SHOT Show 2013 Special Edition: Firearms Industry News (Jan 15, 2013)

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed their first reports on news affecting the firearms industry, gun ownership, gun regulation, and other topics.

December 2012 Sets New NICS Record

nics-history-decembers The December 2012 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 2,237,731 is an increase of 58.6 percent over the NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 1,410,937 in December 2011. For comparison, the unadjusted December 2012 NICS figure of 2,776,105 reflects a 49.7 percent increase from the unadjusted NICS figure of 1,854,400 in December 2011. This marks the 31st straight month that NSSF-adjusted NICS figures have increased when compared to the same period the previous year. The number reported for December 2012 is the highest monthly figure ever reported for NICS, eclipsing the previous high in November 2012 by 46.7 percent.

Presidential Executive Orders May Be Used to Restrict Firearms and Accessories, Biden Says

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. told a meeting of gun-control advocates last week that President Barack Obama will act on guns, including the use of executive actions to sidestep legislation. “Every once in a while something raises the consciousness of the nation,” Biden saidm referring to the massacre of children in Newtown, Conn. “I want to make clear that we’re not going to get caught up in the notion that, unless we can do everything, were going to do nothing. The president is going to act.” Biden said the White House has determined that executive action can be taken on the issue, but he said it has not yet settled on what that action would be. Obama has already called on Congress to reinstate the failed and useless assault weapons ban from the 1990s, require background checks for all gun purchases, including private transfers, and ban normal-capacity magazines, such as 30-rounders.


Texas Congressman Files Bill to Revoke Gun-Free School Zones

U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman (R, TX) has introduced H.R. 35, the Safe Schools Act of 2013 — a bill to allow principals, teachers, and staff to possess firearms in order to defend their students. “In the 22 years before enactment of ‘gun free school zones,’ there were two mass school shootings,” Stockman said. “In the 22 years since enactment of ‘gun free schools,’ there have been 10 mass school shootings. Not only has that bill utterly failed to protect our children, it appears to have placed them in danger,” said Stockman. Within a couple of years of the reenactment of the Gun Free School Zones Act, the Columbine tragedy occurred. And the series of copycat school massacres has shocked and saddened our country ever since, a Gun Owners of America release explained.

NY Governor Cuomo Wants to Ban More Guns

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo proposed one of the country’s most restrictive bans on semi-auto firearms this week. In his annual State of the State address, Cuomo promised to “enact the toughest assault weapon ban in the nation, period,” following the shooting deaths of 20 students and six adults at an elementary school in nearby Newtown, Conn., last month. “I know that the issue of gun control is hard,” Cuomo said during his address in Albany, N.Y. “I know it’s political. I know it’s controversial. … I say to you: Forget the extremists. It’s simple, no one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer and too many innocent people have died already. End the madness, now!” New York is one of seven states that already ban at least some many firearms. But Cuomo says the existing law as having “more holes than Swiss cheese.” He wants to broaden the number of guns and magazines covered by the law while also making it harder for gun makers to tweak their products to get around the ban. Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, has acknowledged in a radio interview that “confiscation could be an option” for semi-auto firearms owned by New Yorkers.

Pro-Gunowner Language Hidden Deep In Obamacare

According to, a little-known provision in the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) bans doctors from documenting patients’ answers to questions about guns. Sponsored by the National Rifle Association (NRA), the regulation placed deep within the bill in 2010, falls under a section with the headline “Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights,” NRA-advocated wording. While doctors are not banned from asking about guns, they are forbidden from documenting the information and using it for research purposes. NRA officials say they requested the provision out of concern that insurance companies could use such data to raise premiums on gun owners. The measure’s supporters in the Senate say they did not intend to interfere with the work of doctors or researchers.

Representative To File Texas ‘Firearm Protection Act’

MSR-logo Texas State Representative Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands) has begun the process to file legislation assisting the protection of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. The “Firearms Protection Act” bill would make any federal law banning semi-automatic firearms or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state’s boundaries. Anyone trying to enforce a federal gun ban could face felony charges under the proposal.

