SHOT 2015—Winchester XPR

Browning XPR Rifle

New advances in metallurgy, materials and manufacturing processes have given Winchester’s engineers everything they needed to develop a new bolt-action rifle. The mandate was simple: create a high performance bolt-action that was tough, reliable and accurate. The result was the innovative and all new XPR bolt-action rifle. Hunters rejoice, because the XPR is ready—and more than capable— of meeting your performance expectations. In fact, at the range during Media Day, we were regularly banging the gong out to our farthest target of 300 yards.

The XPR features Winchester’s M.O.A. Trigger System. The adjustable trigger comes factory set at a crisp 3.5 pounds with no perceptible overtravel. Winchester constructed the trigger housing and all internal components in the XPR rifle’s M.O.A. trigger with polished and hardened carbon steel with a blued finish for added durability and corrosion resistance.Browning XPR Rifle Constructed of chromoly steel, the XPR receiver combined with generously sized ejection port ejects reliably and is easier to access when loading single cartridges by hand. The robust XPR bolt has a short 60-degree lift for improved scope clearance when cycling. The full-diameter bolt body creates a more rigid component and the Nickel Teflon coating makes for smoother operation and added corrosion resistance.

The chromoly steel barrel on the new XPR is precisely button-rifled to create outstanding accuracy and is free-floating to eliminate any accuracy pressure points. The barrel features a recessed target crown to protect the muzzle rifling from wear and impact damage. The net result is of course greater accuracy.

The advanced polymer stock on the XPR features textured panels to improve your grip in inclement conditions, while the Inflex Technology recoil pad directs energy down and away from your cheek to reduce felt recoil. The Inflex Technology is truly more important than is possible to explain in words, but shoot it off a couple of sandbags and you’ll immediately feel (or more accurately not feel) the difference.

Winchester is offering its XPR bolt-action rifle in .270 Win. and 30-06 calibers with a 24-inch barrel length. The XPR is also available in .300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag with a 26-inch barrel length. The XPR is respectable and worthy of consideration for backcountry hunts at 7 -7.25 lbs. and carries an MSRP $550.

Tell us what you think about Winchester’s XPR in the comment section.

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  1. Sounds like just what I’ve been looking for. Stainless steel acuracy out of the box. Now I need a caliber that is accurate and powerful enough to take big animals. Any advice?

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