SHOT 2015—Stag Model 9 and 9T

Stag Arms Model 9 SHOT Show 2015

Got a closet full of ARs? Join the club. The modular nature of the AR-15 makes it the natural choice as the ultimate adult Lego. With the advent of the concept of furniture, the .223 became a multipurpose platform and we all had fun building new models for long-range, short-range, CQB, varmints of the two- or four-legged variety and precision match. Then came the calibers. The standard .223 morphed into .22LR for practice, .204s for varmints, and .300 Blackout for quiet fun—just to name a few.

Stag Arms Model 9
Stag Arms Model 9

Stag Arms latest offering will allow you to buy yet another AR-15 in caliber you may not have. Israeli inspired, at least due to the fact that the Stag Model 9 and 9T accept standard Uzi magazines, come chambered in 9mm. The low recoil makes them fun shoot and for survivalist and preppers, your long gun and sidearm have the potential to shoot the ammunition.

More than simply the same ‘ol same ‘ol in a new caliber, Stag Arms took the time to put in the effort to make the Model 9/9T viable shooters. For instance, the Model 9/9T are both offered in right and left hand versions. The uppers are, MIL-SPEC with a Type 3 hard-anodized coating, and both models are from Stag’s Direct Gas Operated line.

The Model 9 is optics ready and shipped without sights, but features a Picatinny rail on the gas block. The handguards are Diamondhead VRS-T drop in modular models are cover the majority of the 1:9 twist 16-inch chrome lined barrel. The backend features a standard MIL-SPEC 6-position stock. The Model 9 tips the scales at 6.8 pounds and measures 32.25–35.75 inches. The Diamondhead rails on the Model 9 also accept DiamondHead rail attachments.

The 9T, on the other hand, features a DiamondHead premium sight set, 13.5-inch Freefloat DiamondHead VRS-T handguard and 16-inch, 1:9 twist, 4140 steel government profile barrel with A2 flash hider. Weighting 7.9 pounds, the Model 9T tape out at 32.32/35.75 inches and otherwise has the same features as the 9T.

Stag Arms Model 9T
Stag Arms Model 9T

One of the features most will appreciate is almost a footnote. The gun grabbers go absolutely ballistic mislabeling a 30-round magazine as high-capacity instead of standard capacity. Because Stag’s Model 9 and 9T are both chambered for 9mm, the capacity of the Uzi magazines is 32 rounds. That alone is enough to make me want at least one.

Tell us what you think about Stag’s new Model 9s in the comment section.

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