Modern Sporting Rifles Distribution Announces Business Formation

K-VAR Corp. has created Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR) Distribution to handle the wholesale segment of its business. With this restructuring, K-VAR Corp. will solely function as the retailer for its on-line customer base. MSR Distribution will inherit and handle K-VAR Corp’s wholesale dealers. The company says the only noticeable difference to both K-VAR Corp’s customers and MSR Distribution’s dealers will be the enhanced level of service and support.

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Comments (42)

  1. Obama, Biden, Cuomo, Feinstein, Pelosi and Bloomberg and those elitist types who would take away YOUR gun ownership rights while they surround themselves with a security force abundant enough to attack Baghdad are the root of the problem. Subjecting law abising Citizens to oppressive laws to satisfy their own moral spin on life is crapolla. Lawful citizens should have the undisputed right to carry a loaded concealed firearm in order to protect themselves, family and the rest of humanity from psychopaths and mental rejects. In some instances, also to protect themselves from the oppression of a rogue Government. As a free Citizen with the right of choice, you can make that selection based on your own dealings.

  2. Lets look at research.
    Since 1976, 2/3rs of all mass shootings have been stopped by a civilian acting alone.
    The remaining 1/3rd has been (in order)
    -two civilians acting together to prevent/avert harm
    -a police officer acting alone
    -more than one police officer acting together (swat_-thats the 4th most common way!)

  3. I am a felon because of a non-violent crime I committed when I was 18 years old. My right to bear arms was taken away because I stole a vehicle as a dumb child. I am not alone. Believe me, this is just part of their plan to take away our weapons in any way they can. I strongly feel that this is unconstitutional as I have never committed a violent crime. I have hunted ever since I could walk, I have a huge problem with how I have been treated and am not afraid to voice my opinion on this subject for me and thousands of others that have a situation such as mine. Feel free to e-mail me with your comments however you feel about what I had to say thank you.
    E-mail me at

  4. I cannot believe that our so called Leaders(government) with the education and experience that they have still cannot figure out that gun control or gun bans Do not and will not ever work!..REMEMBER YOUR HISTORY, WORLD WAR 2?…THE JAPANESE CHOSE NOT TO LAND TROOPS ON U.S. SOIL WHY YOU ASK? ONE REASON ONLY….BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE A RIFLE BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS!….

  5. The rifle itself has no moral stature , since it has no will of its own. Naturally it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men then evil , and while the latter can not be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda . They can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles . -jeff cooper. If they do pass this ban what will you do ? Prepare for a knock on the white house door ?

  6. First off I would like to say the biggest problem is lack of education to everyone, If there were manditory classes in schools and communities to educate people about guns and current laws we would be better off, then if you wanted to own a gun or not you would know what was going on to at least be informed. Then lets think about our prisons, we spend an average of 35 to 45k per year per inmate, we spend an average of 7 to 9k per year per student. that number should be reversed and more spent on educating our children instead of giving inmates everything they feel that they deserve. Now for our countrys biggest problem, instead of working to ban guns(the easy way out, not as much money to be made here) lets ban some of these medications that are being perscribed to people. from the shootings of 1999 to present i believe only 1 shooter (the ga tech shooter) was licensed to own a gun and that was probably due to the fact he had no other access to them. and all of them were on psycotropic drugs with one of the more “common side effects” is may cause suicidal tendencies. I have a problem with giving someone who is depressed or suicidal a drug that will heighten this problem. the other shooters had access to guns from family who leagally owned them (once again lack of proper education or screening). No one will however stand up against the medicine industry(they have the most money) because they line the pockets of politician and corporate greed to fit their greedy hands in the pie, and that is the problem as a whole with this country. It used to be run on morals and family values but has now been replaced by the greed of the people and whats in it for me attitudes as we continue to spiral out of control into the blackness of third world country. Everyone now needs a trophy when you compete, a helmet to be safe, a lawyer because someone offended you with something, a handout just because you deserve it, a hug when you fail and when no one around you can give you a hug then you need a pill because you are sad as the pussification of our people continues.

  7. Admiral in Chief of the Japanese Navy, Isosoro Yamamoto, was once asked about the possibility of invading the United States. His reply was that it was impossible because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. The current administration should take that concept into consideration in making their nefarius plans. Any attempt to limit or confiscate legally owned firearms will likely trigger the Second Revolutionary War. Every person who signed on or enlisted in the military took an oath “to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me God.” The current administration and particularly the president is the greatest domestic enemy curently extant in this country. Everyone who has taken that oath of allegience should now band together to use all legal means to depose this tin pot dictator and return this country to it’s rightful place.

