out of highest bidder.
    BURY two on back of closets as this will most likely be last time legal in public.
    Other than family keepsakes, I will gouge the hell out of highest bidders.
    It’s American way, and throwing money at smiling ahole who know damn well you are to afraid.

  23. Obama needs to play with violent video games, 8yr olds allowed to attend paint ball gun activities, I was taught don’t point any can gun at anyone.

  24. I just watched a short NBC news story that the final Conn. Police report stated that the school shooter did NOT use an AR type rifle in the school school shooting. The AR rifle was in his car….Instead, he used 4 handguns. When one was emptied, he would switch to another. If this is true, then the White House is misleading the American people and using the Conn. shooting for polical purposes.
    Is this report true???

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