SHOT 2015—the Galil Returns to the USA with the IWI Galil ACE

Black Galil ACE rifle with adjustable, side-folding stock and Pictainny rails

IWI announced the return of the Galil rifle to the United States with two 7.62x39mm-chambered models—a 16-inch-barreled rifle called the ACE 32 and an 8-inch-barreled SBR called the ACE 31. Importation of the Galil to America ceased in 1993, however, the firearms manufacturer has continued to modernize the AK-47-based design—it just hasn’t been available to us until now.

Roughly similar to the original Galil, the ACE is a new, redesigned modernized version. The ACE, like the old Galil, has the same gas system, bolt carrier group and trigger as the AK-47. However, IWI has enhanced the rifle to incorporate many new features making shooting and adding accessories easier.

One incredibly important change is the machined aluminum upper receiver with a polymer pistol grip and mag well housing that cuts down the overall weight of the rifle to less than 8 pounds. Another noticeable difference is the left-side charging handle with a spring-loaded dust cover that moves with the operation of the rifle keeping dirt out.

There is an ambidextrous safety mounted behind the trigger on top of the integrated pistol grip; it is accessible with your thumb without requiring movement of the rifle to switch from safe to fire.

The ACE has adjustable sights; with the new upgraded rail system, you can add a light, laser with pressure pad switch and any other optic of your choice. In three places along the forearm of the rifle are Picatinny rails with rail covers removable by a small button on the handguard.

Fully extended, the Galil ACE is 35 inches long. The rifle has an M4-style adjustable length of pull stock that also folds to the right side of the gun’s receiver.

The 16-inch barrel is chrome lined and hammer-forged with a 1:9.5-inch twist and threaded for 5/8×24 .30 caliber muzzle brakes or suppressors.

Breaking down the ACE for cleaning and maintenance is almost identical to an AK-47. Those familiar with the AK platform will have no problems. The ACE also accepts standard AK-47 magazines, including PMAGs.

The enhancements and improvements of the Galil Ace make it fun to shoot. It is more modular than the original Galil. Its brand new redesigned buffer assembly helps manage recoil better.

IWI reps said to expect the Galil Ace to hit the shelves in the second quarter of 2015, without mention of price. However, I hear rumors that the Galil ACE will retail for less than the Tavor. The Galil ACE pistol press release from October 2014 says the ACE 32 will begin shipping in February with an MSRP of $2,149.00.

What do you think about the Galil? Do you want one? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. As a follow-up, I recently picked up an Ace in .308 a for $1,650. Never shot an AK that shoots like this. It’s a keeper.

  2. Sure, I’ll get at least one.
    I’m a major Galil fan/collector.
    I’ll surely get the Ace too.
    Honestly, I do prefer the original though.

  3. Way way way too expensive for what it is! I could buy a really good custom AK for a whole lot less. For that kind of money I could buy a Robinson Armament rifle in a caliber and barrel length of my choice. However, it’s just too bad that the owner of Robinson Armament is the worst business man on the face of the planet and horrible to deal with from what I have heard.

    1. You get what you pay for it looks like you don’t really know you just hear things get the facts before you Wirt since it’s not fair

    2. As another poster stated: “$2,100 for a modernized Galil which is a modernized AK???”. There are you facts David. We are talking about opinions here. I think its too expensive and you dont think its too expensive. Some will buy it for that price and some wont. Everybody is different. Its not about facts. I think a new Corvette is too expensive for what it is, but others say its a bargain for what you are getting if you compare it to similiar cars. Its the same thing, just opinions.


  5. These days, when a company “Modernizes” a gun, they mean “We found a way to make it for less.” Sticking polymer parts on is one way; nothing wrong with using the right plastic, but it IS less expensive. But this modified AK is going to list for HOW MUCH?!?!?! Nope – over $2k is too much.

  6. It looks like a nice gun, but I would not pay 2K for it. It is basically a copied design of the AK47, so there are not R&D costs that they need to recoup. This rifle needs to be priced competitively in order sell it.

  7. Honestly I would rather have one of the original Galil AR or ARM in 5.56. Maybe if they offered this in 5.56 I would be more interested. I dont know if I want to pay that much for a variant of the ak. For that money I would rather have a nice Arsenal with good red dot or optic. Now if they would start bringing the original galils back into the market I would be all over it.

  8. I’ve been in the market for an AK platform rifle. While the sticker stings a little, I think I’d sleep better at night knowing I’ve purchased a “freedom” gun. The typical AK sticks out in mind as a tool of the communist, socialist, and terrorist state, even though it has probably been equally the tool of liberation… The stigma is unfortunately unavoidable. I can’t wait to get on in my hands to see if the quality is up to par with the msrp.

  9. $2,100 for a modernized Galil which is a modernized AK??? Sounds like way too much money for a gun that shoots 7.62×39. I mean, I’m sure the gun is worth the price but who has that much for a glorified AK-47. I can think of a dozen guns that would get put on the list before this new Galil. Just my $.02 take it or leave it.

  10. For the money I’d rather buy an AR-10. If it was priced a little closer to a standard AR I’d consider it.

  11. Love those Israeli’s . In the US we live mostly in secure areas only concerned about some rogue criminal. In Israel they build firearms as a matter of National security being surrounded by not just rogue criminals but nations who want them dead.
    So any new weapon from Galil is something to take notice of and something we know will be top quality.

  12. I’ll be a candidate for purchasing this new Gail in a 16″ configuration. The AK operating system is highly reliable. Their design brings a base rifle into the ‘must have’ category. A true plug-and-play convertible.

  13. I have long been a fan of the 7.62X39 cartridge but found the few AK-47 platforms to have a less than acceptable. Any idea about accuracy of the new IWI offering?
    At one time I had a .45, which was a colloborative effort of IWI and Kimber, I believe. It had a Kimber stainless upper and an IWI polymer double stack lower. Was a highly accurate pistol but the IWI lower was a bit “clubbish”, relating to a club. Grip was too thick for my hand. Wish I still had the pistol.

  14. can’t wait for April going to sell all my ak47 and buy that galil ace IWI IS A GREAT COMPANY I have the tavor they are ahead of the curve when it comes to gun’s

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