  8. I recently watched a video on YouTube regarding a possible hoax involving the Newtown shooting. I really hope that our government didn’t stage this whole thing just to get their “supposed” assault weapons ban. I would really hope our country hasn’t stooped to this level over some idiot’s ideals and philosophies in Washington. Look it up. It’s under “Sandy Hook Exposed”.

  9. If the words ” We The People Of the United States of America” can have the same conviction today as the day they were written. Then we would be a much stronger nation today. I beleive in us the people to make this right again ! These lawyers , bueracrats , polititoins are there because we have placed them there. So with that, they can stirp us of our God given rights to protect ourselves , families , and property ? I SAY HELL NO !! This is the time for us to educate everyone in our famlies via speech , email, twitter and so on of what this really is and can lead to.
    The culture has to change , to what it was meant to be not to what it has been perverted too ! Maybe BO should look at sweet home Chicago as an example of the Progressive ban on handguns will provoke ?

  10. The only good thing to come out of this is the CERTAINTY that Andrew Cuomo, like his lib daddy will never get elected to the once honored position of President of the U.S.!

  11. We need new gun regulations. Have the federal government provide hand guns to every teacher and principal with training provided by NRA. Not very many gunmen would attempt a raid on a school if they thought they would face a small army of armed and trained adults that are ready and able to defends their charges. “Gun Free Zone” paints a target on every person inside the “Zone” (knowing there will be no opposition).

  12. The President wants to override Congress to put restrictions on our inalienable rights? There is a name for that.—-fascism.

  13. I totally concur with the article (in the link ,posted by LEO (Jan. 15 )@ 4:53 PM ) Leo, it was a fantastic read, I hope everyone see’s and reads that article , THANKS for having the guts to provide the link….. I will FWD. it to EVERYONE I can !

  14. Why do so many Foolish People have such Powerful Jobs? It is a Crying Shame that Common Sense was Banned in Government and that We the People have let Lawyers take over this Country. Has anybody noticed that We are still Fighting the War on Drugs and that We are LOSING miserably? Now We are letting the same Folks that are Running that Fiasco take away OUR Rights because there are Criminals Killing innocent Children… WTF! How can WE continue to Follow these IDIOTS? Have We been Brainwashed or Poisoned By Our Own Government? These Problems are so Simple to Fix but there is NOBODY Bright enough in Power to implement Meaningful Changes. It looks like WE are DOOMED!

  15. Using the death of children to push an unjust agenda is shameful. Then to invite the injured to the White House so he can band stand regarding this agenda is even sicker.Any excuse to take away our rights.This is causing social unrest. This could lead to violence, when the Government SS gun collectors try to take our guns. It is also why the second amendment was written. Our new Government is trying to take our rights as if we have none. Our forefathers seen this coming and knew we would someday have to defend our self’s. First by removing a bad set of law makers with our votes.But our new leader has found enough votes through immigrants made citizens and giveaway programs to out vote the average American.

  16. Gov. Cuomo talks repeatedly about the use of assault rifles for both hunting and shootings in his rant.

    The bottom line is assault rifles like the AR-15 (an Assault Weapon under legal definitions) have NOT been used in the shooting, nor for hunting deer. Most states do not allow the use of an AR-15 for deer hunting because the round is not lethal enough.

    Based on NBC News – Washington Desk it seem that the AR-15 Bushmaster was found in the shooter’s car trunk hours after the shooting by police. The Youtube video from the story shows them ejecting rounds from the still loaded weapon, repeatedly.

    Makes one wonder.

  17. Do not let them built any kind of socializm in here. I defected 22 years ago from USSR. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPENS. GUNS JUST A BEGINING. Sent latters to congressmans and House. Vote. Subbotage alligal, anti constitucional desisions of govermant. There no way back if you give up. You already does not own anything in you life. You primery residency will be taken away from you if you stop paying taxes on it (Rent) This is already is far a way from deffinition of word “Capitalizm”. Do not go any frether. OR WE ARE DONE.

  18. The first ten amendments were more than an after thought to the constitution. They were precepts that were considered absolutely necessary for the formation and function of our republic form of democracy. I am certain that the amendments were written, to a degree, in their order of importance. The right to bear arms was second to the freedom of speech, press and religion. Think about that for a moment or two. It is truly profound.

  19. If you have not written to your Congressman and your two Senators yet regarding fighting new control laws, then you are part of the problem, not the solution. My letters are going out today to their Washington offices by FedEx Air. Hammers and other blunt instruments were used for twice as many murders each year as rifles. Fully 95% of all school shooters were on doctor prescribed mind altering drugs. Guns are not the problem!

  20. John, I too live out here in Commiefornia and have my entire life. I finally think it`s time to bail. My spouse and I are thinking about a small place in Nevada with 5 acres where I can shoot my firearms for WHATEVER reason I like! Hopefully MANY states will adopt these new protect the 2nd amendment type laws. It surely won`t happen out here in the “golden” state.

  21. You Folks should be glad you don’t live in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia. We have to fight this crap from the NeoComs (New Communists) every day. They are trying to pass another ammunition bill. The last one was rule unconstitutional by a federal Judge. But these idiots keep trying. It is like living under Joseph Stalin out here.

  22. The term “common sense gun control” seems to be used exclusively by people who not only have little knowledge of firearms, but no common sense.

  23. I suggest effort be made to EDUCATE our fellow citizens about guns, gun ownership responsibilities, ammunition w/calibers, and the various uses of them, both historical and present day.
    I have been doing this every chance I get.. and my temporary stay in Kalifornia provides ample opportunities! My own family is as far left as anyone can get.. but our family was grown from farmers and ranchers that homesteaded across the Country as well as this State, and used guns along the way.
    I talked last week with a couple from San Francisco that had no idea there are still people that have a subsidence lifestyle! They think food comes from grocery stores and fast food restaurants; no thought in the farming aspect that requires ranchers to carry guns to protect the livestock! I showed them an AR and got down to the nitty gritty of magazine capacities, and the stupidity of the KA “bullet button”. FYI, I have researched extensively the KA DOJ Assault Weapons laws, and cannot understand how the AR’s are allowed here with those buttons: they all “accept a high capacity magazine”, which makes them illegal here…?! Speaking of which, where is the line for normal capacity and high capacity?! I use 20 and 30 round mags for target practice (not in this State!), mostly for convenience of reloading.. but I sure as heck will use them in a self defense situation: ten round mags for protection? Not on my watch. And, yes: my guns are locked and double locked, ammo separately locked, except for my self defense guns that are on me or well concealed.
    Educate and it will become clear there is no real “us against them”… except from unethical ignorant and intentionally stupid politicians, that need to be booted out of office!
    The irony that makes me laugh the most? Threats to come and get our guns! Ha! Really? Never happen. So why all this reaction to buy guns and ammo now, driving up prices and limiting inventory? Chill out, it’s all good, We The People, being of sound minds and intentions, will prevail.

  24. I use an AR with a 30 rd. mag legally in Texas for hunting hogs. Once the paper work is done I will also add a suppressor as it is now legal in Texas to use one for all legal taking of game and pests.

    But none of that matters to the reasons for the second amendment. Hunting is an important part of our national heritage and neccessary in the case of rapidly expandiing, damaging wildlife but it is the defence of one’s self and this nation from enimies foriegn and domestic that caused this to be added to the Bill of Rights.

  25. When will the AR platform be properly called the current service rifle.
    As a civilian I should be allowed to own a variation of the current service rifle at a bare minimum.
    We are the final line between the criminal & the politician.

  26. NOW, is the time for gun owners to firmly unite. NOW, we must not bicker & argue amongst ourselves. WE must read, watch and LISTEN to EVERYTHING being proposed about “gun-controls.” We must realize that it really is possible … REALLY!! That one day we can wake-up to new laws stripping away our 2nd Amendment rights. Don’t think so????

    Well there must be a lot more people willing to do just that ! After all, I for one didn’t think we would let BO get a second chance at destroying the country our forefathers and all those patriots, past & present that have sacrificed for us. A sad thing that NEWTOWN, had to be a launching pad for their upheaval, THOSE against guns don’t realize the insanity it takes to harm such innocent, helpless little children. Would the killing be any less inflammatory had it had been only ONE child, or that a knife might have used instead of a gun? Ask that question to the parents of one of those children that was slain. Now is the time to realize every insidious act involving a gun will be another springboard for anti-gun legislation to be acted upon.

    It is the “troubled-people” doing the killing not the tool,….whatever it might be.

  27. My whole life I have taken an almost stubborn pride in saying that there is no country that I could see myself living in other than the USA, which remains true, but… Recently a shameful shadow of doubt regarding this nation’s future has been creeping into my mind. Sadly, I cannot help but pose the question that floats in my mind… If this nation can hire a government that is willing to scrap OUR Bill of Rights, then honestly what advantage does living here offer over other nations that have already done the same? Perhaps its overstepping, but in my mind, if they can by degrees scratch out the 2nd Amendment from the B.O.R., why should I assume that tomorrow they won’t eliminate another amendment to placate new social complaints?

    How am I personally affected? Perhaps in the near future, my branch of the family tree will need to return to the Lonestar state. Apparently they still believe in steaks made of meat and upholding the entire Bill of Rights.

    My name is Christopher. I own guns and eat steak. And I approve this message.

  28. I’m in Utah, and heard a couple days ago that Wyoming has proposed a similar bill to Texas, making new federal firearms restrictions unenforceable in their state. Come on Utah, let’s be next!

  29. Making a threat to confiscate guns and go door to door to do so I’m thinking is not a very good plan! So much for the “land of the free”! And as far as the “home of the brave”? Who is going to come and take these things? I know if I was law enforcement or in the military I wouldn’t be handing over any of mine, let alone going door to door to “confiscate” anyone else’s ! Honestly I don’t think it is a bad idea to do transfers for private sales, I might help reduce the risk of someone mentally unstable for have easy access to any gun and making a bad decision! But as said in another post, it’s not the law abiding gun enthusiasts that need the restrictions and red tape! It’s he criminals! How about they start figuring out how to take care of that problem! If 95% of US citizens were gun owner……and you were a criminal…….you might realize the odds are not in you favor!

  30. I think it is time that we put the monkey on the right back, and stop the enemies of America cold. We need to pass a law that anyone who tampers with the 2 ammendment is a felon, a criminal and can be arrested and tried for treason, and if convicted, given capital punishment. Any judge that will not uphold the constitution, arrested and tried under the same law by a legal judge. The Sheriffs of America need to enforce that immediately. All laws infringing on our legal rights to bear arms needs to be struck down now, and enforced. Why do we play games with these criminals who are destroying America’s freedom and Constitution?

  31. When Gov. Cuomo speaks about not needing 10 bullets to hunt deer, it took me by surprise that NY State hunting regs allow 10 rounds mags for hunting. Most areas and states I hunt allow only 5 rounds mags and NO MORE! If you don’t know of what you speak, SHUT UP!

  32. I notice that the administration has, like usual, change the words. No longer “Executive Orders” now it is “Executive Action”. Nicer, kinder, take over.

    Please change your wording from shootings to what really occurred, they are mass killings, massacres. Perpetrated by persons with severe mental instability. Not shooters, I’m a shooter, at the range – don’t blur the line…

    God Bless America.

  33. It looks like Texas is joining Georgia in becoming one of the safer, if not the safest, states to live in.

  34. Why is it that Texas seems to be the only state that will fight the federal government in these ludicrous plans for gun control. We are “The land of the free”and “The home of the brave”…when is the rest of the country going to start acting like it?…

  35. All the talk about Assault rifles not being used for hunting is simply not true, they are used all over the USA for hunting.The mag.capacity is limited but the AR platform is used for a lot of hunting.There are shooting sports all over the USA that the AR platform is used,Camp Perry is a prime example,people come from all over the world to shoot the AR platform.I believe it is even used in the OlymPics. To say that there is no reason for anyone to own the Armalite Rifle (AR) platform is unjustified.

  36. How many times must we say in respect to that MORON Cuomo, that CRIMINALS don`t obey the law! How many times must we mention that we have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms NOT for hunting deer or target practice, but to protect ourselves from being RULED by a moron like Cuomo or Obama or ANY tyranical government. How many times must we say “gun laws don`t work”? That, is a proven fact!

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